7NEWS Young Achiever Awards WA

"Winning this year's Arts and Culture Award was an incredible honour. I never thought a boy who loved to dance would be recognised for his achievements at such a distinguished event. Receiving this award has solidified my passion for the arts and I am sure it will open many new doors for my artistic career. For this, I am incredibly grateful to the WA Young Achiever Awards, judging panel and respective sponsors. Having the opportunity to celebrate the wonderful achievements of many talented and inspirational individuals at the Gala dinner was fantastic, especially after such a difficult year for everyone, and I look forward to seeing what all the nominees and winners do next!"

Scott Elstermann

2020 Town of Victoria Park Arts and Culture Award Winner


“Winning this award has meant so much to me, and I'm so incredibly honoured to have been part of this event. It's an amazing event that celebrates the achievements of young talent in our state, and it's a great opportunity to meet others and have a great time. The organisers gave us such a warm, supportive welcome and the event was very well structured and ran smoothly. And of course, it had a beautiful venue with delicious food and amazing performances. These awards allow you to connect to each other on a bigger scale, and the recognition is very thoughtful. Thank you for a fantastic night!”

Radheya Jegatheva
2018 Coffee Club Arts and Fashion Winner and 2018 Young Achiever of the year Winner


“I feel very honoured to have received the WA Young Achiever Award - Surge Fitness Sports Award, I am very privileged to be able to do what I do each and every day and hope that I am empowering the younger generations around me to follow their dreams and help change the world one step at a time. I would like to thank all the sponsors for making the awards happen to recognise all the young achievers in Western Australia.”

Kara Donnellan
2018 Surge Fitness Sports Award Winner


"Being the recipient of the Agriculture award through the WA Young Achiever awards is something I hope to be able to use to project myself further into the ag industry. The Young achiever awards showed to me how many striving, self-enthused young western Australians that are out there working hard towards something they are passionate about within their industry. I think this really provides a glimpse of how promising our states future is for all parts of our society and economy. Being nominated was a bit of a surprise to me, being a farmer in the south east of our state i am in a pretty remote area and the recognition for doing something that i am so passionate about really did cement the thought of my future in the Agricultural industry. After the fires of 2015 burnt over 130,000 ha of farmland and took my old man and three other beautiful people, i decided it was my time to step up after leaving school and taking on the farming business with my twin brother, Riley. With 3 years under my belt, i can now focus on my farming future and with my old man by my side, i hope to be a successful farmer and someone who can make a stamp on the broader ag community. This award will allow me to dive further into our diverse and thriving industry, allowing me to get my name out there to make a difference and hopefully provide some inspiration for young people to take on a career in agriculture. The thought of fire safety always has interested me. By default, of being a farmer, i am a part of our local bushfire brigade in Scaddan and this award can hopefully allow me to become more involved in fire safety at a local level and also to advocate for some change in fire safety and legislation around our state. It means a lot to me to be the recipient of this award, and I’ll be forever grateful and devoted to being involved in the sector of agriculture, after all, people around the world rely on agriculture and the future is bright and exciting for anyone that is willing to be involved."

Tom Curnow
2018 WA Farmers and Rural Bank Agriculture Award Winner


"The WA Young Achiever Awards recognize that there is no minimum age for leadership or change making. Just to be in a room of hundreds of young people who think like you, is enough inspiration for us all to continue our individual journeys to change the world, knowing we're not alone.

While none of us set out on our journeys to win awards, being recognized through the WA Young Achiever Awards gives confidence that we are on the right track, and encouragement to keep going. It was an honor to win the Young Leadership category, and I look forward to using this platform to create more change in the future, particularly around youth empowerment and Indigenous financial literacy."

Shelley Cable
2018 Catholic Education Western Australia Young Leadership Award Winner


"I was lucky enough to be awarded the 2018 Western Australia “Diamond Club Online Achievement Award” and “People’s Choice Award” at this year’s gala dinner in Perth.
Just to be nominated was a huge honour, let alone to take out top spot in my category.
Attending the awards itself is extremely inspiring as you get to hear the stories of the great things young individuals are doing in the community.
Upon hearing from several of the semi-finalist and other categories nominees as well as those in my own category I left feeling so inspired.

Winning is something I am very proud of and feel truly grateful for."

Jaimen Hudson
2018 The Diamond Club Online Achievement Award Winner & 2018 People’s Choice Award Winner


"I feel very honoured to have received the 2018 First National Real Estate Innovation Award in the WA Young Achiever Awards. I believe these awards are a fantastic way to acknowledge the positive achievements of young people in Western Australia, and it was great to meet so many of these young achievers on the night. There is truly no way I could do what I do without the support of my wonderful family and friends. I am so thankful to everyone who has supported me on my journey, and everyone who supports medical research." 

Ciara Duffy
2018 First National Real Estate Innovation Award Winner


"Words can’t explain how much winning this award means to me. When I first heard that I was nominated, I as so excited. When I won the award I was so proud and lucky! I was also surprised because I didn’t think I would win. I will never forget that feeling!"

Scott Guerini
2018 SDERA Health and Wellbeing Award Winner


“It is a great honour to be awarded the SDERA Health and Well-being Award and be named the 2017 West Australian Young Achiever of the year. I wish to thank the team at WA Awards Australia, the sponsors, and the organisations and institutions I have worked with. I am grateful to live in a time, and a society where speaking up about controversial topics such as mental illness and prejudice is encouraged. My selection for this award is proof of that. I wish to share this honour with all young Australians who have chosen a path of action over ignorance.”

Pavitra Aran
2017 SDERA Health and Well-being Award Winner & Western Australian Young Achiever of the year 

“Winning the WA Young Achievers WAFarmers and Rural Bank Agriculture Award meant a lot to me personally. I was recognised by my workplace for the role I played in the disaster relief following the Harvey-Waroona Bushfires in January 2016 as well as ongoing contributions to the dairy industry through youth and extension. The bushfires were a difficult time for me personally as half of our family farm had burnt in the blaze, and many of the farmers affected were friends and community members I’d known from a young age. At the time I didn’t even think about the hours I was putting in, I just did them. To be recognised for that is very humbling. I hope that winning the award will encourage other young people in agriculture to strive for their best, and it’s certainly helped me to remain passionate about my work. I would like to once again thank WAFarmers and Rural Bank for their support of this Award, and Bartercard, Channel 7, GWN7, and Hit 92.9 for their support of the Awards. I would definitely recommend others to apply for the Young Achievers Awards as it has been a great experience."

Jess Andony
2017 WAFarmers and Rural Bank Agriculture Award Winner


"I’d like to thank Scott Print for their fantastic work, both with their proactive approach to environmental business practices and for sponsoring the Scott Print Environment and Sustainability Award platform to recognise young leaders whom are contributing towards a more sustainable planet. To be recognised by a company who is leading environmental and sustainability practices in their field adds significant weight to this award which I am humbled to receive. The Gala event was an eye-opening experience to witness the depth and breadth of the fantastic work Western Australian’s are achieving across Australia, the level is extremely high. Receiving this award has catalysed my interest in gaining a better understanding of global environmental problems and achievable ways for everyone to contribute to solving as I feel I am now expected to know! I have since returned to Lisbon, Portugal to lead Bombora Wave Power’s European operations as we work towards developing our first commercial scale wave energy prototype. I would like to thank Awards Australia for their hard work in recognising West Australian talent and the event sponsors Channel 7, Hit 92.9 and Pan Pacific for making the event possible. I would never have expected to have received this award, and recommend other young West Australians to apply! You miss all the shots you don’t take."

James McCarthy-Price
2017 Scott Print Environment and Sustainability Award Winner


"Being awarded The Coffee Club Arts and Fashion award has really given me the confidence to continue and pursue my artistic practice further and to know I am travelling along the right road. The recognition has been overwhelming and I've recently been awarded some artwork commissions which I hope to reveal soon! I encourage you to nominate anyone who is deserving and seen to kicking goals in the creative industry. Being nominated is an honour in itself; an acknowledgment of all their achievements to date. . . What are you waiting for? Get nominating!"

Alister Yiap
2017 The Coffee Club Arts and Fashion Award Winner


"Nominate some under 29 years of age for a Young Achiever Award. I was humbled by my boss' nomination last year, and winning an award has had a huge impact on my life today. It's inspiring to recognise our friends, colleagues and community members for their hard work in these times. We hear a large amount of negative media regarding the young people of today so to have this chance to promote and recognise all of the incredible things young people are doing in communities today is an opportunity not to be missed. Take the time. Nominate someone today. I know I will."

Jennifer Edwards
2017 Catholic Education Western Australia Young Leadership Award Winner


"As a self-confessed chronic volunteer, it’s an absolute treat to be acknowledged for something that fills me with such joy. Volunteers are the pulse of regional Australia, without which our communities would not sustain basic services and activities such as fire and rescue, ambulance, aged care, community sports and much more. And whilst volunteering overflows my altruistic cup, it has opened so many doors for me professionally. From chairing national not-for-profits, influencing global policy on food security, living in Papua New Guinea – the second most beautiful place in the world – and getting to meaningfully contribute to the future of the most beautiful place in the world – my home community of Wongan Hills.
Thank you to my family who’ve driven me to strive for nothing but the highly aspirational position of top dog. Thank you to my community of Wongan Hills for being the best place in the world to have my roots in and to bloom from. Thank you to my category sponsor on Awards Australia for recognising the power of young volunteers. Thank you to Channel 7 and GWN for making this whole event possible."

Elizabeth Brennan
2016 Community Service and Volunteering Award Winner and 2016 Western Australian Young Achiever of the Year


"It was fantastic to be recognised for my hard work and achievements in the arts. The awards night was a wonderful celebration of the combined achievements of WA’s youth and I really enjoyed learning more about what others were doing in their respective fields. Since winning the Coffee Club Australia Arts and Fashion Award, I have continued pursuing my creative practice focussing more on making new exciting theatre for audiences in WA. I plan to continue this pursuit with my theatre company The Last Great Hunt for many years to come."

Kathryn Osborne
2016 The Coffee Club Arts and Fashion Award


"Winning the Scott Print Environment and Sustainability Award was such an honour, it was really nice to be recognized for all my hard work. The evening was so special, great food, fabulous wine and spectacular dances and entertainment – it’s a night I certainly won’t forget. Since winning the award, I have had a number of speaking opportunities that have allowed me to spread awareness of my work and raise the profile of Bottle for Botol. I have had some fabulous support from my Sponsor, Scott Print, who are helping me with much needed business advice and mentoring. I would highly recommend getting involved in the WA Young Achiever Awards."

Christine Parfitt
2016 Scott Print Environment and Sustainability Award


"It was an honour to be a part of the WA Young Achiever Awards program in 2016. Being announced as the winner of the Health and Well-being category was certainly a surprise! There are many young West Australian's doing exceptional work to improve the health and wellbeing of our community, and it was fantastic to see these many initiatives recognised in various ways throughout the program. Since the awards, I have continued to coordinate the Exercise and Health Promotion program at PMH. I have also travelled back to Norway to finish our research that will help us to expand this program in the future, and enable more children and youth with disabilities and complex health conditions to participate in physical activity. Thank you again to Awards Australia, Channel 7, and Goodlife Health Clubs, whom without their support, the Young Achievers program would not be possible."

Claire Willis
2016 Goodlife Health Clubs Health and Wellbeing Award