Western Australian Community Achievement Awards

The Western Australian Community Achievement Awards acknowledges and is grateful for the support of our partners:


Media Partners:


7 Television has forged a strong connection with communities across regional WA and is proud to partner with the WA Regional Achievement and Community Awards. The awards acknowledge and recognize the many quiet achievers and celebrate their contribution towards the wellbeing and prosperity of our regional communities.




SCA is Australia’s biggest entertainment company with the ability to reach more than 95% of the Australian population through its radio, television and digital assets including our brand new LisTNR product. Led by the Triple M and Hit Networks, SCA celebrates regional Australia with Triple M represented in over 23 regional radio stations in WA . The Triple M Network is dedicated to community and delivering the best music, sport, comedy and entertainment.



  Category Partners:     





Western Australia's primary industries – including agriculture, commercial fisheries and aquaculture – are well-placed to expand and diversify the regional Western Australian economy. Our primary industries also support a thriving recreational fishing sector, regional tourism and a growing food industry. The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) works to protect the sustainability of the state’s natural resources and accelerate ongoing economic growth, job creation and regional development. We support the growth of strong regional communities that are desirable places to live, work and invest.




Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia a market leading provider of integrated printing solutions with the power to transform the business environment.
Globally recognised for its award-winning products, Konica Minolta works closely with businesses to understand their needs and delivers a range of solutions including print and imaging technology, software and services for office and production print environments, as well as 3D printing and robotics. Headquartered in Sydney, Konica Minolta delivers sales, service and customer support across Australia, through its extensive network of direct sales offices, authorised dealers and resellers.





Built on a long and special history of investing and risk taking in Australia, Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd is an independent, privately owned Australian company that has a proud history with the Pilbara and the iron ore sector, and is one of the longest continuous owners of cattle stations in Australia.




The Insurance Commission of Western Australia is the State’s insurer providing injury insurance to motorists and self-insurance to Government. We sponsor the Regional Safety Award to promote safe road practices in regional communities. This encourages fewer and less serious injuries from crashes, leading to fewer insurance claims incurring lower costs.






Curtin University, School of Education’s School of Education has offered undergraduate and postgraduate programs that embrace innovation in theory, practice and learning technologies since 1975. We aim to prepare highly skilled graduates who are ready to teach and work in a fast-paced and changing world, including in remote and regional areas, and are ready to make tomorrow better. 









The Awards Australia Foundation Ltd (AAF) is a registered charity aimed at advancing social and public welfare, promoting reconciliation, mutual respect, tolerance between groups, and celebrating culture. The Foundation aims to achieve its goals by providing community awareness and inspiration, and support to Indigenous Australians and individuals from different ethnic groups, those living with a disability or those affected by disadvantage. Through its initiatives, AAF will provide funds for specific award categories and their winners, cultural training, accessibility to awards nights for those living with a disability, and support for those experiencing disadvantage to attend an awards night.By achieving these goals, AAF aims to inspire inclusive societies that embrace and celebrate diversity and provide support to those in need. AAF emphasises the importance of promoting opportunities for all individuals to contribute to positive change in society. 


Gowrie WA has a long history in building secure, trusting and strong relationships with children and families in Western Australia. Since 1940, Gowrie WA has been providing high quality early childhood education and care, and healthy and nurturing learning environments, that benefit children, families and their communities.



Supporting Partners:  





An icon of the unique and beautiful Western Australian capital, Hyatt Regency Perth represents a legacy of accommodation, catering and service excellence.
A selection of beautifully appointed guest rooms and suites are available along with fitness centre, on-site parking and heated outdoor swimming pool with lounge deck.




The Career College is a personal and professional development centre with the intention to empower and support individuals, business owners and their teams to succeed in life, career and business.The Career College’s Founder and Managing Director Annette Hurley - Executive, Mindset and Career Coach (35years + exp) together with the talented, caring Career College team provide online and in person services, such as coaching/mentoring, workshops, job placement and more for both individuals and organisations. 




Alkoomi is our heart, our home, and our passion. Our 1200-hectare farm has been home to our family since 1946 and has evolved from a grain and livestock farm to a thriving and sustainable vineyard and innovative winery.We believe wine is about celebration and sharing. Our collection of wines are made to suit all occasions, bring people together, build a sense of community, and create conversation and lasting memories.It is our passion and mission to continue the Alkoomi tradition and legacy of making authentic and delicious wines that reflect the pristine Frankland River region.From our family dinner table to yours, we encourage you to enjoy these wines with wholesome food, lots of laughter and the ones you love. 




For almost 50 years, PAV has been reliably delivering audiovisual solutions on any scale, renowned events and exemplary installations.We proudly boast our industry's leading events team, multimedia producers, styling team, audiovisual operators as well as a dedicated installation/retail sales department.We design, manage and deliver your crucial solutions from concept to completion. Located under one roof, PAV's complete solutions eliminate stress and deliver an exceptional experiences.We are extremely passionate about all things AV and Events and love what we do.