Seven News Young Achiever Awards - SA

Testimonials from the 2017 Award Category Winners

“Winning both the Arts & Fashion Award and the overall Young Achiever of SA Awards has been an incredible honour. To have my work as an artist acknowledged in this way is incredibly significant and special to me and the industry I work in. I live and breathe the arts and feel so grateful and privileged to be able to work alongside such passionate people, travelling the world and expressing that which is most important to me. It can be challenging to work in an industry where you continuously have to prove yourself and your worth – but with passion and determination and support for each other, we make magic and wonder out of very little, enriching lives in truly significant ways.

In a world that is becoming more and more disconnected, it’s crucial that we recognise that engaging in the arts provides a space for people to gather, to think, to feel and more deeply connect with our selves, each other, and our planet. As Young Achiever of the Year I hope to use my work and the magic of the arts to continue creating environments where we can have supported conversations about shared human experience, where we can relish in our similarities and respect our differences, and where we can celebrate and protect this beautiful world we live in for future generations. I see this award as a recognition, not only of my personal projects and advocacy for the arts, but also of the importance of the arts and artists more generally in SA.

It is amazing, through winning this Award, to have a platform to share that which I've learned, to talk about the things that are important to me - the environment, appreciation of the arts, mental health awareness - to name a few, and to feel like I can hopefully be inspiration for other young people. We are so fortunate to live in a part of the world where the possibilities really are endless - and I am determined to make the most of these opportunities.”

Erin Fowler
2017 Premier's Channel 9 Young Achiever of the Year and winner of The Coffee Club Arts and Fashion Award


“I was absolutely humbled and so honoured to receive the University Senior College Create Change award through the Channel 9 2017 Young Achiever Awards. This award isn’t just for me. It also goes to all the incredible people who have helped to make TIA what it is today. My friends and family who have always backed me and helped me to keep going no matter what, TIA’s many volunteers both in Australia and Bolivia, our local team of staff in Bolivia, our donors and sponsors who have always believed in our work, and most importantly, the hundreds of children and young people in Bolivia who have opened their lives to me and my team, trusted us, and allowed us to be a part of their journey.
I am so grateful to everyone who has come on this journey with me to empower youth and inspire brighter futures and create true, lasting change, believing in me to make it happen.”
Tessa Henwood-Mitchell
2017 University Senior College Create Change Award Winner


“It's such an amazing achievement to win such a prestigious award. I am so grateful to receive the 2017 Worldwide Printing Solutions Sports Award as part of the Channel 9 Young Achiever Awards. 2016 was an absolute whirl wind, full of achievements I never dreamt were possible and to cap it off with an award like this it means a lot to me and my family. I'd like to congratulate all the finalists on their achievements and wish them all the best for the future.”
Kyle Chalmers OAM
2017 Worldwide Printing Solutions Sports Award Winner


“Winning The University of Adelaide Science and Technology Channel 9 Young Achiever Award was an absolute honour. It was a delight to see the under recognised area of cancer treatment side effects acknowledged. Winning the award has brought much needed attention to this area of research, with multiple radio interviews. Hopefully this attention will encourage patients undergoing cancer treatment to speak up to their physicians about their side effects. Furthermore, winning this award has raised awareness of the importance of quality education for all, and not just the privileged. I hope that the attention that has come about from this award, will help to change the stereotype of scientists as male, and will encourage young women to investigate STEMM fields. Additionally, this prestigious award has made me more competitive for other applications and grants, as well as giving me more experience and confidence in public speaking and interviews. On a more personal note, winning this award has reassured that the work I have been doing is valued broadly, further igniting my passion."
Ms Ysabella Van Sebille
2017 The University of Adelaide - Science and Technology Award Winner


“Winning the ‘Santos Regional Service Award’ for 2017 is hugely exciting … It’s nice to be acknowledged but I am also very aware that I could not do this this all without the backing of my family & friends…This award goes to all the Paddle Boat volunteers who have kept these magnificent boats out there still plying the Murray from Echuca Victoria, down to Goolwa SA -I am glad to be learning from the best.
Every young person there on the night of the Awards had a special story and I congratulate each & everyone. I feel grateful to be honoured in this way. Thank you!”
Jackson Wickham
2017 Santos Regional Service Award Winner 


“Being nominated for this year’s Young Achievers Award it was a privilege and honour; let alone be the winner of the 2017 Multicultural Youth Australia Spirit of Resilience.
The award is purely showcase of a team achievement, team that includes my family, friends, teachers and work colleagues. They have supported me through the cold hard days. I believe we really make a difference when we come together as one although the award was presented to myself, I dedicate it to my team who have cheered me on my journey particularly my Dad; Sultan Ali and Mum Shireen Gul Ali.
I would like to extend a massive thank you to Channel 9 for this wonderful way of recognising people who work day in and day out to enrich our community with love, peace, prosperity and knowledge. Since the award night, I can assure the future of not only South Australia but our nation is in remarkable hands of those young achievers who will without doubt continue to ignite hope, love, peace as they journey through life.”
Kbora Ali
2017 Multicultural Youth South Australia Spirit of Resilience Award Winner


“Winning the Channel 9 Scouts SA Young Achiever's Award for Leadership was such an amazing surprise. I felt so humbled being recognised by the Rotary Club of Adelaide to be nominated and the whole process from being nominated to being a Semi Finalist, Finalist to winning the category still has me shocked. I have been leading in my local community through various volunteer roles within Rotary since 2009 and have the organisation has empowered and supported me to become a young leader. I feel very grateful that my leadership roles have been acknowledged through this award.
I felt so inspired hearing the stories of what other amazing young South Australians have accomplished on the evening of the Channel 9 Young Achiever Gala dinner. It is so wonderful that these Awards give the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of young people in South Australia.”
Elisabeth Beltrame
2017 Scouts SA Leadership Award Winner



Testimonials from the 2017 Gala Dinner Presentation

“All nominees, semi-finalists and finalists should take the opportunity to attend this event. It was perfect, good food and entertainment. I really liked that I was located on a table with semi-finalists and other nominees from different categories. I made so many new friends this night. I am proud and impressed with the profiles and achievements of all other nominees and was so grateful that I attended this event to celebrate my achievements. I am honored and I would like to thank Professor Coates for nominating me, the State of South Australia and Channel 9 for and recognizing me a semi-finalist of the University of Adelaide Science and Technology Award.”
Kisha Nandini Sivanathan
Semi Finalist - The University of Adelaide - Science and Technology Award


“I was extremely proud of my nominee who was presented on stage and would recommend that anyone who knows a suitable applicant for the Young Achiever Awards that they talk to them and then nominate them for their appropriate category. Such a pleasure to listen to the final winners in each award and admire their leadership qualities in their presentations.”
Glenys Jones OAM JP


“The Channel 9 Young Achievers Awards was a fantastic night. It was great to see our young people up on stage doing Kaurna Acknowledgement, so confidently. Also to see what other young people are doing in our community because we don't see what’s happening around South Australia. They were absolutely amazing and their achievement were outstanding, they all deserved a medal.”
Kevin Coleman, Training and Employment Mentor, Tauondi Aboriginal College


“The Channel Nine Young Achievers Awards Gala Dinner is an inspiring evening highlighting some amazing South Australian individuals who have shown great skills and passion in their careers and community involvement. It is a humbling experience to hear some of the amazing stories and achievements of all involved on the night.”
Michael Treasure
Semi Finalist - The Coffee Club Arts and Fashion Award


Testimonials from the 2016 Award Category Winners

"Since winning the Santos Regional Service Award and being named the Channel 9 Young Achiever of the Year, the spotlight that I had, gave me an opportunity to connect and network with government agencies, businesses and communities throughout South Australia as an important contact and resource relating to issues concerning Aboriginal youth. I also had been approached and was offered an opportunity of employment to further working to engage with Aboriginal communities in SA for a Government Department.

Not only had the Awards recognised my outstanding achievements, but it also driven me to carry on my dedication and passion to engage not only with young Aboriginal people, but young people in general."

Marcellus Enalanga
2016 Santos Regional Service Award + Channel 9 Young Achiever of the Year


“Winning the Rural Doctors Workforce Agency Rural Health Award has brought genuine delight to myself, my family, my peers, and the wider Port Lincoln community. The award has helped raise understanding of the complex work and effort undertaken to provide the Eyre Peninsula and Indigenous communities with high quality eye health care, which creates awareness of the importance of good eye health and vision. It has also promoted the understanding that strong local community relationships provide fertile ground for innovatory health care, particularly in rural settings. The award has been a confidence booster while also providing me with reassurance that my chosen health care field is also my passion. I am truly honoured to be the recipient of this prestigious award and will endeavour to actively contribute to promoting awareness of eye health and providing quality eye health care to all communities throughout the entirety of my career.”
Tamra Karolewicz
2016 Rural Doctors Workforce Agency Rural Health Award Winner


“I feel very honoured to have won the Channel 9 Young Achievers award in the category of Office for Youth Aboriginal Achievement. I am passionate about improving health outcomes for Aboriginal People and mentoring youth and I will continue to put my hand up for opportunities to yarn and work with individuals and communities because it is what I love doing.

The other three finalists, Michael, Marcellus and Zaachariaha are all so inspiring and hearing about the work they are out there doing makes me feel proud of them as individuals but also of my culture as a whole. I think it is really important that there is an award celebrating the achievements of young Aboriginal People as too often we are placed against negative stereotypes that are not a true reflection of the strength and resilience that we hold. Thank you once again to Channel 9 and to all of the other sponsors for your support and recognition of young South Australians.”
Kimberley Hunter
2016 Office for Youth Aboriginal Achievement Award Winner


"Winning the AustralianSuper Career Kick Start Award allowed me to gain recognition in my field from a range of external influences. This has led me to participate in further ventures that have extended my capacity as an entrepreneur. The publicity has also led to additional exposure allowing me to really capitalize on the community profile.

The prize money was used to sponsor young women in Cambodia to attend university, assisting them in pursuing teaching and nursing careers. The rest of the money is being used to run STEM related holiday workshops to allow local kids to integrate themselves within fun and exciting science, technology, engineering and mathematics related activities. Hopefully this assists future leaders in our community!"
Jasmin Parasiers
2016 AustralianSuper Career Kick Start Award Winner


“I have been involved in the Channel 9 Young Achievers for the past three years, making it to the semi-finals in 2013/14, 2014/15 and finally winning in 2015/16. Each year, I have attended the Gala Presentation Dinner and have been overwhelmed by the incredible talent of the young people in South Australia. This year, I was humbled to be recognised for my work in cancer research and to be placed alongside a group of dedicated and hardworking people, all aiming to improve South Australia in their own unique way. It was also great to see two young females recognised in my category (Science and Technology), a usually male dominated area.

Since winning The University of Adelaide Faculty of Sciences - Science and Technology Award, I have been invited to mentor younger students within the University and have had opportunities made available to me that I would not have otherwise had. In addition, the recognition that these awards receive has put a spotlight on my research allowing a better understanding and appreciation of this area of research. This has occurred not only in my close friendship circle, but also in the wider community which is very pleasing as my primary objective has always been to increase awareness about the side effects of chemotherapy, an often overlooked aspect of cancer care."
Hannah Wardill
2016 The University of Adelaide Faculty of Sciences - Science and Technology Award Winner


Testimonials from the 2013 Award Category Winners 

"I've really enjoyed my involvement with the Channel 9 Young Achiever Awards. It was very special for me to have my work recognised in this way and has also been great to have the opportunity to meet other young South Australians doing great things for the state."
Kate Gunn
2013 Rural Doctors Workforce Agency Rural Health Award and Channel 9 Young Achiever of the Year Winner


"It was a pleasure and honor being a part of the awards. It's been a great opportunity to build the profile of my work, and get in touch with other young people doing great things."
Edwin Kemp Attrill
2013 Leadership Award Winner 


“If something is worth the while dedicating your time, energy, passion and creativity into; than work it until you make change happen”.
Allan Ball
2013 Community Leadership Award Winner


"The Young Achiever Awards is a great way to recognise young people who are working to make a difference in the community. Winning the Environmental Young Achiever Award in 2013 was a great honour and helped to build the profile of the Repower Port Augusta campaign which I am a part of."
Daniel Spencer
2013 Flinders Ports Environment Award Winner 


"The Gala Presentation was an amazing evening that gave me the opportunity to be surrounded by inspirational young achievers. The Aboriginal Achievement Award has not only opened many doors of opportunity, the awards have enabled me to be a role model for the Indigenous youth."
Kristal West
2013 Office for Youth Aboriginal Achievement Award Winner