7NEWS Young Achiever Awards - SA

2024 Winners

All winners on stage with Amelia Mulcahy and Hon Nat Cook MP


2024 Young Achiever of The Year - Jamie Bucirde

Winner Jamie Bucirde (right) with Hon Nat Cook MP (left)


Rural Doctors Workforce Agency Rural Health Award

Thomas Ford of Encounter Bay, is a dedicated clinical optometrist who provides comprehensive eye care services to the Victor Harbor and Fleurieu communities. His proactive approach to ocular health includes tailored treatments for all ages, from children to the elderly, ensuring optimal visual outcomes and systemic wellbeing. Tom creates trust among patients, local doctors and specialists, earning accolades for outstanding patient care. His commitment extends beyond clinical practice, engaging with the community through volunteer work and professional development, exemplifying a holistic approach to eye health. Tom's positive impact resonates throughout the community, ensuring better vision and wellbeing for all.

Winner Thomas Ford (left) & Gretchen Scinta, Executive Director PHC Workforce & Outreach, Rural Doctors Workforce Agency (right)


Spirit Super Connecting Communities Award

The South Australian Youth Forum of Stonyfell, founded in 2021 by Amber Brock-Fabel at just 17, the South Australian Youth Forum empowers young voices, bridging the gap between youth and decision-makers. Through monthly meetings, workshops, and impactful projects, the Forum tackles pressing issues affecting youth, earning recognition for its transformative work. By fostering connections, advocating for change, and providing a platform for youth leadership, the Forum creates a safe space for meaningful conversations and community engagement. Despite challenges like self-funding and organisational hurdles, the Forum perseveres, paving the way for a brighter future for young South Australians.

Winner The South Australian Youth Forum & Asta McCormack, Superannuation Adviser, Spirit Super (right)


Carclew Creative Achievement Award

Presten Warren of Port Lincoln, is a 24-year-old Indigenous artist that has rapidly made his mark in the art world since founding Painted Studios in September 2022. With over 200 paintings sold, numerous awards won, and international contracts secured within just a year, his achievements are truly remarkable. Through his art, Presten not only honours his cultural heritage but also challenges boundaries and actively engages with his community engagement. His impactful work extends beyond the canvas, advocating for indigenous culture and licensing his designs to various organisations, leaving a lasting impression on both local and international audiences.

Winner Presten Warren (left) & Mimi Crowe, Chief Executive, Carclew (right)


Department of Human Services Aboriginal Achievement Award

Tiahni Adamson, is a wildlife conservation biologist, advocating for First Nations people and women in STEM. Tiahni is currently working to mitigate agricultural methane through sustainable aquaculture production of a native seaweed at CH4Global, finding ways to walk alongside Traditional Owners while Healing Country. As a public speaker, Tiahni has spoken to over 1 million people about the intersection of First Nations and Climate Justice. Honoured as the 2024 South Australian ‘Young Australian of the Year', she is on the board of Green Adelaide, collaborates with CSIRO on Indigenous education and was a youth dialogue member for the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Winner Tiahni Adamson (represented by Sarah Adamson) (right) & Hon Nat Cook MP, Minister for Human Services (left)


Department of Human Services Pride Award

Kaidan Dibbins has devoted 8 years to uplifting the SA transgender community, serving as a senior peer worker at SHINE SA and a volunteer co-facilitator of TransMascSA. Through grassroots efforts and professional roles, Kaidan champions inclusion, advocates for policy change, and provides vital support and education. Their tireless work extends beyond formal roles, actively educating colleagues and community members, contributing to a more inclusive and supportive environment. Their leadership is marked by resilience, empathy, and dedication, creating an undeniable impact in the lives of transgender and gender diverse individuals in South Australia.

Winner Kaidan Dibbins (left) & Hon Nat Cook MP, Minister for Human Services (right)


Scouts SA Leadership Award

Dylan Cowley of Port Lincoln, is Port Lincoln's youngest male council member, Dylan is a dynamic leader in civic governance, worship at Salvation Army, and community support. His multifaceted leadership impacts local governance, faith, and social welfare, demonstrating a commitment to holistic community development. Dylan spearheaded initiatives like adding a moment of reflection in council meetings and actively engages in homelessness support through West Coast Youth and Community Support. As the leader of the Salvation Army worship team, he fosters spiritual growth. Dylan's dedication, humility, and vision mark him as a rising leader shaping Port Lincoln's future.

Winner Dylan Cowley (center) & Lincoln Rieger, Venturer & Scouts Australia Youth Ambassador and Pip Hamlyn, Scouts


Skills SA Outstanding Apprentice Award

Sophie Orrock of Bordertown, exhibits remarkable resilience and leadership in her automotive career. Relocating at 17 for her passion, she overcame gender biases and navigated significant life changes. Honoured as the 2023 South Australian School-based Apprentice of the Year, Sophie's dedication to her craft inspires future apprentices, showcasing exceptional automotive skills and a commitment to personal growth. Her proactive approach to career exploration and community engagement highlights her as a role model, bridging gaps and advocating for alternative career paths. Sophie's journey reflects her unwavering determination and the profound impact of her achievements within the industry and beyond.

Minister Boyer (right) & Winner Sophie Orrock (left)


Sweat Female Tech Entrepreneur Award

Amelie Parker and Fiona Goodsite of Myrtle Bank, are the founders of Tutbob, driven by a shared passion for impactful innovation the AI-powered tutor, revolutionises learning with real-time transcription, note-taking, and quizzes. Their dedication to enhancing student learning experiences earned accolades, including first place in the Australian eChallenge. Their innovative approach to bridging learning barriers, supporting student mental health and empowering both students and educators showcases their entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence in the edtech industry. Tutbob's impact on the educational landscape signifies a transformative shift towards personalised, accessible learning tools through innovative solutions.

Amelie Parker and Fiona Goodsite (right) & Jacqui Every, People and Culture Manager at Sweat (left)


The University of Adelaide STEM Award

Dr. Dhani Dharmaprani of Joslin, a biomedical engineer at the Australian Institute for Machine Learning, University of Adelaide, is revolutionising cardiac health. Motivated by personal loss, she combats global heart disorders such as cardiac fibrillation. Her work has led to Australia's first 'virtual hearts' and novel metrics for personalised treatments. Garnering over $2.3 million in research funding and over 20 accolades, her efforts have helped advance cardiovascular science. With invitations to esteemed institutions like the Isaac Newton Institute and recognition in media as one of ‘Australia’s Influential Female Scientists’, she leads transformative research, keeping Australia at the cardiac health forefront.

Winner Dhani Dharmaprani (right) & Professor David Lewis, Acting Executive Dean, University of Adelaide (left)


University Senior College Create Change Award

Jamie Bucirde of Parkside, is a qualified Sexologist, Resident Sexology Columnist for CityMag, and activist pioneering change in the hospitality and arts industry. As the founder of 'On the Cusp' and 'Not So Hospitable', Jamie addresses prevalent issues of sexual harassment and abuse within industries. Not So Hospitable provides a platform for hospitality workers to share testimonials, amassing 400 accounts within three months. Jamie creates academic case studies on hospitality-based sexual harassment and advocating for legislative change. Through On the Cusp, she delivers evidence-based workshops to foster respectful workplace relationships, aiming to eliminate harassment and ensure safety for all employees.

Winner Jamie Bucirde (left) & Vanessa Grave, Director of Marketing and Community Relations, University Senior College (right)


Websters Lawyers Achievement in Law Award

Isabella Candeloro of Woodville West, is a recent law graduate with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from the University of South Australia, excels in legal scholarship and community engagement. As a Peer Assisted Study Session Leader, she fosters academic excellence and student retention. Isabella's editorial role at the University of South Australia Law Review reflects her dedication to addressing pressing legal issues. Notably, her research on coercive control legislation, supported by a scholarship and placements, exemplifies her proactive approach to societal challenges. Isabella's involvement, from BBC Essex interviews to pro-bono work, underscores her holistic contribution to law and community welfare.

Winner Isabella Candeloro (right) & Ken Gluche, Firm Principal, Websters Lawyers (left)