Queensland Community Achievement Awards

Word from Winners:

“Congratulations to all on your team for a fabulous evening which was organised to perfection – seamless. We are still smiling with delight and sharing the excitement with all at work today. It is very humbling to be recognised consider the number of other well deserving organisations who are also contributing to the community.”
- Rosemary Dean, Centre Manager, East Creek Community Centre

"As a recent winner of the Queensland Regional Achievement and Community Awards – Regional Service Award I would just like to say thank you for all your personal help and support to do with me winning the award and my work in general. Thank you for your persistence and all your reminders for deadlines, time frames etc. I really appreciate it. It was good to see you again.

I was very excited and proud to be chosen as a winner. The Awards presentation night at Caloundra was great and me and my guests enjoyed the night and the networking and meeting all the other winners, the organisers and all the great sponsors. I really enjoyed the many personal conversations I had with people on the night. Thank you for sharing your stories and asking me more about mine.

Once again thank you for your support of this event and also of the work Discovering Disability & Diversity does in the wider Queensland community. The work of education, awareness raising and inclusion is ongoing. We need to celebrate individuals' lives and stories and keep sharing them across our communities. This will help break down barriers even more.

Thank you and hope to see you again in the future."

Kind regards
Sharon Boyce - Discovering DisAbility & Diversity