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A chat with Sam Kane | Episode 13


In this week’s episode, Geoff is talking to Sam who was a Winner in the 2019 Victorian Regional Achievement and Community Awards.


Golden Square Pool Inc. is a group of 90 locals of all ages who successfully saved their 102-year-old swimming pool and turned it into a community hub. Since being saved in 2012, volunteers have transformed a once tired, under-used facility, into an inclusive, vibrant and empowering hub for Golden Square and Bendigo residents.

Their goal is to build a happy and healthy community, and have welcomed over 105,000 patrons through the gate in just eight years. In saving the pool, they wanted to create more than just a place to swim. So, they have introduced innovative programs like accessible health and wellbeing classes and programs for all ages, live music events, a Community Garden, and a Junior Volunteer Team mentoring program. One initiative they also host is the SwimSafe Bendigo program where free swimming lessons are given to anyone who hasn’t been able to access lessons before, especially for local refugees, migrants and multicultural adults.

An update since last October’s awards: In July 2020 the pool again faced closure, however locals campaigned tirelessly by writing to councillors and media, placing blue ribbons on fences across the suburb, and holding a strong social media campaign. This was successful, and volunteers gained ongoing long-term certainty of operation. Volunteers are incredibly proud to have reached this milestone they have been working hard to achieve for eight years, and are now busy applying for funding and designing new programs for the future.


In this episode:

  • Wow – not just saving their pool once from being decommissioned, but twice!
  • Hear how passionate Sam and the volunteers are to make Golden Square Pool a vibrant hub for their community



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Annette: (00:05):

Welcome to the inspirational Australians podcast, with a chat to people, making a difference in their communities and in the lives of others. And here is your host for today. Geoff Griffin,

Geoff: (00:19):

I’m really looking forward to talking with Sam Kane today, who is representing the Golden Square Pool Inc group, winner of the Awards Australia Community Group of the year in the 2019 program. This is an inspiring story that showcases the power of the people and people come together with common purpose, anything’s possible. Sam, welcome to the podcast.



Hi Geoff, thanks for having me.



It’s a real pleasure. And I remember vividly at the win last year. In fact, I was on stage presenting you. It’s a great moment, a great story and a real story of sticking to what you believe to your cause and getting the job done. Firstly, Sam, can you tell us a little bit, a little bit about Golden Square? Where are you in fact, how many people live in town?



Absolutely. So, olden square is a suburb of Bendigo in Victoria. Um, so it’s about 10,000 or so who live in our suburb of Golden Square and Bendigo has a population of pushing 110,000 people. Um, and so Golden Square is just a little bit out of the city center, but it has that wonderful neighborhood community and sort of suburbs vibe that, um, is really, really wonderful.



Fantastic. Just gives us a little bit of a history there. Um, so it must’ve been really devastating to the community to be told that the call was going to be closed. Of course, you’re a group of about 90 locals of all ages who successfully in 2012 saved the 102 year old swimming pool from being closed by council. What was the approach to save the pool and how did you go about it?



Absolutely. Yeah, so it was, it was back in 2012 where a group of people in our suburb realized that the pool was about to be closed and was going to be decommissioned and they got together and sort of said, no, this, this pool means something to the community and it can be reclaimed and get a new life if it can stay open. And so what happened then was people started sharing things on Facebook, writing letters to the local newspapers, contacting counselors, and really just starting a campaign, to say that this pool is important, and if we lose it, then it can never, ever be replaced. And, and I was back in year eight when I joined that group to save the pool. And I remember putting a big blue banner on my fence that said, save our pool and a blue ribbon and doing letterbox drops around the suburbs to get the word out. And for me it was, it was so important because it was the place where I learned to swim as a kid. And when my mom and dad had had, I took, um, my, my sister and I, um, after school every day, and we’d meet friends and have dinner down there and to realize that that wasn’t going to happen for the kids who were younger than me in our suburb, if the pool was gone, which was really hard for me. So I thought that I would join the group that had already started this campaign and, and do all that we can. And we were successful, um, three or four months later in achieving that goal of keeping the pool open.

Geoff: (03:41):

Yeah, it’s massive with the whole community behind you, but with the initiative,

Sam (03:47):

It was interesting. It started small and, and I, I wasn’t there from, from day one. So it was about four weeks into the campaign. And one of our neighbors actually said, Oh, you should join and join this group of people there. They’re fighting for our swimming pool, um, sort of a small group where it started, but as the months went on and as we continued to sort of, um, sort of let our voice be heard about the issue it grew and grew and grew. And it was interesting when we went to council for a decision on the pool. Um, we actually went two times. So the first time we went to council, they actually voted to continue with the closure. And so it was that point there where we were faced with a bit of a crossroads of, do we continue with this fight or do we just  let the answer ring true and, and deal with it. And at that point we said, no, this is a cause we believe in. So he continued. It was that long and worked, just grew massive in terms as a whole, uh, well, a majority of our community sort of getting involved. Of course there were people in there that still, still is today that don’t believe our pool should be there for our range of reasons. But people who were part of the, the group in the campaign were there because they had a reason and a belief that this pool mean something, the community outdoor pools mean something to communities and, um, and all that would be lost if, if the closure votes and enclosure was to continue.

Geoff (05:08):

Yeah. Look, I think there’s such a powerful lesson there. Never give up if you really believe don’t give up and you’re right. Not, everybody’s going to believe in any, cause just ask our politicians. You’re never going to please everybody all the time, but you know, that’s so exciting that you stuck to your guns and made that decision. Once you do that, sometimes we actually go to another level,

Sam (05:34):

You do it. And it was interesting between the two council votes. That is the reason why there was a change in sort of opinion from counselors and the council more broadly was, um, the community at our group said to the council, well, how about we take on the running of this pool? Um, and will you, will you save it? Then we let us do it. And that was the catalyst. It was okay. The community will fundraise the community with all of this kind of stuff. And that was the difference. I think that us coming out and saying that I think, um, created sort of a new perspective for the community to say, gee, these guys are really serious. They want to go at this stage, they want to try and do this. And that’s where the community buying came in. And so it was, it was just that repeated conversation and, and, and sort of talking that made it, made it happen, I think.



Geoff (06:22):

Yeah, absolutely. And that’s so spot on, you really put your money and your labor into what you were aiming to do by offering to take it on. And I guess that did show counsel that you were serious in doing that. So, okay. We’re going back to 2012, you got the good news. Pool had been saved, I guess there would have been a fair amount of work required. What was the plan back then to get to where you’re going today?

Sam (06:55):

Yeah, it’s um, I reflect on this, this a lot actually. And I remember myself, I was back at sort of 13, 14 year old kid. Then I was just sort of a young volunteer in the group. And we had a fantastic leadership team, our former presidents and volunteers who led the charge there and, and what they weren’t really doing at that point was, okay, we’ve got six, eight months before summer starts. What do we need to do to make this pooll safe, compliance, um, and improve it and restore it. So it’s able to be swimming and visited by our community. So they started with $0 in the bank and also had no experience running a swimming pool either. So there was a lot of training that went on. So our team went out and started learning about how to run a pool. And then also alongside that raising money for the works and then working with sort of locals in the industry to prioritize tasks and, and things to get the pool up to standard and ready to go. And so that was the sort of an eight month period in, I remember my, my sort of involvement then was, was being involved in fundraising. So endless amounts of barbecues. I’m sure a lot of blisters for recall fundraising barbecues and  getting involved with Saturday morning and tin rattles at the traffic lights, trivia nights, donations, selling chocolates, all of these things just to get enough money to improve the infrastructure and get it going. Um, and that initial team and volunteer group who did that were just incredible, the amount of drive in and initiatives that have in, I still look up to them, um, and I’m inspired by them because, um, it required them to keep going into, get up after fallbacks to go. We have this belief that we want the pool to be open, so we’re going to stick to it. And it’s their work that has allowed us to enjoy what we have created today.

Geoff (08:43):

Yeah. I guess you don’t think beyond the fact that, you know, people have a passion and a belief to do something, but raising the money, the hard work, and as you said, actually learning how to run a pool and build things and do stuff. How many people would you reckon you’ve had through in the last eight years?

Sam (09:02):

Yeah, so we’ve had, um, just over a hundred and eight patrons through the gate. Since we first opened in November of 2013, under our management as volunteers. Um, and, and I sort of sort of, um, think everyday that that’s such a remarkable number in our community and shows the power of what the facility provides then. And it’s not only people coming in for a swim, but it’s people coming, um, to connect with a range of different programs. Um, it’s more about the whole sort of health and wellbeing of the person. Yes. You can go swimming and swim laps, but it’s about okay. Social and mental health as well. And, and that’s, um, one of the greatest things I think our facility provides to people.




Geoff (09:44):

Yeah, absolutely. And I remember the story and listening at judging, the judges talk about what you’ve done and it’s much bigger than a pool now, isn’t it, it’s quite a hub. Tell us about some of the additions or improvements that you’ve made to the hub.

Sam (10:03):

Absolutely. One of the key parts of when we received the news to the pool had been saved when, when the team first committee and volunteers sat around and we sort of said, well, yes, this is the swimming pool, but we want to be more than that. We want to be more than just a place to swim in a different from any other pool it’s around. So what do we do to do that? And it’s been a long sort of a journey and it’s still evolving every day, but what we really focused on those extra additional programs beyond just the physical jumping in for a splash on a, on a hot summer afternoon. So we have, um, over summer a really strong live music and events series, where we get bands in and food trucks and on hot summer nights and sort of relax by the pool deck on the grass. That’s one key component. Um, we also have a community garden program as well. So we grow, um, veggies and, and produce on site, um, as well. We also have, um, health and wellbeing programs as well. So we have eight different classes across the week from water aerobics, to yoga, to Zumba, to boot camps as well that people can interact with. And we, and we run a free multicultural swimming program as well, um, that connects new arrivals and members of our multicultural community in, um, to be learned water safety and awareness skills. Um, so then they feel confident with their own children and families, um, in the water too. Um, and so some of the programs that wwe’ve done to really make the place more than just dropping in for an afternoon, but it’s really a whole sort of experience. It’s what we’ve tried to build up there. And as part of that, it’s been about creating just a wonderful community atmosphere for people to engage in as well.

Geoff (11:44):

Yeah, you really have been so inclusive in your thinking, bringing all walks of life together, whether it be a volunteer, mentor program, um, or for juniors, or whether it be a live events, health, and wellbeing classes, the migrant multicultural adult programs and free swim, cause you do the swim safe then to go free swimming lessons. It really is extraordinary. You must all be so very proud of what you’ve achieved as a crew from having a pool going to be closed to where you are now.

Sam (12:24):

It is! I think the team is just so, so happy every single day to see the journey. I think so from, from way back in 2012, where there was a pool that was so run down to now, it’s a really vibrant and inclusive space where there is someone around all the time to chat, to, to have a couple of weeks to, to have a meal with, to, um, to really connect with. And there wasn’t a place like that in Golden Square in our suburbs before the pools there, but now it means something to every single person and, and whether it’s one of our volunteers. And as you mentioned, we have our junior volunteer team program where we have volunteers as young as five coming in to learn skills with their parents. And if it’s from that perspective of a volunteer, learning new skills right through to there, to that, to, to the mom or the grandmother or her jumping in for a, a health program, there’s such a wide benefit there for people to interact with. And our volunteers are really, really proud to say that they’ve been a part of doing something so unique and so something that evolves every day, but doesn’t exist anywhere else. Um, and I think a good judge of that is the smile, I think that you see on the face of the volunteers every day, when they say, Hey, I, I had played a part in, in seeing that person, um, achieve an outcome, get fitter, connect with new people and have incurrent new friendships. Um, so I think that’s pretty special.

Geoff (13:53):

Yeah. It must give you all a real buzz, every smile and every person that you see come through and participate in one form or another, what do you think Sam has been the most successful community initiative in your opinion anyway, so far, what’s your highlight? What gives you the biggest thrill?

Sam (14:14):

The biggest thrill for me, um, I think, um, is, is the fact that we’re so inclusive of every single person. I think that’s demonstrated, I mean that the volunteers that we have in and out our programs that, um, so, so we encourage whole families to, to volunteer and get involved together. And so when I walk in an afternoon and say, um, say volunteer a mom and a dad with their two kids, all volunteering together behind the kiosk, um, with the parents mentoring their, their kids in, in, in skills, such as money handling and teamwork and being involved in community that just brings such a, a real to me, um, because I can see the meaning that it’s having on the volunteers. Um, and so it’s just that, that familiar. It gives me a real smile every single day when I see, see that I think more broadly, um, I like to sort of have, um, sort of, uh, sort of goal to not try and run everything by my head. And it’s sort of creating a happy and a healthy community in every initiative that we create. And so when I see an initiative that the volunteers  developed and it hits that goal, um, I, I get really, really happy. Um, so, so to be broad, but my sort of sense of happiness and achievement comes from when we take that ball of goal of people being happy and healthy, by engaging in our services.

Geoff (15:35):

Yeah, that’s really super cool getting into your happy place, seeing others come together to support each other. And that is what it’s all about. People supporting each other to a common goal. Now, I think it’s pretty well done mate to you and go on script or group really absolutely brilliant and inspiring. Uh, it was such a thrill to be a part of the awards night to see and hear your story, meet you all, not all necessarily, not all 90 at, um, to meet you in person for me. Do you think that recognition of being nominated at the time and then going on to win the award has really helped the Golden Square Pool Group?

Sam (16:20):

I think it has Geoff and, and I think, um, when I sort of reflect back on what we’ve done, it was, it was a bit of a bit of a whirlwind. So like you’re getting involved in something. Um, and like for me, I put a banner on my fence and never expected it to go beyond three months for the campaign. And so then you get the moment we’re fundraising, running a pool season, developing and applying for grants, doing all this stuff, and then you don’t actually realize the work you’ve done, all those things. You just sort of become, you just do it. And then when we found out that we had been nominated and then it reached the finals, it was sort of, it was, it was a great recognition and validation of the work, um, that not many of us it’s sort of stopped to appreciate and recognize before. And I remember when I told the volunteers that we had been nominated and then we’d reached the finalist, they sort of had a great sense of pride and achievement in them that their work was being recognized by somebody else. And they all thought that what they were doing was pretty cool. But then when somebody else thought that as well, especially on a state level, it was just a real sense of satisfaction and happiness that came from that. Um, so it was, it was fantastic. Fantastic to receive that recognition.

Geoff (17:34):

Yeah, I guess we, uh, as individuals and groups, we don’t go out looking for accolades or for a pat on the back, but it’s such a thrill to actually receive them, particularly when you’re not looking for them. And I think that makes it all, all the more special. And I remember the joy that you had when you were announced as the winner. Uh, it was, it was just terrific. And, you know, you can’t rest on your laurels either can you, because all the work you’ve done, the hard work, the countless hours of voluntary contribution, the fundraising, the significant value, adding that you’ve done to the community and through the, the community hub, I believe that you still face closure again earlier this year. What happened there?

Sam (18:22):

We did. Um, so in July of this year, a master plan for the wider precincts that we sit part of, um, with other, with an oval and in a bowls facility, um, and, and some, and some other sporting recreation areas, um, a master plan was developed for that, for that precinct. And one of the options there, there were five options presented and, and one of them included the pool remaining and us continuing our work and, and the others included the pool, being replaced with other community activities. And the recommendation that went to council was for the option that saw us closed was endorsed. And so that would see our pool closed, um, within a three year timeframe. And so that, that would be the end of the journey and the community work that we’d done together. And so, like we did back in 2012, um, the community rallied together, but we only had one week to do it. We literally found out on a Wednesday and then make the vote. The meeting was the next Wednesday. And so, and so all of a sudden the community volunteers and our broader supporters and partners, kicked into action and really said, hang on a second. This is it. This is, this vote will determine the long term future of the pool and a space that we’ve created together. So like we did, we wrote letters to the editor. We, we, we spoke and advocated to our counselors who were ultimately making the vote. Um, we had a, a strong, uh, big sort of social media campaign where we’re members of the community were encouraged to talk about the pool and share while I love it so much. And again, it came down to the, sort of the art of conversation, with members of the community to sort of encourage them to write to their counselors and speak up. Um, it was such an intense week. Um, I don’t think I didn’t sleep for seven days. It felt like. And certainly my volunteers didn’t either because we realized that all we’ve done together could be lost in space of one vote. Um, and we were, so, so fortunate, um, to, to gain a successful vote, which saw the pool retained and not closed down, but all of the other precinct users actually receive an upgrade to. And so we sort of believe that such a great outcome because our pool that is there for everyone can remain and everyone else sees a benefit well. And so we’ll just, we’re just thrilled.

Geoff (20:50):

Fantastic. What a story. I mean, I guess that even adds value to your win last year and your nomination to think that after all that work, you could have lost it al, you won’t even entering into the discussion about why you weren’t involved in maybe some of the pre discussion about what those options were and had your opportunity to buy into that conversation after you’d created such a valuable resource for the community, and I’m so delighted for you and your team that you’ve been able to, to do this. And clearly the 8 years of solid work you’ve contributed, made an impact on the final decision.




Sam (21:40):

I think it did. And, and, and while, um, our community were really supportive, there was also the other side of the argument that said, no, we don’t want the pool to be there. Um and still there are people, and I said earlier every single day, um, who probably don’t want our pool to be there, and you can think of a better spend of money or a better use of community resources, but what, what we said throughout that campaign and to all the people that, um, didn’t want the poor to be there. And what I continue to say every day is that this is an inclusive space for everyone. We take everybody who walks through the gate becomes part of the Golden Square Pool family. Um, and we really do implement, um, programs that tick different boxes for where people are in different stages of life. And once you take away that strong and authentic community movement and group that are doing this all for nothing, um, and having such a huge health benefit, you’re not going to recreate that in any additional new community facilities because the community has buy in and the community has developed this really from the ground up. And once you take the resource and the facility away, it’s not going to magically just appear again. And so that’s what we stay true to every day. And that’s what we will continue living out because we don’t want to see the pool disappear and all the benefits also get lost with them.

Geoff (23:02):

Yeah. All power to you. And I’m sure cancer was so proud of what you’ve all achieved. No doubt, because you do add value to the community. And of course, I’ve got to listen to everybody that I’ve got to follow to process that clearly they’re super impressed with what you were able to bring to the local community. So again, all power to, to, so what is next Sam for Golde Square Pool Inc?

Sam (23:32):

Yeah. So, it’s sort of an interesting period for us now. Um, Geoff, because we have never had, um, in front of us a long term future, this is the first time we’ve been able to say, we’re going to actually be here in the next five, 10, 15 years as a facility. So what we’re doing is we’ve, um, we, with this earliest, you, we, we wrote our strategic plan. Um, it goes across the next four years, and it includes, um, new programs and sort of infrastructure upgrades and new initiatives that are going to ensure sort of the long term sustainability of, of what we do ensure their upgrades to ensure safety and compliance and, and ensure we can continue to have the community benefit from that. Um, so we’re actively applying for grants and funding, to see sort of capital sort of improvements and upgrades and things like that. And working really hard to, to make sure that, um, that we can be here long, long into the future. So that’s what our volunteers are doing now is putting that really hardworking of the funding applications and all of that, and getting the strong community support and partners, um, to make what we do really, really possible for many, many years to come

Geoff (24:43):

To have long term certainty is absolutely brilliant, but I take my hat off because it could be easy to rest on your laurels and say, well, we’ve won that battle. We can sit back for a while, take a little breather. It sounds like you’re doing everything super well. So brilliant.




Thanks, Geoff. And it was interesting. I remember we, after the council meeting and while everyone due to COVID restrictions at the time that we’re living in 2020, we’re all separated watching the vote on our, on our own screens, only a few is going to be together. And then the phone just didn’t stop buzzing that night, but all of our community volunteers are going, that’s great, Sam, what are we doing next? What are we doing tomorrow now? Can we get involved? Where can I help? And that was amazing because it just, again, reiterated to me that the community bond is there and people want to see this pool stay in the community. And so it was great. And I said to people, Oh, maybe we can have a rest for a few days. I’m a bit tired, but other than that, we want to get involved. 

Geoff (25:41):

Yeah, it really binds people together. That validation, that’s success too, for all the hard work that you’ve been doing. And it just goes over and over in my mind, every time you mention something to never give up what you really believe in, keep going, you know, if you really believe you can make it possible for hard work and, uh, and really being together on a common cause.

Sam (26:10):

Absolutely. You’re right. Geoff. And I think back to the beginning, and I didn’t know anyone who volunteers at our pool now, I didn’t know people down the street around, around our neighborhood, but we all came together in that common goal just to see our pool remain. And from there has been some incredible, incredible outcomes. And, um, and it’s, it’s right. You’re never giving up, it’s overcoming challenges and it’s staying true to the cause. And, and that’s what our team has done every, every day, which has been just remarkable.

Geoff (26:41):

I’m not sure Richard Branson came back as often as you guys did a little bit like Lazarus. Um, yeah, I mean, you know, I read his books and he talks about persistence and giving him guidance. And that’s certainly what you’ve done, such a privilege to talk with you today. Sam, do you have any words of wisdom for our listeners? Anything that you can share with them, it’s been part of the successes of your journey?

Sam (27:11):

I think, um, I think Geoff, you sound out really well. It’s about never, never giving up. Um, and never, never, um, saying no, or it’s not possible. Um, it is a key thing. And, but for me, I think one of the biggest things that has stuck with me throughout the entire journey from when I started as a, as a volunteer as a, as a year, right. Volunteer, um, when we first started right up to, to now, and like, you don’t have to be the president, um, it’s that if you’ve, if you’ve got an idea and you want to see change in different happening in your community, then just jump into is a really cool metaphor, just jump in, get started and see where it leads. And, um, and, and certainly it’s what I take that advice every single day when I’m coming up with a new program or, um, or when we were faced with pool closure, it was just, just continue, have the conversations, seek community support and never stop because the outcomes of just simply getting involved and getting started can be just extraordinary. And, and that’s what we’ve achieved in Golden Square Pool. And I know it’s what so many communities, um, achieve. I mean, their own local towns, um, every single day as well.


Geoff (28:23):

Yeah. Terrific story. A little plug for a Paul McCarthy and the marketers club. Here’s a philosophy of really fire and don’t wait, we can wait for perfection all of our lives, and it’s never going to come. So get ready and then have it go and get in there and then learn from your mistakes.

Sam (28:44):

Absolutely. And it’s overcoming challenges, assessing trying something new, having conversations, getting the people in your team that have the skills just to, to make things happen. And, um, I just, I just love the, our team because they’re a bunch of doers they get in there and they just, just try it out. And, um, and we wouldn’t be where we are today, if we didn’t have a great community of supporters who are like that. Um, so I just thank them every single day, um, for, for all that they do.

Geoff (29:12):

He must be much closer and stronger as a unit as well over that journey

Sam (29:19):

We are and I can genuinely say that every volunteer that is with us now, it’s been with us in the past. Um, and I know that when people join us, this is such a dear dear friend to me, and, and are my second family because we’ve come so close in collaborating, sharing ideas, um, having some massive challenges and overcoming them and it’s brought people together. And I think a great thing about sort of creating a great community. That’s sort of socially cohesive is, is about everyone, just getting to know each other and, and coming together. And, and that’s, I think some something that’s quite quite amazing it’s coming out of our journey, um, is that now people actually know each other and can stop in the street, say good day, um, and arrange for, have a coffee in a catch up in a swim and all of this together. And that wouldn’t be possible if our pool wasn’t there.

Geoff (30:14):

Fantastic. I think we can all take heart from your story from that of Golden Square Pool Inc group, particularly as we have been through COVID-19, hopefully what’s the worst of it, but the economy is suffering and to hear your story and be inspired to not give up in the face of adversity and things will get better if we help to make and get better, it’s just been inspiring for me and hopefully for all about listeners. Sam, how can our listeners find out more about and connect with Golden Square Pool Inc?

Sam (30:57):

Absolutely. Um, we have, people can jump onto our Facebook page. So just search Golden Square Pool, um, into the Facebook search engine, we also have a website as well, it’s a Google search that and all of our plans and our story and, and where we’re going in, the future is all listed on there. Um, so I’d encourage anyone who’s interested in our work and wants to get involved, um, to definitely get in touch with us on there. And we’d be happy to have, have a conversation, because yeah, collaboration and getting together, is the way that achievements are realized. So I’d encourage anyone to get in touch with us and be more than happy to have a chat.


Geoff (31:39):

Absolutely. And for any of our listeners who have some time when the  area is open up a little wider, uh, get up to see the Golden Square Pool Community hub, you might catch them, they’re pulling out some weeds. To you mate, and to all of your Golden Square Pool Inc group volunteers and members, congratulations to council for understanding and seeing the value and the purpose that you provide for people, acknowledgement to your all. It’s been a real privilege and a joy to talk to today. Sam, I hope people are inspired as much as I am by your story, the story of all of you, of course, and really enjoy having enjoyed this podcast today. Thanks Sam!

Sam (32:36):

Geoff, thank you. And, and a huge thank you to your group and Award Australia as well for your support and, um, and for your, your ongoing friendship now that we can have in this network together. Um, it’s great. And it was fantastic to connect with you on the awards night and I look forward to doing so in the future.



Thank you, Sam. We, um, we look forward to many more through podcasts and it’s been such a privilege as I say all the best.



Thanks, Geoff.



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Annette (34:09):

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