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Spirit Super – proud Sponsor of the 7NEWS Young Achiever Awards

Spirit Super – proud sponsors of the 7NEWS Young Achiever Awards

Introducing this year’s Spirit Super Finalists in the Create Change & Connecting Communities Award categories. Scroll through to see the inspiring young leaders from each state, who have been selected as Finalists.

Presenting our Finalists…




Conor Pall

Conor Pall is a member of the 2021 Victorian Youth Parliament. His team is formulating a bill to address the issue of ‘Coercive Control’ in intimate partner relationships. Conor organised Mildura’s School Strike for Climate and created safety plans, Covid safe plans and other policies. A proud domestic violence survivor, Conor is a 2022 Young Citizen of the Year – Mildura nominee… Congratulations Conor


Rida Aleem Khan

Rida Aleem Khan is an Aged Care nurse and a social worker. At age 16, Rida started her radio show ‘Colourful Australia’ to spread the message of multiculturalism and harmony. Rida is the Youth Chair for the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia. During the pandemic, she helped Pakistani, South Asian and multicultural communities in Victoria through the Golden Wattle Advocacy Australia Pakistan Project… Congratulations Rida


School Broadcasting Network Inc

The School Broadcasting Network is a Melbourne based youth charity, dedicated to giving young people a global voice. SBN has been connecting communities all over the world through numerous youth media projects, such as SwitchOn Global Telethon held on World Environment Day 2021, which connected communities across 25 countries to raise awareness and funds for 25 of some of the worlds most endangered species… Congratulations School Broadcasting Network Inc


The YAB – Central Highlands Youth Advisory Board

The YAB (Central Highlands Youth Advisory Board) is a group working to amplify youth voices and provide diverse perspectives on issues. YAB’s initiatives include Spring in the Park (2019) and Spring in the Park: Autumn Edition (2022). These live music and market events aimed to increase social connection, showcase the capabilities of young people, and provide an inclusive space for all without barriers standing in the way… Congratulations The YAB (Central Highlands Youth Advisory Board)


Presenting our Finalists…




Anhaar Kareem

Anhaar Kareem offers free tuition in creative writing, public speaking and debating to help less fortunate members of the community who have no access to tutoring due to financial or cultural difficulties. Anhaar also runs Yellow Strawberry Earrings, a handmade earring business. She makes charity earrings, of which all proceeds go to charity. Anhaar recently received the Youth of the Year Award 2021…Congratulations Anhaar

Lucy Fang

Lucy Fang founded KLAP, Australia’s first free online platform that directly connects urban high schools with primary schools having disadvantaged students struggling in reading. In 2017, Lucy lobbied the Federal Education Department to add community service-learning to the national curriculum. In 2020, she published an article to bring awareness to the public and government about the necessity of community service-learning, especially during crisis…Congratulations Lucy

Angelique Wan – Consent Labs

Angelique Wan co-founded a non-profit that revolutionises the discussion around sexual consent. From 2016 to 2018, Angelique and her co-founder focused on developing an evidence-based program, consulted and built relationships with experts and conducted focus group discussions for market research. In 2021, she left her corporate job to work full-time for Consent Labs. They have since reached 10,000 students and parents across Australia…Congratulations Angelique 


Taylor Hawkins

Taylor Hawkins co-established Foundations for Tomorrow (FFT), an organisation on a mission to amplify the voices of young Australians to support the design of a more just, equitable and sustainable future Australia. Taylor led the single largest survey of young Australians, receiving over 10,000 responses. FFT also published the “Awareness to Action Report”, which articulated the future that young Australians want to see…Congratulations Taylor



Presenting our Finalists…




James Beaumont

James Beaumont is a Peer Mentor for children and youth with disabilities for Julia Farr Purple Orange Enabled Youth Disability Network (EYDN) and Secretary for the EYDN Board’s Youth Advisory Committee. James endured years of family violence as a child but still chose to assist other struggling young people. James helped petition the state government to abandon the closure of Springbank Secondary College…Congratulations James


Shania Richards

Shania Richards became the first Regional Female Aboriginal Youth Governor of South Australia in 2022. In 2021, she joined the Indigenous Affairs and Reconciliation Committee, where she helped create the Youth Justice Bill (Age of Criminal Capability) as assistant manager and main sponsor for debating the bill in the Legislative Council. Shania is currently organising the Youth Parliament Program of 2022 for SA.…Congratulations Shania


Holly Scott

Holly Scott is a leading advocate on road safety. Holly survived a horror crash in 2017 where she sustained a brain injury, shattered pelvis and more. She now uses her experience to educate others as SAPOL’s inaugural Road Safety Ambassador. Holly works closely with SAPOL’s Road Safety Section. She has spoken at the RAA Street Smart High events in Darwin and Adelaide…Congratulations Holly


Presenting our Finalists…




Amy Tobin

Amy Tobin runs ‘Now I Can Run’, an Australia-wide not-for-profit organisation to raise money for children and adults with disabilities to purchase race runners and fund the costs o sending them to events and training them in race running. Amy has a diagnosed disability of spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. She is dedicated to allowing others the opportunity to reach for the starts…Congratulations Amy


Mary Pearson

Mary Pearson is an Accredited Domestic and Family Violence Social Worker. From 2019, she co-developed and ran support programs for victim-survivors of domestic and family abuse. Mary facilitated community mental health workshops and performed counselling for a psychology clinic and other local service providers. She was instrumental in forming Iron Heart Warriors Inc, a peer support group for victim-survivors of domestic abuse…Congratulations Mary


Fardowsa Mohamed

Fardowsa Mohamed Yussuf is a Youth Mentor for the African Youth Support Council, delivering programs to engage youth in schools, youth Detention Centres, family, and communities. She joined many forums with Human right Commission to discuss and find ways to support our communities. She was chairwoman for FLAG in Multicultural Australia and elected for policy for Queensland Young Labor. Fardowsa wants real changes…Congratulations Fardowsa 


Amelia Ayris

Amelia Ayris writes and produces award-winning films and documentaries to raise awareness about depression, self-harm, anxiety, assault and sexual abuse and empowering young people to speak out. She also writes and records songs about these issues. She is also involved in child protection education with Bravehearts. In 2021, she was invited as guest and speaker at the National Child Protection Forum in Darwin…Congratulations Amelia



Presenting our Finalists…




Alina Biju

Alina Biju founded the Women’s Collection for Innovation and Change at Charles Darwin University, a student group aimed at empowering women to achieve their dreams. Alina was previously secretary at NT Youth Round Table 2021 and NT delegate at Australian Youth Affairs Coalition. She created “Keep It Lit NT”, a digital platform with content on health issues and resources for young people… Congratulations Alina


Malia Ford

Malia Ford was a founding member and Vice Chair of Two Two One Mental Health Charity. She helped establish the Girls Only Night’s Youth Program, providing vulnerable young women a safe space, created positive relationships, and enhanced health and positive decision-making. This program provides consistent, stable and strong female role models to youth of all backgrounds, this empowerment approach has resulted in positive growth in many of the attendees… Congratulations Malia


Paige Horrigan

Paige Horrigan helps plan innovative events, including the first Pride event in Palmerston history. They have also managed spaces dedicated to supporting the youth and LGBTQI+ people. They worked with organisations like Rainbow Territory and helped fight against discriminatory legislation. Paige has taken Stage 2 Legal Studies and has written external inquiry on the rights of LGBTQ+ people in the Australian legal system. They aim to create greater awareness and change surrounding gender and sexual diversity… Congratulations Paige


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