Community Achievement Awards for NSW & the ACT

2022 Finalists:

Awards Australia Connecting Communities Award

Hunter Heart Safe is a not-for-profit organisation run by local healthcare workers, doctors and paramedics. They volunteer their time to teach local community members the life-saving skills of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillation (AED) use. Over 2,500 community members have been trained through face-to-face free and accessible training. They provide CPR mannequins that give live feedback on the quality of compressions.

Jack Berne raised money in 2018 after learning about Australia’s drought and its impact on farmers and rural communities. The ‘a Fiver for a Farmer’ campaign encouraged people to dress up as farmers and donate $5. Within five weeks, Jack was able to raise $1 million. In October 2020, A Fiver for a Farmer became a registered charity called Jack’s Mates Foundation.


Jordan's Crossing Gazette is the free quarterly publication of the Bundanoon Community Association Inc. The Gazette provides a voice for the Association and gives prominence to its activities and events. It also keeps the community up-to-date with other local groups’ activities and events. An important feature is the regular columns and personality profiles. In 2023, they will offer writing workshops to encourage more contributors.


Red Cross - Humanitarian Settlement Program aims to settle arrivals from a refugee background in the Albury region. The Program started in 2018, growing from one staff member to a team of 11. Clients are supported through multiple areas of settlement, including education, employment, housing, finances, family functioning and law in Australia. Community consultations and roundtables are offered to understand the current areas of importance within communities.



Fairmont Resort Small Business Achiever Award

Banter Group is a regionally based marketing communications agency. Within four years, the business has grown to 18 locally based employees and working with over 350 clients ranging from small businesses to large multinationals. They have created viable packages in social media management to support small businesses. In 2021, Banter Group was a Finalist for Most Inclusive Employer in the Local Business Awards.


Finley Regional Care Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation that provides a 75-bed residential aged care facility, including dementia-specific care. They have medical clinics providing GP services to the region with over 5,000 active patients. They also provide care to 45 clients in their homes. FRC has established Finley as a dementia-friendly town by delivering free dementia awareness training to schools and the community.


Misty Creek Agroforestry integrates livestock, annual crops and trees in a way that builds ecology while farming. Using ‘Syntropic Farming’, they harness the law of natural succession to grow crops with minimum inputs. Mistry Creek Agroforestry sells directly to consumers at farmers’ markets and some local restaurants and retailers. Since 2021, they have undertaken a breeding project of heritage chickens with small-scale farmers.


Pairtree Intelligence Pty Ltd is an AgTech company that provides a universal dashboard for farmers to help them better manage their farms. Pairtree started in 2018 as an Information as a Service, where data streams from across the entire farm and supply chain can be centralised and accessed in a single platform. In 2021, Pairtree secured a Government grant to work with chemical company Syngenta.



NSW Government Crown Land Management Excellence Award

Ashby Community Centre and Public Recreation Reserve manages Ashby Hall, which provides a central community hub for its over 600 local residents. Two years ago, they rejuvenated the Board with four new members. They have arranged urgent repairs and got active on social media to improve promotion. In January 2021, Ashby residents conducted a series of working bees to clean the Hall and kitchen for its first Covid-prepared market.


Glenreagh Public Recreation Reserve Land Manager manages the reserve used primarily for equestrian-based recreational pursuits. The Land Manager Board has developed the reserve as a popular camping ground, improving its amenities for campers like new toilet/shower blocks and “beer garden” entertainment area. Improvements have been made to the show ring and yards used by recreational horse clubs. The improvements help promote Glenreagh as an appealing destination.


Oberon Showground Land Managers manage the reserve, which includes sheep and cattle yards, horse stables, trotting tracks and rodeo/camp draft yards, and a multipurpose hall. Some of their contributions include installing sensor security lighting throughout the grounds, establishing online booking, employing a full-time cleaner and installing new water taps in the camping area. They have set up a Facebook page to keep their community up-to-date.


The Bobin School of Arts Committee manages the Hall used by the community for small gatherings and functions. The Hall is also used for bi-monthly Sunday lunches to raise funds for ongoing maintenance. It is also used by the local SES team for training and is the operations centre during crisis. They obtained more than $250,000 of grant funds which they used to upgrade facilities.


NSW Government Council Crown Land Management Excellence Award

Blue Mountains City Council was appointed Crown Land Manager for 136 Crown reserves and an additional 19 Devolved Reserves across the Blue Mountains. The Council identified seven reserves to be managed as ‘Operational’ land and 129 reserves as ‘Community’ land. They implemented a Plans of Management project that delivered a draft of over 70 Crown Land plans, each addressing the essential requirements of the Local Government Act.


Ku-ring-gai Council manages the St Ives Showground site, a valued regional recreational facility. In 2021, together with the Ku-ring-gai Community, the Council commissioned a Plan of Management for the Showground. Their initiatives include opening the St Ives Showground Regional Playground in December 2020 and the Treetops Adventure Park in November 2021. They also implemented upgrades and improvements using the Covid-19 stimulus package.


Shellharbour City Council manages the Reddall Reserve, a 19-hectare combination of Crown Land and Council Community Land. The Council encourages diverse community use through facilities and opportunities available, including play space for all ages and abilities, inclusive and accessible amenities, bushland areas, trails and beach areas. The Council has a dedicated ‘Let’s Chat Page’ that details the location, assets and activities in the Reserve.


NSW Government Individual Excellence in Crown Land Management Award

Debbie Coddington is the Secretary of the Bectric Hall committee, a group of volunteers responsible for keeping the Hall in pristine condition. The Hall is the last standing pise hall, originally constructed in 1904. The Hall was recently opened up to campers. Debbie has tirelessly applied for grants which enabled the construction of the Camp Kitchen and the restoration of the Hall’s roof.


Glenda Chapman is the current Treasurer for the Freemans Reach School of Arts Hall, a place used by social, sporting and family groups. Glenda manages the day-to-day finances of running the Hall, takes bookings, and regularly maintains the Hall. In 2021, she successfully submitted and obtained a grant to renovate the Hall. This includes building improvements, new fencing, and electrical and plumbing work.


Jone Pavelic is the Chairperson of Temora Showground Land Manager. Temora Showground is a multi-use community facility comprising traditional showground activities. Jone is the point of contact for all facility bookings and site bookings for the Caravan Park. With support from her partner, Jone undertakes her role with grace, pleasantness and efficiency, resulting in a rating of 4.1 out of 5 on Wikicamps.


Mathew Casey is a member of the Reserve Land Managers Board, which manages the Goulburn Golf Course Reserve. In March 2021, the Reserve was impacted by a major flooding event. While doing the damage report, Mathew became aware that insurance was available. He contacted the Crown Lands Insurance Team and, with the agreement of the Board, successfully submitted a claim for renovation.


Ricoh Australia Customer Service Award

Alicia Floyer started Next Legal Conveyancing in September 2018. Alicia developed systems and procedures to ensure matters were handled efficiently and smoothly. This includes the development of the Next Legal & Conveyancing App, which ensures clients are constantly kept up-to-date on the progress of their matter. On completion, the App asks that clients rate the service, with an option to leave comments.


Ronald McDonald House Charities Central West NSW provides free accommodation for over 1,077 families, over 8,781 nights, or a value equivalent to $1.317 million. They accommodate families with a sick or injured child in the hospital and high-risk pregnancy mums. The charity’s three staff and over 100 volunteers are at the heart of what they do. Since opening in 2015, they have not received any negative feedback.


Santos Organics is a health food store, community hub, and 100% Not-for-profit Environmental Social Enterprise. Santos Organics prides itself on customer service, free Naturopath advice, and ethical products that support people and the planet. Since 2016, they have donated over $330,000 to local environmental and social organisations, aligning with their purpose to be a catalyst for a better tomorrow.


The Cram Foundation is a not-for-profit disability organisation celebrating 90 years of service in 2022. The Foundation’s person-centred approach puts the participant at the centre of decision-making concerning the supports they choose. Through the Cram Person-Centred Award, they recognise those who demonstrate excellent customer service and a person-centred approach in everything they do. The Cram’s Quality and Safeguarding Notifications has enabled staff to report complaints.



Transgrid Leadership Award

Jemma Coulter opened her small business during the 2022 Lismore Floods to anyone needing a place to stay. Jemma closed her business to gather clothing, blankets, mattresses and food for the local community. On Day One, she led the volunteers and turned the Evacuation Centre into an Evacuation Hub with 120 beds. She spent 10 days coordinating the Hub from the floor.


Louise Azzopardi started her Louise Azzopardi Training and Development Solutions Pty Ltd with the aim of coaching people to improve their soft skills and create personal and professional wellbeing opportunities for them. In the last five years, Louise has helped over 50 tradeswomen make the next career moves. She uses her experience and tools learnt in her life coaching diploma to support women.


Rhiannan Barr previously worked as a manager at the local Salvation Army Family Store, helping grow the team of volunteers from 3 to 15. Now, as Community Liaison Officer, she was involved in the Reconciliation Week Committee and helped organise the Reconciliation Awards Dinner, assisting in all aspects of organising. Rhiannan is a Scout Leader who supports the youth in gaining new skills.


Vickie Burkinshaw is the President of the Friends of the Gallery, President of the Wagga Women’s Health Centre, and an active member of the Wagga Women in Business community. Through her café and events venue, Vickie has encouraged young creative artists of all genres and fostered engagement of diverse cultures and recognition of the importance of re-establishing connections with the First Nations Wiradjuri.