Please ensure that you check your nomination against each of  the questions below. Your nomination may not be considered  if you fail to comply with this checklist.   



 1 Is the "Nomination Partners - Details Summary" sheet completed, signed and dated by  the CV Applicant and  Community Partner(s)/Nominee(s)?                                                        
 2   Check the accuracy and spelling of your partner name/s and that this spelling is  consistent in all document  
 3   Has your nomination been approved by your Regional Director or General Manager for  Private Prisons?  

 Go directly to Point 8 if you do not have any photographs to support your nomination. 

 4   Have you included no more than five photographs with each nomination?  
 5  Have you included softcopy photographs as separate files (File Format: .jpg) and each  photograph of file size: 1000-5000 Kbytes.  
 6   Have you included softcopy ‘Photograph – Captions Forms’ as separate files (File  Format: .doc)?   
 7   Have the Photograph & Video Consent Form(s) been signed and  included?  
 8   Is your nomination no more than 9 pages long (excluding the Details  Summary  sheet on  the Nomination Forms, Community Partner’s Testimonies, photographs, Photograph –  Captions Forms and Photograph & Video Consent Forms)?  
 9   Ensure that your project is eligible. (It will be ineligible if it doesn’t comply with  the time  eligibility criteria; or won in the 2014  Awards; or was / is in any way part of a major incident (either  previous or current)?                
 10   Have you addressed each nomination criteria within each category, including an  explanation of why your nomination should be successful in gaining an Award?   
 11   Is your nomination easy to read and understand?  
 12   Is your region the site ‘owner’?  
 13   Does your nomination demonstrate the community benefit that the projects or programs provide, and how this is achieved?  
 14   Does your nomination raise the profile of the community work program in both the  organisation and the wider community?   
 15   Does your nomination recognise and reward the community work  sites which  participated in the Corrections Victoria unpaid community  work program? 
 16     Does your nomination recognise programs and initiatives between your location and the community that contribute to the rehabilitation and reduction of re-offending by  offenders/prisoners?       
 17  Has someone else, other than the author, proof-read the nomination?