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Alexandra Craig, Aboriginal Land Rights Lawyer working with and empowering First Nation’s People in Alice Springs



In this week’s episode, Geoff is talking to Alexandra Craig who was a Winner in the 2021 Northern Territory Young Achiever Awards.

I am the winner for the 2021 Northern Territory Young Achiever Awards. I am a native title and Aboriginal Land Rights Lawyer working in central Australia. I am a tribunal member for CAAFL, a residential support worker for Alice Springs Youth Accommodation Support Service and a community sports med trainer for CAAFL. I am originally from Adelaide but have called Alice Springs home since early 2019.

Having completed her undergraduate double degree in Law and Business (Marketing) at the University of South Australia (February 2019). Alex successfully completed her Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice and was admitted as a solicitor/barrister to the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory in July 2019; she is proudly and gainfully employed by the Central Land Council; working with, and empowering our first nation Australians.

Alex finds value and has a strong passion for contract, property and criminal law, native title, social justice and the application of justice within communities and at an international and domestic level; advocating without prejudice.

Having previously represented the University of South Australia at the 2015 International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Colloquium at Atma Jaya University in Jakarta, Indonesia presenting a co-written paper on ‘The effectiveness of the participation principle in protecting marine diversity in South Australia’. Alex is also fiercely passionate about the environment.


In this episode:

  • We heard how passionate Alex is about helping those who may have slipped through the gaps
  • And how Alex sees her anxiety as her super power!!
  • What was Alex’s ethos? Get involved, take on challenges and assist those less fortunate


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[00:00:05] Annette

Welcome to the Inspirational Australian’s podcast  where we check the people making  a difference in their communities

[00:00:10] Alex

and in the lives of others.  And here is your host  for today. Geoff Griffin.

[00:00:21] Geoff

Welcome to the inspirational australian’s podcast stories of inspiring achievements

[00:00:26] Geoff

and community contribution.  Every week we will celebrate an award program category  Winner or finalist. We hope you’ll be inspired and encouraged to know that  Australia is in good hands,  together with our corporate partners and not for profit partners, Awards  Australia,  showcase ordinary people from right

[00:00:48] Geoff

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[00:00:50] Geoff

extraordinary things.  If you enjoy hearing the stories of our inspirational Australians,  please subscribe. Write us and review us.

[00:01:00] Geoff

We really appreciate it.

[00:01:02] Geoff

My guest today  is passionate about working with and empowering our first nation Australians.

[00:01:07] Geoff

She  completed her undergraduate degree in law and business

[00:01:11] Geoff

in marketing

[00:01:12] Geoff

in Adelaide,

[00:01:13] Geoff

and also has a strong passion

[00:01:15] Geoff

to contract property in criminal law,  native title,  social justice, and the application of justice within communities. It’s  a mouthful and she does a lot. You’ve got to love it,  so stick with us. Her significant community and professional contribution to first  nation people.  Alex Craig was awarded

[00:01:35] Geoff

mcdonald’s into  career achievement award in  the twenty twenty one twenty

[00:01:40] Geoff

young achievement Awards  which was held earlier this year

[00:01:44] Geoff

in the Peach casino resort.  It’s such an honor to  have you on the podcast, Alex, welcome.

[00:01:51] Alex

Thanks, Geoff. That was  a very kind introduction. It’s great to be here.

[00:01:57] Geoff

Well, you are  a powerhouse you’ve done so much

[00:01:59] Geoff

so much once you’ve won  the career achievement  award and

[00:02:03] Geoff

what you do also is so purposeful,

[00:02:06] Geoff

meaningful and makes the difference.

[00:02:09] Geoff

Then not all of us have the ability to say  what we might my so it is such  a thrill to talk with you. And I’m going to unpack some of your career. Why?  Certainly by starting

[00:02:25] Geoff

with what led you  to an undergraduate degree in law and  business in the first place. I

[00:02:35] Alex

am  the I come from  a long line of

[00:02:37] Alex

lawyers. I am the sixth generation of lawyer in my family

[00:02:42] Alex

and  proudly the first female. But

[00:02:44] Alex

when I was 12 and kind of agonizing about what to do,  I had a conversation with my dad was  a lawyer and said I’m thinking about doing law and he said don’t do it,  don’t do it. You hide it, just don’t do it. And I said, yeah,  I thought long and hard about that. And then I had  a gap year and I went to work at a commercial law firm in Adelaide for  a year to see how I liked it and it definitely didn’t put me off. So I hit the  books and the  full scope, so

[00:03:18] Alex

yeah  it was just the combination of the business degree and the law degree made sense.

[00:03:25] Geoff

So just an aside, how many times when you were growing up,  did you say

[00:03:30] Geoff

to your dad when he told you what to do with your mum for that matter?  I object and you cross-examine and we could

[00:03:42] Alex

no,  I don’t think that was any of that. I think it was more so

[00:03:46] Alex

like friends of ours that  would come over.

[00:03:50] Alex

I mean where that was we had no point of reference. That was just  the normal us dad going going to Court sometimes being on the news because the  client then. Yeah, that was, it was all very normal. So yeah,  there wasn’t too much of that.

[00:04:07] Geoff

They should had some grounding. But what was to come  in, you know,  I’m sure  at the University of South Australia represented at the uni,  at the twenty fifteen International Union for the

[00:04:20] Geoff

conservation that’s called  totoday.

[00:04:24] Geoff

We present to the current Piper, didn’t you?  Can you

[00:04:26] Geoff

tell us about

[00:04:27] Geoff

the Piper, the trip and your passion for the environment?Yeah.

[00:04:33] Alex

So I undertook an elective at University for environmental  law. And I had  a fabulous lecturer at the University who really took me under her wing.

[00:04:45] Alex

And we  wrote this  the concept of the tyko is basically like under the South Australian marine parks  act,  there was provision for community participation in the declaration and management  of the marine parks.

[00:05:04] Alex

And basically we were looking into objectively,  how

[00:05:08] Alex

effective community participation  is in protecting marinediversity.

[00:05:16] Alex

So that was the paper

[00:05:17] Alex

and it was basically about the no fishing  zones

[00:05:21] Alex

and South Australians are very passionate about fishing and the interaction  about how the community’s involvement can achieve.

[00:05:33] Alex

Basically conservation for these really important.

[00:05:36] Alex

Yeah. Like the biodiversity,  I guess the trip  we were lucky enough that we were given an opportunity to go to Jakarta,  to present the paper. And that was my first time overseas with the University

[00:05:50] Alex

was  unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. I think the,

[00:05:54] Alex

the academic world is one like

[00:05:57] Alex

no other.

[00:05:59] Alex

We presented the paper at the colloquium  and there were people that obviously this is before covid,  people there from all over the world. And as a

[00:06:08] Alex

student,  just lapped it up. So

[00:06:12] Geoff

would have been such an experience.  Yeah  it was.

[00:06:16] Geoff

After completing your degree  you move to the Northern territory and you accepted  a casual contract

[00:06:23] Geoff

with the central Australian women’s legal service whilst

[00:06:26] Geoff

completing you graduate  the legal practice. How did you find the transition to the territory,  the work you are doing

[00:06:34] Geoff

and the additional scrutiny?

[00:06:36] Geoff

Managing all that at once?

[00:06:39] Alex

Yeah, I remember it being  a very busy time of

[00:06:43] Alex

my life. But one that I look back with  fondness  I think

[00:06:48] Alex

the central Australian women’s legal service.

[00:06:51] Alex

They’re  a fantastic organisation in Alice Springs with only female practitioners. And I was  assisting with the community legal education program.

[00:07:00] Alex

Yeah,  I just remember being very, very busy  but I’m still living in Alice Springs. So all of that doing all of that at once  didn’t put me off. I still hear

[00:07:12] Geoff

clearly very clearly the  universality of it there  and such a beautiful

[00:07:17] Geoff

place. Alice, in the territory, it’s  such  a beautiful place. I love my visits to the territory and it’s so good.

[00:07:26] Geoff


[00:07:27] Geoff

And after successfully completing your diploma and of course  admission as an officer of the Supreme Court of the Northern territory and also the  high Court of Australia. Congratulations. By

[00:07:37] Geoff

the way. Thank you. Now look  at the  central land

[00:07:42] Geoff

council aclc.  Can you tell us about your role,  what’s involved as well?

[00:07:48] Alex

Yeah,  so

[00:07:50] Alex

the central land council is an indigenous commonwealth statutory body.  My  role at the say is as  a regional

[00:07:59] Alex

lawyer for the South East of Alice Springs. So

[00:08:04] Alex

I do  predominantly native title

[00:08:07] Alex

and Aboriginal land rights act. So I provide legal  advice to native title holders, community

[00:08:14] Alex

residents and traditional owners  about many things. But the main things

[00:08:21] Alex

are mining matters. If  a mining company

[00:08:25] Alex

wants to mine on Aboriginal land  we provide legal advice and assist to negotiate those agreements

[00:08:32] Alex

and then

[00:08:34] Alex

assisting and advising in relation to economic development on Aboriginal land.  And  I basically advise from the acquisition, use  and occupation and management of that land. So

[00:08:47] Alex

it keeps me busy  but it means I’m very lucky

[00:08:50] Alex

that I get to visit some really remote Aboriginal  communities and meet some really incredible people.

[00:08:59] Geoff

Yeah  it would be fascinating and beautiful to see this native landscape  the beautiful people.

[00:09:06] Geoff

Yeah, I can only imagine how wonderful it would be,  but it must be  a little bit complex as well as some of this law

[00:09:11] Geoff

would be very involved and complex.

[00:09:14] Alex

I think that’s one of the

[00:09:15] Alex

things that I really love about work in the field say  no two days are the same every,  every day is different. But I think I take  the most enjoyment from navigating  complex legal situations or matters for people in our community. Who are

[00:09:33] Alex

AFL, I mean,

[00:09:35] Alex

yeah, I think that’s,  that’s why I do what I do.

[00:09:39] Geoff

And clearly you do well.  You’ve been in the  territory and

[00:09:44] Geoff

particularly Alice Springs now for  a while.

[00:09:47] Geoff

What are some of the other things you get involved in?  I know you’re involved with the community sports as a community sports made,  trying to see the AFL.  Tell us about that and what else are you up to?

[00:10:01] Alex

So yeah,  I do. Some sundaes. Go down and support the community football program. So that’s  all the remote

[00:10:08] Alex

communities they come in and play footy

[00:10:10] Alex

on  a Sunday. So I assist with sports sportsmen.

[00:10:14] Alex

So that’s just prevention management  of injuries. What it looks like is someone

[00:10:20] Alex

maybe doing typing first aid on the  football game. I’m really passionate about football in the center because I think  the

[00:10:31] Alex

benefits of football last  a lot longer

[00:10:35] Alex

after that final siren goes. I think it really has

[00:10:40] Alex

an incredible  purpose here.

[00:10:42] Alex

The other thing that I do with  AFL until the seeWAFL

[00:10:48] Alex

up here is that I’m  a tribunal

[00:10:50] Alex

member. That  something that kind of came about through doing sports,  made it on the tribunal and sit on matters where players the charged with

[00:11:02] Alex

various offenses. And I think that experience has been incredibly formative.  What  else can I do?

[00:11:09] Alex

I am  a residential support

[00:11:11] Alex

worker at the Alice Springs youth accommodation support  service.

[00:11:15] Alex

I got involved with that

[00:11:16] Alex

organization because I think

[00:11:19] Alex

sometimes it feels  say we’re dealing with bigger picture things that I think the thing that I love  most about myself is when I

[00:11:27] Alex

get to Liaise with clients and have that client

[00:11:31] Alex

contact  and build that relationship. And so that’s why I kind of got involved with ASICs. I  mainly assist with the moms and Bob’s house, so

[00:11:42] Alex

that’s  a home that they have. And it’s the 12 to twenty year old

[00:11:47] Alex

Northern territory  females who are pregnant or expecting.

[00:11:52] Alex

And really that’s where they go when they’ve  got nowhere else to go. So it’s about providing a

[00:11:56] Alex

roof over their heads,  meals structure,  making sure they go to school

[00:12:02] Alex

if that’s what they want to achieve. And

[00:12:04] Alex

yet  I found,  you know, moving to the territory,  the territory territory is being quite

[00:12:11] Alex

new. But I think what’s made the transition  really

[00:12:16] Alex

easy or easier has been to get involved

[00:12:19] Alex

as much as I can. And that’s what  I’ve tried to do here.

[00:12:23] Geoff

Well, it sounds very rewarding  and very,  very important as well. What do you actually enjoy most about your work in the  broader picture?

[00:12:33] Alex

Well, I’ve just come so lost weight.  I’ve just come back from  a four day Bush trip. We were

[00:12:41] Alex

at remote doing  a native title authorization

[00:12:45] Alex

because I’m still  still learning the ropes and I’m  still what they would classify. A baby lawyer I haven’t been practicing for for  a very long time, probably three, three  or four years. I’m still really enjoying learning,  like I think every day

[00:12:59] Alex

I’m thrown into situations where I’ve

[00:13:03] Alex

never experienced  those matters before and I’m just enjoying learning

[00:13:10] Alex

and just the challenge. I think  it’s been really, really interesting.

[00:13:15] Geoff

Just  a little tip. We’re always learning

[00:13:18] Geoff

stuff, but  I think it’s probably  a bit more interesting learning new around you  a little bit of what you already know. Yeah,

[00:13:32] Alex

I think it’s  a combination. Yeah. The combination of being able to go to  a really remote places in Australia

[00:13:38] Alex

and then dealing with really interesting  parts  of the law.

[00:13:43] Geoff

Yeah.  That would be  a very fascinating and beautiful to see it all come together and to meet new people  and particularly those that you’re making  a difference for. So that would be pretty cool.

[00:13:55] Geoff

I mentioned earlier  you won the twenty twenty one mcdonald’s entry career achievement award.

[00:14:00] Geoff

Congratulations, by the way on. That

[00:14:03] Geoff

must’ve been  a real

[00:14:03] Geoff

thrill to

[00:14:05] Geoff

to win that award.

[00:14:08] Alex

Well,  on the night I won the award. I actually had gastro  so I couldn’t fly up to Darwin. Probably a good idea and

[00:14:17] Geoff

not be on  a plane. I to be nasty.

[00:14:22] Alex

So it was definitely  a thrill.

[00:14:27] Alex

Yeah, no, I was really honored to win,  not what it was really unexpected. But I really firmly believe that

[00:14:35] Alex

those Awards

[00:14:36] Alex

are recognition not just of

[00:14:39] Alex


[00:14:40] Alex

finalist,  but of the organizations that they work and involved themselves with

[00:14:46] Geoff

a hundred percent that’s spot on. And I say to people

[00:14:50] Geoff

all the time,

[00:14:51] Geoff

it’s not just the person that wins an award, it’s the collective,

[00:14:55] Geoff

the people that work with those around them  those that

[00:14:58] Geoff

support them. And the people that help  in whatever it is that they’redoing

[00:15:03] Geoff

such a broad impact.

[00:15:05] Geoff

And appreciation  for, for the achievements  and we never do things on our own. All of our achievements are never an individual  thing that

[00:15:14] Geoff

often a collective

[00:15:16] Geoff

can be  a small or large collective of people supporting and making  a difference and contributing in some way. So yeah,

[00:15:24] Geoff

one hundred percent. Right. And more with the

[00:15:28] Geoff

Awards nominations for the current  program. We’re closing soon.

[00:15:32] Geoff

Would you encourage  our listeners to nominate someone  and if so, why?

[00:15:37] Alex

Yeah, absolutely. I think

[00:15:39] Alex

because of the reasons you said,  I mean it’s the collective  it’s about providing recognition to someone in the community who’s doing really  important work, but also shining  a lot on the people they work with and for

[00:15:57] Geoff

Yeah  absolutely. If any of our listeners would like to find out how to nominate someone  or more about sponsor partnership opportunities,  check out the Awards Australia dot com website

[00:16:11] Annette

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[00:18:09] Geoff

I,  what’s something we might not

[00:18:10] Geoff

know about you?

[00:18:13] Alex

What’s troubling you?  I not know about me.

[00:18:15] Alex

I have  lost my partner, and I bought  a house in l’esprit.

[00:18:20] Geoff

That’s exciting.

[00:18:22] Alex

Yeah,  so that’s been very exciting.

[00:18:26] Alex

That’s one thing I guess

[00:18:27] Alex

and the other thing is  I’m quite a big nerd. I’m impartial to what of the rings star like?  Guilty  pleasure. Right. And I think

[00:18:40] Geoff

So you bought  a house with your partner that’s. That’s very exciting. Yeah. Like all these nerdy  type shows. That’s pretty cool.

[00:18:50] Geoff

Tell it what else to do in your spare time  Besides watching TV shows come on

[00:18:58] Alex

I play Netball here in Alice  Springs,  we are renovating the house that we bought

[00:19:04] Alex

So that’s been really exciting.

[00:19:07] Alex

And  just spending  a lot of I think it’s important because I

[00:19:12] Alex

am quite busy in my professional life  it’s a thing I found and,  and to have that downtime. So that might be

[00:19:20] Alex

taking  a walk with the dogs or

[00:19:22] Alex

going to the gym with a girlfriend or listening to  a podcast. So I do really enjoy my downtime.

[00:19:29] Geoff

I think there’s something valuable  there for everybody. When you’re busy in your life,  you really need some time to yourself, whatever that means,  whether it’s you and your partner, whether it’s to buy yourself,

[00:19:43] Geoff

whether it’sa

[00:19:44] Geoff

fitness  regime, whatever it is,  you need to find something that will help you to step aside from the anxiety  the stress and busyness of daily life. I think that’s, that’s awesome. To hear,  definitely that you’re around all those records,  you need to be in your job. It would be high stress. Yeah.

[00:20:07] Alex

It is  but I think I’m very lucky. We’ve got  a very good work culture. I remember when I first started there

[00:20:14] Alex

and I sent an email  on a Saturday, and my manager came up to me. She’sa

[00:20:21] Alex

very strong intelligent lady.  And she said, why are you sending an email on  a Saturday? She was like, we don’t do that,  we don’t need to do

[00:20:30] Alex

that. And I think there’s,

[00:20:33] Alex

you know,  people that I went to law school with,  but I feel,  yeah,  I feel

[00:20:39] Alex

sad for them and sorry for them that I mean,  across our industry. I mean, I think I’m one of the fortunate ones,  but it’s not always the case and I think

[00:20:49] Alex

there needs to be more

[00:20:51] Alex

leaders in our  industry that create those boundaries. So that others practitioners,  we do get that time to recuperate and recharge,

[00:21:02] Geoff

recouping and recharging are really important as we say that however you do that.  Whatever works.

[00:21:10] Geoff

You need to find that way and make sure you  really take time to do  it

[00:21:15] Geoff

because it is critical as  life becomes busier and busier with technology,  you remember because you probably weren’t born,  but that technology ideally was there to give us more time to ourselves. But it’s  actually been the opposite that

[00:21:33] Geoff


[00:21:33] Geoff

an escape from emails and the expectation  that we will respond. So

[00:21:40] Geoff

I think boundaries is  a fantastic principle.  What are the driving passions that makes Alex tick?

[00:21:50] Alex

One of the driving. That’s a great question.

[00:21:53] Alex

I think I

[00:21:53] Alex

grew up in  a family that took a lot of pride and placed  a lot of weight on life. I know that I’m extremely fortunate  to have gone to school to have graduated from University and to now be working. And  I think that how lucky I am was never

[00:22:17] Alex

I never didn’t know that I  was lucky. And I think because I am, I’ve grown up

[00:22:21] Alex

in  a privileged situation where we’re always taught that there’s an obligation on  those of us that come from that privilege to

[00:22:31] Alex

see those in our community who  are

[00:22:34] Alex

less fortunate, who have slipped through the cracks. And I think,  well,  definitely in my, in my profession you encounter people

[00:22:44] Alex

that Yeah,  they have slipped through the cracks, but they’re still someone’s son  someone’s brother, someone sister

[00:22:51] Alex

and everyone has  a story. And that story deserves to be told that that’s what makes me tick. I guess  because I’m passionate about advocating for those who are less fortunate.

[00:23:04] Geoff

What’s  a good reason to take because they’re all very purposeful. And it’s great principle  to live by. And you’re right and everybody, you know, our motto is to make  a difference, but

[00:23:16] Geoff

we can’t.

[00:23:17] Geoff

If we can’t, everybody in the world would be such  a nicer place to be  a part of and we would all feel much more confident happy about ourselves as  individuals.

[00:23:28] Alex

Oh absolutely. Yeah. I think that’s absolutely true.

[00:23:33] Geoff

But there must be  times when it all gets a little too much. You’re feeling  a bit low.

[00:23:37] Geoff

What do you do to help sit

[00:23:40] Geoff

back and recharge yourself?

[00:23:43] Alex

Oh, absolutely.  I haven’t really spoken about this publicly too much  but  I do suffer from anxiety. And there’ve been

[00:23:53] Alex

periods in mylife

[00:23:55] Alex

where I’ve been quite sick with anxiety and I don’t think I

[00:23:59] Alex

recognized it at  the time. But I think as I’ve gotten older and my support network has really shown  up for me,  I think I’ve been able to manage it and now I manage it quite well

[00:24:13] Alex

on my own. And I  feel like the things that have assisted Managing my

[00:24:17] Alex

anxiety and both have been  exercise one,sleep

[00:24:22] Alex

spending quality time with the people that I

[00:24:24] Alex

love. Yeah. Whether that be

[00:24:27] Alex

yes  as I said before, like a walk with the dogs or a coffee with a girlfriend ora

[00:24:33] Alex

time with the family.  They’re all things that I know now that recharge and  my batteries when I’m feeling

[00:24:41] Alex

fine. But I also think it’s quite normal.  So I think  it’s really normal to have those ebbs and peaks and troughs in your life. And I  think we’re not meant to be happy all the

[00:24:54] Alex

time. And I’m really passionate about  being really honest about my experience. So that

[00:25:04] Alex

others feel more comfortable  or you know,  they don’t feel abnormal or they don’t feel that

[00:25:10] Alex

because they’re battling  a mental illness or feeling

[00:25:15] Alex

not quite themselves that that’s OK.  But it’s taken me  I’m twenty eight, twenty eight in  a couple of days. Taking me twenty eight years to feel comfortable saying that

[00:25:29] Geoff

Yeah, it’s a tough one, isn’t it?  And the problem is we don’t feel comfortable,  we feel ashamed. We feel embarrassed. Whatever it is. And it builds up and all the  things that you talked about that you do to help relieve that stress. And that  anxiety,

[00:25:45] Geoff

thanks for sharing that with us.

[00:25:47] Geoff

Our old tried and tested and brilliant ways,  all of them or some of them for all of us to take on board and utilize.  And if you don’t have a network around you that you can talk to, there’s always  a

[00:26:03] Geoff

lifeline. And

[00:26:05] Geoff

just pick up the phone and chat to someone  even if it’s not about your problems, your anxiety,  whatever it is that’s getting you low, just chat,

[00:26:15] Geoff

just talking sometimes

[00:26:17] Geoff

or listen to someone else’s problems.  Is  a help as well. And the thing that I hear from most of our young achiever  finalists  and winners  is that they’re so inspired by the fact that there are others  like them that are working so hard to make  a difference. But they all have their moments,  their highs and lows and to know that there are others like them in the same  position  is really helpful. It’s really  comforting,  but also motivating. So it’s great to be able to tell your story. And I think we’d  all be surprised how many people  for exactly the same position  and you’re  right. It’s. Yeah,  yeah. So it is nice to think that we could be happy all the time. It’s probably not  a reality.

[00:27:11] Geoff

But we need to deal with how we

[00:27:14] Geoff

cope with those online moments  and how  we set out, reset ourselves. It sounds like, yeah,  yeah.

[00:27:22] Geoff

You got your head screwed on pretty good.

[00:27:26] Alex

Thanks Geoff. Yeah, I mean  the flip side of having anxiety is it’s kind of, I think it is a bit of  a superpower. An  anxious mind is thinking about all the possibilities of what could go wrong. So in  that sense,  I feel like that always overprepare.

[00:27:47] Alex

And I think that’s one of my strengths as well  as one of my

[00:27:50] Alex

weaknesses. But

[00:27:52] Alex

I know that  you know, that is me. And I’ve,  I’m comfortable with saying that.

[00:27:59] Alex

Yeah,  I live with anxiety and I manage my own body. Yeah. As you said  there are many of us out there

[00:28:07] Alex

that do exactly the same. So

[00:28:10] Alex

I think it’s all about  letting,

[00:28:12] Alex

letting people know that they’re not alone.

[00:28:16] Geoff

100 percent

[00:28:17] Geoff

anxieties caused from  stress and we all feel stress. It’s how we deal with that stress

[00:28:22] Geoff

that defines  the  outcome at any particular time.

[00:28:27] Geoff

We were designed to have stress and  I guess,

[00:28:31] Geoff

going back historically,  fear is an important fact in our lives to be able to deal with the situation. And  we’re still faced with it every single day,  multiple times. How we deal with that is, is really critical to how we,  how we grow and live within  a given situation.

[00:28:54] Annette


[00:28:54] Geoff

what’s next for Alex?

[00:28:57] Alex

What is next?  I see  so I’m really loving my time in central Australia.

[00:29:05] Alex

I have no plans  to move at the moment. I

[00:29:10] Alex

have enrolled in  a masters of law at the Australian National University  so I’ll be starting that next year. And I’m saying that I’m here so that I’m  accountable.

[00:29:22] Geoff

Exactly. We’ll come back and find out.

[00:29:26] Alex

Yeah  I guess it’s a bit of a bit of an unknown  but I think as long as I keep living  my ethos which is get involved

[00:29:37] Alex

take on challenges  and assist those who are less fortunate. I think I think the  future is bright.

[00:29:44] Geoff

I think you could well be right.

[00:29:48] Geoff

Do you have any words  of wisdom you’ve already given us many,

[00:29:51] Geoff


[00:29:51] Geoff

you have any other words of wisdom from listeners?

[00:29:56] Alex

And I think  going back to what you said before,  I think

[00:30:00] Alex

the main thing is

[00:30:01] Alex

and it sounds really cliche

[00:30:04] Alex

is just be kind I think be  kind be on a

[00:30:09] Alex

trusted gut and start writing with  a big list person. I think if it’s written on a leaf,  forget what you’re doing and I think it lists  a great goal setting and taking things off and

[00:30:23] Alex

on and making things happen. So

[00:30:25] Alex

I  guess there might be four words of wisdom of little

[00:30:31] Alex

bits of advice.

[00:30:33] Geoff

They’re good bits of advice or at least

[00:30:36] Geoff

it gets too long

[00:30:38] Geoff

to procrastinate,  but I’m not,

[00:30:41] Geoff

not admitting to that.

[00:30:42] Geoff

And the list goes too long. So I think I’m not going

[00:30:46] Geoff

to be  stressful and depressing.

[00:30:49] Alex

But how does it feel when you take those things off the  list? I

[00:30:55] Geoff

transferred from one Patrick mcgorry to the next,

[00:30:58] Geoff

which doubles my workload. But

[00:31:00] Geoff

now it is very good when you’re it off. I

[00:31:03] Geoff

couldn’t  agree more. And I always

[00:31:04] Geoff

ask people who are a bit old fashioned  to keep  a hard copy diary so they can take

[00:31:09] Alex

interesting, hard copy  hard copy diary all the way.

[00:31:13] Geoff

Yeah, I’m not the only one. I’m  not the only one is  a young one that does the same  It’s not just for us out of this.  Where,  where

[00:31:25] Geoff

can our listeners connect with you online or get involved in some of the  things that you do?

[00:31:30] Alex

I would welcome any listeners to contact me on LinkedIn or via my Instagram handle,  so it’s Alexander Craig on the school and of course,  and feel free to write chat there.

[00:31:44] Geoff

So I

[00:31:44] Geoff

signed with the LinkedIn, Alexander Craig,

[00:31:48] Alex

I think so. I’ll give it

[00:31:49] Geoff

to you and we can put it in the photo. OK.

[00:31:54] Geoff

Well,  Alex,  it’s been an absolute pleasure to chat with you today to have you on the podcast  has been a true inspiration for many,

[00:32:02] Geoff

including myself.

[00:32:03] Geoff

Thank you.  You’re an amazing young woman. You have  a lot to give and to do that

[00:32:09] Geoff

you’re balanced.

[00:32:12] Geoff

None of us are perfect,  but your

[00:32:14] Geoff

balance as you can be,

[00:32:15] Geoff

and you’re  a great role model to so many so

[00:32:19] Geoff

thanks so much for sharing some of your story with  us today.

[00:32:22] Alex

Thanks Jack. It’s been wonderful to come on here and have this chat with  you today.

[00:32:27] Geoff

Good luck with your future for all that you’re doing to help  make  a difference in the lives of people in

[00:32:34] Geoff

the territory and Beyond. I’m sure one day

[00:32:38] Geoff

and into next week I hope everybody’s really enjoyed listening

[00:32:42] Geoff

to my chat with Alex  today and remember,  please be kind and together  we make  a difference. I hope you enjoyed today’s interview as much as I have. We would love  you to subscribe to our podcast,  that you won’t miss

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[00:33:45] Geoff

We would really love to hear your thoughts

[00:33:47] Geoff

until  next week.

[00:33:49] Geoff

Stay safe.

[00:33:50] Geoff

And remember  together we make  a difference.

[00:33:55] Alex

Thanks for joining us today on inspirational australian’s podcast.

[00:33:59] Annette

We  hope you enjoyed listening

[00:34:00] Annette

and have been inspired

[00:34:02] Annette

by ordinary Australians Achieving

[00:34:04] Annette

extraordinary things.

[00:34:06] Annette

So it’s goodbye for another week. Remember, together  we make  a difference.