Queensland Community Achievement Awards

2023 Winners

Australia Pacific LNG Community Hero Award

Super Max & Bryce (SMB) of Burleigh Heads was started in 2016 by Bryce U'Ren when he was nine. Supported by his dedicated mum, Amy Kenworthy, Bryce took action to share love, hope, happiness and comfort with every child in treatment for cancer in Australia and New Zealand. By the end of 2023, with the help of his mum and the community around him, Bryce will have gifted specially designed Super Max the Turtle night lights to over 6,800 young superheroes to connect them together with love through the stars. In 2018, Bryce extended his project to gift star-covered scarves and socks to parents and carers so they could also feel connected and loved.


Awards Australia Charitable Foundation Mental Health and Wellbeing Award

Inclusee is a not-for-profit charity dedicated to alleviating isolation and loneliness among older Australians by fostering meaningful connections and empowering them to engage with a virtual community centre. Through its Digital Programs and Virtual Community, trained volunteers provide companionship, support, and learning experiences that promote social engagement and personal growth for participants. Inclusee believes that everyone should be able to build lasting connections and enjoy a rich social life, regardless of their location or circumstances. The dynamic virtual community of Inclusee serves as a lifeline, significantly reducing social isolation and positively impacting the physical and mental health of older Australians.


Bendigo Bank Community Group of the Year Award

Baby Give Back- Volunteers of Varsity Lakes are committed to breaking the cycle of poverty for vulnerable families. Baby Give Back’s unsung heroes are its passionate volunteers who embody the spirit of compassion. These 300+ volunteers collect, clean, and carefully package essential baby items. They aim to give every child, regardless of their circumstances, a safe start to life. Since 2015, they have supported over 25,000 children facing poverty, domestic violence, and homelessness. Their dedication transcends material aid, fostering dignity and community connections. By working hand in hand with support workers, these volunteers help create a brighter future for disadvantaged families, one lovingly packaged item at a time.


Career College Small Business Award

Kelly Willmott and Amanda Shepherd are on a mission to empower disadvantaged people with digital literacy skills training and social support to Make Time Count. The duo founded Green Fox Training Studio, and built JumpStart, a ground-breaking Learning Management System, to bridge educational gaps and serve incarcerated youth, adults and marginalised women in community. Delivering services and forming partnerships with major education, government, and corporate clients, they’re also driving their impact across socially responsible business. Their work in fuelling social change has been recognised in numerous prestigious awards including the Prime Minister's Veterans Employment Awards, and national-level speaking opportunities including TEDxBrisbane.


Konica Minolta Customer Service Award

Extraction Artisan Coffee of Slacks Creek has been a beacon of hospitality since 2016. Beyond their remarkable coffee and house-made food, this café has redefined the customer experience. They believe that genuine hospitality is more than a transaction; it's about creating connections. With full table service and a team dedicated to building relationships, Extraction Artisan Coffee welcomes each guest as if they were entering a friend's home. Their impact extends beyond the café as they generously sponsor, donate, and mentor in the community. Extraction Artisan Coffee isn't just a place for coffee; it's a haven where hospitality and community support thrive, leaving an indelible mark on Logan.


Now I Can Run Disability Achievement Award

Access Learning and Training Pty. Ltd - Myrtil Butler-Woodall of Mitchell (ALTSkills) is advocating for inclusivity and empowerment in the remote town of Mitchell. Through innovative programs, including a day service, they've given individuals with disabilities opportunities to explore their interests in the Arts, learn essential life skills, and access real job prospects. They also provide emergency housing. ALTSkills extends their support to the broader community, addressing literacy gaps, healthcare access issues, and basic needs through various initiatives. They believe in lifelong learning and have helped individuals gain qualifications and skills, promoting self-sufficiency. ALTSkills fosters a community where everyone is valued and embraced, creating a lasting impact on the lives they touch.


QLD Family and Child Commission Dedicated to Supporting Young Queenslanders Award

Care Kits for Kids Qld Inc - Stephanie Hinrichs of Camp Hill has been a beacon of hope for Queensland's children in crisis since 2018. Powered by compassionate senior volunteers and a supportive community, they have distributed over 7,100 Care Kits filled with essentials, warmth, and love to youngsters aged 0 to 17, instilling a sense of belonging and care. Operating without regular funding, they rely on grants, fundraising, and the generosity of donors. Their short-term goals include expanding their facilities to accommodate growing demand. Their unwavering mission is to ensure every child in need in Queensland receives a Care Kit, creating a lasting positive impact and sense of community support.

 Quota Beenleigh Leadership Award

Jack Growden is the Founder & CEO of LiteHaus International, a Townsville-based not-for-profit that has provided digital learning tools to over 150,000 students across Asia-Pacific. Passionate about conquering digital inequality, Jack aims to empower one million people by 2027. He has been honored as one of Queensland's Most Inspiring Queenslanders and has influenced individuals to start social impact movements. Jack's impact is far-reaching, from bridging the digital divide in remote Papua New Guinea, Philippines, and Solomon Islands, to addressing the digital gap in rural Queensland. His legacy is one of empowerment, inclusivity, and service, shaping a brighter future for communities globally.

Special Event Presentations Local Sporting Club Making a Difference Award

The Boss Boxing of Zillmere focuses on uplifting First Nations youth through mentorship and positive role models. Founded in 2019, they have successfully run programs like Solid Warriors, breaking down financial and transportation barriers and reshaping attitudes towards the police among youth. Their engagement with respected Community Elders and regular Yarning Circles ensures cultural wisdom is passed on. They are nurturing amateur boxers, with a champion representing QLD on the national stage. With the First Nations Athlete Development Academy, they are charting a course to sporting excellence and a more inclusive, respectful community. The Boss Boxing is transforming lives, one punch at a time.

Synaco Safety Award

Sunpork Group of Kingaroy is setting a gold standard in workplace safety. As a cornerstone of Queensland's pork supply chain, their commitment to safety is second to none. With initiatives like Manual Task Risk Assessments and Safety Observation Walks, they've achieved a remarkable 75% reduction in Lost Time Injuries. Their vision includes bringing safety policies and procedures to workers through an innovative online platform called "What's Crackling." By prioritising safety communication, training, and early intervention methods, they've not only improved worker safety but also enhanced productivity. Swickers Kingaroy's dedication to a safer workplace extends to contractors and visitors, making them a leader in the industry.