7NEWS Young Achiever Awards - SA

 2023 Finalists


Spirit Super Connecting Communities Award

Abigail Henderson is spreading awareness of mental health struggles. Abigail completed the Operations Flinders Foundation to help deal with her personal struggles. After delivering an impressive speech during her graduation from the program, she was invited to speak at two events on behalf of Operations Flinders. In 2022, Abigail was a keynote speaker at the Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy national forum.

Blaze Pilgrim is tackling systemic and industry discrimination against young people. Blaze works at Southern Volunteering running an innovative youth pilot program which has awarded her 2022 SA Youth Worker of the Year for reimagining the landscape of youth volunteerism in Australia. She is also self-employed and maintains several volunteer roles, including being chosen by the International Association for Volunteer Effort to help plan an upcoming Global Youth Volunteer Conference.

Nomiki Rebecca Thomas is passionate about helping others. At the age of 12 she wrote and published a book called ‘Goodbye’. Nomiki donates the proceeds from the sales to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) and hopes to reach her $2,000 goal in donations to ILF by the end of the year. She plans to continue her fundraising efforts in the future through sales of her ebook (currently available on Amazon).

City of Marion’s Youth Collective Committee, or YCC, have created their own youth-led model of function. Since beginning in 2019, the YCC have held an Esports tournament, Battle of the Bands, planting of a native garden, a music event at the Capella Skate Park opening and more. Members have been upskilled in community consultation, contributing to the Safe Space Project Report.


Department of Human Services Aboriginal Achievement Award

Jeremy Sumner is passionate about cultural and education tourism. Jeremy is a proud Ngarrindjeri man who has worked as Park Ranger/Education & Tourism at Calperum and a groundskeeper/cultural tour guide. Jeremy was part of the Riverland Young Ambassadors Program. He was a mentor to unemployed people for the Regional Employment Trail at Calperum Station. Jeremy has a Certificate IV in leadership and management.

Pantju Albert Cooper Ralaping Nam is a proud Kaurna and Narrunga man. He is a Sustainability professional at GHD, where he develops and supports sustainable solutions and initiatives for projects. Pantju Albert mentors primary and high school students at the STEM Aboriginal Student Congress. He is currently an Indigenous student ambassador at the University of Adelaide and a long-time performing member of Taikurtinna.

Shania Richards is passionate about helping the community. In 2021, Shania joined the Indigenous Affairs and Reconciliation Committee, where she created the Youth Justice Bill (Age of Criminal Capability) and debated it in the Legislative Council. In 2022, Shania became the first Female Aboriginal Youth Governor of South Australia. She received the Port Lincoln Young Citizen of the Year award for 2022, and the NAIDOC SA Caring for Country Award.

Temaana Sanderson-Bromley has developed into a community and entrepreneurial-minded person, creating his own business, Mardlaapa Designs in late 2021 at 18. Temaana volunteers/coaches at the Aboriginal Athletics Squad and Indigenous Basketball Australia and mentors/coaches at the Aboriginal Basketball Academy. Temaana is dedicated to his art, delivering artist talks at Parumpa and Ngutungka, also winning the Our-Mob Festival-Centre Art Competition(2022). This year he’s studying Marine and Wildlife Conservation at Adelaide University.


Department of Human Services Pride Award

Jessica Elsegood is providing purposeful and intersectional support to LGBTQIA+ people living with disabilities. Jessica started ColourFull Abilities, the first LGBTQIA+-specific disability service in SA. They aim to increase social and community participation for NDIS participants and provide a safe place for people to accept themselves whilst achieving their personal goals. Jess was featured in a Xero blog for International Women’s Day.

Lucy Solonsch is advocating for autonomy and leadership opportunities for LGBTQIA+ community members. Lucy has published her honors thesis on gender affirming care policy, which she uses to advocate to national & state bodies like the Public Health Association of Australia and SA Health, she also runs workshops and publishes articles to help clinicians provide better care to LGBTQIA+ people. Lucy works with Shine SA, Flinders University and Wiley Publishing.

Olympia Balopitos is an intersex advocate and legal researcher. They are the Legal Projects Officer of Intersex Human Rights Australia. Olympia has engaged with the ACT government through the department’s collaborative process to create the Variation in Sex Characteristics (Restricted Medical Treatment) Bill 2023. Olympia is a South Australian LGBTQIA+ Advisory Council member, and have completed their Honours dissertation on The Rights of Intersex Children Under the Australian Legal System.

Shanii Sparrow is helping create safe spaces for everyone. Shanii has worked as Queer Officer at FUSA. Prior to that, he helped build an accessible Queer Space at Flinders University and created an art wall with Diverse LGBTQIA+ representation. In 2020, he created a zine for Transgender Day of Visibility which supported transgender artists from across the world.


First National Real Estate Innovation Award

Jack Sinko is passionate about game development. Jack is a full-time game developer working as a programmer and partner at Golden Age Studios, a small indie game development company. They are creating their own intellectual property called Tinker & Spell, a 2D animated creature-collecting role-playing game. Jack has also created a custom game mode for Minecraft, drawing over 50,000 players per year.

Mary Kelly is helping accelerate the transition away from single-use plastics. Mary founded Reusably while participating in the Hacker Exchange Program in the USA in 2018. Initially starting with the idea of a coffee cup swap system, the project grew into a solution that could support the exchange of reusable containers with several applications. In late 2022, Reusably launched a Community Café.

Noah Pronk is focused on keeping oceans clean. Noah started Sticky Pronk in 2017 in primary school after being given a project to start a small business with $20. He sells eco-friendly and biodegradable surf wax made from Adelaide Hills beeswax, organic coconut oil, tree resin, and natural mineral clays. Noah now sells his wax and apparel through his online store and at stockists around Australia.


Sara Possingham is helping end financial illiteracy. Sara created Making Cents, a program for high schoolers and young people to learn financial literacy skills ‘without the boring bits’. She creates workshops and presented in small groups to allow students to share their experiences, discuss financial products and concepts, and learn from each other. All topics came from consultation with 70 high school-aged students.


Rural Doctors Workforce Agency Rural Health Award

Dr Li Yen Chew is putting emphasis on preventative dentistry. Dr Li is a dentist who provides dental health services and promotes oral health in the Limestone Coast Region. She gives dental health and diet advice to reduce the risk of dental diseases and help patients improve their overall health and quality of life. Dr Li improves her skills by attending professional courses and seminars.

Holly Scott ensures that the road safety message is delivered. Holly is the inaugural Road Safety Ambassador of the South Australia Police. She has spoken at RAA Street Smart High events, a road safety presentation targeting secondary school students. Holly featured in the ‘Driven’ campaign, a seven-part campaign promoting Holly’s story, the horror crash she survived, and its effect on those supporting her.

Kaleb Wilden is a neurological physiotherapist offering allied health service through his business, Wilden Exercise Services. Together with his staff, they provide home visit therapy to those with mobility and transport issues. He also provides physiotherapy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with limited accessibility to healthcare. Kaleb was involved in the $50,000 project to provide free fitness resources to Macclesfield residents.

Rebekah Reardon is providing ultrasound services in a compassionate and caring manner. Rebekah is a sonographer at Benson Radiology. Working within a team, she helps make ultrasound services accessible to local individuals without the extensive travel. In 2021, she received the Benson Managing Partner Award. During Covid-19, Rebekah provided ultrasound to the Mount Gambier Hospital Emergency Unit so that local individuals could access acute care under ultrasound.


Scouts SA Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Award

Amber Brock-Fabel was a double panellist for the SA Council of Social Service’s Liveable Futures Conference, where she discussed climate and energy justice and South Australia in 2030. Amber founded the South Australian Youth Forum in 2021 while completing her Year 12 studies. She was a speaker at the Youth Climate Summit and the Adelaide Festival’s Climate Crisis and the Arts Event.

Anna Woodley participated in the Engineers Without Borders’ Cambodia Summit in 2020, where she learned how ESG solutions were developed in countries with economic and resource constraints. She was also involved in implementing sustainable practices in the mining industry with OZ Minerals. Anna has been selected to attend UNITE 2030’s Camp 2030 Summit in New York during the United Nations’ Global Goals Week.

Jack Gill advocates for sustainability and climate action. Jack is the Chair of the Gawler Environment Centre and Community Representative on the Gawler Youth Advisory Committee, advocating on youth matters. He has completed his involvement as Youth Representative on the Gawler Climate Emergency Action Plan Working Group. Jack has undergone the Climate Leader Training ran by former United States Vice President Al Gore.

Rhys Abbott is a conservation scientist and campaigner. His most successful campaign, “Save Our Outback”, encouraged thousands of people to engage with their local representatives to protect SA’s incredible rangelands. Rhys has produced a short climate justice documentary, founded multiple environmental community groups, and has amassed 250,000 followers on his environmental education page, Earthly Education. Rhys has just completed a 1400-kilometer hike across New Zealand to raise money for conservation.


Scouts SA Leadership Award

Amber Brock-Fabel is the founder and facilitator of the South Australian Youth Forum, a platform created by young people for young people aged 15 to 18 to engage, discuss and debate issues of relevance that directly affect them. Amber is currently the Youth Representative on the South Australian Power Networks Community Advisory Board and a Board Member of the Youth Affairs Council of SA.

Courtney Lawrie, Founded ASD Support & Education with the mission to spread awareness around Autism, advocate for children’s rights, educate, and empower children with disabilities through social and emotional teaching, and offering training programs for Teachers/Professionals to become more educated to offer more holistic approaches. Courtney also volunteers her time to assist others in starting their own businesses as NDIS providers, so more families have access to more therapeutic services.

Jesse Isaac leads by example to actively encourage people to be the best they can be. Beginning as a Grey-Wolf-decorated cub scout, he has subsequently progressed through the Australian Air-Force Cadets to be the highest-ranking member, where he mentors and guides junior cadets. At just 17, Jesse holds a pilot licence, is a national field-hockey umpire, and College-Captain. He recently travelled to Fiji to challenge his leadership skills amid diversity.

Shahna Smith founded Amplified Beauty Australia, one of the first Indigenous owned cosmetic lines in the world. Shahna also led a First Nations Collective tourism and retail showcase, housing eight other indigenous businesses within her store. Shahna has recently returned from New York Fashion Week and London, placing Australia at the forefront. Shahna also provides female empowerment speeches at SA schools to teach young females resilience from a young age.


Skills SA Outstanding Apprentice Award

Charna Price works hard to achieve her goals. Charna came to M.A.D. Painters and Decorators without prior experience in the industry. She earned her work experience and was employed as a brush hand under the Federal Award for painting and decorating. She accepted an apprenticeship. Within 12 months, she was able to buy a house.

Patrick Caldow is committed to growing his skills. Patrick started as a mature-aged apprentice at RD Plumbing Solutions through the Master Plumbers Association of South Australia. He is currently employed at Prodigy Plumbing and Gas to have more experience with gas and other specialised plumbing skills. Before his apprenticeship, Patrick attended two years at Flinders University, taking a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology.

Pearl Dessart strives to overcome challenges. Pearl undertook a Certificate III in Agriculture to gain credits towards her SACE and obtained a traineeship at MacDonald Operations, a local mixed farming operator, where she continued to work for a further two years (after her traineeship). She is keen to develop her career in the livestock industry when she returns to the workforce after taking a few months to address her rare chronic illness.

Samuel Ivanoff proactively takes every opportunity. While finishing his Year 12, Samuel started working full-time at Aurecon and began a Diploma in Applied Technologies. He is currently in his third year of Industry 4.0 traineeship as a Cadet Structural Drafter at Aurecon. He works with engineers to draft and model their sketches into Revit, which are then passed on to the client.


The University of Adelaide STEM Award

Dhani Dharmaprani is using math to find treatment for a heart rhythm disorder. Dr Dhani is a postdoctoral researcher at the Flinders Cardiac Signals Analysis Lab. She applies novel mathematical and computational concepts from chaos theory and statistical dynamics to understand how spirals causing cardiac fibrillation form in the heart and how they behave. Dr Dhani was named South Australian Fresh Scientist 2021.

Ishika Mahajan is tackling Glioblastoma(the deadliest brain cancer) in order to find new therapeutic avenues. Through her work in AI, ML and Bioinformatics, she has found potential therapeutic targets that she is now validating through experiments at Centre of Cancer Biology. Her Honours is fully funded through various scholarships. She is 21 and has a diploma in genomics from Harvard University and has won over 35 awards in leadership and STEM research.

Lauren Jones is a Postdoctoral researcher in the Gut Sensory Systems lab at Flinders University. Her research demonstrates an interoceptive pathway by which enterochromaffin (EC) cells physically sense food, allowing EC cells to release serotonin and drive healthy gut function and digestion. Dr Lauren was a short-term Research Scholar at the University of Nevada. She recently performed experimental work at the University of Copenhagen.

Santhni Subramaniam is tackling hard-to-treat bacterial infections using smart nanotechnology approaches. Her research strategy is to repurpose currently available antibiotics using nanoparticles to deliver them directly to the site of infection thus, improving current clinical outcomes. Santhni is a recipient of over 20 awards in recognition of her academic and research excellence and is a passionate science communicator.

University Senior College Create Change Award

Anjali Beames founded the Australian branch of Teach the Future, a UK student-led campaign advocating to reform the climate curriculum. Anjali is now working with a team of students to structure the national campaign and present a written proposal. In 2022, she worked with retired scientist Peter Havord and joined key expert stakeholders across Australia to campaign for better climate change education.

Felicity Graham launched the not-for-profit Fostering Change Australia to educate, advocate, and change the Child Protection system. Felicity has represented No Capes, a group of young people with care experience, in the co-design of DCP’s Child and Youth Engagement Strategy. She is writing a children’s book, “Oscar’s Layers”, to educate children about child protection and help them cope with big feelings.

Jamie Bucirde founded Not So Hospitable, a platform that highlights the prevalence of sexual harassment and sexual abuse within the hospitality industry. After collecting 400 testimonials of Adelaide hospitality workers' personal experiences, She is currently working on using her data in a case study as well as working with government bodies to change legislation, enforcing accessible education on workplace harassment and advocate for a better culture within the industry.

Taylor Anderson wrote a children’s book entitled, “Why Don’t I Have That” after being diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. The book aims to be an effective early intervention tool to raise awareness about the danger of comparison culture and to open healthy conversations about mental health. Taylor has raised over $5,000 for Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation through the sales of her book.


Websters Lawyers Achievement in Law Award

Daniella Cutufia was a long-time volunteer at the Women’s Legal Service SA (WLSSA), assisting with their legal advice during her studies, before becoming a lawyer in 2017. She continued to volunteer weekly at WLSSA throughout 2020, even after leaving for private practice. She became the inaugural Deputy Associate of Her Honour Judge Dickson before returning to private practice at David Burrell & Co.

Eamon Lawson is Regulatory Lead at Southern Launch where he works with regulators at the State and Federal levels to secure authorisations that enable access to space from the company’s two launch facilities in South Australia. Eamon has served as on-range Compliance Officer during five launch campaigns and is regularly involved in law reform and advocacy efforts which support the development of an effective regulatory framework governing commercial space activities in Australia.

Isabella Candeloro is a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) student at the University of South Australia. Isabella works as a UniSA Peer Assisted Study Session Leader, facilitating law-based study sessions for students. Isabella recently undertook a UniSA Research Scholarship surrounding emerging coercive control legislation in South Australia. She is a member of the Rights Resource Network SA and Golden Key International Honour Society and was an editor for UniSA Law Review.

Mihiri Sumanasekara is a Sri Lankan first-generation lawyer admitted to practice in 2020 after completing an LLB and International Relations at the University of South Australia. She also a worked as a Peer Mentor Leader at UniSA, and actively works to improve and support her community and the community at large. Mihiri is an associate at Nathan White Lawyers working predominantly in Family Law and Child Protection.


Carclew Creative Achievement Award

Charlie Wilkins is making diverse artists visible. Charlie is one of Restless Dance Theatre’s Company dancers with disability. He has performed in numerous works nationally and internationally. Last year he performed in 5 innovative and emotional works; Exposed, Guttered, Ecoute Pour Voir, Home, Rewards for the Tribe, presented in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and the UK to audiences of close to 40,000 people.

Jake Yang is challenging normative assumptions around identity. Jake is an artist whose practice is based in Floating Goose Studios in Adelaide. In 2022, he was chosen as the Adelaide Festival Centre’s Lunar New Year artist, where he created a chalk mural inside the building. He successfully applied for a solo show in 2023. Jake graduated from the Adelaide Central School of Art.

James Bannah the first ever to compose an African Australian musical is also the founder/CEO of SoundsOfAdelaide, a company that shines light on all things art and entertainment in SA. He is also the co-founder of Steelo Flow, a company full of creatives and business owners. James is working on a project with State theatre scheduled to show in 2024. James also runs an after school mental health program.

The CRAM Collective is a South Australian independent theatre company, that crams together passionate and daring artists to create, revive, augment and merge art forms. CRAM was co-founded by Flinders University Drama Centre graduates Connor Reidy, Ren Williams, Aarod Vawser and Melissa Pullinger. Over the past year, CRAM have produced sold-out seasons of two world premieres, opened the CRAM Hub on Pirie Street and won the Helpmann Creative Innovator Program.


2022 Finalists

First National Real Estate Innovation Award


• Nicholas Sanderson, 25 of Adelaide graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2018 and founded Splose, practice management software that automates admin for NDIS providers, allowing them to spend more time supporting people with a disability. Splose employs seven people, operating out of Lot Fourteen and is on track to have 10,000 users by mid-2023 with 16 employees

• Mary Kelly, 25 of Fitzroy An innovation ecosystem leader and founder passionate about sustainability, Mary Kelly, 25 of Fitzroy is addressing single use plastic waste through her tech-based circular economy startup, recently launched on Kangaroo Island. Reusably uses NFC technology and virtual tokens to create networks of reusable takeaway packaging, such as coffee cups, for an exchange system that is convenient, hyenic and cost effective


• Jade Foeng, 27 of Adelaide is a researcher who is developing a first-of-its-kind universal cancer treatment. As part of her team at Carina Biotech, Jade has been working to develop a new CAR-T therapy to treat different cancers across different patients. In 2019, Jade travelled to the United States, trained at the Seattle Children’s Research Institute, and learned pioneering techniques in the generation of CAR-T cells



University Senior College Create Change Award

• Callum MacPherson, 28 of Bowden launched his video podcast “Young Blood – Men’s Mental Health” after losing a close mate to suicide in 2019. Young Blood serves as a public platform for young men from all walks of life to share their stories of lived experience, break the stigma surrounding men’s mental health, encourage help-seeking behaviour and call on men to take responsibility for their health


• Aaliyah Sirengo, 20 of Cowandilla founded Maisha Flow an impact-based social enterprise. An initiative that empowers girls in Kenya by giving them sustainable sanitary products. Aaliyah was adopted from Kenya and now works to empower girls who she acknowledges 'could have been her' She has empowered 1000 girls to date with uninterrupted education. She provides jobs to ladies in Kenya who sew the pads


• Hashem Bahmanzadah, 29 of Salisbury Downs of Salisbury Downs is a mentor, advocate, Justice of Peace and Registered Mental Health Nurse. Hashem mentors youth and asylum seekers who are on bridging visas and promotes the importance of mental health. He has helped raise funds for disadvantaged girls and youth in Afghanistan and Pakistan to help them get educated. He previously worked as Afghan Youth Project Officer at Uniting Care Wesley.



Worldwide Small Business Achiever Award

• David Fogarty, 27 of Black Forest started Calming Blankets and The Oodie in 2018. Both brands were self-funded until 2021 and have become successful. David then launched further products and brands under The Davie Group umbrella, which employed nearly 90 full-time employees within Australia in 2021 and has contractors all over the world. During the Black Friday sale, they saw record sales of over $1.5 million


• Taylah Suridge, 24 of Andrews Farm started La Strand Hair and Body in 2017. They provide an affordable salon experience and support the local economy by using South Australian products. Taylah employs 10 staff, including three apprentices. During Covid-19, she supported her staff and put new measures in place, such as online booking, reviews and feedback. Taylah has grown her business from $0 to $900,000 turnover


• Shaona Alphonce Imaru, 21 of Smithfield launched Simaru True Care (STC) in 2021 while on the final year of completing her Bachelor of Nursing. STC is a NDIS service provider that offers services to people living with a disability between 7 and 65 years old and those requiring mental health support. Born in a refugee camp, Shaona spoke no English when she moved to Australia in 2011.



Websters Lawyers Service to the Community Award

• Lily Biggs, 24 of Fitzroy and Nikita Trewartha, 26 of Morphetville are co-founders of Salty Sips, a community initiative. They encourage the people of Adelaide to step out of their comfort zone and connect with others. They organise the event every Wednesday morning, which involves a 30-minute yoga flow, followed by jumping in the ocean and ending with a sip of coffee. Roughly 700 individuals gather at the beach every week


• Wathnak Vy, 25 of Para Hills West has served as a case manager and counsellor with Relationships Australia SA. In 2019, Wathnak completed his counselling degree with high distinction. During the pandemic lockdown, he offered free phone counselling services to over 230 people across three universities. He extends his work as counsellor for ASKPEACE, a virtual mental health service for people of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds


• Lachlan Plummer, 17 of Evanston Park has been part of the Surf Life Saving since 2016. Starting off with a bronze award, he recently received his silver medallion aquatic rescue. In 2020, he was chosen for a position for the first-ever lifesaving development camp. Lachlan has also joined the country fire service. He has been training to be a volunteer firefighter and is qualified in fighting fires.



Rural Doctors Workforce Agency Rural Health Award

• Jose Estevez, 29 of Lightview has performed countless eye examinations throughout his research and volunteer work. He spends several months a year in remote Aboriginal communities providing essential eye care services. During COVID-19 restrictions, he developed a protocol for ‘tele-optometry’, sourced international eyecare equipment and implemented the tele-optometry model for ongoing service delivery. Jose is an Optometrist and Researcher


• Kaleb Wilden, 23 of Macclesfield runs Wilden Exercise Services, providing clientele with a facility that can assist with helping to achieve their goals. He provides physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, orthopaedic rehabilitation, group classes and more. Kaleb has been involved in the $30,000 project aiming to provide free fitness resources to Macclesfield and surrounding region residents. He has serviced 258 clients, including 100 regular or fortnightly clients


• Tyrene Gardiner, 18 of Port Lincoln has helped fundraise $3,000 for a public access defibrillator that is now placed at Drakes Foodland. It came about after Tyrene tended to a young girl who was pulled from the water unconscious and unresponsive. Tyrene is an active youth member of St John Ambulance SA within the Port Lincoln Cadet Division. He assists with providing first aid at local events



Scouts SA Leadership Award

• Oscar Zi Shao Ong, 24 of Adelaide is the National President of the Council of International Students Australia and President of Adelaide University Union. Oscar had been the Adelaide University’s Student Representative Council President. In the Council for International Education, he supports the implementation of the Australian Strategy for International Education 2021-2030. During the initial Covid-19 outbreak, he partnered with multicultural organisations to initiate a food voucher program.


• James Beaumont, 19 of Oaklands Park has been utilising his lived experience to help other young people struggling with mental health issues and disabilities in SA. James has acted as Peer Mentor for youth with a disability at Julia Farr/Purple Orange, motivating others to challenge their thinking and create clear goals. James was awarded Young Citizen of the Year for the City of Marion Australia Day Awards


• Emma Murray, 29 of Happy Valley has spent 24 years of her life involved in gymnastics with the Hub Gymnastics Club. First as an athlete and then actively coaching for the last 16. Emma is passionate about not only about teaching gymnastics but also mentoring the athletes to become resilient, motivated, and determined “good humans” as well as providing employment opportunities to young South Australian’s



Department for Innovation and Skills Outstanding Apprentice Award

• Matthew Flint, 21 of Queenstown, a recently qualified fitter and has started his second apprenticeship as an electrician during 2021. He works at Coopers Brewery, where he is learning all aspects of machinery and equipment maintenance in a fast-paced production facility. Outside of his trade training, Matthew has earned a high-risk forklift licence, EWP ticket, working at heights and working in a confined space ticket


• Karmin Poulish, 19 of Gawler South is a second-year apprentice who works at Hentley Farm. Karmin has completed SACE and a Certificate II in Cookery. In 2019, she attended Le Cordon Blue’s Career Residential Course and volunteered her time at Tasting Australia. Karmin won a place in the Proud to Be a Chef competition in 2021. She was awarded St. Patrick Technical College’s Apprentice of the Year


• Dylan Occhiuto, 21 of Para Vista commenced his apprenticeship in Carpentry with Master Builders SA straight from school. He has completed the Doorways2Construction program whilst at school. Dylan was signed off earlier than planned. He then secured the role of Junior Site Manager with Mossops Construction & Interiors, where he manages teams of 100 people. In 2021, Dylan was named Master Builders SA Apprentice of the Year


• Pearl Dessart, 18 of Port Lincoln completed her SACE and a Certificate III in Agriculture whilst undertaking full-time employment as a farm and livestock hand with MacDonald Operations. She has established herself as a valued member of this family farming enterprise and is keen to pursue a career path in an area associated with stock management.



Department of Human Services Aboriginal Achievement Award

• Tiahni Adamson, 26 of Seaford Meadows is a proud Torres Strait Islander woman with a passion for environmental protection. Tiahni is the state coordinator of Seed, environmental public speaker, Uluru Statement from the Heart Youth Leader, and works in marine conservation and compliance with Primary Industries and Regions SA. She was trained by Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leader and uplifts Indigenous communities to fight for Climate Justice


• Shaquille Likouresis, is a proud Arrabunna man who loves giving back to his community through his involvement in sports and as a Community Constable with SA Police. As a Community Constable, Shaquille attends events and participates in programs to work with the community and create a positive image for all cultures around. Shaquille recently joined the Australian Defence Force Reserves.



Department of Human Services Pride Award

• Jacinta Clark, 28 of West Croydon is a proud bisexual woman. She is the Scholar Liaison Officer for Pinnacle Foundation, a national charity that provides scholarships and mentoring for LGBTIQ+ students. In this role, Jacinta mentors young students to help them reach their full potential. Jacinta is a founding member of the QueersInScience SA Committee, a national network for LGBTIQ+ people working and studying in STEM


• Thomas Fonua, 29 of West Beach is an artist, dancer, choreographer and emerging leader of Samoan and Tongan descent. In 2017, he created the collective ‘Haus of Kong’ to establish a safe space for emerging youth in the queer community. He has worked for companies like Black Grace (NZ) and the Australian Dance Theatre. Known for his alter-ego ‘Kween Kong’, Thomas is the reigning Dragnation Australia winner


• John/ Alex Kelly, 21 of Ridleyton is an autistic, queer and gender fluid youth who has served as the regional secretary for Amnesty International Australia SA/NT. A proud sex worker peer, John/Alex advocates for the decriminalisation of sex work in SA. They currently work as the men’s project worker at South Australian Sex Advocacy Network, where they address a critical intersection of queer and sex worker communities.



The University of Adelaide STEM Award

• Cheng Tang, 29 of Adelaide helped establish the concept of electrocatalytic refinery (e-refinery) to defossilise, decarbonise and decentralise the present chemical industry. To achieve these goals, Cheng makes his best effort on material engineering, mechanism study and system innovation. Cheng is a graduate of Tsinghua University. He is a lecturer at the University of Adelaide and an Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award Fellow


• Rebecca Marrone, 28 of Evanston is a Research Fellow at UniSA. She researches the intersection between educational psychology and human and artificial cognition. She runs the Epic Challenges Program, presenting un-answered space-based questions for students to solve. Rebecca mentors young females in STEM programs across the university. She has a PhD in STEM and an Honours Degree in Psychology.


• Nicole Foster, 26 of Greenwith completed her PhD in 2021 where she developed a molecular approach to analyse environmental DNA buried in the sediment record, uncovering historical changes that have occurred within coastal plant communities in South Australia. This work informs the adaptability and resilience of these important habitats to climate change. Nicole was also the first Scientist in Residence at St Peter’s Girls School.



Carclew Creative Achievement Award

• Nathan May, 27 of Rostrevor is a proud Arabana and Yawuru man. A musician, youth mentor who has worked with other artists to perform on Facebook Live and recorded events. He has also written songs for the governments’ wellbeing campaigns to promote health and wellness to the Aboriginal community during the pandemic. Since 2020, Nathan has been helping develop racism prevention programs with Reconciliation SA.


• Samuel Wannan, 26 of Whyalla Norrie is an artist, youth arts educator and a former Creative Producer of D’Faces Youth Arts. Their independent practice incorporates illustration, animation, art and graphic design. Sam’s work focuses on community connection and supporting young people through a wide range of projects. In 2021, Sam was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. In 2022, they were awarded a highly competitive Carclew Fellowship.


• Katherine Sortini, 25 of MaylandsK is an emerging actor, writer and theatre-maker. She founded Deus Ex Femina, whose first original work ‘All the Things I Couldn’t Say’ will debut in the 2022 RUMPUS Season. Katherine is an Honours Degree graduate from the Flinders Drama Centre. She has received the highly competitive Carclew Fellowship for 2022, where she will undertake mentorship with award-winning playwright Emily Steel.



Qoin Career Achievement Award

• Emily Cicconi, 25 of Hope Valley studies Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) after 4 years working in HR at Telstra. She won the Future Leaders of HR Scholarship and the Club Executive of the Year award. Working as an intern, then an HR Coordinator, and now a Recruitment Specialist at Accenture, her disability aspires her to role model for other young women living with disabilities.


• Sachin Kulkarni, 28 of Berri graduated from Griffith University and returned to Adelaide to work as a General Dentist. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Sachin empowered the general public about managing their oral health through radio, Telehealth, outreach programs and provided emergency services. He is set to finish advanced training in Orofacial Pain and complete his PhD in 2023


• Ben Rogers, 27 of Evanston Gardens undertook an apprenticeship to refine his culinary skills and channel his passion for cooking. Ben later established a desire for cooking on fire and coals. After completing his apprenticeship, Ben took a role as Chef de Partie, and competed in a number of competitions locally and internationally, winning in the 9th Edition of Trophee Mille International for Best Savoury Dish.



Multicultural Youth South Australia Spirit of Resilience Award

• Yeganeh Soltanpour, 21 of Lightsview set up a non-profit organisation that dedicates all its resources towards providing free career advice, CVs and mental wellbeing tools to students from various backgrounds. Yeganeh was 17 when she moved to Adelaide to pursue a degree in Psychology. After high school, she worked for a year and made $50,000 doing odd jobs to fund her travels and living expenses.


• Elsy Wameyo, 22 of Newton is a self-managed artist. During Covid-19, she applied for a grant through Carclew and purchased a home studio. With determination, Elsy had produced a six-track Extended Play. Her first track, ‘Nilotic’, journeys through the challenges she faces as a black artist. Elsy hails from the Nilotic tribes of Kenya. She won Best Hip Hop artist at the 2019 SA Music Awards.


• Akon Kur, 23 of Munno Para West established Unrefined Element, an organic, cruelty-free and homemade brand that focuses on hair care. Akon came to Australia in 2004 as a first-generation migrant of South Sudanese descent. She had to learn to love herself knowing she was considered different due to her skin colour, hair and upbringing. Akon is a graduate of medical science and works in the health sector.


Spirit Super Connecting Communities Award

• James Beaumont, 19 of Oaklands Park is a Peer Mentor for children and youth with disabilities for the Enabled Youth Disability Network (EYDN), and a Director on their Board. James endured years of family conflict and mental health issues as a child but still chose to assist other struggling young people. James helped petition the state government to abandon the closure of Springbank Secondary College.


• Shania Richards, 23 of Port Lincoln became the first Regional Female Aboriginal Youth Governor of South Australia in 2022. In 2021, she joined the Indigenous Affairs and Reconciliation Committee, where she helped create the Youth Justice Bill (Age of Criminal Capability) as assistant manager and main sponsor for debating the bill in the Legislative Council. Shania is currently organising the Youth Parliament Program of 2022 for SA.


• Holly Scott, 26 of West Croydon is a leading advocate on road safety. Holly survived a horror crash in 2017 where she sustained a brain injury, shattered pelvis and more. She now uses her experience to educate others as SAPOL’s inaugural Road Safety Ambassador. Holly works closely with SAPOL’s Road Safety Section. She has spoken at the RAA Street Smart High events in Darwin and Adelaide.





2021 Finalists

Websters Lawyers Service to the Community Award

Emily Harman, 23 of Elizabeth Park is an ambassador and advocate for others with a disability. Emily lives with Cerebral Palsy. She is an active member of the Playford Youth Advisory Committee, the Salisbury City Rotaract Club, and the Helping Young People Achieve (HYPA) Youth Leadership Team. She overcame depression in Year 10, finished Year 12 and acquired a Certificate III in Disability Support with support from HYPA. She works at Novita, where she came up with the idea of transport training to allow clients to engage in the community more. Emily has received the 2018 Playford Young Citizen of the Year and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Wathnak Vy, 24 of Para Hills West is a counsellor, a student taking Master in Counselling, specialising in Advanced Practice, and a volunteer for the Cambodian Association of South Australia, Mental Health Foundation SA and Suicide Prevention Network. He is the youngest registered counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association. During the Covid-19 pandemic, he offered free phone counselling services, helping around 230 people. Wathnak completed double degrees of Bachelor of International Development and Bachelor of Social Sciences at the University of Adelaide. He received the South Australian 2021 Australian Day Award for Leadership and Cultures and the 2021 Young Citizen of the Year Award for the Adelaide City Council.

Dimity Bullen-Nicholas, 28 of Surrey Downs is an Ambassador, Board Member and Community Advocate for Cystic Fibrosis South Australia (CFSA). She has run 9 half-marathon to raise funds and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. She works with staffing teams to reduce the risk of complications and created a mentorship program for struggling teens to help them understand their illness. She has worked with committees to get life-saving treatment approved in Australia and get CF recognised by the NDIS. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she helped raise over $80,000 for CFSA. Dimity runs an online business, “Delivering Flowers”, allowing her to work from home and hospital due to having CF.



Worldwide Small Business Achiever Award

Daisy Smark - No. 1 Lady Tradie, 27 of Prospect is advocating for women in trades. Daisy is a General Builder who founded No. 1 Lady Tradie, which specialises in home improvements. They produce short videos to showcase their quality work on social media. Daisy originally wanted to become an engineer but found her passion for tools. She spent two years learning and practising her trade skills. She successfully took the license test and was registered for Painting, Tailing, Paving, Fencing, First and Second-fit Carpentry and more. Daisy has accepted an invitation from Supporting and Linking Tradeswomen (SALT) and is working with young women at schools in bushfire-affected areas to promote trades.

Emily Condon - EC Advantage 22 of North Plympton is dedicated to altering the mindset of individuals through innovative training and realistic technical skill sessions. Emily created EC Advantage, with a focus on developing female athletes through strength and conditioning and soccer skill sessions. She offers personal training, injury prevention training, and specialised soccer skill sessions. She aims to understand the gaps and stigmas of female athletes not wanting to be viewed as ‘bulky’. Before launching her business, Emily completed Certificates III and IV in Fitness, Paul Chek courses and ASCA Certificate on Strength and Conditioning. Emily is a soccer player who has previously played for Adelaide and Australia

Marie-Jeanne Tuyisenge - Mazzprints 25 of Mitchell Park is committed to innovation, sustainability and putting customers first. Marie-Jeanne founded Mazzprints, a small African-owned clothing business. She imports vibrant African printed fabrics and personally designs and hand-make all pieces. Inspired by her late mother, who was a well-rounded businesswoman in a refugee camp, Marie-Jeanne learned how to sew by watching YouTube and websites of certified seamstresses. Marie-Jeanne personally finances the business through working other jobs. Before moving to Australia, Marie-Jeanne spent years in a refugee camp in Tanzania after her parents sought refuge from the Rwandan Genocide. She lived in Kenya for 11 years before receiving resettlement visas to Australia.



Carclew Creative Achievement Award

Grace Lam 19 of Somerton Park is a multi-discipline disabled artist and disability advocate. Grace set up Grace’s Handmade Cards, where she designs, makes and sells handmade bespoke cards, personalised candles, t-shirts and tote bags whilst providing employment for artists with disabilities. In 2020, she sold 500 candles and donated 10% of the profits to charity. As an artist, Grace is part of a theatre project called Unshackled and at Large, which revisits the history of disabled people in sideshows and circus. As a writer, Grace is part of a small group working to develop text and music for the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra’s Floods of Fire project.

Elsy Wameyo 21 of Newton is a writer and composer known for her single “Outcast”, which won an award at the 2019 South Australian Music Awards. She wrote Outcast as a 17-year-old confused young black girl who didn’t know where she belonged. Its music video included the African Community, showcasing the power, intelligence and beauty of black individuals. After receiving a grant from Carclew, she purchased a home studio and learned to produce tracks. She is currently working on her debut extended play. Elsy was named 2018 Young Kenyan of the Year. She won People’s Choice Best Hip Hop at the South Australian Music Awards.

Kiah Gossner 28 of West Hindmash is exploring social and cultural issues in his music. Kiah is an award-winning composer, orchestrator, performer and producer for music, film, theatre and television. He has been on multiple national and international tours with various Australian acts. He is also a Producer/Engineer at Studios 301 and Producer/Mixer at Mixmasters Studio. His new work “CONTACT” uses the cathartic powers of music, poetry, film and design in a live theatrical setting to explore the cyclical nature of domestic violence. During Covid-19, Kiah co-wrote songs with musicians throughout Australia via Zoom and mobile phone. He graduated from Elder Conservatorium with a Bachelor of Music-Jazz.



Rural Doctors Workforce Agency Rural Health Award

Tessa Deak 21 of Mount Gambier is a passionate advocate for those chronically ill/disabled. In 2018, she hosted a Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) Awareness Night to spread awareness about her disease and what it’s like having them. She started the Chronic Illness Support Limestone Coast, which began a Facebook group. They hold catch-ups and coordinate events such as the Wellness and Wellbeing Festival. Tessa founded and chaired the Festival, which showcases local products, businesses and services to support different aspects of wellbeing. Tessa was Headspace Youth Ambassador for two years. She currently leads the “Just Relax: Let’s Talk About Disability” Project, focusing on disability awareness and education.

Trent Wingard 29 of Adelaide is dedicated to improving health outcomes for Aboriginal people and communities. Trent is a proud Ngarrindjeri/Kaurna/Boandik Aboriginal man who works with Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services. He has developed a strategy for implementing a project that centres on Aboriginal culture and wellbeing. He focuses on improving recruitment and retention and building career pathways that champion the skills and experience of Aboriginal Health Workers and Practitioners. Trent was previously a Youth Project Officer in the Tackling Indigenous Health Program at the Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia. He is currently completing his Bachelor in Social Work at Deakin University whilst working full-time.

Tyrene Gardiner 17 of Port Lincoln has a passion for giving back to his community. Tyrene is an active youth member of St John Ambulance SA within the Port Lincoln Cadet Division. He runs training sessions for cadets to enable them to provide service to the wider community at any time. In the past 12 months, Tyrene has raised $3,000 for a public access defibrillator placed at Drakes Foodland in Port Lincoln. He has educated students on the importance of defibrillators and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) through workshops at schools. He is also a trainer for the Tasman Football Club, assisting in taping/strapping, massage therapy and injury rehab.



The University of Adelaide STEM Award

Dr Rebecca Marrone 28 of Evanston hopes to lessen the gender gap in STEM. Rebecca has a PhD from the School of Engineering at the University of South Australia (UniSA) and a first-class Honours Degree in Psychology. She currently works as an academic for the Centre for Change and Complexity in Learning at UniSA. She runs the Epic Challenge Program, delivered on behalf of UniSA, NASA and The Epic Education Foundation. The Program presents un-answered space-based questions for students to solve. Dr Rebecca also volunteers for the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute’s CHOOSEMATHS program, mentoring Year 10 girls. She holds a professional development training series for school teachers.

Dr Sarah Bernhardt 26 of Clarence Gardens focuses on improving the treatment of young women with breast cancer. Sarah has completed a Bachelor of Science (Biomedical) at the University of Adelaide (AU) and a First-Class Honours within the Cell Signalling Laboratory at the Centre for Cancer Biology. She has researched why aggressive breast cancers become resistant to therapy. She received a Faculty of Health Science Divisional Scholarship from AU for her PhD. Sarah joined the Breast Biology and Cancer Unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, continuing to research on improving precision medicine. She recently accepted a postdoctoral research position at a breast cancer laboratory in the United States.

Kate Secombe 28 of Norwood is in her final year of PhD in Medicine at the University of Adelaide (AU). She completed her Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science), receiving two Outstanding Academic Achievement awards. Aiming to improve the quality of life of people with cancer, Kate is working on a method to predict who will develop gastrointestinal toxicity from their treatment using the individual’s unique microbiome. This could help reduce the side effects of cancer treatments. Kate has completed a Postgraduate Research Internship at Bright Arena. She has published 11 peer-reviewed papers and won a Fellowship to do research at the U.S. National Institutes of Health.



Department of Human Services Aboriginal Achievement Award

Shantae Barnes-Cowan 17 of Whyalla is a young Adnyamathanha woman. She has made her onscreen TV debut and was recognised as one of the Rising Stars for 2019 by the Casting Guild of Australia. She has served as Indigenous Literacy Foundation Ambassador for South Australia. In 2018, she travelled to Melbourne with other students to promote the importance of literacy to Aboriginal children. She was a guest speaker at the NUNGA Screen opening event. She has played netball and basketball at state level, has acted in a coaching capacity to support other local sportspeople and even received the 2018 NAIDOC Female Sports Person of the Year.

Tiahni Jade Adamson 25 of Glenelg is a proud Torres Strait Islander woman who works full-time in the Marine Conservation and Compliance with Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA). She is employed under the Aboriginal Compliance Support Officer Career Program and is working towards becoming a Fisheries Officer through a traineeship. Tiahni works with the local SA Aboriginal communities to facilitate cultural events such as Narrunga country and Reconciliation and NAIDOC events across SA. A graduate of Bachelor of Science (Wildlife Conservation Biology), she hopes to marry her science-based education with traditional Indigenous knowledge and practices. Tiahni is currently studying a Masters of Environmental Policy and Management.

Trent Wingard 29 of Adelaide is a proud Ngarrindjeri/Kaurna/Boandik Aboriginal man. He currently works as an Aboriginal Health Workforce Coordinator where he scopes current workforce needs, with a focus on improving recruitment and retention and building career pathways of Aboriginal Health Workers and Practitioners. Trent previously worked as Youth Project Officer in the Tackling Indigenous Health Program of the Aboriginal Health Council of SA. He developed school-based programs committed to improving health prospects for young Aboriginal kids through education. He created the Puyu Blaster campaign, an engagement tool for educating young children on the health implications of smoking. Trent has Bachelor’s degree in Social Work.



First National Real Estate Innovation Award

Marion Vigot 29 of Adelaide is focusing on sustainability. Marion is a French serial entrepreneur who is the co-founder and CEO of Close the Loop Solutions. Her first sustainable portfolio brand is Mister RYE, the first rye-drinking straw to contribute to the circular economy. She recently launched Compostable Alternatives, a radically transparent platform supporting restaurants and cafés, introducing innovative and truly compostable solutions to single-use packaging and takeaway. Marion is the first international female entrepreneur to be granted a place in the Supporting Innovation in South Australia Entrepreneur Program. She is a Board Member of Startup Adelaide and Co-President and Coordinator for La French Tech Australia.

Nicholas Sanderson 24 of Adelaide graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from Adelaide University. He left his job as a cashier for seven years to launch Splose, a software for Allied Health practitioners and NDIS service providers. Splose is an all-in-one tool that integrates with Xero, Stripe, MailChimp, Medicare, Google Calendar, Zoom, LanternPay and more. Splose developed an app for the University of Adelaide. With enough demand, Nicholas hired two software engineers and started building a practice management software. Nicholas has raised close to $250,000 from private investors in South Australia and Melbourne. Splose is on track to having thousands of users in 2021.

Patrick Payne 25 of Adelaide founded Pitter Pattr, which was originally launched as a Facebook extension in the Facebook Messenger keyboard. Within seven days of launching, Facebook discontinued the technology that the extension used to integrate into the Messenger draw. This led to Patrick turning Pitter Pattr into a web platform ( and later mobile application (Pitter Pattr Custom Keyboard iOS App). Pitter Pattr allows users to become a sound snippet creator, find sound snippets for any context, and share them with others. Patrick works as Home Innovation Manager at the Royal Automobile Association, where he leads, launches new businesses and advises the company on innovation.



Multicultural Youth South Australia Spirit of Resilience Award

Qasem Bahmanzadah 24 of Pooraka is passionate about youth empowerment and development. Qasem arrived in Australia from Afghanistan, not knowing a single word of English. He worked hard, overcame obstacles, got out of his comfort zone and completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation. He is a coordinator for RYLA and RYPEN, youth leadership programs that aim to empower and develop leadership in youth. He is an Event Responder with St John Ambulance and mentor for Spire Coaching, a youth development program that teaches high school students leadership skills. Qasem is a SAPOL Diversity Inclusion Group team member, advising on strategies to better serve the community.

Tamanna Bakhtyari 18 of Paralowie spent her childhood experiencing the daily trauma of life under the Taliban in Afghanistan, where education was a learning crisis. Her family escaped to Pakistan and spent three years there before arriving in Australia and starting school only at age 9. Tamanna has a reputation for “getting things done”, with a willingness to become involved and take action. In her Research Project, she looked into domestic violence among traumatised Afghan refugee families in her community. The project provided female participants with a formal forum to speak about their experiences, to realise they were not alone and become involved in positive change.

Zahra Bayani 24 of Salisbury is dedicated to helping those in need. Zahra fled Iran, where she faced discrimination, bullying, harassment and racism. She arrived in Australia with no grasp of English but turned her life around. Zahra currently studies Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) at the University of South Australia. She has been President of the Rotaract Club at Thebarton Senior College and has been a Mentor/Director at the Rotary Youth Leadership Award and Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment. She is a Mentor at Spire Coaching, developing leadership skills for students to become valuable members of their communities and a First Aider at St John Ambulance.



Scouts SA Leadership Award

Mahendra Chitrarasu 24 of Royston Park is striving to effect social change by helping young people flourish. Mahendra is a national Young Ambassador for UNICEF Australia, advocating for children’s rights, mentoring vulnerable children who’ve experienced abuse, neglect and disadvantage, and training next-generation youth leaders in social justice advocacy. He hosts a community youth program on Radio Adelaide and serves people experiencing homelessness through St Vincent De Paul. Mahendra is a long-serving volunteer and board member for Edmund Rice Camps, where he fulfils every role on camp, from planning programs building resilience, hope and confidence to coordinating and leading entire camps as camp manager to feeding the masses.

Nathan Lam 29 of Rosslyn Park believes in leading by example. Nathan is a GP doctor-in-training who has been working at a GP clinic in Athelstone at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. He came up with the idea of converting an unused hall of the Athelstone Uniting Church into a Covid-19 testing centre. He took the initiative and contacted the Church and Federal Government. Soon, the Athelstone Respiratory Covid Clinic was opened to patients for free Covid-19 testing and assessments. Nathan designed the website booking system, worked as the sole doctor on-site daily whilst leading a small team of nurses and assessed almost 1,000 patients.

Sam Capurso 29 of Glandore is passionately promoting inclusivity in the teaching and learning of mathematics. Sam ceased offering accelerated classes and instead introduced an Extension Class in Years 7 to 10 for students with high potential. The restructure required Sam to undertake an extensive change in management process with staff, students and families. He is also thinking of offering senior mathematics as aspiration-focused, reducing the stigma associated with taking courses for students with vocational aspirations that are viewed as ‘lower end’. Sam is on the Executive Committee of the Mathematical Association of South Australia (MASA), where he writes resources and facilitates workshops at conferences nationwide.



University Senior College Create Change Award

Dr Brianna Le Busque 27 of Prospect passionately applies psychological theories to conservation and promotes the importance of understanding human behaviours. Regarding her Conservation Psychology work, Brianna has published academic manuscripts, assisted schools in setting up small-scale sustainability projects, taught students how their behaviours impact shark conservation, and inspired future conservationists to consider the importance of psychology theories. Briana runs a personal blog and social media platforms called “dr.ofwhat”. Her blog reaches postgraduate students across the globe and provides camaraderie, resources and a source of motivation with her genuine and authentic reflections. Briana has completed a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) degree and a PhD in Conservation Psychology.

Zoe Thomson 25 of Salisbury has been a volunteer for Talk Out Loud for five years, where she has been a leader at six Youth Empowerment Camps and planned fundraisers and social events. She has performed in a Fringe production called 41 Seconds. In her most recent initiative, Camp Tembo, Zoe facilitated the 2-day camp to inspire, empower and start conversations of girls aged 11 and 13 to reduce the stigma of mental health. Zoe is currently a Support Services Officer at Headspace Adelaide whilst studying a Bachelor of Social Work. She was previously employed at Helping Young People Achieve (HYPA) as a Young Employment Consultant.

Zibeon Fielding 26 of Mimili raised funds towards providing a dialysis machine for The Purple House and having a gym built in Mimili. He did this by becoming a marathon runner and marathon bike rider, running 62kms and riding over 700kms through APY Lands and raising $90,000. Zibeon has previously trained and competed in three major international running marathons. He has a Certificate IV in Primary Health Care and works as an Aboriginal Health Worker. He runs health checks, encourages and supports people to attend health clinics and educates people to recognise symptoms and diseases. Zibeon has been recently accepted into a Bachelor of Medicine course.



Santos Regional Service Award

Jack Gill 21 of Evanston Park is focused on promoting sustainability, arts and civic involvement. Jack has been involved in the Gawler Youth Advisory Committee, providing youth-based insights to Gawler Council and ensuring that the town has the younger population and future residents’ concerns in mind. He is running a Bike Month Campaign in April to engage residents in the benefits of carbon-neutral transport. Jack was one of the Youth Representatives on the Gawler Climate Emergency Action Plan Working Group and a Gawler Delegate to the National Climate Emergency Summit 2020. Jack has commenced his Master of Science (Environment and Sustainability) at the University of Adelaide.

Chanceline Kakule 22 of Worrolong is inspiring young people of refugee/migrant backgrounds. Chanceline started a branch of the E-Raced Program in Mount Gambier, which aims to combat or minimise racism one story at a time. She trains young refugees and immigrants in storytelling. Once they are confident, they share their stories in schools to tackle the issue of racism and build understanding to those without refugee or migrant experiences. E-Raced has started an initiative called “Healing Conversations.” Chanceline moved to Australia when she was 9 years old. Her family fled Congo during a time of war and spent 7 years in a refugee camp in Zambia.

Renee Chamberlain 17 of Gawler East has been volunteering with the Town Of Gawler, attending events such as skatepark competitions, whole town events and Fringe events. She is a mentor at the Gawler Youth Space. She has taken a role as chairperson of the Gawler Youth Advisory Committee, which will see her sit on various committees and meet and update their Mayor. Renee has represented Gawler Youth at the Silo’s to Symphony’s State Symposium. Renee founded the Gawler and District College B-12 Interact Club, with a goal of teaching younger generations the importance of community service. In 2020, she became Interact Club President for the second time.



Minister for Innovation and Skills Outstanding Apprentice Award

Karmin Poulish, 18 of Gawler South is an apprentice at Hentley Farm Restaurant. Karmin experienced mental health issues and bullying that led to her transfer to St. Patrick’s Technical College, where she completed SACE and Certificate II in Cookery. She has completed extra work experience in the hospitality industry, a Beginner’s Cake Decorating Course, and Le Cordon Blue’s French Breakfast Pastry Course and Career Residential Course. She has volunteered in the kitchen of Tasting Australia. Karmin won a place in the Proud To Be A Chef competition and will travel to Melbourne in September 2021 to learn from Australia’s best chefs and compete for an international scholarship.

Kobey Knight, 20 of Christie Downs is an eager and determined learner. Kobey overcame many learning difficulties to become a qualified horticulturalist after completing a traineeship with the Botanic Gardens of South Australia (BGSA). He commenced a Vocational Education Training pathway and completed Certificates I and II in Conservation and Land Management and Certificates II and III in Horticulture. With the help of Michael Jenkinson, a teacher struck by Kobey’s enthusiasm, Kobey connected with the BGSA Traineeship Program becoming one of its youngest trainees. He was awarded the Gwen Thomas Scholarship and represented BGSA at the Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand Congress in Wellington, NZ.

Kelsey Wade, 21 of Renmark undertook VET in SACE and completed a Certificate III in Media, leading to graphic design, which is her primary career goal. She has pursued subjects in the Arts to gain solid foundation for knowledge and skills. She undertook a part-time traineeship at a local agency whilst studying Certificate III in Business. She was approached for apprenticeship at Print DNA, a local printing firm, being the only graduating student interviewed for the position. She started her Apprenticeship as a Certificate III in Print Communication and is now in her last year. Kelsey was a 2020-2021 LIA SA Graduate of the Year finalist.



Qoin Career Achievement Award

Dr Trudy Lin 28 of Kensington Park is one of only five registered specialists in Special Needs Dentistry in Australia, providing oral healthcare to people with disability, psychiatric illnesses and complex medical issues. A graduate of Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Trudy became a Senior Dental Officer at the Special Needs Unit, Adelaide Dental Hospital in 2017. She completed her Doctor of Clinical Dentistry in Special Needs Dentistry Program and Advanced Diploma in Nutrition in 2020. During Covid-19, she self-funded the establishment of a Supported Independent Living facility for people with disability to live in the community. Trudy will be receiving an honorary title with the University of Adelaide.

Louise Kyriaki 27 of Newton is an academic researcher at Flinders University. She took her PhD in Psychology (Cognitive Neuroscience) at the University of South Australia, which kickstarted her career investigating the neurobiology of how humans understand and use language. As researcher and PhD student, she held several positions, including as student body representative of Magill Campus at the University Student Association Board, Postgraduate Student Representative, Vice President of the Student Association Board and University Council member. She was also a Higher Degree by Research Representative for Psychology. Louise hopes her career will have a meaningful contribution by developing new interventions for people with language-related disorders.

Dr Sachin Kulkarni 27 of Berri graduated in Dentistry from Griffith University and returned to Adelaide to work as a General Dentist. A first-generation immigrant, he has served as a Dentist in outreach programs in South Australian schools and aged cares. He teaches Neuroanatomy for dental students at the University of Adelaide and serves on the Australian Dental Association SA’s Environmental and Sustainability subcommittee. Sachin is completing his Masters in Orofacial Pain Management and is due to begin his PhD candidature in Pain Management and Lasers. He previously won the Engineers Without Borders Challenge, acknowledging his contribution to rural communities in the Tamil Nadu region of India.





2020 Finalists

Carclew Creative Achievement Award

Cyrus Nuthakki, 15 of Warradale is a talented pianist and burgeoning composer. He completed Year 12 (Stage 2 Music – SACE) at age 15, becoming the youngest South Australian to have studied a SACE subject in 2018. He completed Grade 8 in Piano through AMEB and Trinity College of London, with a high distinction. Cyrus won second prize at the 2019 Reimann-Robinson Scholarship under 18. He has performed a masterclass facilitated by Australian composer Steven Whittington and has participated in competitive performances. A new migrant from India, Cyrus hopes to get into the mentoring program of the Open Music Academy and become a Hollywood Film Score Composer someday.

Edwin Kemp Attrill, 29 of Brompton is a multi-award winning theatre director. At age 17, Edwin started ActNow Theatre, a company dedicated to creating social justice outcomes through the power of art. ActNow employs dozens of artists each year and is a major employer of First Nations and Culturally Diverse artists in SA. As Artistic Director and CEO, Edwin oversaw the establishment of ActNow’s MakeSpace, a rehearsal/performance space in Adelaide CBD. Edwin received a 2017 South Australian Geoff Crowhurst Memorial Award and a 2018 Australia Council Kirk Robson Award both for his community arts practice. He has worked and trained across Australia, in Canada, India, and Taiwan.

Shane Cook, 28 of Salisbury East is passionate about community arts. A proud Wulli Wulli and Guwa descendant, Shane Mankitya Cook is an Australian Aboriginal aerosol artist known for his graffiti-inspired street style art blended with indigenous inspired contemporary and traditional First Nations Australian art. He founded Street Dreamz, a community arts and mentoring service that focuses on mediums of street art and Aboriginal culture. Shane has collaborated with Ugandan and Kenyan artists to create a body of artwork exhibited in the United Kingdom. He has been competing and training for the Indigenous Marathon Project whilst in New York. Shane works part-time as a Youth Mentor.


Department of Human Services Aboriginal Achievement Award

Bryce Cawte, 17 of Mansfield Park has a passion for sharing Aboriginal culture and history. Bryce is a young Ngarrindjeri leader who takes lead roles that promote the richness of Australia’s First Nations heritage. He has performed in smoking ceremonies with Ngarrindjeri/Kaurna Elder, Major Sumner, and as part of the Tal-Kin-Jeri dance group. With his help, the Department for Education highlighted the Mathematics of Aboriginal Dance in its Aboriginal STEM congresses from 2017 to 2019. Bryce helps deliver ‘Aboriginal for a Day’ cultural workshops in schools and develops STEM workshops. He has helped set up the ‘Ringbalin-healing ceremony’ and the Adelaide Fringe ‘Dupang’ Festival in the Coorong.

Quinishia Skinn-Buzzacott, 17 of Port Lincoln hopes to be an inspiration to her community. Quinishia was a teen Tunarama Ambassador for 2018 and 2019, winning People’s Choice Award in both years. She went on a Year 7 China Exchange Program and participated in an Indonesia Learning Service Trip, where she shared Aboriginal art with Indonesian students. Quinishia has a C-grade netball umpire badge and regularly umpires and coaches netball. She has won the Netball Association Junior Umpire of the Year and Netball Club’s Junior Tiger of the Year awards and umpired her first A-grade netball game at age 16. She is currently completing Year 11.

Shane Cook, 28 of Salisbury East is dedicated to giving back to the community. A proud Wulli Wulli and Guwa descendant, Shane successfully juggles being an artist and a youth mentor. He runs Street Dreamz, a business that handles both spontaneous and scheduled art projects and provides mentoring by encouraging cultural exploration, expression of emotions without words and the processing of complex feelings. Shane is a Peer Mentor for Step Out program, offering valuable mentoring support to young people involved with the youth justice system to reconnect with the community and pursue positive lifestyles. He has helped co-design and facilitate a culturally specific men’s fitness and wellbeing program.


First National Real Estate Innovation Award

Jayden Strudwick, 15 of Tranmere has a passion for designing, building and competing with robots. Jayden has been participating in building combat robots, known as battlebots. At age 14, he was approached to build an educational program for secondary schools students. Over three months, he embarked on experimentation, training and early stage development to fulfil teaching, learning and curriculum goals. The resulting product is a combat robot assembly kit that would improve STEM education unlike any other. Jayden presented to 60 teachers at the Design and Technology Teachers Association of SA. It led to the development of the ARKO STEM Inter-School Robot Combat Cup 2020.

Melanie Fuller, 27 of Edwardstown has a passion for research. Melanie developed a bandage that releases antibiotics and gold nanoparticles over a two-week period to treat infections at the source. Through a process called electrospinning, a charged dissolved polymer is dispensed from a needle and pulled into a high voltage field to elongate into a fibre. Melanie learned electrospinning in Japan and nuclear physics at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology. The bandage will help treat infections in third-world countries, remote workers and defence personnel. She won the 2019 Kelly Services Future Scientist Award for SA and is a member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.

Tom Welsby, 28 of Payneham strives to build communities. Tom founded ResVu in mid 2017 as a means to promote and build communities within residential sites and apartment buildings around Australia. Through capital raised from SA companies and individuals, the App provides multiple products. CommunitiLink engages residents to connect with management 24/7, report maintenance issues, and more. CommunitiLocal supports local businesses by promoting their product or service to residents within a one-kilometre radius. FMLink are for facilities managers of large sites while FMLink Inspector offers specific benefits to service providers. A finalist at Urban Developer Awards, ResVu won the Australian eChallenge 2017 and State Award 2017.


Minister for Innovation and Skills Outstanding Apprentice Award

Alessandra Modra, 26 of Adelaide has a passion for building things. Alessandra started a Carpentry Apprenticeship in 2016, working in commercial and residential sectors. In March 2019, Alessandra started with No. 1 Lady Tradie and has since moved into a cabinet-making apprenticeship where she installs cabinets, robes, bathroom vanities and more. A professional and quick learner, she is passionate about equality, promoting women in trades and encouraging customers to think differently about traditional expectations and services. Alessandra films and edits videos to showcase high quality work and attention to detail. She is a keen beach dweller, diver, snorkeller, surfer and a volunteer for Sea Sheppard. 

Oliver Horvath, 24 of McLaren Vale takes pride in his work ethic. Oliver completed a Certificate III in Carpentry in mid-2019 and works for Hocking Enterprises at Lonsdale. In the last 12 months, he was involved in the construction of the 2019 HIA Home of the Year where he was challenged to think outside of the box. Because of his determination, he was named HomeStart Finance Building and Construction’s Most Outstanding Student of the Year at the TAFE SA Building and Construction Awards 2019. In 2018, Oliver competed in the WorldSkills Australia and won bronze for carpentry. He has also been featured in the media. 

Tayla Carll, 18 of Gawler East is career-driven. Tayla is enrolled in a fabrication engineering apprenticeship at Stratco and registered with TAFE SA at Regency Park. She has completed Year 12 studies at St Patrick’s Technical College, specialising in the metals and engineering field. Her high-functioning Autism has made her a more visual person who excelled in the practical and technical subjects. Despite dealing with anxiety disorder and speech and learning delay, Tayla has completed work at Levett Engineering, Century Engineering, Air Force, and Defence, Science and Technology Organisation. Due to her determination, her employer enrolled her into extra courses with TAFE SA for additional qualifications. 


Multicultural Youth South Australia Spirit of Resilience Award

Adhel Lual, 23 of Paralowie moved from displacement, fleeing South Sudan at a very young age, then to living in a refugee camp in Kenya before migrating to Australia. Adhel returned to South Sudan, stayed there for three years, met her husband and had a daughter. In 2013, she had to leave her family behind but managed to return in 2015 to gather documents that would support the sponsorship of her family. In 2016, her husband’s and daughter’s visas were granted, reuniting her with her family. Adhel now works in Centacare, helping the homeless, mentoring the youth and helping young mothers at risk.

Alicia Beik, 29 of Gilles Plains is committed to giving back. Alicia fled from Iran to seek a better future and a safer place to live. She arrived with her mother in Australia in 2011, with little English, no work experience and financial difficulties. After volunteering for community and working with Anglicare SA, Humanitarian Housing Settlement, she started Rubies House Company to address the housing challenges of South Australians. Alicia developed the Affordable Sustainable Housing Program (ASHP) to assist lower-income locals to overcome housing barriers whilst providing job opportunities for newly arrived migrants. She was involved with not for profit organisation to educate and empower women and actively volunteering for her community.

Grace Paye, 22 of Manningham strives to help others. Grace arrived in Australia in 2016 after experiencing adversity, grief and challenges in Liberia. She spent most of her childhood during the Liberian Civil War. After experiencing mental health related issues and watching someone go through something that could break a person, she decided to create a girls’ group to provide a safe space for young women to create and build strength. The group aims to build friendship among the vulnerable by helping one another and discussing life problems. They meet every weekend and have started to volunteer at local community centres and run empowerment workshops.


Rural Doctors Workforce Agency Rural Health Award

Tessa Deak, 20 of Mount Gambier is committed to creative leadership. As Youth Ambassador for Headspace, Tessa helps destigmatise mental health and spread awareness. She visits educational facilities, gives presentations on depression, anxiety and more, and volunteers in events like the Amazing Race and Youth Week activities. Tessa is the founder and leader of the Chronic Illness Support Limestone Coast, which started as a Facebook group and now has over 100 members who meet and run events. She is the founder and chairperson of Wellness and Wellbeing Festival 2019 and 2020, which showcases local products, businesses and services that support every aspect of wellbeing.

Tyrene Gardiner, 16 of Port Lincoln has a passion for giving back. Tyrene successfully led a fundraiser that raised $3,000 to fund a public access defibrillator. He has dedicated over 650 volunteer hours to St. John Ambulance SA in the last year, where he conducts training to cadets and teaches the importance of defibrillators and how to give effective CPR. Tyrene is also a trainer at Tasman Football Club. He has helped raise funds for the Royal Flying Doctors Service and worked for Port Lincoln Tunarama Committee as volunteer site manager and designated First Aider. In 2020, Tyrene won the Port Lincoln Young Citizen of the Year Award.

Zibeon Fielding, 26 of Mimili is instilled with positivity and boundless energy. Zibeon is an Aboriginal Healthcare Worker at Mimili Clinic where he promotes healthy lifestyles to Indigenous Australians. He ran an ultra-marathon through his homelands on APY Lands and raised over $50,000 to open a dialysis clinic and over $40,000 to build a gym. Although rejected three times to get into the international marathon run, he trained hard to realise his dream and ran his first marathon in New York City. Zibeon is dedicated to helping close the gap in Indigenous health whilst battling systematic racism. He has been awarded SA Young Australian of the Year.


Santos Regional Service Award

Blake Brougham, 18 of Whyalla is the Deputy Mayor of the Whyalla Youth Advisory. He has been doing community work since he was eight years old, when he started playing guitar with a local music tuition school. Blake has raised funds through events and concerts such as Jeans for Genes Day, The Whyalla Tappers benefit concert for cancer and The Whyalla Carols in the Park. As a head youth leader at Whyalla Music Association, he mentors young people and organises events. He became Publicity Officer of COMET, a not-for-profit that targets original musicians from the region to put on a free concert for the public.

Sallee Shepherd, 17 of Tailem Bend champions excellence. Sallee is the Mayor of the Murray Bridge Youth Council, representing the Coorong District at the Youth Suicide Prevention forum. She participated in the Coorong Connection Youth Network and attended a Unity College community service trip to Indonesia. Sallee has participated in activities like Music Hall, Pedal Prix and Christmas Parades, volunteering hours to create media and marketing videos. Sallee initiated a Mem Fox Green Sheep art installation. She has been a leader at the Tailem Bend Netball Club as captain and umpire received a Shirley Stephenson sporting award and an Australian Defence Force Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award.

Tessa Deak, 20 of Mount Gambier demonstrates her leadership to her community. A Youth Ambassador at Headspace, Tessa helps destigmatise mental health and spread awareness by visiting educational facilities to present about depression and anxiety. She volunteers for Headspace events like the Amazing Race and Youth Week activities. Tessa founded the Chronic Illness Support Limestone Coast. Now with over 100 members, the Group enables those with chronic illness to connect with each other. She is the founder and chairperson of the 2019 and 2020 Wellness and Wellbeing Festival, which showcases local products, businesses and services that support wellbeing. Tessa attended the 2019 Regional Youth Leadership Forum.


Scouts SA Leadership Award

Anna Phan, 13 of Prospect is committed to lead by example. Anna is the co-founder of Synergetix FIRST LEGO LEAGUE robotics team at Prospect North Primary School. She led her team to success at the National Championship, winning seven championships in three years. She developed excellent project management skills and promoted and connected her team to the wider Australian Lego Robotics community. Anna mentors younger students particularly girls with English as a second language. Anna helped forge a partnership between her team and the Rotary Club of Prospect. She was part of her school’s STEM Ministry and was their representative at Kids Teach STEM conferences.

Meika Liveris, 22 of Walkerville is an emerging leader in sustainable development. Meika co-founded Ixo Waste Analytics after being hand-picked to represent Australia at the UNLEASH Sustainable Development Lab in Shenzhen, China. The company aims to solve landfill problems and change the perception of waste in Australia. Meika was selected for the Ecoversity Award in New York and represented Adelaide at the International Conference for Sustainable Development. She volunteers with the Adelaide University Engineering Society and the Debating Society, and works on a project named “RESPECT”, to bridge Australia and Timor Leste. Despite having anxiety disorder, Meika still manages to study Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology.

Sallee Shepherd, 17 of Tailem Bend is passionate about achieving great things and is the Mayor of the Murray Bridge Youth Council. She participated in the Coorong Connection Youth Network and volunteers for the Tailem Bend Community Centre, providing administrative, marketing and fundraising support. Sallee has participated in Music Hall, Pedal Prix and Christmas Parades and initiated a Mem Fox Green Sheep art installation in the community playground. Sallee received the Australian Defence Force Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award. In addition to running a business called Sallee’s Cupcakes, she leads as an umpire and captain of the Tailem Bend Netball Club.


The University of Adelaide STEM Award

Dr Lauren Meyer, 29 of Bedford Park is committed to sustainability. Lauren investigated the impacts of wildlife tourism for her PhD at Flinders University, particularly the effects of cage diving on white sharks. Her work contributed to the implementation of new regulations and new tourism assessment frameworks used by the Department of Environment and Water. She also innovated the field of biochemical ecology and detailed the diet of endangered top predators. Lauren has published three papers whilst undertaking her PhD. In June 2018, she co-founded Otlet, a global platform that enables researchers to source scientific samples from colleagues to minimise wasted samples and redundant and costly resampling.

Jayden Strudwick, 15 of Tranmere has created a revolutionary approach to STEM education. At age 14, Jayden created an educational program for secondary school students in the southern suburbs. The goal is to educate and engage middle school students on the interactive design processes and design skills involved in creating combat robots. After several months of product and materials development, design, tests and feedback from students and teachers, the result is a programmable version of the combat robot kit. He presented it at the Design and Technology Teachers Association of South Australia. In 2017, Jayden won the Flinders University Best Student Engineered Robot Award.

Luisa Maria Panuccio, 23 of Hectorville is passionate about making a difference as a female role model in STEM, using her voice and social media platforms to promote STEM Careers. In 2017, Luisa completed her Honours in Civil and Architectural Engineering and currently works as a Project Manager in the Major Projects Congestion Busting Team for the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure. As an Ambassador for Engineers Without Borders Australia, Google, Children’s University Australia and the National Association of Women in Construction, Luisa speaks regularly at schools, careers expos and industry events about her role as a STEM professional in an effort to change the negative stereotypes associated with STEM careers.


University Senior College Create Change Award

Jessica Dobrovic, 29 of Reynella is committed to improving the homelessness sector in Adelaide and across Australia, through her PhD studies and employment. Jess is an analyst for Aspire Social Impact Bond at Hutt St Centre, the first bond in Australia to focus on homelessness. Through research, she helps build understanding of the impact homelessness has on the individual and systems. Jess also works within the Adelaide Zero Project in collaboration with other services, aiming to achieve functional zero rough sleeping by end of 2020. Jess also volunteers for the Hands on Project, providing prosthetic hands for people who have lost hands in developing countries.

Luisa Maria Panuccio, 23 of Hectorville is a Project Manager for major infrastructure projects in South Australia and uses her position to be a role model for young girls looking to pursue a career in STEM. In 2019, Luisa received the National Association of Women in Construction Graduate of the Year Award for her role in managing a complex program of works involving the construction of 20 civil projects across the Adelaide metropolitan area. As an Ambassador for Engineers Without Borders Australia, Google and Children’s University Australia, Luisa speaks regularly at schools, careers expos and industry events about her role as a STEM professional in an effort to change the negative stereotypes associated with STEM careers.

Zibeon Fielding, 26 of Mimili is an Aboriginal Health Worker with a Certificate IV in Primary Health Care. After completing three international marathons, he initiated and completed two solo marathons in the APY Lands, running 62 kilometres and riding 700 kilometres. Zibeon raised $90,000 to provide a dialysis machine for The Purple House and to build a gym in Mimili and works to address the lack of healthy food available in remote communities. In 2016, he was selected for the Indigenous Marathon Project, a health promotion charity that uses running to celebrate Indigenous resilience. He dreams of running an ultramarathon through his homelands.


Websters Lawyers Service to the Community Award

Grace Fuller, 11 of Kidman Park runs fundraising and awareness activities that impact minority groups. She managed an event to raise money for the purchase of a “Shelter Box” to assist a family displaced by the Syrian War. She helped raise funds to help eradicate polio through a mini education program within her school. She raised $430, which was matched by the Rotary Club of Prospect and doubled by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, resulting in 11,000 vaccines being acquired. Grace volunteers with the Henley Beach Surf Life Saving and Prospect Rotary Clubs and received the Paul Harris Fellow Award in recognition for her volunteering.

Monu Chamlagai, 19 of Salisbury hopes to gives back to the community that welcomed her. Monu is the Deputy Chair for Salisbury Youth Council 2019, having been a Council member for three years. She is a member of Every Life Matters Salisbury Suicide Prevention Network – Youth Focus Group, which aims to reduce suicide rates among young people. She is part of the SA Youth Junior Parliament and SA Youth Parliament. Monu volunteers in her Bhutanese Community, assisting young people to learn about their culture and language. She is studying Psychology at the University of South Australia and was named Salisbury Young Citizen of the Year 2020.

Stacey Mousley, 26 of Wynn Vale is committed to empowering young people. For over six years, Stacey has been a volunteer at Talk Out Loud, a youth empowerment and suicide prevention group, where she speaks in community meetings and schools and conducts empowerment workshops and programs. She also volunteers at Red Frogs, which aims to look after people who are intoxicated at sporting events, music festivals and uni parties. At Victory Church, she is involved in running youth and children’s programs to guide them on life’s journey. Stacey volunteers at Adelaide Zoo and in bushfire relief operations. She was named 2019 Westfield Local Hero Winner.


Worldwide Small Business Achiever Award

Branden Kentish & Nathan Peters - Adelaide Bar Boys, 26 of Adelaide are committed to showcasing the best of Adelaide. Adelaide Bar Boys was inspired by their European adventure where Branden and Nathan experienced the best bars. With a focus on walking bar tours in the Central Business District, Adelaide Bar Boys provides custom, high-end experiences that showcase a locals’ perspective of SA. Each tour comes with two guides to ensure maximum value for the customer whilst revealing Adelaide’s best bars and experiences. Adelaide Bar Boys participated in the Fringe Festival and won Best Fringe Event in 2019. Active across all social media channels, they have been featured on TripAdvisor and The Advertiser.

Daisy Smark - No. 1 Lady Tradie, 27 of Prospect is a registered General Builder for Painting, Tiling, Paving, Fencing, First and Second-fit Carpentry. In 2016 she founded No. 1 Lady Tradie, which specialises in home improvements, including bathrooms, kitchens, painting, and carpentry work. Now with the help from an apprentice, No. 1 Lady Tradie works in commercial and residential sectors and they produce short videos and use social media to showcase their quality work. Daisy has accepted an invitation from SALT (Supporting and Linking Tradeswomen) to work with female students in bushfire-affected areas to promote trades. She spent three weeks supporting women in trades and the fire recovery efforts.

Luke Gray - Periscope Media Pty Ltd, 25 of Adelaide has unstoppable determination to succeed. Luke is co-founder of Periscope Media, a 7-digit full-serviced digital marketing company that serves 100+ clients across Australia, New Zealand and the United States. To learn Search Engine Optimisation in a $12,000 mastermind class, he got a full-time job at Flight Centre. Working full-time while building his business, he overcame being broke and founded Gray SEO Global from his parents’ spare room. The company evolved to become Periscope Media. Together with his business partner, Carradean Farley, they now have four offices in Adelaide Arcade, a team of five Adelaide-based employees and more than 10 based overseas. 

Sreymom Lund - Little Khmer Kitchen, 25 of Adelaide owns and manages Little Khmer Kitchen, the only Cambodian eatery in the CBD. Born in rural Cambodia, she was adopted when she was eight with no English or schooling. Sreymom completed an International Baccalaureate in Phnom Penh, before moving to Australia to study Anthropology, Development Studies and a Masters of Clinical Nursing. Through Uni, Sreymom started a catering business and with her own funds created Little Khmer Kitchen. The restaurant has a five star rating on Trip Advisor and received much media coverage. Sreymom received the 2020 Young Citizen of the Year Award for City of Adelaide.


2019 Finalists

Websters Lawyers Service to the Community Award
• Cyanne Westerman, 27 of Whyalla
• Kaila Harris, 16 of Moana
• Shamsiya Mohammadi, 21 of Parafield Gardens

Department of Human Services Aboriginal Achievement Award
• Iteka Sanderso n-Bromley, 18 of Grange
• Mikayla Hudson, 22 of Port Augusta
• Otis Carter, 27 of Port Lincoln
• Zaachariaha Fielding, 21 of Adelaide

Worldwide Sports Award

• Carlos Maya Koch, 27 of Broadview
• Lucy Doney, 15 of Colonel Light Gardens
• Dr Victoria Cox, 28 of Adelaide
• Connor Hogan, 19 of Bangor 

Multicultural Youth South Australia Spirit of Resilience Award
• Asma Safi, 20 of Flinders Park
• Mahyar Raezaei, 25 of Parside
• Rahima Wahidi, 24 of Sailsbury 

Minister for Innovation and Skills Outstanding Apprentice Award
• Harry Sanders, 21 of Willaston
• Kirsty Penney, 27 of Kilburn
• Luke Hentschke, 21 of Gawler South 

Rural Doctors Workforce Agency Rural Health Award
• Mikayla Hudson, 22 of Port Augusta
• Zelma Tolley, 26 of Port Lincoln
• Zia Westerman, 27 of Whyalla 

University Senior College Create Change Award
• Amber Cronin, 28 of Stepney
• Lauren Crago, 25 of Panorama
• Mark Neville Franklin, 16 of Camden Park 

The Rowdy Group Creative Achievement Award
• Georgina Chadderton, 27 of Adelaide
• Rachel Bruerville, 27 of Clarence Park
• Zaachariaha Fielding, 27 of Adelaide 

First National Real Estate Innovation Award
• Amber Cronin, 28 of Stepney
• Joel Ransom, 15 of Mitcham
• Sean Grealy, 23 of Morphettville
• Tahnee Dening, 29 of Robe 

Santos Regional Service Award
• Alecia Sheedy, 22 of Mount Gambier
• Caitlin Polack, 25 of Renmark
• Zia Westerman, 27 of Whyalla 

Scouts SA Leadership Award
• Aimee Brownbill, 26 of Adelaide
• Kelsey Piltz, 24 of Broadview
• Sam Weavers, 11 of Wayville 

The University of Adelaide STEM Award
• Annabel Sorby-Adams, 27 of Malvern
• Arna Smith, 26 of Adelaide
• Tahlia Perry, 25 of Mount Barker


2018 Finalists 

Department of Human Services Aboriginal Achievement Award
• Christine Glenn, 29 of Elizabeth North
• Kyran Dixon, 24 of Alberton
• Mikayla Hudson, 21 of Port Augusta

Multicultural Youth South Australia Spirit of Resilience Award
• Mahyar Rezaei, 24 of Paradise
• Mimona Abdalla, 19 of Salisbury East
• Shamsiya Mohammadi, 20 of Parafield Gardens

 Rural Doctors Workforce Agency Rural Health Award

• Diana Calic, 22 of Whyalla
• Sarah Hammond, 24 of Echunga
• Stephen Fantinel, 25 of Port Pirie

 Santos Regional Service Award

• Emily Rawlings, 18 of Whyalla
• John Henery, 26 of Blinman
• Tori-Anne Gill, 22 of Mundoora

 Scouts SA Leadership Award

• Aidan Barry, 20 of Marion
• Ben Rowe, 28 of Sefton Park
• Lauren Heddle, 17 of Upper Sturt

 First National Real Estate Innovation Award

• Pascal Ward, 27 of Norwood
• Lachlan Etherton, 16 of Greenwith
• Tahnee Dening, 28 of North Plympton
• William Gale, 26 of Lower Mitcham

The Coffee Club Arts and Fashion Award
• Daniel Thorpe, 26 of Bowden
• Mia van den Bos, 27 of Prospect
• Nelson Hedditch, 27 of Gilberton
• Simon Williams, 28 of Nairne

 The University of Adelaide STEM Award

• Franke Agenbag, 18 of Marananga
• Jenna Crowe-Riddell, 27 of Mile End
• Matthew Iasiello, 26 of Adelaide

 University Senior College Create Change Award

• Caleb Sweeting, 21 of Osborne
• Stephany Martin, 24 of Campbelltown
• Tabitha Ryan, 25 of Clearview
• Thomas Brown, 26 of Mylor

 Websters Lawyers Service to the Community Award

• Aidan Barry, 20 of Marion
• Damien Walker, 22 of Parafield
• Kira Bain, 20 of Ingle Farm
• Lauren Heddle, 17 of Upper Sturt

 Worldwide Printing Solutions Sports Award

• Aidan Barry, 20 of Marion
• Kurtis Marschall, 20 of Happy Valley
• Sasha Glasgow, 19 of Adelaide

 WFI Insurance Small Business Achiever Award

• Jordan Gruber - Frontier Microscopy, 25 of Seacliff
• Phoebe Hunter – HunterMade, 26 of Eastwood
• Tom Rodger - The Seller Door, 27 of Brighton



2017 Finalists


Department for Communities and Social Inclusion Aboriginal Achievement Award

  • Anna Dowling, 24 of Blair Athol
  • Celine Graham, 29 of Craigmore
  • Ellie Lovegrove, 22 of Bellevue Heights
  • Kira Bain, 19 of Direk

Multicultural Youth South Australia Spirit of Resilience Award

  • Faith Lawrence Abio, 22 of Noarlunga
  • Gulima Wahidi, 20 of Elizabeth East
  • Jemal Mussa, 25 of Brooklyn Park
  • Kbora Ali, 19 of Keswick

Rural Doctors Workforce Agency Rural Health Award

  • Emma Kelly, 22 of Walkerville
  • Luke Vater, 24 of Saddleworth
  • Dr Susan Clift-Bowden, 28 of Koolunga
  • Dr Cicy Li, 24 of Rostrevor

Santos Regional Service Award

  • Breeanna Warne, 17 of Port Pirie
  • Jackson Wickham, 17 of Renmark
  • Stefan Anesbury, 20 of Gawler East

Scouts SA Leadership Award

  • Elisabeth Beltrame, 28 of Marleston
  • Liam Goodrich, 19 of Andrews Farm
  • Maddi Hegarty, 18 of Greenock

The Coffee Club Arts and Fashion Award

  • Chris Dyke, 25 of Sellicks Beach
  • Erin Fowler, 28 of Adelaide
  • Manal Younus, 22 of Modbury Heights

The University of Adelaide - Science and Technology Award

  • Joel Fuller, 28 of Wollstonecraft
  • Dr John Arnold, 28 of North Plympton
  • Katharina Richter, 29 of Hallett Cove
  • Ysabella Van Sebille, 27 of Beulah Park

University Senior College Create Change Award

  • Bryce Eldredge, 23 of Kybunga
  • Mathew D'Onofrio, 19 of Unley
  • Tessa Henwood-Mitchell, 29 of Aldinga Beach

Websters Lawyers Service to the Community Award

  • Emmah Evans, 29 of Woodcroft
  • Matilda Hutchinson, 26 of Sellicks Beach
  • Ysabella Van Sebille, 27 of Beulah Park
  • Zac Cannell, 28 of Adelaide

Worldwide Printing Solutions Sports Award

  • Aidan Barry, 19 of Marion
  • Brayden Davidson OAM, 19 of Woodcroft
  • Kyle Chalmers OAM, 18 of Glenelg North


2016 Finalists

AustralianSuper Career Kick Start Award
• Harshani Jayasinghe, 25 of Woodville South
• Jasmin Parasiers, 23 of Woodville Park
• Jesse Romeo, 16 of Somerton Park
• Jordan Le, 16 of Pennington

Flinders Ports Environment Award
• Bianca Amato, 29 of Brompton
• Madison Turley, 16 of Port Elliot
• Max Worthington, 24 of Glenalta

Hostworks Online Achievement Award
• Jordan Green, 22 of Hyde Park
• Joshua Morony, 23 of Reynella East
• Zoe Bogner, 28 of Seacliff Park

Multicultural Youth South Australia Spirit of Resilience Award
• Aref Ahmadi, 25 of Brooklyn Park
• Ilyasi Siraji, 27 of Beverley
• Razia Ali, 24 of Parafield Gardens

Office for Youth Aboriginal Achievement Award
• Kimberley Hunter, 23 of North Plympton
• Marcellus Enalanga, 19 of Port Pirie
• Michael Watkins, 23 of Unley
• Zaachariaha Fielding, 24

Rural Doctors Workforce Agency Rural Health Award
• Cicy Li, 23 of Rostrevor
• Emma Kelly, 21 of Walkerville
• Tamra Karolewicz, 23 of Port Lincoln

Santos Regional Service Award
• Jacqueline Foster, 29 of Coonalpyn
• Marcellus Enalanga, 19 of Port Pirie
• Pamela Perre, 24 of Loxton

Scouts SA Youth Leadership Award
• Arun Thomas, 26 of Enfield
• Callum Pope, 18 of Rostrevor
• Mercedes Page, 25 of Underdale
• Nicholas Banks, 22 of Westbourne Park

The Coffee Club Arts and Fashion Award
• Coby Edgar, 25 of Unley
• Donovan Christie, 26 of Goodwood
• Tkay Maidza, 20 of Mansfield Park

The University of Adelaide Faculty of Sciences - Science and Technology Award

• Hannah Wardill, 25 of Adelaide
• Katharina Richter, 28 of Semaphore Park
• Susan Christo, 26 of Greenwith

Worldwide Printing Solutions Sports Award
• Alexander Hill, 22 of Loxton North
• Renae Ingles, 29
• Rohan Dennis, 25 of Vale Park

2015 Finalists

The University of Adelaide Faculty of Sciences, Science & Technology Award:
• Chris Bishop - Adelaide
• Kacie Dickinson - Eastwood
• Dr Suzanne Mashtoub - Linden Park

Flinders Ports Environment Award:
• Maddi Hegarty - Nuriootpa
• Patrick Taggart - Victor Harbor
• Rose Cullen - Kanmantoo
• Saskia Gerhardy - Willunga

Office for Youth Aboriginal Achievement Award:
• Jade Maiden - Mount Gambier
• Jessica Wishart - Christie Downs
• Treena Clark - Redfern

The Coffee Club Arts and Fashion Award:
• Amy Roberts - Adelaide
• Ben Crisp - Greenwith
• Coby Edgar - Unley
• Jianna Georgiou - Dulwich

Rural Doctors Workforce Agency Rural Health Award:
• Brock Wilkins - Yaninee
• Carly Sutherland - South Brighton
• Talisha King - Gawler

Worldwide Printing Solutions Sports Award:
• Anthony Dean - Wynn Vale
• Georgie Parker - Unley
• Sally Kehoe - Henley Beach
• Stephanie Morton - Moana

Hostworks Online Achievement Award:
• Joshua Morony - Seacliff Park
• Luke Underwood - Greenwith
• Mike Worsman - Aldinga

AustralianSuper Career Kick Start Award:
• Beau Brug - Parafield Gardens
• Dave Court - Adelaide
• Philip Donnelly - West Croydon

Awards Australia Community Service and Volunteering Award:
• Eliza Bartlett - Linden Park
• Emily Thwaites-Tregilgas - Henley Beach
• Marziya Mohammadi - Parafield Gardens


2014 Finalists

AustralianSuper Career Kick Start Award
• Aneta Peretko
• Besmellah Rezaee
• Kristin Carson
• Stacey Dix

Office for Youth Aboriginal Achievement Award
• Kyran Dixon
• Tjimarri Sanderson-Milera
• Treena Clark

Hostworks Online Achievement Award
• Alysha Herrmann
• Tanysha Bolger
• Sam Faulkner & Jason Smith

Worldwide Online Printing Sports Award
• Alex Edmondson
• Elizabeth Sobecki
• Stephanie Morton

The Coffee Club Arts Award
• Alysha Herrmann
• Madeleine Parry
• Madison Bycroft
• Matt Vesely

Rural Doctors Workforce Agency Rural Health Award
• Amy Kmit
• Brock Wilkins
• Chloe Slarks
• Jessica Mitchell

The University of Adelaide Faculty of Sciences, Science & Technology Award
• Dr Alison Elder
• Kristin Carson
• Dr Suzanne Mashtoub

Flinders Ports Environment Award
• Alexandra Bowman
• Megan Schartner
• Sarah Catalano


2013 Finalists

Office for Youth Aboriginal Achievement Award
• Michael Clinch
• Vanessa Stokes
• Kristal West

The Coffee Club Arts Award
• Quentin Angus
• Alysha Herrmann
• Jake Holmes
• Ben Mylius

Adelaide Airport Limited Community Leadership Award
• Allan Ball
• Alicia Hurkmans
• Dan Ryan
• Kendal Stone

Flinders Ports Environment Award
• Melissa Farrelly
• Ella Graham
• Megan Schartner
• Daniel Spencer

Proteus Leadership Excellence Award
• David Agius
• Edwin Kemp Attrill
• Amy Stephenson

Rural Doctors Workforce Agency Rural Health Award
• Kate Gunn
• Amy Kmit
• Chloe Slarks

The University of Adelaide Faculty of Sciences Science and Technology Award
• Dr Danielle Butzbach
• Dr Alison Elder
• Dr Stephen Warren-Smith

V.I.P. Home Services Small Business Achievement Award
• Christopher Evans
• Chris Hooper
• Tavia Rankin

Worldwide Online Printing Sports Award
• Leanne Choo
• Annette Edmondson
• Vanessa Stokes

2012 Finalists

Office for Youth Aboriginal Achievement Award
• Niven Woods 
• Clint Wilson 
• Robert Edwards 

The Coffee Club Arts Award
• Peter Drew
• Amy Watson

Adelaide Airport Limited Community Leadership Award
• Chloe Stewart
• James Fox 
• Richelle Borrett

Flinders Ports Environment Award
• Alexandra Hammett
• Megan Schartner

Proteus Leadership Excellence Award
• Cain Cooke 
• Michelle Harding
• Jenny Stanton

Rural Doctors Workforce Agency Rural Health Award
• Maggie Hentschke
• Sarah Nelson
• Tessa Judd

The University of Adelaide Faculty of Sciences Science and Technology Award
• Dr Kerry Pinchbeck
• Dr Jonathan Carroll

V.I.P. Home Services Small Business Achievement Award
• Daniel Mendelson
• Ben Gray

Worldwide Online Printing Sports Award
• Annette Edmondson
• Alexander Edmondson

Factory Direct Home Air Conditioning Young Tradesperson of the Year Award
• Sam Ryan
• Dylan Weaver
• Chris Evans

2011 Finalists

Office For Youth Aboriginal Achievement Award
• Tapaya Edwards 
• Sasha Houthuysen 
• Robert Taylor

The Coffee Club Arts Award
• Edwin Kemp Attrill
• Benjamin Chandler

Harvey Norman Career Achievement Award
• Jake Phillips 
• Troy Schubert 

Adelaide Airport Limited Community Leadership Award
• Dean Barnett
• Sarah Carrick

RAA Driving Force Leadership Award

• Edwin Kemp Attrill
• Catriona Standfield

Flinders Ports Environment Award
• Peter Burdon
• Dominic Skinner
• Joel Dignam

Coles Regional Initiative Award
• Pamela Perre
• Jessica Webb

Rural Doctors Workforce Agency Rural Health Award
• Sarah Nelson
• Kristie Gum

The University of Adelaide Faculty of Sciences Science and Technology Award
• Ashley Flavel
• Tony Aitchison

Worldwide Online Printing Sports Award
• Peter George
• Sam Offord

2010 Finalists

The Coffee Club Arts Award
• Benjamin Chandler
• Matthew Sheens

Adelaide Airport Limited Community Leadership Award
• Sean Carey
• Emily Rozee

RAA Driving Force Leadership Award
• Corrin Baker
• Kaali Connors
• Christopher Wong

Nippy's Environment Award
 Peter Burdon
• Helen Waudby

Office For Youth Outstanding Young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Achiever
• Rebecca Richards
• Kristine Weetra

Coles Regional Initiative Award
• Angela Dunsford
• Jeremy Schutz
• Jessica Webb

Rural Doctors Workforce Agency Rural Health Award
• Tessa Judd
• Shane McKinnon

The University of Adelaide Faculty of Sciences Science and Technology Award
• Laura Brooks
• Ashley Flavel

Worldwide Online Printing Sports Award
• Tiffany Cromwell
• Luke Morrison