Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards


“Nearly 400 people from around Tasmania came together to eat, drink and be merry for the Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards Gala. The Awards night is a unique opportunity to celebrate people and organisations who are making our Tasmanian community healthier as well as more resilient, inclusive and sustainable. As a platform to celebrate excellence, leadership and community spirit, the awards night highlighted community-driven solutions and moving stories of overcoming disadvantage.”

Matthew Etherington
2018 Rural Health Tasmania Innovation in Mental, Social and Emotional Wellbeing Award Winner




"A fantastic night that recognized extraordinary work being done by everyone in Tasmania. It was wonderful to learn about the tremendous initiatives that people have taken to make Tasmania the place we aspire it to be. It signifies the importance of the spirit of Tasmanians who achieve greatness by caring for our community and sharing their love and support with everyone."

Hina and Waqas Durrani
2017 Heather and Christopher Chong Outstanding Achiever Award Winner


"The Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards were an excellent experience for me, the process was well structured and the categories allowed for a diverse range of nominations. It was very nice for the Schools Triathlon Challenge to get publicly recognized by such a prestigious award in the Betta Milk 'Make it Betta' Health Achievement Award category. Winning the award was wider recognition that the event is making a difference and to have that acknowledged by the broader public was fantastic. It also gave a huge pat on the back to the countless volunteers, teachers, parents & sponsors involved and everyone who contributes to the event in any way each year. The STC will continue to develop and get more people involved and this award is certainly a great showpiece for the events future growth."

Tim Smith
2017 Betta Milk ‘Make It Betta’ Health Achievement Award Winner


"Participating in the 2017 Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards was a truly rewarding experience and winning the Get moving Tasmania Physical Activity Award was a wonderful recognition of the contribution of all our volunteers to making Tasmania a happier, healthier place. Shortly after the Awards, we were also fortunate to receive a Healthy Tasmania Community Innovations Grant for the establishment of two new events in Tasmania.

Winning the award has also raised the profile of parkrun within the Tasmanian Community, resulting in significant increases in both event and participants numbers. Since the Awards were announced, we have established another three new events in Tasmania, with four more due for launch in the coming months. Our ultimate goal is to establish at least one parkrun event in every local council area in Tasmania - and we’re nearly halfway there!"

parkrun Tasmania - Christine Timms
2017 Get Moving Tasmania Physical Activity Award Winner


"We enjoyed being a part of the awards process, from the gathering of information to entering our submission right through to the awards dinner and receiving the award itself. This was a rewarding experience for our company. As a Tasmanian owned and operated business we felt honoured to be recognised amongst other local Tasmanian businesses. We felt very privileged to receive this award as our community is very important to our success. We are continuing to develop our fish farm operations, conducting feasibility studies in far North West Tasmania and in the South East of Tasmania. We hope to create job opportunities in these regional communities and continue to grow our Atlantic Salmon and Ocean Trout production."

Petuna Group
2017 Fonterra Australia Agriculture Award Winner


"When I was nominated by ParaQuad Tas. under the Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards - MAIB Award I was aware that there would be other worthy participants also nominated for their contribution in volunteering their time to assist people with disabilities.
Winning the MAIB Award I feel has given me confidence to continue the work I have undertaken during the past 18years + I also know that the input I have had as an advocate and access auditor is making a difference to peoples’ lives in Tasmania and that there is still a very long way to go before we can say we have achieved total equity and access for all people with a disability.
Since winning the award I am continuing to do my volunteer work undertake access audits and advocate work and issues that come to my attention that affect people with a disability. I am still an active member of government committees and I have recently been appointed to the Board of the Independent Living Centres Tasmania.
I would encourage organisations to nominate their volunteers or employees, who have a disability, for the MAIB Award as shows the community how people with disabilities, who volunteer, can make a difference."

David Cawthorn
2017 MAIB Disability Achievement Award Winner




“Everyone involved at Pearns Steam World holds a strong commitment to agriculture and our local community; so to receive the Fonterra Australia Agriculture Award at this level is absolutely tremendous. Our museum was fostered, funded, built and developed and continues to improve with the work and commitment of volunteers. We hope that winning this Award places us on the path to achieve our aim to be of being one of Tasmania’s iconic attractions. The foundations of Pearns Steam World started 60 years ago, when 3 quiet and unassuming farm men, had a vision to collect one of every make of steam traction engine that operated in Tasmania and in doing so saved a large chunk of Tasmania’s agricultural heritage from the scrap metal yard. To donate what is now an extremely valuable collection to their local community, was indeed very generous.
The night of the Gala Presentation Dinner was our busiest day ever in the history of Pearns Steam World, and we arrived totally exhausted, but our spirits were quickly lifted by the great company of other category finalists who shared our table. The stories from all nominations and finalists are inspiring. A few weeks after the Gala Presentation Dinner, we held a celebration BBQ lunch for all our volunteers and supporters. Included in the gathering was our wonderful sponsor Steve from Fonterra Australia.
2017 will celebrate our 30th year of operation and the Tasmanian Community Achievement Award is the very first trophy we have ever received. This was the second time Pearns Steam World was nominated for the award and all I can say to others considering or who missed out this year is try, try; and try again.”
Pearns Steam World

2016 Fonterra Australia Agriculture Award Winner


"The Women's TRY-Athlon and Fun Run Inc Committee was both surprised and honoured to be nominated for a Tasmanian Community Achievement Award. It was with great excitement that we headed to Hobart for the Gala Presentation Dinner. We had an amazing time at the dinner and were in total awe of all the people and groups nominated. The evening was topped off by winning the Get Moving Tasmania Physical Activity Award. As could be told by the cheers of delight when our name was announced, we were absolutely thrilled to win this award.
The media exposure and community congratulations and pride that has been shown has really helped to get our event out to more people.
We recently held the 2016 event on November 19th at Stanley. This was a positive and successful day with great feedback given and we now have structures in place to make this an ongoing annual event.
We would like to thank Get Moving Tasmania for sponsoring this award and giving us all these opportunities.
The Women's TRY Committee would strongly recommend others getting involved in the awards as it was an overwhelmingly positive experience for our community, our event and also on a personal level.”

Women's TRY-Athlon and Fun Run Inc Committee
2016 Get Moving Tasmania Physical Activity Award Winner


"We were delighted to win the Ricoh Business Centre Hobart Environment Award. The award has been a great recognition for the work of our organisation, our consortium partners (Mission Australia and UTAS), staff and stakeholders. It validates our continued commitment to improving the lives of low income Tasmanians whilst addressing the critical need to tackle climate change. We thank the sponsors including Ricoh Business Centre and Bentleys Accountants for their continued support."

Sustainable Living Tasmania
2016 Ricoh Business Centre Hobart Environment Award Winner


"Greenham Tasmania and Botanical Resources Australia were honoured to receive the 2016 EPA Sustainability Award for our Biofuel Briquettes Project joint entry.
The awards process was good and the dinner was a lot of fun. Thanks to Awards Australia and the sponsors – Bentleys, Southern Cross TV, The Advocate & Examiner and Heart 107.3FM for making it all happen.
Winning the award was a thrill! The Award brings excellent recognition and marketing opportunities, but more so the award provided reward and recognition for the employees of both companies, who toiled hard to make the project a reality.”

Greenham Tasmania and Botanical Resources Australia
2016 EPA Sustainability Award Winner


"Winning the Betta Milk 'Make It Betta' Health Achievement Award for this year’s Community Achievement Awards was a fantastic result for both myself and also my charity SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY. The amount of hype around the awards was tremendous, and winning certainly helped give much more publicity to the charity throughout the community. I certainly didn’t set out to run a charity and receive personal accolades, but being recognised for implementing positive work in the state is a wonderful feeling. And I would 100% recommend people to nominate inspiring people doing great work in their community, so that they can help raise the profile of the work that they are so passionate about."

Mitch McPherson
2016 Betta Milk ‘Make it Betta’ Health Achievement Award Winner


"The Salvation Army Barrington Lodge was proud to be announced as the inaugural winner of the 2016 Prime Super Employer Excellence in Aged Care Award. Winning this award has helped to promote our aged care facility in the community as an aged care facility that is committed to providing high quality aged care to older people who are homeless (or at risk of homelessness) and those who are very marginalised without discrimination. There is an immense feeling of pride since our win which has been recognised within The Salvation Army organisation throughout Australia. The Gala Presentation Dinner was a great opportunity to celebrate the achievements of other organisations in their chosen fields. We thank the sponsors, Prime Super and Bentleys Accountants, Auditors, Advisors, for their support of this award."

Salvation Army Barrington Lodge
2016 Prime Super Employer Excellence in Aged Care Award Winner


"Members of the Rotary Club of Scottsdale were honoured and thrilled to be the recipient of the Prime Super Community Group of the Year Award. This award was fantastic recognition for all the dedicated and sustained work members devoted to establishing the North East Rail Trail. The award has enhanced the profile of rail trails and the opportunities for economic development they offer regional Tasmania. Publicity resulting from the award has increased awareness about the trail and the number of users visiting it from other parts of Tasmania as well as national and international tourists. Public profile for a project such as this is difficult to achieve so we are grateful for the help gained through this award. Our communities all need positive, can do people so the dinner was an opportunity to network with those of like minds dedicated to improving our communities. The club displays the trophy and certificate with pride in our local community and sincerely thanks all the organisers and sponsors whose efforts make the awards possible."

Rotary Club of Scottsdale
2016 Prime Super Community Group of the Year Award Winner



"Winning the Prime Super Community Group of the Year Award in 2015 has helped Rural Alive & Well’s (RAW) vision to half rural suicide in Tasmania by 2020. We are a not-for-profit organisation helping individuals, families and communities through mental health issues with a focus on suicide prevention. Since winning the award we have introduced a new initiative: The Healthy and Resilient Communities Project, which sees us working alongside twenty communities in rural Tasmania over a three year period, enlisting stronger community participation in local suicide prevention and well-being initiatives. We have also employed four new Outreach Workers, furthering our outreach to the Break O’ Day area, and reaching as far as Flinders and King Island. The recognition from this award alone has helped RAW in the local community, has raised more awareness of the work we do, plus furthered our reach to Tasmanian’s in need. It gives strength and comfort to funding bodies willing to help."

Ella Richmond, Marketing & Event Coordinator
Rural Alive & Well
2015 Prime Super Community Group of the Year Award Winner


“Winning the Capital Innovation Insurance Group Innovation in Safety Award let us highlight the achievements of our staff and share the story of our new Fortress Pens, which have been designed and assembled in Tasmania and have generated significant improvements for the safety of our employees. The Community Achievement Awards are a great opportunity to learn about and celebrate projects and individuals in Tasmania which are working to improve our local communities.”

Ian Trotter, Work Health and Safety Manager
Huon Aquaculture of Hobart
2015 Capital Innovation Insurance Group Innovation in Safety Award Winner


“As the 2015 winner of the Community Achievement Awards – Betta Milk Health Achievement category we have experienced a number of important aspects. Firstly the award has raised our profile in the community and this has been enhanced through the TV advertisements celebrating the awards. Secondly, we received congratulatory letters from the Minister of Education and other Politian’s which was very confirming of our work that we do in the Tasmanian community. Thirdly, the Award has acknowledged the wonderful work of Canteen Managers in our Tassie schools – providing nutritious, affordable and yummy food.
A big thankyou to the Community Achievements Award Team for the great work that you do in running these Awards and I recommend organisations big and small to nominate for the 2016 Awards. And last but not least thanks to the team at Betta Milk for supporting community activity in the way that you do.”

Julie Dunbabin, Executive Officer
Tasmanian School Canteen Association
2015 Betta Milk ‘Make it Betta’ Health Achievement Award Winner