Northern Territory Community Achievement Awards

2023 Winners

Awards Australia Charitable Foundation Local Legend Award

Rebecca Forrest has gone above and beyond in her mission to create a better, more compassionate community. Her achievements include raising over $1 million for charities, initiating programs for health and well-being, and advocating against violence. Despite personal hardships and being a victim of violence, Bec founded "Noone Left Behind," a series of events and workshops that foster connection and offer solutions at the grassroots level. Her dedication extends to supporting men's, women's, LGBTQI, youth, and disability rights. Her relentless commitment earned her recognition as the 2022 Northern Territory Local Hero Australian of the Year, and she continues to inspire positive change, overcoming her challenges and leading by example.




 Awards Australia Small Business Award

Rod n Rifle of Katherine have expanded its offerings to include grills, apparel, and bikes, serving diverse customer needs. Trent is the dynamic force behind Rod n Rifle. His philanthropic spirit is remarkable. He singlehandedly funds the town's annual Christmas lights and celebration. Trent also opens his store to host local schools and charities regularly. His numerous fundraisers have made a significant impact, raising substantial amounts for various community members in need, from assault victims to children battling cancer. Despite challenges like persistent break-ins, Trent remains resilient and even seeks to offer employment opportunities to youth involved in these incidents, demonstrating his commitment to community welfare




Northern Territory PHN Health and Wellbeing Award

Sikh Family Food Van of Malak has become a symbol of hope and sustenance in Darwin. Tejinder Pal Singh, the driving force behind the Sikh Family Food Van, has been providing free vegetarian meals to the hungry and needy, ensuring that no one goes to bed hungry. For over a decade, Tejinder's charitable work has created a strong sense of community and inspired others to join in the mission to help those in need. He contributes a significant portion of his own income to fund these initiatives, addressing immediate health and wellbeing challenges during crises like the COVID-19 pandemic. Tejinder's dedication is enriching the lives of countless individuals.



NT Government Road Safety Award

North Australian Motor Sports Club (NAMSC) is redefining road safety. Through its motorkhana program at Hidden Valley Raceway, NAMSC provides a vital lifeline for creating safer roads. Participants spanning all age groups receive a unique opportunity to enhance their driving skills and master crash avoidance techniques. In 2021, junior drivers showcased a significant 7% average improvement, a statistic that can mean the difference between safety and peril. Personal accounts of accident situations emphasise the tangible value of this training. NAMSC's program fosters a vibrant community dedicated to road safety, driven by tireless volunteers who've dedicated over 2,000 hours for this cause.



Palmerston GP Super Clinic Improving Health through Connection to Country / Culture Award

Galiwin’ku Women’s Space Aboriginal Corporation of Elcho Island (GWS) is a powerful force against domestic violence. Led by Yolŋu values, GWS bridges Yolŋu and Balanda systems, intervening early, offering crisis support, and promoting culturally rooted healing. This Yolŋu-led organisation has made an indelible impact, fostering empowerment, safety, and unity in Galiwin'ku and surrounding areas. GWS's crisis accommodation offers secure spaces for up to 16 individuals, providing rest, meals and facilities. Their case management and community education initiatives are instrumental in disrupting the cycle of violence, safeguarding women, children, and families. By advocating for and supporting survivors, they shine a light on a brighter, violence-free future and stronger community cohesion.



 Woolworths Community Group of the Year Award

Rotary Club of Litchfield/Palmerston is ensuring no child goes to school hungry. Despite having just ten active members, the Rotary Club of Litchfield/Palmerston champions the "Eat Up" project, in partnership with Eat Up Australia. Since the project began in 2021, it diligently prepares and delivers over 1,130 cheese sandwiches to ten local schools every three weeks. These sandwiches are a lifeline for children who often come to school hungry, helps combat fatigue, enhances concentration, and promotes better learning outcomes. This Club has become a powerful force in the community, providing support to students and families facing financial hardship.


Zip Print Sports in the Community Award

Palmerston and Regional Basketball Association of Palmerston (PaRBA) has been a catalyst for community engagement since 2014. Their innovative Youth Drop-in Sports program, in partnership with the City of Palmerston and impacting over 23,000 young lives annually, is a testament to PaRBA's dedication. By creating a safe and inclusive space, they've fostered leadership, inclusivity, and community bonds. The program's resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated adaptability and a commitment to community service. They've successfully addressed barriers by prioritising community consultation and the voices of the young people. PaRBA has not only empowered youth but has also laid the foundation for positive, long-lasting change in the Palmerston community.