7NEWS Young Achiever Awards VIC

2024 Finalists


Spirit Super Connecting Communities Award

Blessing Bags Melbourne is advocating for the rights of those in facing hardship. Blessings Bags is a volunteer-driven, youth-led organisation dedicated to supporting people experiencing homelessness or disadvantage in Melbourne and surrounding areas. Since 2015, the group has provided free hygiene packs containing essential items and notes of encouragement, distributing over 17,000 packs. Each hygiene pack contains essential hygiene items as well as a hopeful note of encouragement. Through quarterly packing days and partnerships with local organisations, they foster community involvement and advocate for policy change to address homelessness. They also prioritise sustainability and education to promote compassion and social responsibility.

Brea Dorsett is helping break down societal barriers and foster resilience and social justice. Brea is a human rights advocate, champions intersectional feminism through her nonprofit, Pink Leopard. The initiative empowers sex workers with comprehensive support services and education, advocating for safe and respectful environments. Brea's lived experience of youth homelessness inspired her journey into advocacy, including work with the Foyer Foundation, HoMie, and Bridge It. Her efforts in promoting youth empowerment, combating stigma, and pushing for policy reform create positive change for marginalised groups. Brea has won the People’s Choice Award for the Youth Advisory Council Victoria.


Live4Life of Woodend is empowering rural communities. Live4Life is a registered health promotion charity dedicated to improving youth mental health and reducing suicide rates in rural areas. Since 2010, Live4Life has brought together rural communities to deliver evidence-based mental health education and peer-led support across local secondary schools. Live4Life Crew empowers young leaders as Mental Health Ambassadors, who drive positive messaging and activities in their communities. The program's success in boosting community resilience and mental health literacy has been recognised by state and national evaluations. Live4Life continues to expand its impact, shaping a brighter future for youth mental health across Australia.


Mohammed Alebrahimi of Essendon transformed his own experience into positive change for Melbourne's Arabic-speaking community. Mohammed is an Iraqi refugee, arriving in Australia in 1998. He established businesses offering vocational training, catering, and aged care services, and created a community drop-in centre. Mohammed's home care services and Beloved Community Group provide vital support, social gatherings, and educational opportunities. His volunteer work in optometry in India improved many lives. Overcoming challenges like funding and regulatory hurdles, he became a major employer and advocate for marginalised groups. Through his initiatives, Mohammed fosters a sense of belonging, helping refugees and migrants overcome barriers.
Nikita Chopra of Southbank is transforming lives and bringing communities together through her resilience and dedication. Nikita is a medical scientist and entrepreneur. She is a community influencer dedicated to promoting awareness and support in women's health, autism, and mental health. Her impactful seminars and sessions connect specialists with the local community, creating positive change. Nikita collaborates with local organisations and initiated projects like Women’s Health Awareness and Autism Awareness Brunch. Despite personal challenges, she remains committed to empowering individuals, strengthening the community, and bridging cultural gaps. She was given the “Inspiring Young Women 2022” award by GISR International Women’s Awards in New Delhi, India.



IKON Services Environmental Sustainability Award

Abhishek Kansakar of Southbank has a passion for driving meaningful change in his community and beyond. Recognised as the 2023 Victorian International Alumnus of the Year, Abhishek founded Electrify Infinite to streamline electric vehicle (EV) charging. His SaaS platform simplifies the charging process, making EV adoption more accessible and contributing to sustainable transportation. Abhishek's efforts include over 1,000 survey responses from EV owners, providing valuable insights for his platform's development. He's also involved with Kraft Mandala, an ethical e-commerce venture supporting South Asian artisans. Honoured with the StartSpace Future Founders Venture Scholarship, Abhishek's dedication to creating a positive impact extends beyond his professional achievements.


Chloe McCormick is making a significant contribution to the future sustainable Victoria. She founded CodeGreen, a youth organisation that provides free workshops teaching students about climate change, renewable technologies, coding, and critical thinking. Alongside CodeGreen’s 38 student volunteers, Chloe has educated over 700 students in the past year. From developing the organisation and workshops, building teams of trainers and assistants and collaborating with community groups, schools and councils across Victoria, Chloe is empowering students to be part of the future for Victoria, and to build sustainable energy and technology solutions that serve all Victorians.


Jonathan Law of Rowville is making significant strides in environmental projects across Victoria. Jonathan is a Senior Policy Advisor in the Victorian Government, where he coordinated the establishment of Victoria’s sixth Environmental Contribution, a fund expected to generate over $700 million, to promote sustainable water management and ecological preservation. He supports urban design and living improvements through his work with Keep Victoria Beautiful and as Assistant Director of Our Future Cities. Jonathan also mentors young professionals, secures funding for environmental projects, and contributes to international collaborations. His passion for both the social and technical aspects of environmental protection drives his commitment.


Ruby Bourke of North Melbourne is an inspiring climate advocate dedicated to empowering young people and adults to take action on climate change. After studying at GreenSchool, Bali, she adopted a zero-waste lifestyle and presented these ideas on TEDxUniMelb and NHK World Japan platforms. Through her workshops and presentations across Australia, she engages audiences in discussions on conscious consumption, circular economy, and sustainability education. Ruby’s involvement in the OECD E2030 Learning Framework ensures young voices and perspectives are heard in global education reform discussions. Her passion for youth empowerment drives her mission to inspire change and create a more sustainable future.


Zac Chu is a dedicated advocate for youth empowerment and climate action. He founded Diet to Save Earth (DTSE), a youth-led movement aiming to educate and mobilise young people worldwide. Through e-petitioning campaigns, Zac has urged governments to adopt the Intergovernmental Declaration on Children, Youth and Climate Action, increasing awareness of climate-related child rights issues. He has received accolades for his volunteering contributions and serves on various committees and projects related to environmental sustainability. His courage, grit, and commitment to change make him an inspiring role model for Australian youth and a respected leader in the global fight for a healthier planet.



Josh's Rainbow Eggs Ethical Business Award

Benjy Orwin of Caulfield is passionate about being a voice. Benjy is a dedicated 14-year-old who founded "Socks 4 Support" at just 8 years old. Over the past six years, he's collected and donated 45,000 pairs of socks to those in need across Australia, benefiting the homeless, people suffering from drug/alcohol abuse and domestic violence, those in disaster-stricken areas, and other vulnerable groups. Benjy's leadership and passion for social justice drive his charity work and advocacy. His motto is “help me to help others.” He continues to inspire his generation by showing that age is no obstacle to making a significant impact on the world.


Charlie Jackman of Gisborne communicates a powerful message of inclusion and inspiring others with disabilities. Charlie is a gifted 17-year-old artist who runs Charlie by Art, an art micro-enterprise he co-founded with his mum. His vibrant art works have earned commissions from prominent figures like the Victorian Premier and Federal NDIS Minister. Proudly autistic, Charlie uses his platform to raise awareness and promote acceptance for the autistic community. He sells thousands of his greeting cards and framed prints online, at markets and through a growing list of stockists. Charlie is a full-time student and works as a casual kitchen hand.


Dance 4 All of Footscray is committed to making dance accessible. Dance 4 All has revolutionised the dance community by providing inclusive dance programs. Its owner, Alyshia Clarke, advocates for every child to be able to participate. Her innovative classes support children and adults with diverse needs, breaking barriers to foster a welcoming and non-judgmental environment. Alyshia's approach combines her expertise in special education with her passion for dance, creating programs that enhance motor skills, social abilities, and self-esteem. Collaborating with families, NDIS providers, and schools, she tailors each class to meet individual goals. They have since built a supportive community where everyone thrives.


Manon Beauchamp-Tardieu of West Melbourne is driving a greener, ethical future for businesses and the planet. Manon founded Little Green Panda, a company reshaping the packaging industry with sustainable and innovative solutions. By transforming agricultural waste into eco-friendly straws and packaging, Manon combines environmental responsibility with ethical practices. Her collaborations with Southeast Asian farmers and The Bridge Inc. highlight her commitment to empowering communities and promoting inclusivity. Despite pandemic-related challenges, Manon remains dedicated to refining operations and exploring local manufacturing in Australia. Little Green Panda's revolutionary products, such as home compostable straws and cutlery made from upcycled coffee grounds, have replaced millions of single-use plastics.


Toolbox Education of Moorabbin is dedicated to preventative mental health and empowering young people. Toolbox Education was founded by David Berlinski, a psychologist who combines his clinical expertise with a passion for mental health. Through Toolbox Education, he continues to proactively teach evidence-based psychological tools to students in over 120 schools across Victoria through fun, engaging, and relatable workshops. By bridging the gap between complex psychological concepts and everyday student experiences, David's impact extends to staff and parents as well. Toolbox Education is reducing stigma around mental health by providing students with practical strategies to navigate challenges and lead healthier, more confident lives.



Kangan Institute Inspirational TAFE Student Award

Ali Rezaie of Hampton Park is committed to his education and career development. Ali is an Afghan migrant, has excelled in his autobody repair career in Australia. Overcoming language and cultural barriers, he quickly established himself as a standout apprentice at Capital S.M.A.R.T Rowville. Ali's hard work and initiative have led to multiple awards, including a bronze medal at the 2023 WorldSkills National Championships. His achievements also include a silver medal at the 2022 WorldSkills Regional Championships and the title of Capital S.M.A.R.T's Victorian Apprentice of the Year. Ali completes his training ahead of schedule and prepares for a successful future in the automotive industry.


Desirae Kilduff of Coburg is a proud queer Noongar woman who excels in human resources, business, and leadership. Overcoming challenges, she found her passion for helping others through her traineeship with ANZ Bank and Maxima Group. Desirae's dedication led to awards such as Victoria's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year and a finalist spot in the Australian Training Awards. She continues her educational journey with advanced degrees, while advocating for First Nations people by promoting VET pathways and advancing policies for inclusive workplaces. Desirae is committed to creating opportunities for young First Nations people in business.


Rebecca Hope of Eaglemont strongly advocates for disability inclusion in workplaces. She has overcome barriers relating toautism and severe anxiety to thrive in Human Resources, completing a Certificate IV in Business while working inEmployment Programs at the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions. A dedicated student and employee, she consistently displayed initiative, winning the 2022 Apprenticeship Employment Network Inspiration Award and the 2023 Victorian Trainee of the Year Award. Now Program Coordinator at autism organisation Amaze, she supports Autistic people using her Human Resources skills and lived experience. Rebecca's achievements demonstrate strongresilience and commitment.


Shee Lay Bell Po of Ascot inspires with her resilience and determination. Shee Lay went from living in a refugee camp to landing her dream job in pathology. Moving to Australia at age 11, she tackled learning English while transitioning from secondary education to vocational training. Despite becoming a young mother, she persevered to complete her studies and secure full-time employment. Recognised as Bendigo TAFE’s Inspirational Student of the Year 2023, she supports her local community, bridging language gaps for those in need. Her story serves as an inspiration for others, demonstrating how hard work can lead to fulfilling one’s goals despite life’s challenges.


Taylah Firmer of Tragowel showcases how perseverance and a strong work ethic can lead to achieving one's goals despite life's obstacles. As a full-time guardian for her younger brother, Taylah balanced full-time studies, carer duties, and the challenges of the Victorian flood crisis in October 2022 while pursuing her Diploma of Nursing at Bendigo TAFE. Recognised as Bendigo TAFE's Student of the Year in Health and overall Student of the Year 2023, she successfully secured her dream job as an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse at Echuca Regional Health. Taylah's commitment to her career and community continues as she pursues her Bachelor of Nursing at Latrobe University.



National Protective Services Safety and Wellbeing in the Workplace Award

Ash Presser of Kalkallo transformed safety practices in surf parks and high-risk leisure industries. As Operations Manager at URBNSURF, he implemented innovative safety frameworks that set new industry standards. His contributions include award-winning initiatives, significant risk reduction, and improved safety systems for workers and visitors. Ash's expertise extends to founding Aquatic Risk Services and conducting impactful research. His leadership drives continuous improvement in safety and security. In addition, Ash's commitment to public safety is evident through his volunteer roles in community organisations. Through his work and research, Ash inspires a culture of safety and trust in the leisure industry, benefiting workers, visitors, and the community.


Conor Pall of South Yarra is empowering young people to become active agents of positive change. Conor’s commitment to safety and security is deeply rooted in personal experiences and advocacy. As a domestic violence survivor, Conor champions victims' rights through legislative advocacy and community engagement. He published a therapeutic children's book, "The Shadow that Follows," to promote resilience and healing. Conor is Deputy Chair of the Victorian Government Victim Survivor’s Advisory Council, where he influences policy and advises the government on family violence reforms. His work creates safer, inclusive environments, benefiting individuals and communities across Victoria. Conor is currently studying Social Work at RMIT University.


Daniel Petkovski fosters positive workplace cultures and promotes wellbeing for staff, members, and trainees. Daniel serves as the Head of People, Wellbeing, and Facilities at The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. He's a strategic leader known for implementing innovative Human Resources policies that prioritise diversity, equity, and inclusion, including 26 weeks of paid parental leave from the start of employment and five days of menstrual leave annually. His efforts have earned recognition for the college as a Work180 Endorsed employer and Wrk+ Best Places to Work citation. Daniel is a member of the Australian HR Institute.


David Titeu is a storyteller, passionate about promoting suicide prevention and personal development. He founded Linkmate, a social network for emotional support, which helped thousands of individuals across Australia and India. As a mindset coach and speaker, David has supported dozens of professionals to overcome self-imposed limits and unlock their leadership potential. For his impact, David has been awarded the Ethical Entrepreneur of the Year and a Top Voice in Mental Health by LinkedIn. He grounds his work in a lived experience of mental health, cultural and linguistic diversity and being a young carer from a refugee and migrant background.


Lauren French is helping create a safer, more inclusive society where all young people experience healthy, respectful relationships. Lauren is a proud Karajarri woman and sexologist dedicated to ensuring childhoods free from violence. As Head of Education at Body Safety Australia, she advocates for child sexual abuse prevention, LGBTQIA+ equity and inclusivity, and consent education. By empowering educators and leading policy change for safety, Lauren takes a whole of community approach. Lauren believes every professional should be safe at work, every child safe at school, and every family safe in community. Her achievements include winning the 2023 Indigenous Achievement Award and a 2023 Churchill Fellowship.



Saward Dawson Community Service and Social Impact Award

Anushka Phal of Bundoora is a passionate psychologist who founded Umeed Psychology to provide culturally informed mental health care for diverse communities in Australia. With a strong commitment to mental health advocacy, she established initiatives like safe spaces and mental health literacy programs to support individuals from minority groups. Anushka's innovative approach includes collaborations and community engagement projects that increase access to mental health support. Recognised by the Victorian Honour Roll of Women, she mentors emerging professionals and continues to impact thousands through her work. Her personal experiences, including being neurodivergent and a migrant, fuel her mission to drive change and lasting solutions in multicultural mental health.


Jayden & Mikyla Battey of Boroondara are aiming to create a society where everyone has a safe community and feels actively supported. Jayden and Mikyla actively support 28 men at risk of homelessness, living on-site to provide holistic care and advocacy with Servants Community Housing. Co-founding the social enterprise, For The Love of Good, they address mental wellbeing and employment barriers for social housing tenants. They also mentor young artists, volunteer with Christian Youth Camps and Guide Dogs Victoria, and advocate for social housing and mental health awareness in schools, local communities, and the media. Through their immersive approach solutions, they strive for lasting change.


Michael Lim of Cobblebank has devoted over 10 years to uplifting Melbourne’s western suburbs. As an Executive Director of Sedo Group, Michael supports local Small-to-Medium enterprises to win more government work. Michael’s innovative approach uses social enterprise models and digital media to tackle key issues, including health literacy, employment opportunities, and economic disparities. His work includes leading impactful projects with the Western Metropolitan Partnership and Melton Revitalisation Board. Michael's efforts have created lasting employment, economic, and social benefits across the region, earning him recognition such as the Brimbank Young Citizen of the Year award.


Mohamed Semra of Maidstone is a dynamic force in youth empowerment and multicultural advocacy. Mohamed is the CEO and founder of Endeavour Youth Australia. His work spans education, anti-racism, and leadership development, impacting over 10,000 students in 2023. As a member of the Victorian African Communities Committee, Mohamed influences policy changes for African heritage and multicultural communities. He overcame personal challenges to champion inclusivity and resilience, fostering inclusive opportunities for all. His innovative approaches, like Australia's largest Multicultural Youth Leadership Conference, empower students and reshape perspectives. Mohamed's dedication and collaboration drive sustainable change and lasting solutions, making Victoria more inclusive and equitable for future generations.


Noah Yang of Croydon North is tackling homelessness in Australia through innovative approaches. Noah is the Founder and CEO of We Are Mobilise, an organisation providing direct support to individuals facing homelessness, including care packages and unique programs like Mobilise Matched and Mobilise Kickstarter. Under his guidance, Mobilise has grown from grassroots to a national charity, delivering impactful solutions and empowering a generation to contribute. Noah's leadership and dedication are transforming how Australia addresses homelessness, providing sustainable, lasting change for those in need. Through strategic partnerships and creative fundraising including a recent $2 million+ campaign, Noah has driven Mobilise's success.



Strategic Alliance Network Career Achievement Award

Ben Doran of Richmond is an inspiring young entrepreneur who has grown his aircon/heating business “Blitz Air” from a weekend side hustle to a $4million business employing 14 staff in 2 years through resilience and entrepreneurialism. His desire to learn and investment in mentorship transformed his approach to business, allowing him to move from hands-on work and focus on developing new sales pathways, business infrastructure and quality service deliverables. Ben supports local sporting clubs and community initiatives. Through Blitz Air he champions environmental sustainability by participating in the VEU Rebate program, benefiting Victoria's journey towards net zero emissions.


Catriona Vi Nguyen-Robertson of West Footscray is an educator with a passion for making science accessible and inclusive. She fosters the next generation of scientists by inspiring audiences of all ages with engaging STEM shows and workshops as a presenter at Scienceworks. Catriona is known for her quirky teaching style at the University of Melbourne, where she teaches students to communicate science. Her efforts extend to writing for the media, speaking on radio and podcasts, and chairing the National Science Week Coordinating Committee. An advocate for diversity in STEM, she supports women, non-binary, and LGBTQIA+ individuals. She is dedicated to sharing science across Victoria and beyond.


Michael Tian of Brighton East is shaping a positive impact on Victoria's future leaders. Michael is a dedicated Transition and Success Project Officer at Monash University, empowering young people in their academic and professional growth. His mentorship programs and career development sessions guide students toward successful careers, while his emphasis on inclusivity and diversity fosters a supportive and welcoming environment for all. Michael's efforts include organising networking events and facilitating connections with industry professionals, creating opportunities for students to explore their full potential. His active involvement in the community and initiatives for LGBTIQA+ groups and international students make him a prominent advocate for collaboration.


Syed Asadulla of Berwick is dedicated to empowering businesses and giving back to the community. Syed is the Founder and CEO of Project e Agency, which helps Victorian and Australian brands to launch their products on Amazon Marketplace locally and globally, allowing them to diversify into new markets and increase their revenue. With a degree in accounting and diverse work experience, Syed leverages his knowledge to provide top-notch e-commerce services for his clients. As an Amazon Ads Verified Partner, his agency is one of the few in Australia with this status, ensuring top-quality service. Syed's agency partners with Kiva to support women entrepreneurs in developing countries.


Xiaohan (Daisy) Wu of Melbourne inspires and educates others. Daisy founded Multilingual Connectors, a platform empowering non-native English speakers to maximise their unique advantages and build meaningful connections across cultures. From her beginnings as a shy international student, Daisy has evolved into a multi-award-winning mentor, author, TEDx speaker, and community leader. Her achievements include being recognised as a Sydney Build Construction Idol, a Top 100 Women in Construction, and one of the six finalists for the Australian Professionals of Colour Community Champion of the Year Award in 2023. Through her work, Daisy promoting self-mastery over language mastery and driving change for a more inclusive society.



The Victorian Government Group Achievement in the Community Award

Bunjil Basketball Club of Maiden Gully, led by President Anthony Milne, is an Aboriginal-based community organization that supports 14 teams from under-10s to young adults. Over four years, the club has welcomed out-of-home care children, offering a safe, culturally rich space to play basketball and form friendships. Bunjil empowers youth by training children as young as 14 as referees and coaches, instilling responsibility and financial independence. The club hosts cultural games annually to promote respect for Aboriginal culture. Through fundraising, Bunjil ensures all children can participate, fostering connections and unity among diverse backgrounds.


The CodeGreen team is empowering students to create inclusive climate solutions for a future sustainable Victoria. As a team of 39 dedicated (and often stressed) high school and university student volunteers, the team’s dedication and passion for educating the next generation of climate champions is inspiring. They have already taught 700 students across Victoria and been recognised internationally as a Scholar for the Earth Prize and the Winner for the Bright Future Prize. CodeGreen’s team brings together their diverse lived experiences, skills and passions to empower students to create climate solutions that serve all Victorians.


Per Vocem Vita of Monash is a student-led organisation offering free public speaking and debating workshops to primary school students across Melbourne. Launched in 2022, the group has over 60 diverse high school volunteers dedicated to empowering young minds. Through interactive workshops, students learn communication, critical thinking, and leadership skills. Recognised as a finalist for VicSRC's Student-led Project of the Year, Per Vocem Vita provides life-altering educational opportunities and experiences. Their impact extends beyond the classroom, fostering a community of confident young speakers and future leaders. By equipping students with vital skills, Per Vocem Vita is paving the way for a more empowered generation.


The Victorian & Tasmanian Youth Cancer Action Board (YCAB) – Advocates for improved cancer care for young people across Victoria and Tasmania. Located at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Parkville, and established in 2010, YCAB consists of 12 members aged 15-25. The Board provides advice to the government and health sector on youth-friendly hospital environments, educational resources, and policy changes. YCAB's initiatives include creating position statements on appropriate care and improving access to clinical trials. They also offer online educational materials and guide hospital design. Through peer support, they connect young patients and guide health professionals, making a positive impact on the larger community.


YDAS Young Leaders Program empowers young disabled individuals to achieve their goals and become leaders in their communities. Led by Youth Disability Advocacy Service. it has trained 170 graduates in skills such as self-discovery, communication, and advocacy since its inception in 2018. Graduates receive support through mentorship and opportunities. The program has seen over 450 graduate leadership success stories. Its successful transition to online workshops during the pandemic increased accessibility for immunocompromised and rural participants. The program continues to make a significant impact by supporting young leaders' personal and professional growth across Australia. In 2022, it received the Zero Project Award.



Yarn Strong Sista Indigenous Achievement Award

Desirae Kilduff of Coburg is a proud queer Noongar woman making a significant impact in business and leadership within the public service. With her expertise in First Nations employment policy, she supports young people and adults on their self-development and education journeys. She has been honoured with several awards for her contributions. Desirae is dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion, mentoring others, and dismantling barriers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in education and the workforce. Currently pursuing a Master of Indigenous Business Leadership, she aligns her career goals with the needs of her community, developing policies and workforce strategies that drive positive change.


Hope Kuchel of Mildura is an Aboriginal leader with a passion for cultural resilience and academic excellence. Her innovative thesis in criminology challenges traditional justice approaches by integrating Aboriginal knowledge systems. At the Koorie Youth Council, she developed a youth engagement framework for the Victorian Government. Hope spearheads initiatives that empower Aboriginal voices and mentor youth, promoting community-driven change. Her international exposure and collaboration with prestigious institutions expand her impact globally. Hope's journey showcases her resilience and dedication to uplifting her community. Through her mentorship and advocacy, she inspires the next generation of Aboriginal voices, breaking down barriers and fostering inclusive spaces for young people.


Marissa Williamson Pohlman of Flemington is a proud Ngarrindjeri woman, a groundbreaking athlete, and a cultural advocate. As Australia's first female Indigenous Olympic boxer and winner of 2023 Australian Elite Boxing Championships, she challenges gender bias and shatters expectations. Marissa's work as Heritage Policy Officer champions Indigenous rights and promotes cultural representation. Overcoming personal and professional obstacles, she inspires Indigenous youth to pursue their dreams and embrace their heritage. Marissa's resilience and dedication shine through her historic wins, including the Arthur Tunstall Trophy. Her achievements foster a sense of pride and empowerment, leaving a lasting impact on sports and society while amplifying Indigenous voices.


Tarlee Atkinson of Thomastown is an emerging leader in her community at just 23. A proud Yorta Yorta woman and qualified Aboriginal Health Practitioner, she provides culturally safe, trauma-informed care at First Peoples' Health and Wellbeing (FPHW). Her work has significantly reduced suicide attempts and overdoses, offering support to patients facing mental health and addiction issues. Tarlee's resilience and dedication inspire both patients and colleagues. Her intuitive approach and cultural competence have made her a trusted and respected clinician, providing comfort and healing to her community. Tarlee's commitment to continuous learning and her impactful contributions set her apart as a beacon of hope and change.