About Awards Australia

Established in 1989, Awards Australia is a Corporate Social Responsibility market leader.

Specialising in awards recognition programs on a state and national level, clients and the community receive win/win opportunities and outcomes through established marketing, media and event management expertise.

Awards Australia is committed to the client brief and positive outcomes.


Meet our team


Geoff Griffin

Geoff is the Managing Director and has been with Awards Australia since inception in 1989.


Josh Griffin

Josh is the General Manager. Josh started in 2013.


Annette Vawser

Annette is the Director and Chief Operating Officer and started in November 2013.


Senior Awards Manager

Stephanie Commons

Senior Awards Manager. Stephanie started in November 2019.

  • Young Achiever Awards Western Australia
  • Western Australian Community Achievement Awards


Award Coordinators

Jenny Donehue

Award & Marketing Coordinator. Jenny started in March 2022.

  • Tasmanian Young Achiever Awards
  • Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards

Emily Whereat

Award Coordinator. Emily started in November 2022.

  • Victorian Young Achiever Awards
  • Victorian Community Achievement Awards
  • Queensland Young Achiever Awards
  • Queensland Community Achievement Awards


Holli Lowndes

Award Coordinator. Holli started in March 2023.

  • South Australian Young Achiever Awards
  • South Australian Community Achievement Awards
  • Northern Territory Young Achiever Awards
  • Northern Territory Community Achievement Awards


Reece Griffin

Administration Assistant and Awards Coordinator.

  • New South Wales Young Achiever Awards
  • New South Wales Community Achievement Awards