South Australian Community Achievement Awards

Message from Hon Nat Cook MP, Patron of the South Australian Community Acheivement Awards.

I am delighted to again serve as the Patron of the South Australian Community Achievement Awards. As Minister for Human Services, I take every opportunity I can to celebrate those who make a difference in the lives of others.

Our community is full of kind and committed people who individually or as part of a group make a huge difference by choosing to give back. Each person benefiting others with their generosity, expertise or willingness to help.

As we take time out to recognise these community achievers it provides an opportunity to reflect on the significant impact individuals can have on one another’s lives, as well as the incredible organisations that make it their business to help others.

Thank you to all who have been nominated. I am looking forward to seeing the deserving winners and celebrating with you all. Congratulations.

Hon Nat Cook MP
Minister for Human Services