Northern Territory Young Achiever Awards

Testimonials from the 2020 Award Winners

"Winning the NT Young Achiever was a huge surprise & great honour. Being a paediatric doctor and contributing to health of young Territorians is something that comes naturally and feels very normal to me. Just being nominated for the award made me realise that I do go above and beyond. It showed me the that the joy and passion I bring to work and my extracurricular life is valued and important. A big thank you to TIO, Seven Darwin, Hot 100 and Glencore McArthur River Mining for your support of these awards. I have used some of my prize money to fix my beautiful rescue dog Manny's cataracts- neither he nor I have ever been happier!"

Claire Chandler

2020 Northern Territory Young Achiever of the Year

2020 Glencore McArthur River Mining Rural and Regional Initiative Award Winner



Testimonials from the 2019 Award Winners

"The Young Achiever Awards play an important role in providing the opportunity for exceptional young people in the Northern Territory to be recognised.
As a category winner and the overall winner, I am extremely grateful to have been acknowledged for my achievements.
Being a part of the awards has been rewarding and has prompted me to reflect on my journey to this point.
In doing so, I have realised how far I have come and what I have achieved which is why I believe these awards are invaluable.
My involvement with this program has given me further opportunity to give back to the community, promote the awards and hopefully to inspire other young people.”

Rikki Bruce
2019 Northern Territory Young Achiever of the Year
2019 Genesee & Wyoming Australia Indigenous Achievement Award


“The creation of these awards means that some amazing people get recognition for the amazing things they do. For me, it was an absolute privilege to be nominated alongside Annabel and Isabella, but to win the Regional and Rural Initiative Award was an amazing feeling. Because of the partners support, the things we do as teachers and educators in remote communities were brought into the spotlight. We as educators never ask for thanks for the work we do, but by gosh, when we receive it, it means the world and more.”

Metui Tongatua
2019 Glencore McArthur River Mining Regional and Rural Initiative Award


"Winning the Somerville Community Service Award was such an honour and has inspired me to go further in ‘doing my bit’ for my community. I have taken on additional roles within Tennant Creek to learn, share, give back, and connect with more people. I have been continuing my volunteering as Secretary of the Tennant Creek RSL Sub Branch, I have also been appointed onto the NT Veteran Affairs Ministerial Advisory Board for a period of three years. In March 2019, I was elected as President for CWA Tennant Creek. The NT Young Achiever Awards is a great way to recognise young achievers in the NT across a range of different categories."

Nicole Civitarese
2019 Somerville Community Service Award



Testimonials from the 2018 Award Category Winners


"Since winning the N.T Young Achiever award, I have been working even harder and have been a part of assisting and advising the implementation of a new literacy program across the school. I recently attended a two day PD in Alice Springs with other staff to learn about the program. The two days were quite intensive but worthwhile and over the next few weeks I will be working closely with families to help them understand the changes in our literacy program at the school.

During the next few weeks I will be returning to my Batchelor studies and by doing this I will be able to continue to assist our students and their families with the children’s learning.

I would like to take this opportunity to again express my thanks and how being the current NT Young Achiever has given me the opportunity to continue working and assisting young people in Titjikala to attend school everyday to achieve their goals and dreams in the future."

Roger Wilyuka
2018 Northern Territory Young Achiever of the Year Winner
2018 NT Government Young Aboriginal Educator Award Winner


"It was an honour to win the Minister for Territory Families Excellence in Youth Leadership Award at the NT Young Achiever Awards. I am more inspired to help make a positive contribution to our community."

Christopher Teng
2018 Minister for Territory Families Excellence in Youth Leadership Award Winner


"I was absolutely thrilled to hear of the news that I had been nominated for the 2018 NT Government Small Business Achievement Award. I was happy with the exposure and recognition of just being nominated let alone the exposure that winning brought. I never thought I would have a chance at winning my category. When I did, I was overwhelmed. There were so many great small businesses nominated whom I have much respect and admiration for. The night was amazing and very surreal, one I will never forget. I very much recommend being involved with the Young Achiever Awards. It is a great community event recognising the amazing talent our young people have in the Northern Territory. Thank you again for all that you do and for providing us the opportunity to stand out in the NT."

Alex Florance - Florance Electrical
2018 NT Government Small Business Achievement Award Winner


"The NT Young Achiever Awards recognise the amazing achievements of some of the most talented Territorians, and I am very proud to be amongst them in 2018. Winning the Zip Print Sport Award category is a fantastic reward for all the hard work, sacrifice and commitment needed to be an elite sportsperson. I believe that winning this award will help to raise my profile as an international sportsperson from the Northern Territory and increase my exposure nationally as I follow my dream to become a Formula 1 driver."

Thomas Maxwell - Formula Renault Eurocup driver.
2018 Zip Print Sport Award Winner


"I was honoured and excited to have won the NT Government Young Carers Award, as it was amazing to be acknowledge as a Young Achiever, along with others in the various other different categories. I am humbled and proud to receive this award, especially since the other finalists and nominees had inspiring stories of the challenging roles they performed as carers. It was amazing to have received this award in front of my family and friends and the large crowd who were present at the awards ceremony.
Since having received the award, I have been acknowledged as a recipient of the award at school, through Carers NT and in the Darwin Sun and the NT News. People have also congratulated me on receiving the award which they have seen on the channel nine presentation, which unfortunately due to heavy study load, I have not personally seen.
The Award itself has given me confidence to continue my role as a carer, for my brother Igen and I aim to continue and improve his wellbeing and community involvement. I continue to assist him in many activities, including drama, athletics, music, and general exercise. In addition, I have continued to assist in Young Carers activities, as my studies allow, and recently undertook the role as mentor for a workshop for younger carers who care for people with autism.
In the future, I hope to join the Round Table, but possibly after I complete year 12 studies, with the intent on promoting the role and needs of young carers in the community. I also hope to further understanding within the school environment about the challenges faced by the many (and often unknown) young carers."

Eloy Mason
2018 NT Government Young Carers Award Winner


"Winning the Community Service Award really helped me confirm that the work I was doing was needed and appreciated. Working in a field like LGBTQIA+ advocacy, I often run into people who tell me that what I am doing is wrong, unneeded or unhelpful so winning an award like the Community Service Award gave me the much-needed motivation to keep going past any negativity and continue the work I feel passionate about."

Phoebe Hooper
2018 Somerville Community Service Award Winner



Testimonials from the 2017 Award Category Winners

“It is an honour to be the recipient of such a prestigious award. The awards night gives us an opportunity reflect on our personal achievements, but more importantly give us the opportunity to look to our peers for motivation, inspiration and innovative ways to better our community, as well as to get together with family and friends and thank them for their support and encouragement over the years. I urge anyone who sees someone working positively for our community to nominate and lift others around you up.”

Aditi Srinivas
2017 Somerville Community Service Award Winner


"Since winning the Minister for Territory Families Excellence in Youth Leadership Award it has motivated and empowered me to keep reaching for the stars, to continue kicking goals and inspiring others about stepping up and taking on any challenges and opportunities that come our way. A highlight that I loved about winning this award, the Minister for Territory Families, allowed me to really emphasize the importance that our families play in our leadership journeys and as one of the eldest siblings in my family, this award can help me to inspire the younger generation to come through and follow our footsteps.”

Mark Munnich
2017 Northern Territory Young Achiever of the Year
2017 Winner of the Minister for Territory Families Excellence in Youth Leadership Award


"What a great honour it was to win The Coffee Club Fashion Award alongside some incredibly inspirational people at the 2017 NT Young Achiever Awards. It was a privilege to win such an award in its first year, and having this industry recognised in such a way demonstrates the growth of fashion in the Territory.
Thank you to the Northern Territory Young Achiever Awards for enabling local youth to be recognised for the hard work and dedication they are putting into the local fashion sector. I very much look forward to seeing the finalists and award recipients in years to come."

Matilda Alegria
2017 The Coffee Club Fashion Award Winner


"To win the Young Indigenous Educator Award in 2017 has been an honour. I have felt overwhelmed with the support of my workplace, family, friends and wider community in the nomination and success of winning this award.
I feel that teaching is one of the most rewarding careers but it can also very challenging. To be recognised for the work you do in any field is an achievement and I feel both humbled and proud to have won an award for working hard in the job I love. Education is such an important part of my life and this experience has given me more confidence in being able to promote the importance of education and the possibilities of ongoing success in the territory."

Jade Sharp
2017 NT Government Young Indigenous Educator Award Winner


Testimonials from the 2017 Award Category Winners

“I was fortunate enough to be the 2016 Charles Darwin University Arts Award recipient. I am truly grateful to have been recognised for this award, especially after the years of hard work and dedication I have given toward my career as a dancer. Although I would not be where I am today without my parents utmost support, they have sacrificed everything to allow me to follow my dream. With the help of this award it has definitely provided relief for my family, going toward my course fees at the Sydney Dance Company Pre-Professional year. This award has provided me with faith that sheer determination and hard work will get you anywhere.”

Hayley Kelly
2016 Charles Darwin University Arts Award Winner


“Winning the ConocoPhillips Environment Award was a huge achievement for me. I felt like all the hard work and my passion to help shorebirds was recognised and supported. It was a lovely feeling knowing that the local community and other young achievers were there to support each other and celebrate the wonderful successes we’ve all had. Not only was it a great experience to accept the award, but it has also helped me financially and I will list the award on my CV. I will never forget how I felt when I heard my name called as the winner and then walking up on stage – it was such a nice moment.”

Amanda Lilleyman
2016 ConocoPhillips Environment Award Winner


"It was a total surprise for me to find out I had been announced as the winner of the 2016 Glencore McArthur River Mining Regional and Rural Initiative Award, I was not expecting it at all, as I feel that there are many more people who have contributed much more to the development and progression of the Northern territory than me. I felt incredibly honoured to be recognised for my contributions, but at the same time I know there are many people contributing in their own way, and I hope that they too can get the same recognition in the near future."

Ryan Gaskon
2016 Glencore McArthur River Mining Regional and Rural Initiative Award Winner