WA Regional Achievement & Community Awards

"The representatives from Wattle Hill Care had a wonderful time and enjoyed the evening immensely. We were certainly overwhelmed by winning our category and proud to be amongst so many worthy winners and finalists. We would like to thank all the sponsors for their wonderful contribution to such prestigious awards."

Hazel Gordon - Facility Manager Wattle Hill Care


"We were honoured to be the recipient of the Rinehart Development of Northern Regional WA Award in the 2015 WA Regional Achievement and Community Awards. We believe that this award not only recognises our past achievements in local and Indigenous employment but also recognises our resilience and ability to adapt and continue to be viable, especially after the cessation of the iron ore project and ship loading out of Wyndham. We are passionate about Indigenous employment and economic growth and sustainability in regional Australia and have diversified our business to ensure that we are maximising local Indigenous Employment wherever we operate.

Seeing our concepts, values and philosophies come to fruition and receiving the Rinehart Development award in recognition for past and present projects enables our company and clients to know that we are continuously positioning them for success and further imparts awareness of a successful Indigenous owned and operated business. Winning the award has not only provided the appropriate recognition for our dedicated team of staff, it has also raised the profile of our company. Receiving such an award is very much appreciated and a pleasing endorsement of Dadaru’s determination and expertise."

Dadaru Pty Ltd
2015 Rinehart Development of Northern Regional WA Award Winner


"It was an absolute honour and a privilege to be awarded the Road Safety Award. East Narrogin Primary School is a small wheat-belt school making a difference in a community which has the highest statistics per population of road trauma in Western Australia. We are so appreciative to be recognised as a leading school in health promotion and providing a quality education for our children so that they can develop the necessary lifelong skills to keep them safe as road users. Our school staff work tirelessly with parents and community services to create a road safety culture that helps reduce the risk of serious injury or death from road trauma among our children. We have a strong commitment in teaching road safety effectively and we are overwhelmingly humbled. Thank you to our category sponsor the Insurance Commission of Western Australia and the media sponsors, GWN, Radiowest and the Western Australian Newspapers for their promotion of the Awards as well as the Commonwealth Bank for prizes. We are so proud to be the recipients of this award and we thank our entire school community for their ongoing support in ensuring our young people stay safe."

East Narrogin Primary School
2015 Insurance Commission of Western Australia Regional Safety Award Winner


"The thrill and honour of winning the 2015 Curtin University Teaching Excellence Award and then being declared the overall state winner of the 2015 WA Regional Achievement & Community Awards was a proud and humbling moment that will last a life time. I feel it’s a ‘win’ for me and all educators in regional WA because the awards demonstrate that the work that we do is valued and acknowledged. There is also a deep sense of gratitude to all those people who influenced, inspired and encouraged me. Winning the Awards marks a significant milestone in my professional and personal career, but it’s not the end of the journey, rather, the beginning of a new one, a reminder of how much there is to do. The Awards have further ignited my passion to explore new partnerships and research, innovate and implement fresh and exciting teaching approaches that will provide more opportunities for people in regional areas to engage with learning that is relevant and meaningful to them. Now is the time to get involved and nominate for the Regional Achievement and Community Awards. What better way to encourage and celebrate those special people and organisations that are making a positive difference to the lives of people in your community."

Dr Sharon Ross, CY O'Connor Institute
2015 Curtin University Teaching Excellence Award Winner
2015 Department of Regional Development Overall State Winner


"This Award recognised the work that the Hospital Auxiliary was doing in providing CareAlert systems and KeySafes for all Senior and people in need throughout the communities of Boddington, Wandering, Williams and Quindanning however, following the announcement we have been approached by many other WA regions asking how they can also provide a similar program in their area which in itself is amazing. Our vision which we love to share is imagining every Senior, Elderly, or a person in need having one of these units provided for them in their homes. Could you see the support each person would have just requiring them to press their button on the unit if they were under threat from burglary, having a heart attack or medical problem or any sort of physical violence. Once the button is pressed an alarm sounds and help is on the way. When someone arrives if they cannot gain entry they go to the KeySafe remove the key and let themselves in and are then able to evaluate the assistance that is needed e.g. if ambulance or police are required. Usually resulting in a positive outcome. We get so upset when we hear of someone getting injured or having a fire in their homes and not being able to get out when the answer are these two units and faith in someone who cares.
Any community group that considers going for these Awards please do not hesitate as right from the application process to the wonderful evening where the announcements are made is so very encouraging and you get to meet inspiring people that are such great mentors."

Boddington Hospital Auxiliary
2015 Prime Super Community Group of the Year Award Winner