Western Australian Community Achievement Awards

Please find below some inspiring words from our previous winners 

2012 Department of Indigenous Affairs Indigenous Service Award winner and Overall Regional Achievement and Community Award winner - Goolari Media Enterprises

Kevin Fong, Managing Director

"The promotion of the awards was done well in advance and the criteria was very clear, giving organisations plenty of lead time to apply in the various categories and as a media organisation we would more than happy to continue to partner and promote so that organisations that play pivotal roles in society are recognised for their efforts. Our board of Directors thoroughly enjoyed the night and the opportunity to dress up. The highlight was the simple recognition [after all these years on a non recurrent funding model]our organisation received in making a difference in our community as well as the networking opportunities that has lead to many lasting partnerships that enhance our existing and future products"

2012 Prime Super Community Group of the Year Award winner Butterly Cottages Association

"Being at the awards ceremony was a humbling experience for us, finding out how many and diverse are the good works being done by volunteers all over the state. Winning the award for us definitely raised our profile in the local community and made more people aware of the work that we do. Thankyou."