7NEWS Young Achiever Awards VIC

"Winning the 7NEWS Young Achiever Awards as recognition for the hard work in the online category was one of the highlights for 2019. Being recognised as a leader in the industry and being able to attend the event with other leaders was a humbling experience and one I look back on very fondly. I would advise everyone to nominate someone that is doing great work in the field and let’s promote achievement." 

William Strange
2019 Budget Car and Truck Rentals Online Achievement Award Winner

"Winning the social impact and community service award meant a lot to me. It was nice to feel like the work I have been doing is recognised and celebrated by others who aren’t as invested in it as I am. It gave me even more confidence and drive to keep moving forward and helping young people prepare for the world of work. I also believe that it has given my work more credibility and I am grateful for that. Celebrating with my friends and family made it even more worth it by attending the Gala. I’m grateful for the opportunity." 

Lorraine Ngwenya

2019 Saward Dawson Community Service and Social Impact Award Winner

Winning the WFI Insurance Small Business Achiever award was very exciting for team at Megaphone Marketing and friends & family.

Having the recognition of a prestigious award helps my business have more trust as a quality provider of digital marketing. It also helps us leverage this recognition to get media attention which helps grow our business. Overall it was a fantastic experience and event. Big thanks to the organisers and sponsors.

Maxwell Hertan 
2018 WFI Insurance Small Business Achiever Award Winner


I was really shocked to win the Saward Dawson Community Service and Social Impact Award. I never thought I’d even get past semi finals when I applied. Because you never go into creating change especially in youth mental health with the intention to win awards. So winning this award meant that my journey with mental ill health was being recognised as a story that could create real change in the way we treat and prevent mental illness and that just made all the hard times worth it.

Nikolina Mabic 
2018 Saward Dawson Community Service and Social Impact Award Winner 


“Winning the award meant a lot to me first of all I wasn't expecting it. It showed me that all the work that I have been doing of my community wasn't all for nothing, it gave me strength and it encouraged me to continue giving back to my community and young people especially the newly arrivals. People from everywhere got to know the wonderful work in do and everywhere I went I was being congratulated for what I did. It meant a lot to my family, close friends and my boss. He said, "I'm very proud of you because not many people get a chance to have what you have to make it that far" that showed me that not only the people I was working with saw the effort and energy I was putting in, but also the people outside saw it too. So what mum’s saying is, whatever little or big work you are doing to empower someone’s life, there is always someone there watching you and appreciating every effort you put in to make it happen. And that’s what the Victorian Young Achiever Awards is for.”

Alphonse Mulashe
2017 Volunteer Excellence Award Winner

"Being involved in the community dedicating my life's work to helping all ages on the autism spectrum is truly one of the most rewarding experiences. The Young Victorian Achiever Awards is about recognising dedicated individuals in their particular field of expertise. I was very honoured to receive a nomination and had no idea that I would end up winning this year for the category Health & Wellness.

As someone who has overcome many difficulties associated with Autism + Asperger's. I am so proud that through keeping good health and wellness physically and mentally myself throughout life that it has not only turned into my career. It has been my ultimate true success in life.

I encourage all young Australians to reach out to an event such as the young Victorian achiever awards to showcase your hard passionate work and to be recognised for your achievements to assist you further in life.

Thank you to the young Victorian achiever awards for recognising my work and success as an individual on the Autism Spectrum."

Jeremy Samson
Bart N print Health and Wellbeing Award Winner


“I was humbled to receive this award when I saw all the wonderful scientific and community contributions of the other finalists in this category. This award has been a fantastic opportunity to raise the profile of my science and my public engagement work in the Victorian community. It has already given me the opportunity to further promote the importance of vaccination with a radio guest appearance on 3RRR’s Einstein a go-go . I would strongly encourage other young Victorian Scientists to apply"

Dr Julia Marchingo
The University of Melbourne Science and Technology Award Winner