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Fair Dinkum Dog Coats – custom made oilskin coats to fit your best mate, with Elise Brown


In this week’s episode, Josh is talking to Elise Brown who was a Winner in the 2010 Victorian Regional Achievement & Community Awards.

Elise was just 19 years old when a friend offered to sell her Fair Dinkum Dog Coats.   

Originally selling to pet shops around Australia she quickly became the go to lady for custom made coats. Handmaking waterproof dog coats to fit any breed, shape or size.

With many customers raving about the longevity of the product and their delight in having a custom made, handmade product, Fair Dinkum Dogs has a bright future ahead.

With both her girls in school now and a much better online presence due to a Digital Champions grant and training at Facebook headquarters, Elise is really looking forward to building Fair Dinkum Dog Coats into something that can support her local animal rescue group, provide employment and ensuring your best mates receive the comfort they deserve.


In this episode:

  • We hear how Elise has been able to scale her business around her family and is now ready to take it to the next level.
  • What does Grandma say about Elise’s dog coats? They last too long! It’s a fun story……..
  • Listen in to hear how long it took for Elise to get a whippet coat fitting perfectly!


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