Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards

2021 Finalists 

Get Moving Tasmania Physical Activity Award
Women's Health Tasmania of North Hobart
is a state-wide charity that provides health promotion activities to Tasmanian women over the age of 18. Other initiatives include promoting screening checks, providing early intervention mental health support, preventing family violence and reducing other health risk factors. They have physical activity programs for breast cancer survivors and older women, and women with chronic health conditions aged 45 to 75. 

Seishin Martial Arts of Glenorchy offers training and coaching in No Limits Judo for children and adults living with disability and additional needs. No Limits Judo is adapted judo for people with an intellectual, cognitive, psycho-social and physical disability. Founders Carla and Lewis started after seeing a gap in the martial arts community for people with disability. From 16 students, they now support over 70 students. 

Womensport & Recreation Tasmania Inc of Mount Stuart introduced the Get Active Program (GAP), which provides evidence-based intervention to increase health literacy and achieve longer-term change. The GAP engages people of all ages who are not currently physically active, have low activity levels, or experience barriers such as lack of confidence and motivation and negative body image, through an 8 to 10-week program consisting of 2-hour workshops. 

Healthy George Town - George Town Council is a community-wide health and wellbeing initiative that is mobilising the community to improve their wellbeing. Healthy George Town partners with community organisations, local providers, and health professional to deliver a broad suite of activities and sessions, events, initiatives and developments. The free programs are attended by participants aged 7 to 82. Healthy George Town delivered 92 sessions between October 2019 and March 2020.

Heather & Christopher Chong Outstanding Achiever Award
Aimen Jafri of Geilston Bay is part of the Multicultural Council of Tasmania, Pakistani Cultural Society of Tasmania, and Shia Association of Ahl-e-Bayt Tasmania. In December 2020, she organised a Women’s Gala attended by women from all walks of life who showcased their businesses. Aimen has also organised International Women’s Day to bring together and help network women from migrant and culturally diverse and linguistically diverse backgrounds. 

Brian Williams of Blackmans Bay has been a Scout Leader for over 55 years. He has trained hundreds of scout leaders in Tasmania as an Assistant Leader Trainer and then as Leader Trainer. In 1974, Brian helped form the Australian Institute of Advanced Drivers in Tasmania where is currently the State President. He is also the Vice President of the Kingston “Day on the Beach” committee. 

Catherine Connell of Legana launched Mss B’s Student Services to provide extra individualised tuition to students who were struggling with literary and numeracy skills as well as provide knowledge and nurture confident and engaged learners. Catherine has been commended for her work with children with Down’s syndrome, ASD, trauma, behavioural difficulties and mental health disorders. In 2021, Catherine was awarded West Tamar Council Australian Citizen of the Year. 

Edna Pennicott of Kingston has been fundraising for the community for over 40 years. She is the founder and President of Kingborough Helping Hands, which provides emergency food support and raises funds to provide support for local families during Christmas. In 2020, they provided over 400 families in the community with Christmas hampers. Edna has been nominated for Australian of the Year Local Hero Award. 

Prime Super Business Innovation Award
Andrew Davies is a young entrepreneur from Sheffield, Tasmania. After living overseas for four years and spending six years working in the WA mines, Andrew moved back home to be closer to his family. In early 2017, he started Taz Drone Solutions from a granny flat on his parents’ farm. Taz Drones are now recognized as industry leaders in Tasmania; completing works that range anywhere from delivering global drone solutions' RePL training, custom building drones, to spraying weeds in areas deemed too dangerous for humans. Andrew’s greatest passion is to inspire, educate and exhibit what is possible if you are unwaveringly dedicated to a dream.

St Helens Mountain Bike Trails Network features more than 100km of trail over two locations which are free to ride. To ensure financial sustainability, environmental sustainability and rider safety, its founder, Break O’Day Council, developed innovative programs like the Trail Ambassador Program. The Program features five tiers with an annual fee for sponsors who receive benefits from cross promotion to use the St Helens MTB brand. 

Blueline Laundry provides employment for people with disability and from disadvantaged backgrounds whilst providing services to the healthcare, aged care, hospitality, tourism and manufacturing industries. During the Covid-19 lockdown, their innovative response was two-fold: they fought to be recognised and treated as an “Essential Service”, and they escalated their safety systems, processes and care to protect their staff at work and home. 

Fit N Kicking is a mobile fitness business that runs fitness and wellbeing programs for the general public, schools, workplaces and organisations. Being mobile, they go directly to venues and do not have memberships; participants pay for specific programs that they want access to. During lockdown restrictions, they bought every resistance band and dumbbell in stock and set clients up with their own equipment.

EPA Sustainability Award
Hydro Tasmania of Hobart introduced Too Good To Waste, a waste minimisation program, revealing that an astonishing 90% of the waste sent to landfills could be diverted through re-use, recycling or composting. Hydro Tasmania introduced new waste streams, including organics, soft plastics and coffee pod recycling. They educate their staff on the waste hierarchy and encourage reusables. They have also partnered with specialty recycling services. 

University of Tasmania has delivered significant changes to bring together procurement, re-use, recycling and composting. They introduced a Waste Minimisation Action Plan, targeting a 25% reduction of landfilled waste by 2025. They have delivered new buildings with in-built ‘deconstructibility’ in mind. They run a Re-Use Program, which lists unwanted furniture suitable for re-use. They encourage students to participate through the Sustainability Integration Program for Students. 

Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market is a community hub and food destination that has set a number of environmental standards in its Charter that support waste minimisation and environmentally friendly initiatives. They introduced the Food Organic Garden Organic (FOGO) bins after identifying that 95% of the market could be composted. They have assigned ‘Waste Educators’ at each FOGO bin, providing direction, education and advice to marketgoers. 

Launceston General Hospital (Food Services Department) runs a Food Waste Recovery Program where they recycle wasted food from the commercial kitchen bins into compost. They are successfully diverting 35 wheelie bins or 1,750 kilograms of food waste from landfills every week. The reduction in methane emissions by composting is equivalent to removing five cars permanently each year. They are also implementing more eco-friendly or compostable packaging.

Fonterra Australia Agriculture Award
Anne Salt of Hobart is providing literacy support to workers in marine operations through the 26TEN Literacy Project implemented at Huon Aquaculture. The Project involves providing one-on-one learning sessions for individuals who have asked for support with developing their literacy skills, including digital literacy. Employees are assessed against the Australian Core Skills Framework and receive individual learning plan that focuses on their specific learning needs. 

Longford Berries started in 2003, wholesaling to grocery stores in the Launceston area. In 2006, they became a pick-your-own berry farm, focusing on offering an authentic picking experience and encouraging family participation. In 2011, they continued to focus on the quality of the fruit and increasing consumer awareness of healthy eating habits, deciding to maintain a pesticide and fungicide free growing environment.

Luke and Tammy Tuxworth of Smithton started share farming in 2018. Tammy is a Dairy Farmer Ambassador who promotes the industry in different ways, like going into local primary schools and discussing the importance of dairy. They donate two beef calves to Smithton Primary School each year. The calves are reared at the school and sold off, with 100% of the money going back into the school.

Tasmanian Agricultural Company of Dunorlan (Tas Ag Co) produces regeneratively farmed Wagyu cross beef. Their business model allows them to partner with Tasmanian dairy farmers for their breeding program by crossing Tas Ag Co’s bulls with their cows. They ensure to advocate for the red meat industry, particularly when it comes to the climate crisis. They have also scaled rapidly, resulting in increased employment opportunities.

MAIB Disability Achievement Award
Bron Shelverton opened her own business along with her mum after receiving a smaller minimum wage in ‘traditional’ employment due to her disability. Bron strived to complete her Year 12 studies with a Certificate in Hospitality and learned new skills like preparing hot drinks, steaming the milk and creating a heart in latte. She improved her maths, budgeting, ordering and business management skills.

Timothy Marks of Glenorchy is a Lived Experience Consultant who became an amputee in 2010. He is currently on 19 committees, where he holds leading roles, including as Southern Director at Tasmanian Amputee Society, Tasmania Director at Physical Disabilities Australia and Vice-Chair at Glenorchy Community Committee. Timothy endeavours to help Glenorchy become better, cleaner and more inclusive for people with disabilities and the community.

Christopher Symonds of Wynard is a parasailor who lives with Kennedy’s Disease. This rare inherited neuromuscular disorder causes progressive weakening and wasting of muscles. Christopher won the World Sailing Championships twice and was named 2020 Australian Aspire Award winner for Sports and Wynyard’s Citizen of the Year 2019. He is also the Vice President of the Motor Neuron Disease Association Tasmania and Sailability Tasmania.

Nicole McKillop of Margate works as a Residential Support Worker at Hobart City Mission. She has worked at Association for Children with a Disability, to pilot a leadership/mentoring program working with and alongside young people with a disability. She has done advisory paid work with Women with a Disability Australia and has volunteered with Riding Develops Ability. Nicole has a Certificate III in Individual Support.

Tasprint Community Group of the Year Award
Students Against Racism Tasmania is a group established by refugees to build understanding in their school community by sharing their personal stories about having to leave their homelands, the refugee journey and the challenges and achievements of settling in Tasmania. Since 2008, they have trained over 450 young people from multicultural backgrounds to deliver presentations, workshops, theatre performances, speeches and activities to reduce racism.

The Invasive Starfish Clean Up, Tasmania is a group that conducts clean-ups of the Derwent Estuary to remove the invasive Northern Pacific Seastar. Volunteers snorkel, scuba dive or assist with data collection by counting and recording seastars as removed. The clean-ups reduce the impacts on the native flora and fauna in the area, such as the threatened Spotted Handfish. They have conducted 11 public clean-up events.

Welcome (back)pack is an initiative developed to support women exiting the Mary Hutchins Women’s Prison by providing them with essential items like clothing and toiletries that would support an easier transition back into the community. It allows women to re-enter feeling more confident like they belong and that they are welcome. They have provided 92 backpacks since they commenced in August 2020.

Rotary Club of Tamar Sunrise is a breakfast club aimed at delivering authentic capacity-building projects that empower the community and their members. Some of their initiatives are the Launceston Community Reflections 2020, they asked the community about their memories of 2020 and made a four-minute film from the information gathered; the Windows to our Soul – Inner CBD Student Art Trail, and; Homeless Care Pack Project.