Young Achiever Awards



The Awards are conducted on a state basis. Please click on your state to obtain further information.

*Note: some states have additional category awards. Please see your applicable state page for more information.

To enter the awards program you must first nominate during the call for nomination phase. Each category has three finalists selected with the winner announced at the Awards Gala Presentation dinner. The evening culminates when one of the category winners is announced as the overall state winner the Young Achiever of the Year for their State or Territory.

Objectives of the program

  1. Acknowledge & highlight the achievements of young Australians.
  2. Educate the general public with examples of youth achievement.
  3. Encourage & motivate young Australians at all levels in their chosen field of endeavour.
  4. Develop a sense of pride in being an Australian.
  5. Build self-confidence through rewards for excellence.
  6. Provide role models & mentors for our youth by highlighting their achievements and the pursuit of excellence.
  7. Develop and encourage leadership and life skills in young Australians.