Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards

2023 Finalists 

Active Tasmania Award

Blind Cricket Tasmania, under Inclusive Innovations Tasmania's management, leads the charge in enhancing sports accessibility for blind and low vision Tasmanians. Their ambitions are clear: elevate awareness, broaden participation, and establish a solid foundation while realising historic national competition participation. Beyond cricket, the program shines as a symbol of inclusivity, enriching participants' lives through increased social engagement, physical activity, and skill enhancement. Their achievements extend to partnerships with mainstream sports organisations and media recognition, firmly underscoring their dedication to dismantling barriers and making inclusivity the gold standard in the sports landscape. BCT aims to become an Association by 2025.


Hobart Gymnastics Academy of Bridgewater (HGA) has been a pillar of the Brighton Municipality and surrounding communities for three decades. This non-profit organisation thrives on inclusivity, offering gymnastics programs that cater to ages 1 to 81. With over 450 members from across southern Tasmania, HGA's commitment to quality coaching and diverse program offerings has fuelled substantial growth. Beyond physical development, HGA empowers participants with improved coordination, fitness, and social skills. Their dedication to meeting community needs has led to expanded offerings for seniors, additional coaching resources, and a thriving, inclusive environment where children with additional needs can thrive. HGA continues to enrich lives through gymnastics.


Pickleball Tasmania has achieved remarkable success, introducing the sport to over 2000 participants monthly across Tasmania. Their inclusive approach transcends age and ability, fostering a fun and social environment. By forming the Pickleball Association of Tasmania and aligning with national bodies, they've facilitated state-wide growth, with over 400 members now actively engaged. Pickleball Tasmania's strategic planning involves the community, ensuring a clear vision and mission. Research reveals the sport's positive impacts on mental, social, and physical well-being. Overcoming resource and startup cost barriers, they've made pickleball accessible and increased facility usage, enhancing community health and vitality.


Tamar Bicycle Users Group of Launceston (TBUG) is a pivotal advocate for active transport. Over 14 years, they've transformed the cycling landscape by promoting cycling as a healthy and eco-friendly mode of transportation. TBUG's dedication shines through their regular social rides, community events, and educational workshops, all aimed at breaking down barriers to cycling. Their influence extends to policy change, as they've successfully lobbied for increased cycling infrastructure. TBUG's remarkable journey involves grant acquisition, community cooperation, and the normalisation of cycling. They're not just encouraging physical activity; they're paving the way for a more bike-friendly Tamar region.


APM Sustainable Disability Employment Award

Cafe Next Door of Kings Meadows is a heartfelt family-run establishment that has been a beacon of hope for individuals with additional needs. Accredited by NDIA, their Transition to Work program has empowered participants to gain skills for independence and job readiness. Founded on the belief in a "Fair Go" for everyone, Cafe Next Door has not only provided hands-on training in their café but also collaborated with training agencies, offering certificates for an even playing field in job applications. Breaking down community barriers, they've fostered inclusivity, transformed participants' confidence and self-esteem, and opened doors to paid employment, leaving an indelible impact on their community.


Bluegum Grounds Maintenance of NOSS Tasmania is a sustainable social enterprise located on Kanamaluka land, that is transforming the lives of 20 individuals with diverse abilities. Their approach emphasises abilities over disabilities, offering long-term, meaningful employment. They boast major contracts with renowned Tasmanian companies, serving as a testament to their commitment to quality work. Bluegum's support includes personalised employment plans, extensive training, and an inclusive work environment that values friendships and camaraderie. For two decades, Bluegum has nurtured teamwork, personal growth, and a strong safety culture, ensuring that individuals find employment and a sense of community and belonging.


Rodgers Reidy Tas has set a remarkable example of inclusivity by reshaping employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Rejecting the mundane, they meticulously crafted roles that empower employees to grow and succeed. Their journey, marked by patience and adaptability, involved extensive support structures, including visual aids and tailored tasks. This forward-thinking approach not only changed lives but led to promotions and the integration of these individuals into the professional team. Rodgers Reidy Tas has demonstrated unwavering commitment to fostering an inclusive corporate environment, where every member, regardless of their unique needs, thrives and contributes significantly.


Second Echo Ensemble of Hobart (SEE) stands at the forefront of inclusivity in the arts, offering disabled and marginalised individuals the chance to flourish as professional artists. Since 2005, SEE's holistic approach encompasses training, mentorship, performances, and advocacy. The Pathways to Work program is a transformative force, dismantling barriers that hinder creative aspirations and employment prospects. SEE embraces the Social Model for Disability, where societal prejudices and systemic exclusions are the true disabilities. Their innovative model, grounded in inclusivity and artistic rigor, empowers a diverse range of Tasmanians, fostering diversity in the arts, challenging underrepresentation, underemployment, and discrimination, and reshaping the narrative of what's possible.


Awards Australia Community Group Award

Far South Pride of Geeveston (FSP) is a transformative force in the Huon Valley initiated by Kati Bruton in 2021. It serves as a vibrant hub for the LGBTIQA+ community and its allies, fostering connections, providing vital support, and amplifying positive visibility. FSP's extensive calendar of events, from Tas Pride Parades to Rainbow Quizzes, has made a profound impact, offering a safe space for all. Beyond events, FSP collaborates with organisations, schools, and individuals, championing acceptance and inclusivity. Kati's dedication as a role model has inspired authenticity and resilience, making the Huon Valley a more welcoming place for everyone.


Just Cats Tasmania of Launceston is rewriting the narrative of feline welfare. This dedicated charity, comprising ten staff members, a board of professionals, and numerous volunteers, has rehomed 10,000 cats and kittens. Their Last Litters Program, fuelled by local council grants and community support, alleviates financial burden on cat owners by covering desexing, microchipping, and vaccination costs. By halting the cycle of unwanted litters, they've positively impacted cat population control and compliance with the Cat Management Act. Spearheaded by visionary founder Rachel Beech in 2012, Just Cats is a testament to the transformative power of compassion and proactive community initiatives.


STEM For Girls of St Helens is a transformative initiative, fuelling diversity and inclusion in STEM within the Break O'Day Community. They provide girls with workshops, role models, and a nurturing environment, breaking down gender barriers in STEM fields. Grants from Break ‘O’ Day Council and donations from local businesses have ensured that girls from underserved communities can access STEM resources and opportunities. Overcoming societal stereotypes, financial constraints, and gender bias, STEM For Girls fosters a more equitable learning environment. They inspire girls to explore STEM, increasing female representation and promoting inclusivity. This initiative has ignited passions, empowered future leaders, and enriched the STEM community for all.


Tassie Mums is a stalwart eight-year-old not-for-profit that has become a beacon of hope for vulnerable children in Tasmania. With a passionate team of 60 volunteers, they've supported over 1,800 children through partnerships with 80 social service and health organisations. Their commitment to providing essential children's items, including clothing, nappies, and toiletries, has brought comfort to families facing financial hardship, domestic violence, mental health challenges, and homelessness. Sustainability is ensured through a blend of grants, donations, sponsorships, and fundraising. As Tassie Mums continues to expand, they represent a shining example of community support, bringing smiles to children's faces across Tasmania… Congratulations Tassie Mums


Blueline Laundry Empowerment through Diversity and Inclusion Award

Grace Chia of Claremont is a dynamic Tasmanian multimedia artist and community activist, dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion in the arts and music community. Her impactful work provides equal opportunities for artists of all backgrounds, focusing on safe, inclusive hip-hop gigs and mentorship for youth, particularly from migrant and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Grace's music delves into pressing social issues, sparking vital conversations, and raising awareness. Her track 'Migrant' and tribute song 'Mahsa Amini' have drawn attention to global challenges and garnered thousands of views. Grace is now developing trauma-informed workshops, empowering at-risk youth to express themselves and boost self-esteem through art.


Hamlet Inc. of Hobart stands as a beacon of empowerment for underrepresented individuals in the workforce, focusing on those with disabilities. This registered charity operates social enterprises, including a café, catering, and condiments business, offering targeted training and work readiness skills. Over their 7-year journey, Hamlet has delivered an impressive 38,762 training hours to 723 participants, helping them secure open employment in the Tourism and Hospitality sector. Their innovative approach questions prevailing structures that hinder workforce participation, creating inclusive workplaces and lasting change. Through Hamlet, Tasmania's Tourism and Hospitality industry has the chance to embrace inclusive hiring and work practices, diversifying its talent pool and fostering a more inclusive society.


Inclusive Innovations Tasmania is a volunteer-led organisation dedicated to reshaping Tasmania's culture, community, and brand through innovative initiatives. Their work includes establishing Tasmania's first blind cricket program and national championships pathway, and establishing an Emerging Talent Award for individuals with disabilities in creative industry, fostering diversity and inclusion in breaking employment barriers. Additionally, IIT's promotion of the Psychological Safety @ Work Coaching Program empowers workplaces to prioritise mental health and productivity. IIT's financial independence through grants, donations, and sponsorships exemplifies their determination to overcome challenges. Their impact earned national recognition and transformed Tasmania's approach and attitudes in making inclusion mainstream.


Working It Out stands at the forefront of championing LGBTIQA+ diversity and inclusion in Tasmania. Since 1999, they have dedicated themselves to supporting, advocating for LGBTIQ+ Tasmanians, and educating the broader community. Their multifaceted approach encompasses individual and group support, professional training, and community initiatives. Through their efforts, Working It Out has nurtured safe and inclusive spaces, improved the professional practices of numerous organisations, and facilitated better health and well-being outcomes for Tasmanians. They are trailblazers in fostering a more just and inclusive society for LGBTIQ+ Tasmanians.


EPA Sustainability Award (Community)

Hobart Bike Kitchen (HBK) has been a driving force behind transforming its community since its inception in 2009. Through recycling old bikes and parts, they've diverted hundreds from landfills, championing environmental sustainability. Beyond bikes, HBK promotes cycling and healthy transport, benefiting individuals' health, reducing pollution, and fostering a stronger, better-connected community. Their inclusive approach welcomes all genders, cultures, and backgrounds, creating a collaborative, welcoming space where knowledge is shared. Despite challenges like relocation, HBK's success is measured not just in repaired bikes but in the bonds formed and the positive impact on the community's well-being, making Hobart a better place, one bike at a time.


Led by Milca Perez, Dover & Far South Recycling Unit of Dover has made a significant impact in rural Tasmania by diverting 223 kilos of small waste from landfills. Established in June 2022, it addressed critical challenges, including a lack of recycling options, awareness, and local government involvement. Through workshops, market stalls, and local engagement, it fostered recycling awareness, responsible consumption, and affordable, sustainable living. While it doesn’t aim for economic gains, it indirectly benefits the community by drawing visitors and earning points for local charities. By reducing landfill waste and promoting environmental sustainability, it exemplifies the potential of grassroots efforts.


Ramble Folk of Lulworth is a pioneering sustainable brand specialising in crafting designer products from upcycled, vintage, and leftover materials, helping reduce textile waste and promote a #reuserevolution. By using only second-hand materials, they've diverted tons of textile waste from landfills and reduced the demand for new products, with every item made right in Australia. Their commitment extends to supporting forest protection, with 5% of sales donated to organisations like the Bob Brown Foundation and Greening Australia. Ramble Folk not only redefines eco-friendly packaging but also aims to change values and perceptions around reusing, inspiring individuals to embrace the middle 'R' and make sustainable choices.


EPA Sustainability Award (Industry)

Enginuity Power Solutions of South Launceston has achieved remarkable environmental and economic results in only 2.5 years. They've reduced clients' carbon emissions by an astounding 2.5 million kg annually, translating to over $1 million in yearly energy cost savings. This small Tasmanian business leads the industry in future-proof energy solutions, pioneering technology that stabilises voltage and protects electrical systems. They're reducing carbon and advocating for energy reduction as the primary sustainability approach, making significant contributions to cleaner air, health, agriculture, and the economy. Enginuity Power Solutions, with its innovative vision and advocacy work, is poised to shape future state energy policies and change the way energy is consumed.


Meander Valley Council of Westbury introduced the Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) collection service in July 2022, which yielded significant environmental, economic, and community benefits. This innovative initiative diverts 1,234 tonnes of organic material away from landfills annually, recycling it into nutrient-rich compost. By preventing the release of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, MVC has contributed to environmental sustainability and reduced landfill-related issues like odours and leachate. The FOGO program aligns with waste hierarchy and circular economy principles, conserving landfill space and fostering local resource recovery. It also enhances community engagement, promotes local employment, and demonstrates the council's dedication to responsible waste management and sustainability.


Ramble Folk of Lulworth is a sustainable clothing and homewares brand committed to reusing and upcycling materials. Their innovative approach centres on transforming upcycled, vintage, and leftover materials into designer products, making 'Reuse' not only eco-friendly but also stylish. Ramble Folk's efforts have prevented thousands of kilos of textile waste from ending up in landfills and reduced the demand for new products with a focus on Australian-made alternatives. Beyond environmental impact, they donate 5% of every sale to protect and restore Australia's Native Forests, supporting organisations like the Bob Brown Foundation and Great Forest National Park. Ramble Folk embodies sustainability with style and purpose.


The Udder Way of Kings Meadows is at the forefront of dairy sustainability with their groundbreaking 18-litre LDPE kegs and cutting-edge dispensing systems. These eco-conscious solutions have eliminated up to 7,000 single-use plastic bottles per keg, resulting in a remarkable reduction of 302.4 kilograms of plastic waste over each keg's eight to ten-year lifespan. Certified by HACCP International for food safety, these kegs conserve resources, enhance storage efficiency, and elevate user convenience. The Udder Way's innovative smartphone app further empowers stakeholders and consumers to trace product origins and validate their commitment to a plastic-free dairy industry, driving impactful change on multiple fronts.


Fonterra Australia Agriculture Award

Sprout Tasmania is the cornerstone of small-scale farming in Tasmania. By nurturing a community of like-minded individuals, Sprout empowers farmers with support, knowledge and connections. Their advocacy efforts amplify the voices of small-scale farmers, addressing the challenges they face. Sprout's Sprout Producer Program and the Cross Pollinate conference foster growth in the local food system, increasing the availability of fresh, seasonal, and nutritious produce for Tasmanians. Their online education Hub breaks down knowledge barriers, benefitting 120+ members. Sprout's resilience and success are evident in their fundraising achievements and the relationships and collaborations they have fostered in and outside of agriculture.


Tasmanian Berries is a family-owned business. Employing over 500 employees during peak harvest, the business offers a diverse range of career opportunities, fostering local talent and supporting the community. Through sponsorships, cultural celebrations, and utilising local businesses, Tasmanian Berries bolsters the region's economy and community bonds. Their commitment to innovation shines through investments in advanced technology, state-of-the-art infrastructure and research and development. With a strong focus on safety, positive workplace culture and employee development, they set a benchmark as an employer of choice. Additionally, their leaders' recognition and participation in industry programs, demonstrate their dedication to agriculture's growth and diversity.


A/Professor Matthew Harrison of the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture has reshaped agriculture over two decades. His research, community engagement and extensive media outreach have catalysed the adoption of new practices and technologies for improving productivity, profitability and sustainability. Matthew's work has propelled carbon farming, climate adaptation and economic prosperity of the sector. For example, Matt led the NEXUS Project, enabling application of state-of-the-art technologies to address contemporary farmer challenges. NEXUS directly engaged thousands of people, which is testament to its impact. Beyond the farm gate, Matt's influence on state and federal government policies has reduced GHG emissions and global warming.


Tasmanian Natural Garlic & Tomatoes of Selbourne (TNGT) is a testament to Annette and Nevil Reed's transformative journey in small-scale farming. Their pioneering spirit, ignited amid personal challenges, led to impactful contributions to agriculture and community. Through workshops and the Tasmanian Garlic & Tomato Festival, they've empowered hundreds to explore productive small landholdings, sharing insights on heirlooms, soil health, and climate resilience. TNGT's vision challenged conventional farming wisdom, demonstrating the viability of small farms. They've put Selbourne on the map, fostering connections between rural and urban communities. With passion, adaptability, and a diverse product range, their work transcends the farm gate, impacting lives and bridging divides.


Healthy Tasmania Health and Wellbeing Award

Bicycle Network of Hobart is a member-driven not-for-profit, has been instrumental in enhancing cycling culture in Tasmania. Their Ride2School and Back on your Bike programs have empowered individuals of all ages, instilling confidence in cycling. Volunteer-led social rides have cultivated a thriving cycling community, showcasing Tasmania's picturesque routes. Bicycle Network's advocacy has yielded tangible results, including safer cycling paths on the Tasman Bridge and the introduction of separated cycleways. They've also secured government support for programs benefitting hundreds of children and adults. By teaching, inspiring, and advocating, Bicycle Network has successfully transformed the landscape of cycling in Tasmania, promoting better health, well-being, and environmental sustainability.


Huon Valley Council in Southern Tasmania introduced the Food Hub Project, forging a resilient, interconnected food system. Their holistic approach aimed to improve access to healthy, sustainable food while nurturing community engagement. The project yielded a robust business model tailored to local needs and successfully underwent community activations, serving as practical demonstrations of the proposed hub's functions. Notably, a networked governance model is in the works, ensuring the project's legacy persists. It has made substantial progress in addressing food insecurity, enhancing well-being, and creating economic opportunities, underlining the project's profound impact on the health, social, economic, and environmental aspects.


PFLAG Tasmania Inc of Cygnet has been a transformative force in supporting the Huon Valley's LGBTIQA+ community. Established in 1992, they undertook a groundbreaking Community Action Plan for Suicide Prevention, involving surveys and community forums that reached over 1,680 individuals. Despite facing funding challenges, they persevered, creating the Cygnet Community Hub—a vital mental health and support centre offering classes and a safe space. PFLAG's commitment to reducing mental health stigma and promoting resilience has garnered numerous accolades, including the 2016 Tasmanian Human Rights Award and the 2022 Lifeline Tasmanian Communities in Action for Suicide Prevention Life Award. They continue to strengthen community connections and well-being.


The Neighbours Every Day campaign from Relationships Australia Tasmania aimed to minimise loneliness and create belonging within Tasmanian communities. Through grants and initiatives, they have enabled 35 communities to create neighbourly events and activities that brought people together and created meaningful social connections. Over 120 applications were received, demonstrating the need for increased social connections across communities. The positive feedback from grant recipients revealed the campaign's significant impact, with new friendships formed and existing ones strengthened. Through this campaign, Relationships Australia Tasmania has made a lasting difference in reducing loneliness and promoting the importance of meaningful social connections across Tasmania.


Heather & Christopher Chong Outstanding Achiever Award

Belle Binder, the dynamic Managing Director of Left Field, is redefining Tasmania's horticulture sector. Leading a 176% turnover growth last financial year, her latest innovation, the Farm Work Loop, disrupts traditional labour frameworks, forging a win-win ecosystem for adventurous workers and farmers. Complementing this, her "Calm Your Farm" workshops equip growers with tools for higher productivity, sustainability and growth. Belle's resolve, even amid challenges, signals an unwavering commitment to elevating community and industry standards. Her vision goes beyond individual success, aiming instead to innovate the larger horticultural arena for a sustainable and secure future.


Marion Cooper OAM is a beacon of community service and leadership in Tasmania. Her remarkable contributions span diverse organisations, including the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania, Royal Hobart Hospital Auxiliary, and Rotary. Marion's impactful leadership has reduced youth fatalities on Tasmanian roads, raised over $2 million for hospital equipment, and established a playground at the hospital. She tirelessly dedicates over 2,000 volunteer hours annually to these causes. Marion's generosity, courage, and organisational skills have transformed lives and instilled a sense of community spirit. Her remarkable journey showcases the resilience and unwavering commitment to building healthier, safer, and more vibrant communities.


Myles Moore is an accredited exercise physiologist, researcher, and educator. With a Masters and PhD in exercise physiology and a portfolio of scientific publications, Myles has impacted the clinical practice of exercise physiologists worldwide. He excels as a tutor to help shape future healthcare professionals through teaching and fostering evidence-based practices. Myles also actively engages in several committees to advocate for the role of exercise physiologists in the Tasmanian public health system. Overall, Myles’ combined clinical and research expertise in exercise physiology solidifies him as a leader in the field and a passionate advocate for healthier communities.


Theo Kapodistrias of Sandy Bay is a lawyer and speaker who embodies the spirit of community and innovation. Theo is the General Counsel of a global energy software company, but his passion extends far beyond. As the driving force behind TEDxHobart, Theo breathes life into this platform, inspiring his Tasmanian community with boundless creativity. His leadership at Business Events Tasmania has reaped economic benefits, securing events worth $1.5 million for the state. In the Association of Corporate Counsel Australia, he tirelessly builds a supportive legal community. Theo's unpaid hours are a testament to his unwavering commitment, fostering inspiration, economic growth, and lasting connections in his community.


Konica Minolta Customer Service Award

Aspen Hair Salon of South Launceston is an eco-conscious haven that elevates hairstyling with premium Australian organic products and a commitment to excellence. They actively collaborate with local businesses and support meaningful causes like children with cancer, leaving a positive mark on their community. The salon is more than a place for haircare; it's a sanctuary where clients forge lasting friendships with a team that supports them through life's highs and lows. Aspen Hair Salon's environmental ethos, top-notch customer service, and impactful community contributions make them a standout nominee. Guests can escape to their serene, eco-friendly space and experience the warmth of a welcoming and knowledgeable team.


Curringa Farm of Hamilton is more than a farmstay; it's an experience woven with heart and care. Owned and operated by the 6th generation of Tasmanian farmers, Tim and Jane Parsons, this is a global favourite. With 9 cottages hosting 3,435 guests from 2022 to 2023, it isn't just about accommodations; it's about creating cherished memories through farm tours. Tim's dedication extends to the Tasmanian tourism industry, while Jane goes above and beyond for all her guests. As a significant employer in the region, they boost the local economy and spreads awareness about sustainable land management, agriculture, and ecosystem protection.


ForknFarm Homestead of Glengarry stands out for its commitment to sustainability, personalised service, and community empowerment. Rooted in permaculture, they've earned acclaim for their green practices. Beyond exceptional service, they gift guests with blooming Thank-You cards, showcasing their environmental dedication. Their collaboration with local farmers and continuous learning amplifies their impact. The homestead sets a high standard for responsible tourism, preserving cultural traditions and fostering a vibrant community. In the Tasmanian Tourism and Hospitality industry, they're more than a destination; they're an inspiration for sustainable living, service excellence, and community support. ForknFarm Homestead's legacy extends far beyond its picturesque landscape, impacting both business and community positively.


Scorpion Pest Management of Glenorchy has established itself as a trailblazer in Tasmania's pest control industry. Lead by their Director, Jason Eyles, their unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability is exemplified through the "Keen to Get Green" campaign, reducing their carbon footprint and embracing eco-friendly practices. With a growing team and expanded service portfolio, Scorpion has achieved remarkable client retention, consistently high demand, and a waiting list for their services. Their dedication to exceptional customer service, active community engagement, and eco-friendly practices has not only made a significant impact on the business but also earned them glowing testimonials and a well-deserved reputation as industry leaders.


MAIB Community Safety Award 

Kidsafe Tasmania helps prevent childhood injuries and their lifelong repercussions. Focusing on reducing unintentional injuries among young Tasmanians aged 0-17, they provide vital education and support to families, carers, and grandparents. Their work includes regional areas often underserved. Through free child restraint checks and education sessions, they've improved child safety in vehicles, with an astounding 90% of checked restraints requiring adjustments for enhanced safety. Beyond the immediate impact, Kidsafe Tasmania forges strong partnerships, like their collaboration with Families Tasmania, to reach priority populations facing financial and accessibility challenges. Their dedication to health literacy ensures their resources are user-friendly and effective.


Neighbourhood Watch Tasmania Inc of Hobart (NWTI) stands at the forefront of community safety and wellbeing. This entirely voluntary organisation, with 40 dedicated groups, partners closely with Tasmania Police to empower communities with crime prevention information. NWTI dispels rumours, increases awareness, and improves security. They orchestrate events like "Cuppa with a Cop," bringing police officers and communities together, fostering human connections, and facilitating personal interactions that enhance relationships and build trust. NWTI's growth is evident, with six new groups joining in the past year. Their collective efforts resonate, reducing crime by up to 26%, improving social connections, enhancing community wellbeing, and diminishing the fear of crime across Tasmania.


Rotary Youth Driver Awareness makes a substantial impact on road safety in Tasmania. Since 2006, this program has been a cornerstone of Grade 10 education, with 5,000+ students across 60 schools attending annually. Run by Rotary assisted by government funding, RYDA offers a one-day road safety program addressing attitude, awareness, and responsible driving behaviours. RYDA's dedicated facilitators, including professionals and volunteers, provide students with practical knowledge that extends beyond the program. By instilling a sense of responsibility and awareness, RYDA plays a vital role in reducing crashes and deaths among young drivers, ultimately contributing to safer roads and communities.


Safe Choices Tasmania is an invaluable resource for victims of family violence, empowering individuals to regain control of their lives. By providing safety planning, risk assessments, and referrals to essential programs, SafeChoices contributes significantly to reducing the risk of harm for victims and their families. Their approach includes collaboration with clients and support services to create a network of safety and support. SafeChoices also addresses the emotional well-being of their clients, leading to better mental health outcomes. Their commitment to fostering hope in challenging circumstances makes SafeChoices a beacon of support and kindness for those who access their services.


MAIB Disability Achievement Award

Alysse Gavlik of Lindisfarne is a tireless advocate and accomplished professional who defies stereotypes associated with disabilities. As a quadriplegic, she fearlessly champions inclusion and employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Through her involvement in influential roles, such as the Premiers Disability Advisory Council and Disability Voices Tasmania, Alysse significantly impacts policies and decision-making, working towards a brighter future for disabled individuals. Alysse actively participates in corporate forums, challenging prejudices and championing diverse workforces. Alysse believes you "can't be what you can't see" and sets herself as an example of what can be achieved by a person with a disability.


Ana Pike of Hobart is a passionate intersectional activist who relentlessly advocates for marginalised groups, particularly those with disabilities. Ana's remarkable journey includes receiving the 2021 Disability Festival Award for contributions by a young person. Her impactful work focuses on raising awareness about the inaccessibility faced by disabled individuals, prompting influential figures and organisations to take action. Currently a uni student, Ana's commitment to making online content accessible has transformed the digital landscape for the disability community. Despite significant health challenges and systemic ableism, Ana perseveres, exemplifying the power of determination and the potential for positive change in creating a more inclusive and just society.


David Wood of Acton Park figured in a football accident at the age of 18 that left him quadriplegic. Undaunted, he embarked on a remarkable journey of triumph over adversity. Beyond holding down a full-time job and starting his own sport clothing business, David is a motivational speaker, coach of Tasmania's first wheelchair rugby team, devoted father of two, husband, and a true role model. His infectious attitude and love for life inspire all who cross his path. David's contributions as a community advocate have touched countless lives, proving that determination knows no bounds. He's a testament to human resilience, and an inspiration to everyone.


Paul Pritchard of Taroona has impactful contributions, from challenging stereotypes as a 'Human Book' in the Hobart Human Library to advocating for disability awareness through roles on the Disability Voices Tasmania board and the Hobart City Council Access Committee. His passion for adventure and filmmaking is transformative. Paul has documented remarkable all-abilities expeditions, including leading a diverse team on the 232 km Desert Trail and tracking the Larapinta Trail for a documentary. These adventures dispel stereotypes, demonstrating the adaptability, creativity, and resilience of individuals with disabilities. Through his relentless storytelling and action, Paul is normalising disability and driving towards a more inclusive and equitable society.