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Nathan Woodrow, founded Ryde Clothing when he was 16 years old



In this week’s episode, Josh is talking to Nathan Woodrow who was a nominee in the 2018 South Australian Young Achiever Awards.

At 16 years old Nathan Woodrow began the Ryde Clothing Brand while in High School and recovering from a knee injury which sidelined him for sport for 18 months.

During this time Nathan was and still is extremely passionate & driven to create something from his love of sport, adventure and his hometown – Renmark, South Australia.

In June 2016 Ryde Clothing was launched with a small range of hand printed tees. As a platform to encourage you to get outdoors, share a passion for sport, adventure and to bring a positive community of people together.

Ryde Clothing is a brand run with passion and with feeling, a love for the adventure and this community. We exist to create, encourage and to have as much fun as possible. Whether it be hitting a trail on your bike, carving on your wakeboard or skating around with your mates, it’s a type of freedom we want to live and share with everyone daily. We love what we do and we are very grateful for everyone that lives and supports the Ryde lifestyle.


In this episode:

  • We hear how Nathan taught himself to screen print to create his t-shirt line
  • We learnt about the progression of Ryde Clothing, from starting in his bedroom, spreading to the lounge room, then working from a shipping container to the opening of Nathan’s own shop and the support of his local community
  • We found out all what the “Dingy Derby” is all about


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[00:00:04] Annette

Welcome to the Inspirational Australian’s podcast

[00:00:07] Annette

where we chat to people making  a difference in their communities and in the lives of others.

[00:00:12] Annette

And here’s your host  today,  Josh.

[00:00:21] Josh

Yeah,  thank you  Annette. Before we do get into today’s podcast and this week’s dose of inspiration,  just want to start off by acknowledging that I am on Bunnerong country,  here in Victoria, and acknowledge the owners of this land it past,  present and emerging leaders as well. And that their culture is significant to us  today as it was back when the traditional owners were at work in this area. So  yeah, for today’s interview I’ve got, I’m really excited to join be joined by  a gentleman by the name of Nathan Woodrow, who I met  a couple of years ago through the Seven Young Achiever Awards in South Australia.  Nathan has his own clothing brand called ride clothing. It’s really cool  everyone. Check it out online. Awesome website. Instead of Facebook and tech talk  I think as well started off. And Nathan look normally do a bit of an intro  but I really want to get  a story from you. So I’ll play the scene and you can correct me if I’m wrong here  that at 16 years old,  you’re still in high school. Obviously. You started writing clothing and now I  welcome you. First of all, how are you?

[00:01:29] Nathan

Thank you. Thanks for having me on.

[00:01:30] Josh

Yeah,  no worries. It’s good to speak to you. And before I do you quickly get into your  kind of bio and how it all started. I just love the way that you do social media  because you kind of across all the platforms  like I’m kind of my favorite is LinkedIn. When I’m on the most and you remember  saying you pop up on LinkedIn, posting some stuff, and I’m like,  oh nathan’s everywhere. Is great. Yeah.

[00:01:50] Nathan

Now I try to give it  a go and spread the message everywhere. So

[00:01:54] Nathan

that’s good to hear.

[00:01:55] Josh

Yeah,  so I came across you Nathan, when you were nominated,  back in I think it might have been 2017 initially. And I think you’re on the right  clothing, but only recently started how,  how did it get started?

[00:02:08] Nathan

How I got started was

[00:02:11] Nathan

is actually,  I mean the idea first started coming about in my mind in about twenty fifteen. When  I was injured. I couldn’t play sport,

[00:02:20] Nathan

pretty Devastator. That’s fine. All I care about is really and

[00:02:23] Josh

how old were you at  that time deregulated. All within

[00:02:27] Nathan

10, 15 years, 10,  15 years old.

[00:02:29] Josh

Yep. And so it was a pretty big deal for you at that point.

[00:02:32] Nathan

Yeah  yeah, absolutely. Just loved competing

[00:02:36] Nathan

running was my mind,  like I really wanted to it got really good at that  but otherwise it was on weekends,  not whiteboarding and skating and all that fun stuff with your mates,

[00:02:46] Nathan

which are so full. And so not being able to do that anymore. I was

[00:02:49] Nathan

like, man,  what are I going to do with my free time?  And then at the same time that I was injured,  my

[00:02:56] Nathan

skull was actually born in this

[00:02:58] Nathan

business entrepreneurship class where you kind  of started off like a

[00:03:03] Nathan

fake business. And we

[00:03:04] Nathan

had people in Adelaide and all that and I just got so  interested in building something

[00:03:10] Nathan

from nothing  And I was like, man,like

[00:03:13] Nathan

maybe this is what I can spend my free time on.  I just wasn’t one hundred  percent. Sure. And what, Yeah.

[00:03:19] Nathan

And then

[00:03:20] Nathan

coming into twenty sixteen,  I remember spending all of their school holidays of twenty fifteen on the summer  holidays.

[00:03:27] Nathan

Just down on my mind, man,I  really want to start something not like not one hundred censullo.

[00:03:33] Nathan

Is it even  possible if you like turning 16 and then coming in?  So I mean twenty sixteen.

[00:03:39] Nathan

I just spend like stuff. I spent all my money,14

[00:03:43] Nathan

30 tatia  some new screen printing little machine and just taught myself how to start  happening. So I really

[00:03:50] Nathan

began from  that little bit of inspiration from that business  class as

[00:03:54] Nathan

well. You know,  not being out of high School and kind of just combine those two passions together  to create a brand that was

[00:04:00] Nathan

about school adventure. My hometown in renmark  South Australia

[00:04:04] Nathan

and yeah,  just kind of started out from there.

[00:04:08] Josh

That’s really cool. And you talk about you had  this idea that you wanted to do something. So what,  what kind of led you towards the screen printing?

[00:04:16] Nathan

I think I was trying to

[00:04:19] Nathan

find something that was doable when I was that age because  I obviously didn’t have hajjis cash and

[00:04:27] Nathan

had to keep part time jobs at that point  And then just,  I guess

[00:04:31] Nathan

at the time I was

[00:04:33] Nathan

I think I might have even stolen social media like some  smaller clothing brands pop up here and there and it kind of made me realize  oh maybe it is possible because I can see

[00:04:42] Nathan

I can see it actually happening like  other

[00:04:44] Nathan

people are doing it like maybe I could do my own thing as well.  And then I

[00:04:49] Nathan

guess the screen printing just came with it. I was like, oh like,  I don’t think I have the money to pay someone to do this. I’m just going to have to  learn how to do it myself.

[00:04:57] Nathan

So yeah  I remember being pretty excited like

[00:05:00] Nathan

I got my first stencil and put it on like the

[00:05:03] Nathan

my kitchen table and printed my face. And it’s just on my kitchen table at home

[00:05:07] Nathan

And I just,I,  I want to learn more and to keep growing in that sort of

[00:05:12] Annette

stuff. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:05:13] Josh

This  might be a tricky question if you can remember back  but what did you do with your first tatia?  Do you just keep it to where or do you give it to someone or do you sell it?  What do you do?

[00:05:20] Nathan

Yeah, I think I was just,  I

[00:05:22] Nathan

think I was bought everywhere. I worked so and

[00:05:24] Nathan

at that time like no one knew what  I was doing in stores and no one was commenting on an audience just like cioppino  was wearing on. Like, shit. Yeah,

[00:05:32] Josh

that’s cool.  And again, this might be  a dumb question cause I don’t know anything about it  but with the stencils is it something that

[00:05:40] Annette

that you

[00:05:40] Josh

purchased? Did you draw it  And then how does that work?

[00:05:44] Nathan

So the whole process  I kind of just fumbling my life all the way through it because I had no idea about  the process. So it started off with just may like and drawing  a design. And then I had to send the design off to be like

[00:05:58] Nathan

to someone to draw  like a dinosaur could be put onto the screen.

[00:06:02] Nathan

And then I had to

[00:06:05] Nathan


[00:06:06] Nathan

a strain from online and then send that away to

[00:06:09] Nathan

Adelaide for someone to actually  make the stencil and then send it back. So

[00:06:13] Nathan

it was like so many things going on  because I had no idea what I was doing.

[00:06:17] Nathan

But yes, I was a bit of  a process to get the design actually onto the stencil and that sort of stuff.

[00:06:23] Josh

Because it’s, there’s so many  steps that as a 15 year old kind of,  you could have easily off had I better. Exactly.  But you get going with it. Now,  I’ve seen this cool video and you probably can tell me where it is still  but I think maybe you got a drone. But this is kind of shot that panned across of  a shipping container. Yeah.  And then that’s kind of  when things started  progressing, you operating your business out of a shipping container?

[00:06:52] Nathan

Yeah, yes I it all started in my bedroom and then

[00:06:57] Nathan

when things got  a bit too big for my bedroom  I was discriminating and had to leave my family lounge room and all

[00:07:05] Josh

your families  probably yelling at you. I like your daddy.

[00:07:09] Nathan

Yeah,  that was totally that also I think it was me getting frustrated that I’m stuck in  his lounge room. This just stuff everywhere. I can’t concentrate and then

[00:07:17] Nathan

yeah  we have the streaming content in our backyard that was kind of

[00:07:20] Nathan

used for storage  And I was like,

[00:07:22] Nathan

I had to talk to the parents now

[00:07:24] Nathan

pretty happy for me to  to move things in there, get me out of the house. And yes,  I think being in that shipping container probably allowed me to,  he gave me that excitement of having the area when I was like 16,  17 years old. And yeah,  probably pushed me to to want to grow up more and all that sort of stuff

[00:07:42] Nathan

But yeah,  it’s definitely interesting running the business out of it is definitely  a story that people love to hear about. Yep.

[00:07:49] Josh

And did you,  were you putting together some of those videos of that back then of those early  videos that I remember seeing.

[00:07:56] Nathan

So it was actually

[00:07:57] Nathan

me  a mate of mine from high school as well, like I think it was my first year at  a high School

[00:08:03] Nathan

and he had  a bit of an interest in like videos and all that. So I was like, man  I need to get to the brain about it coming like

[00:08:10] Nathan

you do with

[00:08:11] Nathan

FEMA. So we set up  little YouTube channel and

[00:08:13] Nathan

tolda  bit more of

[00:08:14] Nathan

the story of trying to think of this when we were like 17 or 18 years  old. So that definitely helped out. Well, yeah,

[00:08:22] Josh

I’m from Adelaide originally. So I know the riverland and renmark and it’s  a really cool area. I probably haven’t been there in quite  a while to be honest. Can you let people know what it’s like there because it’s  a special place?

[00:08:34] Nathan

Yeah  it’s definitely I think

[00:08:37] Nathan

it’s something that can be easily looked over or if you’re  not  a hundred percent. Sure. And what you can think it’s just like country like

[00:08:45] Nathan

boring  lifestyle but it’s so like

[00:08:47] Nathan


[00:08:47] Nathan

yeah,  it is special it’s. We’ve got the Murray river and we can go whiteboarding and

[00:08:53] Nathan

all  sort of watersports as well as we would like the

[00:08:56] Nathan

thingee dabi events where like we  see small rice to these little creeks and there’s just nowhere else in the world  that you can do that

[00:09:02] Nathan

as well, it’s just the lifestyle  like it’s laid back. Hills like everyone knows each other. There’s some otherbusinesses

[00:09:09] Nathan


[00:09:09] Nathan

like me as well that have sort of started from nothing that

[00:09:12] Nathan

they’re  very well known. Now

[00:09:13] Nathan

that I’ve actually been able to collaborate with as well. But

[00:09:16] Nathan

yeah  I think and just I think it’s really the community

[00:09:20] Nathan

like everyone just feels like  a big family and

[00:09:24] Nathan

everyone’s active and getting out of town because we’re on the  Murray river life just adds that bit more of a cooler lifestyle. But

[00:09:32] Nathan

yeah,  especially because I’ve been to my whole life, I

[00:09:35] Nathan

have  a connection with that. That’s even the amount of people that are coming to visit  here now as well.

[00:09:41] Nathan

Like you can tell it’s a really special place.

[00:09:43] Josh

Yeah,  I can tell that you have a real connection to it because you know, a lot of your  T shirts and designs and things like that. You really highlight the river and the  lifestyle and the riverland.

[00:09:53] Nathan

Yeah  for sure. Nice.

[00:09:55] Nathan

That’s what I’ve always wanted to

[00:09:57] Nathan

to keep  that local renmark feel  to the brand because it’s where it’s on its way. Like the inspiration came from  Was the hometown.  So yeah  it’s always something that I want to bring people back to in the brand river. I  tell the stories like it’s come from renmark because it’s definitely when I first  started or even now people are surprised that like this brand  that’s kind of like other stuff you

[00:10:19] Nathan

can’t afford to live that right for us. But  yeah, it’s, it’s funny when you’re like, oh  you’re from renmark.

[00:10:24] Nathan

That’s why it’s been interesting

[00:10:26] Josh

for  a bit. You’ve probably got  a pretty good following there in your hometown. But Where’s the weirdest place  You reckon you’ve sent a T shirt or a hoodie or whatever

[00:10:35] Nathan

is actually  only  a

[00:10:37] Nathan

few weeks ago. I was to the surprise I sold like

[00:10:42] Nathan

one of my local design. We  decided to New York

[00:10:47] Nathan

was like, I was like, I don’t know, I guess.  Yeah,  they must have found some interest in what we’re doing and bought a shadow,  but yeah, it’s

[00:10:55] Nathan

overseas, it’s always crazy to say  especially if they watch it as his friend Mark

[00:11:00] Nathan

what’s going on. That’s so funny.Yeah,

[00:11:02] Josh

that’s cool. You just never know someone could have it could be  a South Australian living over there or. Yeah, it’s a lot of of

[00:11:08] Nathan

yeah  that’s the thing. It seems to say when people get older in Australia. Well yeah,  it’s pretty rare to

[00:11:15] Nathan

think about

[00:11:16] Josh

the touch on the Derby. I hadn’t heard of it  previously. Yeah. Until I kind of got to know your brand and your story. Can you  tell people what it is because it’s kind of wild. I think you might have to fully  explain what it’s all about. Yeah,

[00:11:31] Nathan

it is wild.  I’ve been writing it since I was 14 years old  and my brother was 16. So

[00:11:37] Nathan

pretty much

[00:11:39] Nathan

you have these small boats that are only about

[00:11:41] Nathan

five metres long  and we put these like quite big miles on like 30 horsepower and modify them and  like do all these different stuff to them to make them go faster and pretty much  you have the person that drives the boat and the person that’s at the front of the  boat to help

[00:11:56] Nathan

steer it like shotguns and things.

[00:12:00] Nathan

And yet we have these

[00:12:01] Nathan

really  narrow crates with like trays falling down and like a lot different  like obstacles that go through these trade.

[00:12:09] Nathan

And every

[00:12:10] Nathan

year on the dinghy,  with the crates are just lined with, like crowds of people because I want to see,  come through.

[00:12:16] Nathan

Yeah. It’s, I mean, going anywhere from 70 cars now it’s not  a case now it’s very small Craig’s like coming in.

[00:12:22] Nathan

And yeah, I mean,  I guess it’s,  I

[00:12:26] Nathan

feel like it’s what our town is really known for is that event because it’s so  wild. And at one point

[00:12:31] Nathan

like Red Bull came on and sponsored the event for  a few years.  And so I guess it just Shows like how crazy needs to get that sort of

[00:12:38] Nathan

attention on it for sure.

[00:12:40] Nathan

Yeah, I mean that’s  that’s very quickly the gist of it. But I’m sure if

[00:12:44] Nathan

anyone stepped up

[00:12:45] Nathan

when Michael  representing you Debbie, it comes up  try to end the blame on

[00:12:51] Josh

so I kind of got to question here. When is it during the  year and have you been able to hold it these last three years?

[00:12:57] Nathan

So it’s

[00:12:58] Nathan

every year  the first weekend of February and then we have other

[00:13:02] Nathan

debris in February. One is the  biggest one of the year. And we,

[00:13:07] Nathan

we were able to hold that last year actually. Yeah.

[00:13:10] Josh

It was probably right before  those we were before kind of a.

[00:13:13] Nathan

Yeah. So actually day twenty, twenty and twenty  twenty one. I was even just super lucky and everything. Everyone is pretty grateful  that we’re able to do that.  So yeah,  hopefully That’ll continue on for next year’s event

[00:13:27] Nathan

as well.

[00:13:27] Josh

Yeah. And  know,  looking at a picture of it right now. I’m not actually sure to be honest. See,  I can put it on the social, but it’s a picture of you in the,  the broad clothing dinghy?  Yes. Wrap design around it. Yeah. And so who wants his boat?  Who do you, who do you write with?

[00:13:49] Nathan

I’ve been writing my brother off

[00:13:51] Nathan

since we started, so since I was 14, so past six  seven years now,  my brother vicenta every year. Yeah.

[00:13:57] Nathan

Yeah. And then

[00:13:59] Nathan

Yes. And I think it on  a year until after onstad and

[00:14:02] Nathan

we saw

[00:14:03] Nathan

all these other people like  kind of getting  sponsors for their boats and stuff. So we kind of cool if we

[00:14:08] Nathan

sponsor their own. But  I try the next. Yeah, it’s cool. That’s

[00:14:13] Josh

awesome. In  so, gone back  a little bit just because it got sidetracked, a touch, but, you know  so you’re in the shipping container, right?  Yeah. And you’re printing it,  it’s in there. Now I know that you’ve since moved out of the shipping container  but can you tell us what was the journey like of from the living room to the  shipping tent. We’ve kind of heard that and then what happened afterwards.

[00:14:33] Nathan

So after  that,

[00:14:35] Nathan

I think

[00:14:36] Nathan

it would have been

[00:14:38] Nathan

in  a shipping container from the very beginning of twenty seventeen

[00:14:42] Nathan

through to mid  to  the end of twenty nineteen and

[00:14:46] Nathan

three,  twenty seventeen dollars in year 12 at high School psychologist working on the  brand as much as I could say that as well as studying  I probably want to say probably put more effort into my training and so

[00:14:58] Nathan

I was just  so committed to it. I once I’ve got a bit of momentum,  my God is

[00:15:02] Nathan

there’s something here. And then as well as working

[00:15:06] Nathan

part time jobs as  well. So my Thomas,  I spent my whole life consuming time to

[00:15:11] Nathan

really light and get up super early before  school till I get what is out of print yet. So

[00:15:16] Nathan

where I saw the business side twenty  seventeen is really just like trying to juggle my time to work on the business.  I’ve been out of school like maybe there’s still something there that I could push  as a bit of  a business.

[00:15:27] Nathan

So that was twenty seventeen

[00:15:29] Nathan

and then my first year

[00:15:31] Nathan

out of high School,

[00:15:33] Nathan

when I still had rod,

[00:15:35] Nathan

I was kind of lost because the brain had some momentum there  but it obviously wasn’t big enough for me to be like  I’m going to jump into this full time until I’m sure. Yeah, I definitely had  a bit of a following, but it had so much growth and so much growth in business  but also growth for me to learn how to actually run a business properly.

[00:15:54] Nathan


[00:15:54] Nathan

yeah  about twenty eighteen. I was just working kind of working these different jobs as  well as just

[00:15:59] Nathan

doing pretty much what I did in

[00:16:01] Nathan

twenty seventeen. It’s just like  in  the meantime of doing as much as I could  as well as trying to get it into different shops. I actually had  a local surf shop in renmark that’s stocked up  which really helps to help get the brand out and more as well.

[00:16:14] Nathan

And I actually did  my first collaboration with the motion brewery here in renmark as well  which is OK.

[00:16:21] Nathan

Yeah, which is a really popular brewery here, and they helped me sell  a lot of stuff

[00:16:26] Nathan

as well. And just helped. My biggest thing was just like,

[00:16:30] Nathan

I just want people to know about the brand and what it is. And then I’ll be able to  go from there. And yes  I guess

[00:16:36] Nathan

realistically at twenty seventeen to

[00:16:38] Nathan

twenty nineteen I didn’t have  a real direction. I just knew

[00:16:42] Nathan

like this is what I wanted to do. And I knew like I  had some momentum. So I really wanted to keep pushing it

[00:16:47] Nathan

and coming into twenty  nineteen,  I was working

[00:16:50] Nathan

part time and

[00:16:52] Nathan

I went into someone’s

[00:16:54] Nathan

small shop

[00:16:55] Nathan

in renmark  and I knew rod quite well and the lady running the shop was like, well  you know like next door

[00:17:04] Nathan

shop has like about,  maybe you can

[00:17:07] Nathan

start your own shop and then

[00:17:09] Nathan

I was like that  I just felt like such  a big jump like Yeah.

[00:17:14] Nathan

Now it’s like, well maybe I’ve sent him a job  maybe I could just run the shop twice  a week here and there. And then I ended up

[00:17:22] Nathan

after probably  a few weeks of

[00:17:24] Nathan

being overwhelmed by the decision I was like  now I’m just going to do it like some is coming up. It’s going to be prime time to  give the shop  a crack.

[00:17:32] Nathan

So I ended up quitting my job and yet moved into this very small shop

[00:17:37] Nathan

down  like a little alleyway of renmark,that

[00:17:40] Nathan

really not many people walk down at all.

[00:17:43] Josh

Not getting much good traffic.

[00:17:44] Nathan

None,  nothing. So yeah, that was, that was the jump that I made,

[00:17:49] Nathan

I guess to make it more so full time was

[00:17:52] Nathan

building up through twenty eighteen.  When  I had my fiancee out of school as well as twenty nineteen

[00:17:59] Nathan

just to have enough  momentum to feel

[00:18:02] Nathan

a bit confident that maybe the shop will work out. Yeah,

[00:18:05] Josh

I mean,  like you said, it’s  a huge leap to go from. Because it’s also like your mindset was had to switch then  to like,  oh yeah for nothing was that

[00:18:16] Nathan

I think that’s the biggest thing is that the mindset

[00:18:18] Nathan

shifts that you have

[00:18:20] Nathan

to take

[00:18:20] Nathan

a bit more like you’ve just got to look at it like I’m just

[00:18:23] Nathan

going to take this as  a learning experience  and I’m going to have to go along with it because if I

[00:18:27] Nathan

don’t commit  life,  I’m going to have too much debt and like I’m not going to

[00:18:32] Nathan

Reach my potential in  that sort of thing. So I guess

[00:18:35] Nathan

the mindset is that I’ve had to have over the years  is probably the biggest thing that I can take away

[00:18:39] Nathan

from the whole journey.

[00:18:40] Josh

For sure.  Was it crossing your mind when you would kind of, when you made that Choice?  Like far out,  it doesn’t work. I’m going to have to go back to my old job or that or what were  you thinking?

[00:18:52] Nathan

Yeah,  for sure. I think it was so exciting when I was there. I feel like I do this every  time in my life.

[00:18:59] Nathan

It’s always exciting when I make that first decision I

[00:19:01] Nathan

commit to  it and then it comes to, I’ve got to set it up. But almost half of that,  and then

[00:19:06] Nathan

all of it’s building up and I’m like,  oh man like this really has to work out now. And then I start putting probably more  pressure on myself, and I have those doubts like, you know,  what if no one comes in like what if I had this shot up so much and then I get no  one in the shop and, but then I guess it just always came back to life. Nathan,  you’re like one or two years out of high School. You’re only 19 if this doesn’t  work just like take it as a learning experience, I guess.

[00:19:32] Nathan

Yeah,  for sure. Like

[00:19:34] Nathan

I had this all the of like,

[00:19:37] Nathan

this is going to work. It’s going to be  a cycle. Maybe it wasn’t, but

[00:19:40] Nathan

I guess that’s  a little part of it say hi. Yeah. Your mental strength and stuff.

[00:19:45] Josh

Yeah,  I reckon that’s, that’s an awesome attitude to have to be positive, launching  throw your passion behind it and just what you said there was perfect. Just just  know if it doesn’t work out something into the world like yeah, you gave it  a go and you can always be proud of that.

[00:19:59] Nathan


[00:20:00] Nathan

Yeah. So everything I do now  I try and

[00:20:02] Nathan

try and keep that one. Yeah.

[00:20:04] Josh

So you moved into the alleyway shop. Yeah.  And are you there to this day?

[00:20:11] Nathan

I’ve actually moved into  a bigger shop along the

[00:20:13] Nathan

riverfront of renmark. Now.

[00:20:15] Josh

That’s called.

[00:20:16] Nathan

Yeah. So  that  when I was in there for only four and a half months, I think and it

[00:20:24] Nathan

like,it  honestly blew my mind how much attention I got

[00:20:26] Nathan

the opening day,

[00:20:28] Nathan

which was awesome. A lot of people came in,

[00:20:31] Nathan

I remember getting messages being like where is a night  like we had fun and then look around and eventually find me

[00:20:38] Josh

and have fun. You were  just saying before. Everyone knows everyone. Yeah. Except this is one of them. Yes.

[00:20:46] Nathan

Yeah. Is because it is just such a like even me when I walk down there to get  a shot. I mean I like I

[00:20:52] Nathan

completely forgot about this all the time. Yeah. And

[00:20:58] Nathan

I guess because I ran the shop over the summertime.

[00:21:02] Nathan

So I didn’t expect  a rose in November and December and then January, because there’s  a lot of people visiting a town and  a lot of locals looking obviously like Christmas presents and stuff like this.  Reach so many more people that I thought as well as

[00:21:16] Nathan

I got to make everyone that had  been following the journey through Instagram,  through life. So people would come in and be

[00:21:22] Nathan

like, oh yeah  like you’re the kid that started shooting in town and we saw you on Instagram like

[00:21:25] Nathan

awesome to meet you. Like it was just

[00:21:27] Nathan

that was such  a cool feeling and so like to make a brand. So it just, it, it was cool to have  a place where I can actually come I and speak to that. Yeah. That,

[00:21:37] Nathan

that shop did

[00:21:38] Nathan

big things for the brand as well as my

[00:21:40] Nathan

confidence as well.

[00:21:42] Josh

And so  yes,  a few there, four and  a half months and then you decide to close during winter or what happened then?

[00:21:49] Nathan

And what happened. I

[00:21:51] Nathan

ran it through October to

[00:21:54] Nathan


[00:21:55] Nathan

end of February 20  20 was the last I had in that shot because

[00:22:01] Nathan

this shot that I’m currently in now

[00:22:03] Nathan

came up available,  which I actually found about

[00:22:06] Nathan

10 out about when I went to the post office and was  putting some orders of

[00:22:10] Nathan

the lady behind the counter and I like when are you going to  get a big shot? Like, can you get  a shot on the riverfront of the riverfront would be

[00:22:16] Nathan

so perfect to ride  but there’s no shops available.

[00:22:19] Nathan

And she says,  I know I like this

[00:22:22] Nathan

one’s just coming up available now like he’s to finally give  them a coat and

[00:22:26] Nathan

it’s like,  yeah  like just out of nowhere. So I got to go and did this job straight away and  what happened. So I closed that shop and then

[00:22:37] Nathan

I got the keys to this shop in March  20, 20.

[00:22:41] Nathan

And I was planning on opening night for 20, 20 because I had a bit of  a trip overseas, but I was like  oh cool. I

[00:22:48] Nathan

closed the shop. Say reset my mind and then come back and open

[00:22:52] Nathan

and yeah  just as I was about to go overseas and

[00:22:56] Nathan

plan this whole shop opening scene covid hit.

[00:23:01] Nathan

So then I kind of postponed the opening of this shop until

[00:23:04] Nathan

the start of July in  twenty twenty. So I had  a

[00:23:07] Nathan

few months where I was kind of working from home and going and like,

[00:23:12] Nathan

when’s  a good time to open the shop  should I open it because

[00:23:14] Nathan

of it and all that sort stuff  Just everything was online, so I had a few months. Definitely what’s the plan now?Yeah.

[00:23:24] Josh

Yeah. So tell me if a  to answer this question or whatever  but  we are able to get support from government or the  owner of  the, you know,  the shop real estate having to pay rental fees and all that stuff.

[00:23:43] Nathan

So yeah,  I was able to,

[00:23:45] Nathan

you know, not have to pay rent until I actually opened up the shop  which is 70 saying was where I was like

[00:23:50] Nathan

man,  I’m going to have to shop and I’m going to pay rent and I’m not

[00:23:53] Nathan

even in the store  yet I got some support from that. Yeah. Which is awesome.

[00:23:58] Josh

That is awesome. That’s  really cool. Sounds like you’ve had just some awesome little moments like random  but like great community support moments along the way. They’ve just kind of been  helped you out.

[00:24:10] Nathan

Definitely like I’m sorry,  like  every time I talk about or think about it, it’s just such  a cool feeling to have people in the community that

[00:24:18] Nathan

are looking out for me. Like  even just little things like this is available on the front line. Like she didn’t  have to tell me that like, it’s so cool.

[00:24:26] Nathan

And just yeah,

[00:24:27] Nathan

people that

[00:24:28] Nathan

the people that come and find the shop down  a little alleyway because I want to come and say my invitation. I just.  Yeah,  I like the community cycle.

[00:24:38] Josh

And so last question as well,  just kind of logistically how things works and how do you  do you still do the  screen printing yourself  And

[00:24:47] Nathan


[00:24:48] Nathan

the same thing I did up until about

[00:24:52] Nathan

six months ago  all by myself

[00:24:53] Nathan

and then I kind of started transitioning over to  the local screen  printing place

[00:24:58] Nathan

in renmark. So it’s OK to screen printed environment which isdifficult.

[00:25:01] Nathan

But it was just getting to  a point where

[00:25:04] Nathan

I make too much of my time is being spent just printing T-shirts. So  I guess I had to, that was another like mindset shift where I go,  if I really want to  learn about business and how to go on and  work on all the other  parts of the business that are very important as well. I probably have to start  offloading some other things and

[00:25:23] Nathan

yeah,  schatz’s was

[00:25:25] Nathan

one of them and I think they actually do  a better job than me

[00:25:27] Nathan

because I really know. So  yeah, that is,  and I actually worked at that place for a bit as well. So I have  a great relationship with them. Yeah,  that’s really cool.

[00:25:37] Nathan

Yeah. So it’s literally

[00:25:39] Nathan

maybe  a kilometer from my shop is where it all gets printed. So

[00:25:42] Nathan

that’s  a cool feeling to have that as well because I always wanted to keep

[00:25:46] Nathan

the businesslocal.

[00:25:48] Nathan

But yes, I’ll print printed shirts from

[00:25:50] Nathan

age 16 to 20  pretty much.

[00:25:52] Josh

Yeah. And as you said, it frees up  a bit of time now for you to do other stuff, which is important.

[00:25:57] Nathan

Yeah,  that’s say I started learning or

[00:25:59] Nathan

things are getting  a bit bigger. I definitely need a full

[00:26:01] Nathan

time outside

[00:26:03] Josh

now. That’s cool. Well  I’m glad to hear that the the new shops worked out beautifully in the. Yeah,  you’ve been open for over  a now. The.

[00:26:12] Nathan

Yes. Yeah.

[00:26:14] Nathan

You’re in 18 months now. I think some of. Yeah,  so

[00:26:16] Nathan

I was even opening this shop. Very nervous. Not even  because I had that little  break. I was like, man,  people are so interested in that.

[00:26:26] Nathan

Now. Yeah. As soon as I can. Same thing, like  a lot of

[00:26:28] Nathan

people come in and

[00:26:29] Nathan

yeah,  I guess since then

[00:26:32] Nathan

I’ve always felt confident to keep pushing the brand and stuff.  So

[00:26:36] Nathan

the support,  so I spend it which is awesome.

[00:26:38] Josh

And awesome. And so  you’ve got bigger plans for the  summer coming up.

[00:26:43] Nathan

Yeah, yeah. I think of,

[00:26:46] Nathan

I’m bringing in  a few new products which is really cool and probably

[00:26:50] Nathan

the widest range that I had  for

[00:26:52] Nathan

the summer.

[00:26:53] Nathan

And I’m looking at extending the shop, making it  a bit bigger as well,  knocking out what we need to really to kind of fit in everything that I’ve got  coming in. So that’s another,  even that in itself is me.

[00:27:06] Nathan

With my mindset being like,

[00:27:07] Nathan

well,  this is kind of nerve wracking and at the

[00:27:11] Nathan

bottom, not super exciting. I’m just,  I guess at the end of that receive it sort of at a little bit. But

[00:27:16] Nathan

yeah,  this summer

[00:27:17] Nathan

should be a big one. I’ve been working  a little bit

[00:27:19] Nathan

to make sure that this one is  a big one. So that’s so exciting.

[00:27:23] Josh

That’s cool, man. And  you know,  I’m into the tick tock up at the top of the chart  but yes. Have you found that getting on there?

[00:27:30] Nathan

Yeah, it’s interesting  I think for the past maybe six months has been on the back online like

[00:27:36] Nathan

negativities  I the potential, they probably have some fun with that

[00:27:40] Nathan

but I just kept being like

[00:27:42] Nathan

because I hadn’t used the platform so I was like,

[00:27:44] Nathan

I don’t even know what to do.

[00:27:46] Nathan

And then one day I was like not stuff. I would just  like to put a few videos out and tell my story.

[00:27:51] Nathan

And I got  a bit of attention.

[00:27:53] Nathan

And yeah, I found a cool place to  because you only have  a small amount of time and it’s really organic and it’s not polished content. It’s  not like Instagram and Facebook where it’s like really cinematic video. It’s just  like find the rule like tell your story. Say what you’ve been up to.

[00:28:10] Nathan

So I found it  really interesting because

[00:28:13] Nathan

yeah, you go about things  a bit differently and you really get, I think I feel like you make it probably  a more in some ways, like

[00:28:20] Nathan

a real connection with the audience. Because NCM can sometimes be very like, yeah,  like the whole Polish thing where  taketo is cool because you can be just yourself  and you. Yeah. So I found it

[00:28:30] Nathan

pretty interesting. It’s a different

[00:28:31] Nathan

platform  but it’s really cool.

[00:28:33] Josh

And what do you reckon your  voice might be a hard question  but your times of being in the shop doing it kind of admin process that you have to  do as a business owner. You just kind of Skype them unfortunately. And you know  I don’t get marketing whether it be social media or otherwise.

[00:28:49] Nathan

Yeah. It’s. I,  it’s something I’m trying to get my head around better and on time better. I think  that’s definitely something that

[00:28:59] Nathan

I’m working on now. Mostly because it’s something

[00:29:03] Nathan

that I’ve realized I can be a bit all over the place.

[00:29:06] Nathan

Oh,  I’ve got some spare time. Maybe I’ll try and make this today. Or

[00:29:10] Nathan

maybe I need to  do  some stuff on my accounting or books or whatever. But since that time  maybe

[00:29:16] Nathan

I need a plane out this summer range parachute. It’s like it’s it’s,  it’s hard. That’s it like it. Yeah,

[00:29:24] Josh

I think I’m

[00:29:26] Nathan

trying to be more organized is my biggest thing because  I don’t know if  I’ve never really been that great at it because I’ve always had that one. Oh do  this thing. I’ll do this

[00:29:35] Nathan

over the place that’s home. Now that

[00:29:38] Nathan

s the whole thing  I guess as business is trying to like

[00:29:42] Nathan

a time,  certain time slots to be like this is the time that you need to do this and this  and this. And I’m probably just starting to learn that now,

[00:29:52] Nathan

which is good.  So yeah  that’s a tough question, but I

[00:29:56] Nathan

think, yeah,  that’s the answer

[00:29:58] Nathan

that at the moment.

[00:30:00] Josh

Well,  I know exactly how you feel because I feel like I’m quite similar in a lot of ways  a big picture thinker. I can say everything and how it should fit together,  all the projects  the campaigns need to come out. Yeah. And then sometimes I’m good at emptying those  out on a piece of paper or a document and then you’re like, yeah, right. That’s  a lot.

[00:30:19] Nathan

But Yeah, yeah,

[00:30:21] Annette

I’m going to do all that stuff.

[00:30:22] Nathan

Yeah  I guess that’s just,

[00:30:24] Nathan

that’s all part of it is learning how to

[00:30:26] Nathan

read and I guess everyone has their own  way of

[00:30:29] Nathan

trying to

[00:30:30] Nathan

organize it and do it.

[00:30:32] Josh

Yeah. But the one thing you got on your  side is the passion that you know still will drive you along.

[00:30:39] Nathan

Yes that’s I think  that’s what’s really pulling me along.

[00:30:42] Nathan

Every step of the way is  when things get  tough or I get overwhelmed

[00:30:45] Nathan

or a bit anxious about a decision like,

[00:30:48] Nathan

it always comes back to even now like when I’m speaking about when I first startedlike

[00:30:52] Nathan

the passion  it’s still very much there

[00:30:55] Nathan

and it’s yet what’s  best for me through like all the  tough decisions with it or if things haven’t quite worked, I’m like

[00:31:01] Nathan

yeah,  but I still love doing it. So

[00:31:03] Nathan

let’s just say how far I can push it going?

[00:31:05] Josh

Well  I’m coming at you with another hard question. What do you reckon if you can kind of  looking for a little crystal ball?  Yeah, in maybe twenty, twenty six,  five years time. Yeah. What do you have an idea of what?  Whether it’s real clothing, whether she personally,  what might be happening in five years down the track.

[00:31:23] Nathan

Yeah. I’ve  actually got this  question  a bit lately and I’m trying to

[00:31:30] Nathan

sort of look down that road of where I want things  to go for myself and for the brand.

[00:31:36] Nathan

Because the past it’s been,

[00:31:38] Nathan

it’s clicked over five years this year of right writing. And  when I was 16  I probably didn’t really imagine myself in position on now I have up in the roof  facing all around the World or that sort of stuff.

[00:31:51] Nathan

So now I’m

[00:31:52] Nathan

like  what can happen in the next five years?  I think sinta.

[00:31:55] Josh

Yeah, That’ll be 10 years when at this point.

[00:31:57] Nathan

Yeah. So  it’s,

[00:32:01] Nathan

I know I really want to keep the brand here  like I’d still love to have shopping in renmark and then

[00:32:08] Nathan

ideally have some sort of  like a warehouse to have them all picked and packed there. And just have like,

[00:32:13] Nathan

my vision at the moment is quite broad  but yeah. Like still

[00:32:17] Nathan

pushing the same

[00:32:18] Nathan

message. I’m not kidding,  I’m very positive and

[00:32:20] Nathan

really representing the riverland

[00:32:23] Nathan

and having so much of it  done locally

[00:32:25] Nathan

would be so cool to really give this big brand that strong like this  country town.

[00:32:30] Nathan

But yeah,  I guess that’s where my  my vision is at

[00:32:33] Nathan

the moment. Have just like a small team around it  it’s really passionate like me

[00:32:37] Nathan

about what we’re doing

[00:32:40] Nathan

is definitely something. Yeah.  Every year that or not every,  every sort of every wake would die that I try and I just

[00:32:47] Nathan

look back on where,  where am I going? I think because I’m really,  that’s what I think draws me is always having that point of like,

[00:32:54] Nathan

this is where I want to go. Like that’s super exciting and I get there.

[00:32:57] Nathan

So yeah  it’s,  it’s

[00:32:59] Nathan

coming to me slowly like that where I really want to go with it because

[00:33:02] Nathan

I think  I’m still kind of taking where I am now and trying to learn about

[00:33:05] Nathan

and manage  everything now. And then once everything is

[00:33:08] Nathan

in place, and you know,  once I,

[00:33:12] Nathan

I guess learn more about how I come back from here is when I’ll be like, oh,

[00:33:17] Nathan

where can I go in five years and get me? What’s on the?  So

[00:33:21] Nathan

it’s very exciting to me about

[00:33:23] Josh

I’ll counterbalance that question by saying that  there’s absolutely nothing wrong with not having  a five year vision that I was living in the now and saying  well this is what’s happening now. I’m just going to give everything to what this  is and see where it takes me. So both,  both approaches are completely acceptable. Never to bring something up here and see  if this works for you. See if you can say  let’s see this young fella on my screen.  So this is back in  twenty eighteen and for the people listening  I’ll post this up on our and so head to award Australia on Facebook and also on  Instagram. I think you can tag is an inspiration to Australians on Instagram,  but I’ve got  a photo here of Nathan twenty eighteen. So maybe would’ve been 18 at this point. I  think. Yeah  I would have just probably tonight and at our awards night awards presentation for  the young achiever awards. So I think this was the first time I met you and thenyeah,  unless you can cast your mind back to this night,  what was it like coming along and then and kind of getting up on stage and having  a bit of a Biomet out about you and stuff like that.

[00:34:33] Nathan

Yeah,  I think all of that sort of stuff makes it. So real like what I’m doing because  sometimes you can just probably

[00:34:43] Nathan

I guess look at what I’m  doing and go. Yeah, like this is what I’m doing. And

[00:34:46] Nathan

I like it’s,  it’s my thing that I’ve got going on, but then when you go to things like this,

[00:34:51] Nathan

and there’s other people with their own businesses and whatever else they’re doing.  And then walking on stage and someone’s riding out what you’ve

[00:34:58] Nathan

achieved and what  you’ve done in the past. How many years

[00:35:01] Nathan

smells like shit  that’s,  that’s pretty cool. It just makes and it definitely

[00:35:08] Nathan

brings the passion  back  to not back but like, you know,  makes it makes it more than because of my comment on what I’m doing.

[00:35:16] Nathan

It’s bringing  me these new experiences and meeting these new people.

[00:35:21] Nathan

Yeah, I think it,

[00:35:22] Nathan

it gets me super excited and

[00:35:26] Josh

you know,  this is something I’m always interested to find out. Is that because you were so  young and right clothing was quite new at this point in time in twenty eighteen.  Your nomination kind of didn’t go on to become  a winning submission or anything. But what would you say was that was  a positive or what was it like in terms of just being you were nominated in the  awards kind of didn’t progress to that final stage, but was it still of  a benefit to you?

[00:35:55] Nathan

I think so for sure.

[00:35:56] Nathan

All this sort of stuff is,  is because I’ve been to do things like this and

[00:36:02] Nathan

yeah,  for me I’m never going

[00:36:04] Nathan

to  win something. It’s just it’s,  it’s

[00:36:07] Nathan

just cool environment to be around. I think because

[00:36:09] Nathan


[00:36:10] Nathan

around other people  that are passionate about something as well. And I think I met  a couple of people that out of that were even

[00:36:18] Nathan

like, oh, I’ll give you  a hand at something you won’t like. This is  a business that are on. So

[00:36:22] Nathan

and even

[00:36:23] Nathan

just a confidence builder thing as well,  being around other

[00:36:26] Nathan

people and,  you know,  walking out on that stage and all that sort of stuff. So yeah,  so

[00:36:31] Nathan

it’s all really just one big experience that I like taking in,  I guess. And so yeah,  it’s good fun being there that night and along with me. So that was fun. That’s

[00:36:42] Josh

why  I think it’s a spot on the part of the experience, isn’t it just?  Yeah,  that’s what life is. Just one big experience. You’ve got to make the most of it.

[00:36:50] Nathan

That’s it.

[00:36:51] Josh

The reason I ask about that is we do get that question  a little bit more so from people, maybe nominating  a young person. That’s all. Well,  you know what if they

[00:37:00] Annette

don’t win

[00:37:02] Josh

and it’s kind of like, well,  from our perspective we won the awards. We kind of think what our whole aim of the  awards is to just share great stories. Of,  of young people who are doing something really cool. And I feel like there’s so  many reasons just to celebrate that regardless of what happens with the nomination.

[00:37:19] Nathan

Definitely. Yeah. Like even sitting there and you hear,

[00:37:22] Nathan

that’s the, I mean  that’s one of the competition. Then, you

[00:37:25] Nathan

know,  you hear someone’s story being read out and that’s pretty cool. Like

[00:37:29] Nathan

maybe you draw  inspiration from other people’s stories as well. And it’s even,  it’s  more powerful because you’re there and you’re seeing them and their stories  being read out. And that’s a person that’s  a real person who’s done that like and I guess it’s just, yeah,

[00:37:44] Nathan

it’s pretty powerful to hear someone what they’ve been up to as so

[00:37:48] Josh

special about  the seven young achiever awards are open now. Actually just just literally opened  as we’re talking here today night, but obviously our episode will go live in  a couple of weeks, but you’re listening and things,  you know what I can date and he deserves the nomination again. Online young  achiever awards dot com. Nominate him who he’ll be up for and if you know other  people,  please let us know about them. And we’d love to hear their stories and celebrate  them and share them anywhere we can. Whether through this podcast and through our  own social’s and through the awards,

[00:38:25] Josh

allow me to interrupt my own interview today to tell you about  a new initiative that we’ve brought for people to join our tribe and support the  inspirational Australians just like

[00:38:35] Josh

election night in the country. So  that  a few of these initiatives recently and not

[00:38:41] Josh

be aware  but we’ve got our own shop now. I don’t want Australia dotcom slash shop with  a

[00:38:47] Josh

few different initiatives. And this one in particular is our awards membership.  So how does it work well from the 50 dollars a year. Now that’s 14 cents  a day. If you break it down like that,  you can get involved and become an awards member.

[00:39:01] Josh

And the best part is 100 percent  of the proceeds of these awards memberships go towards prize grants for our winners,  gives people  a chance to directly contribute to the community champions that we celebrate  through both the community treatment awards and the young achiever rewards. As  a member to get first access to our notifications about the awards. Plus we give  you some great shout outs on social media now quarterly newsletter and this podcast,  which leads me to shout out our newest awards member mapendo. Thanks for coming on  board. For those who don’t know you,  Matt Hale is the director of the quiet choir into the woods  apostolides yet checking out their Instagram call and tell you what if you’re in  South Australia or go to public soon,  it will make you want to go down there and jump one of those really fun. So thanks  again to Matt Hale and head to Twitter. We talk about Australia dot com slash shop.  To find out what details again,  2015 dollars for the year and supporting inspirational Australians on small world  Australia dot com slash shop. And now back to the interview

[00:40:12] Josh

tonight,  can I ask you the last thing I want to ask you is we kind of covered this  a little bit, but see if we can succinctly Wrap it up. Yeah.  What would you have?  Any advice for a high school  especially because that’s your experience. Somebody in high school who’s kind of  really driven and got this cool idea,  but they’re just not really sure what to do next. What would you like to say tothem?

[00:40:33] Nathan

I’d say

[00:40:34] Nathan

first I’d probably ask why, what’s stopping you from

[00:40:38] Nathan

doing it?  And yes,  that’s something like the fine of filing or

[00:40:43] Nathan

kazama. That’s the thoughts running  through my mind.

[00:40:46] Nathan

I would

[00:40:47] Nathan

definitely encourage to just like,

[00:40:49] Nathan

and it’s such funny advice  but I always just try it like any way  because I guess that’s I’m just speaking from  my experience. All I did was when stuff I’m going to spend the money. I’m going to  buy some things. I’m going to start an Instagram page

[00:41:03] Nathan


[00:41:03] Nathan

straight away. It just  made it feel so much more real. I was like,

[00:41:06] Nathan

I’m in this now. I’m like,  I’m in the game. I’m going to have to give it a crack. And

[00:41:10] Nathan

yes, I always say,  what’s your idea?

[00:41:13] Nathan

What’s like the first step you can take to make it feel more real

[00:41:16] Nathan

because then  you’ve really got to be like, oh  well at first you be very scared of like that makes you go

[00:41:23] Nathan

well,  like that’s kind of exciting. Like I did that and

[00:41:26] Nathan

I’m still here  I’m still giving it  a go.

[00:41:29] Nathan


[00:41:30] Nathan

I guess it’s that it’s just like what’s the best that you can type to make  it more real. Whether that’s even just starting  a social media page or telling someone

[00:41:38] Nathan

that you think might be out to help you out.

[00:41:41] Nathan

Because the biggest,  other biggest thing I’ve learned is like there’s so many people that want to help  you. I have  a lot of people think

[00:41:47] Nathan

that they’re going to get judged or  they’re going to have  going to make fun of them, which is, you know, it’s going to happen like,  but

[00:41:53] Nathan

very small percentage of people do that. I feel like this  from my experience  a lot of people, if I see you doing something

[00:42:00] Nathan

that like well,

[00:42:01] Nathan

is it  how can I help or I’ve got this skill set. Maybe I can jump on board and try to  help you build this. So

[00:42:07] Nathan


[00:42:07] Nathan

when it comes down to it, it’s like,  don’t focus so far in the future that you stop really stressing yourself  which is what’s the one that you can take to make more real and have fun with it  especially at  a young age like this. You have so much time to stuff all of my time and

[00:42:21] Nathan

stuff,  and that’s where you learn the most. It’s had those mindset shifts and start  learning more about yourself and the brand

[00:42:27] Nathan

and the business about.  Just keep it  simple and take the first step to make it more real.

[00:42:34] Josh

That’s awesome. Shows what  a humble and empathetic person you are. And the first thing you did with  opportunity give advice was actually think to ask  a question and connect with the person. So that’s awesome and hopefully people  giving  a mentorship and the advice take that lead from you because I think that’s really  important to ask questions and empathize with people. Definitely,  and the thing I want to add is even for business where your soul trade it shouldn’t  be a lonely journey. That’s kind of what you were touching on.

[00:43:03] Nathan

Yeah. For sure. Yes  it

[00:43:05] Nathan

is always.

[00:43:06] Nathan


[00:43:06] Nathan

I mean for me. Yeah. Like I’m running this by myself. But  there’s so many people are laying on and ask  questions and that

[00:43:13] Nathan

helped me as well.  So it’s definitely

[00:43:16] Nathan

wait while you’re doing it on your own. You’re also you’re  leaning on so many people that also feel like they’re part of the journey as well.

[00:43:22] Josh

Yeah. And where can people connect with you and with what clothing  what’s the best places to go and the handles and so on.

[00:43:30] Nathan

So the best places, I mean  the best place to be Instagram,  which is just ride riding ride. It’s one day

[00:43:38] Nathan


[00:43:39] Nathan

otherwise yeah.  Facebook takes off obviously the

[00:43:42] Nathan

best place to get  a hold of me is definitely on Instagram. Yep.

[00:43:45] Josh

And I should have asked, well yeah  why is it? Why they?  Yeah.

[00:43:50] Nathan

So I have to talk about it,  but I kind of ride

[00:43:55] Nathan

ride kind of out because I love

[00:43:57] Nathan

skiting and white one in black  riding was like

[00:44:00] Nathan

you can ride all those things. Why not just like keep it simple and  then I guess I just went on six, then I was like, let’s just make it  a bit different kinds of spending of bit. It looks like  a Coke. And it’s just as soon as I saw a ride on  a piece of paper all day I was like  that’s it. And I just felt that gut feeling is like,

[00:44:15] Nathan

I’m going to roll with it.

[00:44:17] Josh

I love it. You know, I remember saying something,  business advice don’t,  don’t do funny. On business. I disagree. I disagree. I agree with what you’re  saying. I think it’s more memorable.

[00:44:29] Nathan

That is why they  definitely I it,  especially

[00:44:34] Nathan

when you have

[00:44:34] Nathan

now, especially for me  if I feel that gut feeling about something, I’m like yeah,  that’s it. I’m just going to

[00:44:39] Josh

do it because and

[00:44:41] Nathan

that’s it for sure.

[00:44:43] Josh

Awesome. Well  thanks so much for giving us your time this morning for  a chat with us. And I want to see lots of inspiration, australian’s podcast  listeners jumping on Rhod clothing and getting some tay’s,  some hoodies. All sorts of stuff is really good range of clothing on the

[00:44:59] Nathan

thanks for  having me on

[00:45:03] Annette

Thanks for joining us today from the inspirational australian’s  podcast. We hope you enjoyed listening and have been inspired by ordinary  Australians achieving extraordinary things.

[00:45:14] Annette

So it’s goodbye for another week.  Remember together  we make a difference.