South Australian Community Achievement Awards

Please take a moment to read some words from previous winners:

2012 Haigh's Chocolates Career Achievement Awards winner Dr Steve Brown

“The Awards are a great way to recognise your achievements and to recognise the teams that you work with. At the Gala Presentation it was great just to learn about just how much amazing work is being done in this state and to hear so many inspiring stories. Winning the Award has enabled me to travel to do some teaching in Sweden and the recognition I received has helped my team promote the work that we do to a broader audience.”

2012 Rural Doctors Workforce Agency Rural Community Health and Wellbeing Award winner Dr James Muecke

"It was an honour to have been nominated for a Community Achievement Award. Winning the award has brought great local awareness to the blindness prevention work being performed in Australia and developing countries by Sight For All."

 2012 Baulderstone Community Service and Volunteering Award winner Nouha Jaber

"I have enjoyed doing my work over the years and to see so many happy people that I have been able to help has been reward enough. I did not think that I would be acknowledged for my work as it was done to help others and not for the public acknowledgement that I received from the Community Achievement Awards.
It was the most exciting time to be presented with this award and made me feel that there is no limit to what I can achieve." 

 2012 Fivestar Print Environment and Sustainability Award winners Goolwa to Wellington Local Action Planning Association Inc.

"It was an amazing experience and a real honour to have been involved in the Community Achievement Awards. We work extremely closely with our local community and this award was as much recognition of the hard work, dedication and passion of our community as it was for our organisation. The awards really opened our eyes to the enormous amount of work and professionalism displayed by Community groups from all sectors across South Australia. Winning this award has raised our profile across the state as a leader in the field of environmental management."