South Australian Community Achievement Awards

Message from Hon Nat Cook MP, Patron of the South Australian Community Acheivement Awards.

South Australia is profoundly enriched by the contributions of individuals, groups and organisations who make the choice to give back.

People who dedicate their time and expertise for the benefit of others are vital in helping our communities to succeed and thrive. The extraordinary challenges of the pandemic have only made this clearer.

Recognising the valuable contributions of community achievers provides an opportunity to reflect on how significant an impact South Australians can make on the life of our community. The nominees for these awards are people who inspire us all to look further outside ourselves and do more for one another.

It’s such a pleasure for me to serve as Patron of the South Australian Community Achievement Awards. As the Minister for Human Services, I relish every opportunity to witness the differences that people can make in each other’s lives. I greatly look forward to this year’s nominations and awards.

I encourage you to nominate anyone who deserves to have a light shone on their amazing contribution to our community.