7NEWS Young Achiever Awards - NSW/ACT

Sample Nomination:

This is to be used as a guide only and nominators should review the criteria for the Award nominating to ensure all criteria are addressed correctly.

1. 100 word summary ( Who is the person? What do they do? Etc.)

I have worked at (insert organisation) for (insert years). At the organisation my role is to (insert key roles and responsibilities). In the local community I have contributed (insert contributions). I hope to continue to work (insert organisation or chosen field) and to accomplish (insert what is hope to be accomplished). My achievements over the last 12 months have been (insert awards & milestones).

2. Academic Background

Since completing my studies at (insert university or school) I have gone on to work with (insert organisation, company etc) in the field of (insert field). Whilst at (insert uni, school, and college) I achieved a high mark in my exams and was awarded (insert award and details about the award). I also obtained (insert award/ accolade) and was recognised as a high achiever at my (insert organisation).

I hope to continue with my (insert studies, research) in the field of (insert field, job, work experience etc) with the aim of completing (insert research goal, study goals, work goals). I also volunteer my time at (insert organisation) and have been recognised as an outstanding volunteer and have received certificates (outline certificates/ achievements).

3. Goals and Ambitions

Since the age of (insert age) I have hoped to enter the field of (insert field). In the next (insert years) years, I hope to achieve (insert award, goal, event). With this in mind in need I will be completing my studies in (insert year) and hope to be employed with (Insert Company/ field). Achieving these goals will allow me to apply for (insert grants, funding, new studies, and new positions in company) and therefore allow me to be recognised professionally within my community. I am also looking into (insert course, goal/ event) to achieve (insert award, achievement) to aid me in reaching (insert goal) within the next (insert years/time period).

Through my voluntary work I hope to raise (insert amount) for (insert charity, company/ organisation) by (insert year) to aid in funding (insert event, cause, charity, organisation, contribution).

4. Outline contribution to your field/endeavor:

Since studying in the (field/event/company) I have achieved (insert accolades/awards). As a (insert role in field) I have been able to insure that I am able to aid in establishing (list events/ initiatives/ programs).At the moment I am currently at ( insert level of endeavor eg. Local, national or international level)

5. Contributions to the wider Community

Over the past (insert years) years I have been involved with many organisations within my local community including (insert organsiations, charities, community events etc). Within ( insert organisation) I have raised ( insert amount) for the (insert cause) which have benefited the (insert organisation) and have given them to ability to provide (insert what contribution has provided). I have also been involved in the following organisation (list all organisation, community groups and associations involved in and the contributions made to all).

In the next (insert time period) I am also looking into establishing (insert group, organisation/company) to aid my community by ( insert benefits of group, organistion/ company). I hope to encourage others in the community to be involved by (insert ways community will be involved in group, organisation/company/event). I hope to aid in providing (insert what organisation/company/ event will provide to those who it will be helping).

6. Sacrifices made or/and Barriers overcome

Since starting my (insert company, cause, project, job, volunteering) I have sacrificed (insert sacrifices). Even though I have sacrificed a lot for my (insert job, cause, volunteering) I have been able to contribute to my local community and aid those who need the most help within my region (insert region).

Through my sacrifices I have learnt how to (insert what has been learnt by sacrifices) and hope I am able to pass on these lessons to my peers at (Insert company/ organisation, cause etc.)

7. Achievements, Awards, Accolades

Through my field (insert field of endeavor) I have been awarded through my achievements. My awards include (list awards and when they were won). As a receipt of these awards, I have been able to both further my study/ been able to further in the field of (insert field) which has allowed me to apply and be accepted as (insert position, commitment to sport/community/organisation). Since at (insert school, work, company etc.) I also achieved (insert awards). These have been valuable in allowing me to achieve my goals.

Whilst at (insert field of study/work) I have been awarded many (insert forms of funding, work awards etc). Within the (insert work/ study etc.) these awards have allowed me to extend me (insert training initiatives/ research initiatives etc.) and have allowed me to continue to excel in my chosen field (insert chosen field).