Tasmanian Young Achiever Awards

2024 Finalists 

Spirit Super Connecting Communities Award

An Le, of West Moonah, is a dedicated community member, showcasing her passion through projects like wildlife conservation and youth advocacy. An's inclusive approach and strategic planning in campaigns like Make it 16 have led to impactful outcomes, with over 2,300 signatures collected nationwide. As a CCYP ambassador, she passionately supports events that resonate with the community, advocating for youth perspectives and environmental awareness. An continues to excel as her school's Head Prefect through promoting inclusivity. An's engagement goes beyond a list of activities, embodying a passionate journey that impacts the communities she serves.… Congratulations An

Laura Johnson, 24 of Smithton/Somerset is a resilient advocate and proud Palawa woman from Tasmania, who overcame personal struggles with mental health and suicide to become a beacon of hope. Laura founded THEIRS, a community-driven mental health organisation, filling crucial gaps in support services. Her petition for better resources garnered over 700 signatures, leading to impactful initiatives like hosting renowned mental health activist Jazz Thornton for school presentations and community events. Laura's tireless advocacy extends to leadership roles, speaking engagements, and educational efforts, earning her recognition as a winner of both the LiFE Award for Suicide Prevention and 2024 Heywire Trailblazer program and a finalist for Young Tasmanian of the year... Congratulations Laura

Olly Dove, of Sandy Bay, is a dedicated advocate for science communication in lutruwita/Tasmania, having volunteered across four years in fostering engagement and celebration of STEMM professionals and students. As host and co-manager of That’s What I Call Science and co-founder of not-for-profit, STEMM Communicators Australia Ltd, Olly spends her free time working hard to produce episodes, with the show now having passed 225 episodes. In 2023, the team excitingly received national recognition with a prestigious Eureka Prize. Alongside the show, Olly also volunteers at other science events, performing and presenting for school groups and the public. … Congratulations Olly

Charlotte of Lenah Valley and Zailee of Collinsvale, are two 14-year-old skateboard enthusiasts, who founded Shredding For CFT to blend their love for skateboarding with a commitment to helping those with cystic fibrosis. Their innovative challenges, including landing tricks at 65 iconic Hobart locations, have raised a collective $59,562 for Cystic Fibrosis Tasmania. Through community collaboration, they shattered stereotypes and empowered youth to make a difference in their community. Their impactful journey not only raised funds but also sparked conversations, broke down barriers and inspired others to join the cause. Charlotte and Zailee’s dedication and creativity exemplify the transformative power of passion and community-driven initiatives… Congratulations Charlotte and Zailee


Bean and Leaf Small Business Achiever Award

Anna Terry, of Deloraine, is the owner of The Truffle Farm, Anna pioneers Australia's premier truffle agritourism, offering immersive experiences on their historic farm. Led by Anna and her truffle dogs, guests connect with Tasmanian heritage while supporting local businesses. Anna champions agritourism excellence, sharing her family's legacy and advocating for industry growth nationwide. With hands-on tours and genuine storytelling, The Truffle Farm delivers an unforgettable journey, blending education and adventure. Through innovation and passion, Anna embodies the spirit of Tasmania, inspiring others to explore the rich tapestry of Australian agriculture… Congratulations Anna

Bianca Templar, of Ravenswood is the founder of Takamuna rrala designs, shares the rich heritage of Tasmanian Aboriginal culture through art and workshops. Despite facing homelessness and adversity, Bianca's self-funded venture promotes cultural understanding and inclusivity, leaving a lasting impact on communities. Through tailored education programs in schools and workplaces, Bianca bridges gaps in understanding, fostering respect and appreciation for First Nations peoples. Her dedication to sharing the truth of Tasmania's history empowers Indigenous youth and educates the wider community, ensuring a more inclusive and informed future. Bianca's resilience and passion drive her mission forward, inspiring positive change… Congratulations Bianca

Grace Chia, of Claremont is the visionary behind CHIA Studios, Grace spearheads Tasmanian artists' advancement through inclusive events and versatile creative services. Despite facing adversity, Grace's work serves as a platform for many marginalised voices, fostering a vibrant and inclusive arts community. Through her solo music and collaborative endeavors, Grace's influence extends locally and nationally, advocating for diversity and social justice in the arts. With a grassroots approach and commitment to community development, CHIA Studios empowers emerging artists to thrive while showcasing the diverse talent curated by Grace Chia's unwavering dedication and passion… Congratulations Grace

Heidi Genevieve Berry of Midway Point, is a Tasmanian entrepreneur who co-founded deadlysisu at sixteen, promoting sustainability through four retail outlets & the preloved market. Despite disability challenges, she champions inclusivity and environmental stewardship, recognised as a member of the Rosny Mob Landcare group and Clarence Climate Action Climate Champion. Committed to community service, Heidi served as an Electorate Officer, contributes to ALP branches and Neighbourhood House initiatives, now working at Mary Eleanor Natural Funeral Care. Winning Country to Canberra 2021 and volunteers as Tasmanian Membership Officer for EMILY’s List. Heidi pioneers sustainable fashion, empowers marginalised individuals, fosters an inclusive community, leaving a lasting impact on Tasmania… Congratulations Heidi

Loc Tuan Pham, of Moonah is the founder of MJ Mechanical, Loc Tuan spearheads a culture of excellence in automotive maintenance and repair. Since establishing the business in December 2021 in South Hobart, he has expanded its reach with the acquisition of the Rokeby Service Centre in May 2023, rebranded as MJ Mechanical - Rokeby. Loc prioritises talent nurturing, particularly in training young technicians, while ensuring high-quality service delivery. His commitment to community engagement, affordability, environmental responsibility, and workforce development underscores MJ Mechanical's dedication to making a positive impact in the Tasmanian automotive industry and wider community… Congratulations Loc


Colony 47 Courage to Grow Award

Brodie Farrell-Oates, of North Hobart is a versatile digital professional with a robust skill set spanning software engineering, community radio, event/artist management, and project management. From co-founding HCFM at Hobart College to managing electronic music artists at Boundless Agency, Brodie demonstrates a commitment to excellence and community engagement. With a background in business administration and ongoing studies in Cyber Security at UTAS, Brodie's career achievements include successful store redevelopment at Sush, building websites for the Australian Antarctic Division, and organising large-scale events. Brodie's impact extends beyond professional success, reflecting a dedication to problem-solving and community enrichment… Congratulations Brodie

Caitlin Hill, of Montrose is on a path that embodies resilience and perseverance. Despite daunting obstacles, she tenaciously pursued her objectives. From bolstering literacy and numeracy skills to finishing the Troublesmiths program and enrolling in a Certificate III course, Caitlin's accomplishments reflect immense determination. Her progression in confidence, communication, and social aptitude underscores her dedication to providing a brighter future for her sons. Caitlin's narrative serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring others with her journey of empowerment and transformation. Her unwavering resolve exemplifies the power of resilience in overcoming adversity and achieving success… Congratulations Caitlin

Jess Deans, of Burnie has shown courage and resilience in overcoming numerous adversities through life; from growing up in a low socioeconomic household with limited supports to living with several medical conditions (Epilepsy, Type1 Diabetes, Endometriosis, Tachycardia and PTSD). Volunteering and working since 2011 in the community services sector, she's devoted over 20,000 hours to impacting countless lives and continually seeks out new opportunities for personal and professional growth; ensuring she has the relevant skills and knowledge to pair with her lived experience, in the pursuit of creating healthy , kind and inclusive communities. Jess's journey embodies hope, empowerment, and unwavering resilience… Congratulations Jess

William Manning, of Kingston has shown courage to grow, from a turbulent upbringing to a flourishing career in policy illustrates resilience and perseverance. Despite contending with autism and ADHD, he pursued higher education, excelling in leadership and community service. Currently serving as the Policy and Executive Advisor at the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he crafts policy with a unique perspective and innovative problem-solving skills. Overcoming personal hurdles, William's dedication to learning and aiding others epitomizes his commitment to making a positive impact on his community, embodying resilience, determination, and an unwavering passion for effecting change… Congratulations William


Heather & Christopher Chong Community Service & Volunteering Award

An Le, of West Moonah has been an exceptional community contributor in Tasmania since the age of 10 with her first volunteer at the Migrant Resource Centre. An inspires environmental causes through her Nest for Life project, leaving a lasting impact on communities. She actively promotes youth inclusion in decision-making via platforms such as the Youth Network of Tasmania, CCYP Ambassador, Youth Advisory Squad, and the Make it 16 campaign, ensuring young voices are heard. With her passion for STEM, she aspires to pursue a medical profession to address community health needs and create meaningful societal impacts through her projects and volunteer work.… Congratulations An

Elizabeth Sexton, of Trevallyn is committed to community service, shining through her voluntary roles as the 2022 West Tamar Council Youth Mayor and member of the Youth Advisory Council. Through speeches, events, and performances, she uplifts and inspires countless youth and volunteers, fostering a sense of belonging and appreciation. Her dedication extends to sports and environmental initiatives, embodying the spirit of leadership and service. As a positive role model, Elizabeth's impact reverberates throughout her community, leaving a lasting impression of empowerment and camaraderie. Her unwavering dedication and enthusiasm exemplify the essence of youth leadership and community engagement… Congratulations Elizabeth

Jessica Pennay of Tranmere, is an Oral Health Therapist with a focus on preventative care who enriches communities through her compassionate patient-centred approach. Her dedication extends beyond clinical practice, volunteering with ADOHTA and the National Oral Health Alliance, improving oral health outcomes of all Australians and advocating for the profession's advancement. Jessica's commitment to holistic wellbeing is evident through initiatives, such as organising Dental Health Week, RUOK?Day events and advocating for oral health needs in the local community. Despite facing health challenges and barriers, her resilience and leadership inspire positive change, making her a beacon of community spirit, dedicated to enhancing oral health outcomes of the community… Congratulations Jessica

Olly Dove, of Sandy Bay, is a dedicated advocate for science communication in lutruwita/Tasmania, having volunteered across four years in fostering engagement and celebration of STEMM professionals and students. As host and co-manager of That’s What I Call Science and co-founder of not-for-profit, STEMM Communicators Australia Ltd, Olly spends her free time working hard to produce episodes, with the show now having passed 225 episodes. In 2023, the team excitingly received national recognition with a prestigious Eureka Prize. Alongside the show, Olly also volunteers at other science events, performing and presenting for school groups and the public. … Congratulations Olly


Motors Tasmania Sports Award

Felicity Wilson-Haffenden, of Taroona at just 18, emerged as the Junior Time Trial World Champion and clinched three national and Oceania titles in 2023. Her swift rise in cycling showcases her talent and determination. Despite her accolades, Felicity remains committed to nurturing young athletes in Tasmania, serving as a role model and mentor. Her humility and dedication resonate deeply within the community, inspiring other athletes to reach for their dreams. Preparing to embark on her professional cycling journey in Europe in 2024, Felicity's impact on the sport and her support for youth development underscore her significance in the Tasmanian sporting landscape… Congratulations Felicity

Maddison Brooks of Howrah, is a rising star in hockey, debuted for the Hockeyroos in February 2023 and has since represented Australia in numerous international tournaments, scoring four goals in 25 matches. As a committed member of the Australian Junior Women's Hockey Team, she contributed to the team's success at the Junior World Cup in Chile. Maddison's impact extends beyond the field as she mentors young athletes, coaches junior players, and serves as a Hookin2Hockey ambassador, demonstrating her dedication to both her sport and the Tasmanian sporting community. Her achievements and contributions epitomise excellence and also inspire the next generation of athletes… Congratulations Maddison

Rohan Wilcox, of Howden is a standout trampoline gymnast, clinched multiple gold medals at Gymnastics Australia events, showcasing his talent in both individual and team competitions. His remarkable achievements include securing gold at the Trans-Tasman Challenge and ranking within the top 10 at the FIG World Age Championships. Rohan's dedication to the sport is evident in his performances, where he exhibits skills comparable to senior gymnasts, highlighting his resilience and commitment to trampoline gymnastics. Additionally, Rohan actively promotes the sport and supports his teammates, fostering a positive environment within the Tasmanian sporting community… Congratulations Rohan

Tristan Styles, of Claremont made history as Tasmania's inaugural World Champion gymnast, clinching gold at the World Age Trampolining Championships. Overcoming a severe injury sustained during the Tasmanian State Championships, he displayed remarkable resilience and determination, enduring six months of physiotherapy to reclaim his competitive form. His triumph not only brought glory to Australia but also marked a significant milestone for Tasmanian gymnastics. Beyond his personal achievements, Tristan actively supports the gymnastics community through coaching and fundraising efforts, embodying dedication and excellence. His journey serves as an inspiring example of perseverance and commitment, leaving an indelible mark on the sporting landscape… Congratulations Tristan


Ochre-Rain Indigenous Achievement Award

Carleeta Thomas, is a proud Pakana woman, who preserves and shares her cultural heritage as a wukalina walk guide, fostering community connection and understanding. Through storytelling, she bridges generations, nurturing pride, understanding, and cultural continuity, impacting both guests and her Aboriginal community. Carleeta's deep-rooted inspiration from her ancestors fuels her mission to correct misconceptions about Tasmanian Aboriginal culture. Despite challenges, like starting at 18 with no public speaking background, she perseveres, demonstrating resilience. Her future plans include mentoring young females, contributing to cultural continuity, envisioning a future where all, especially within the Aboriginal community, feel deeply connected to their heritage… Congratulations Carleeta

Djuker Hart, of Trevallyn, is a dedicated advocate for indigenous culture, fosters understanding and empowers his community through cultural tours and performances. Despite personal challenges, including injuries and racial barriers, he perseveres, aiming to create opportunities for others and build indigenous businesses. His broad knowledge and passion for sharing culture break down barriers and inspire pride. Djuker's commitment to cultural preservation and community empowerment makes him a valuable candidate for recognition, as he strives to create a safe space for cultural learning and appreciation, leaving a lasting impact on all who engage with his work… Congratulations Djuker

Maggie Blanden, is a proud Palawa woman and law graduate, champions Indigenous self-determination, sovereignty, and land return, fostering inclusivity and challenging systemic injustices. Her impactful community initiatives, including the Naarm Law Students on Voice project, demonstrate her commitment to accessible legal education and advocacy for Indigenous rights. Despite facing personal challenges, Maggie perseveres as a resilient advocate, amplifying Indigenous voices and advocating for empowerment, safety, and justice. Through her unwavering dedication, Maggie inspires positive change and leaves a lasting impact on her community and beyond, embodying the strength and resilience of Indigenous peoples… Congratulations Maddie

Mitchem Everett of Waverley, is a dedicated Tasmanian Aboriginal man, enriching his community through cultural education, performances, and leadership. Through his family business, Nita Education, he educates businesses and schools about Aboriginal culture, fostering understanding and pride. Mitchem's role as a mentor and role model empowers youth to embrace their heritage and pursue self-discovery. He challenges stereotypes and barriers, advocating for recognition and respect for Aboriginal identity. Mitchem is committed to cultural education, acting, and mentoring, aiming to inspire future generations and break down societal stereotypes. His contributions and passion for culture are invaluable to his community's empowerment and enrichment… Congratulations Mitchem


Raw Strength Sports in the Community Award

Amber French, of Tinderbox is a devoted trampoline gymnast since age 9, with multiple World Age Championships representations for Australia. Despite overcoming injuries, she persists in personal development, coaching, and judging, inspiring youth athletes and promoting the sport through fundraising and media appearances. Amber's resilience and achievements make her a role model, elevating the profile of trampolining within the community. Her commitment to coaching and judging underscores her dedication to fostering the next generation of athletes, embodying leadership and initiative. Through her efforts, she aims to raise awareness and support for trampolining, contributing significantly to its growth and recognition… Congratulations Amber

Archie Payne, of Newstead epitomises dedication, excelling in running and basketball while fundraising for FightMND, raising over $20,000. His rigorous training routine, dietary discipline, and leadership roles in school showcase his commitment to personal development. Archie's philanthropic efforts extend beyond sports, embodying resilience and generosity. Through his passion for running and dedication to charitable causes, Archie serves as an inspiring role model, fostering a sense of community and making a significant impact on those in need. With his remarkable achievements and altruistic spirit, Archie embodies the values of perseverance, compassion, and leadership, inspiring others to follow suit… Congratulations Archie

Corey Lee Barnes, of Herdsmans Cove, stands as a paragon of resilience and leadership through sport. Corey inspires positive change through sporting communities such as Futsal Tasmania and The Big Issue Community Street Soccer Program, representing Australia in the Homeless World Cup. Overcoming significant personal challenges, Corey's commitment to personal development exemplifies perseverance and hope. He volunteers extensively, bringing the community together through engagement and support, including at the Gagebrook Community Centre. Corey's journey inspires others to strive for excellence and make a positive difference in their communities, demonstrating the transformative power of determination and compassion. … Congratulations Corey

William Blackaby, of Riverside rose from junior athlete to Race Director epitomises dedication and leadership in triathlon. His accolades include Tasmanian Junior Athlete of the Year titles and managing award-winning events, fostering sport and community engagement. William inspires others with his professionalism and commitment to excellence, leaving a lasting impact on the Tasmanian community. As a coach and educator, he nurtures young talent, while his skills shine in managing successful races. Despite initial doubts, he proves his legitimacy, becoming the youngest event organiser for a World Triathlon Event. Through resilience and skill, he champions inclusivity and promotes the joy of triathlon… Congratulations William


Spirit of Tasmania Tourism and Hospitality Award

Djuker Hart, of Trevallyn is a seasoned guide and cultural advocate, Djuker has significantly shaped Tasmania's cultural tourism landscape. His leadership in indigenous tourism and mentorship of guides has broadened cultural experiences, fostering understanding and respect. Through Hart Cultural Connections, he continues to create opportunities, leaving a lasting impact on both the local community and Tasmania's tourism industry. Djuker's dedication to the growth of indigenous tourism is evident in his efforts to establish a range of cultural branches, providing employment and mentorship opportunities. His work reflects a commitment to cultural preservation and inclusive tourism practices… Congratulations Djuker

Nikki Redden, of Battery Point is the Supervisor at Evolve Spirits Bar within MACq Hotel, providing exceptional service, recognised with the 'Purpose' Award for crafting enduring guest experiences. Her devotion to Tasmania radiates, igniting enthusiasm for local spirits and attractions, positioning her as a genuine ambassador for the state. Through personalised recommendations and extensive travel itineraries, guests are not only treated to memorable encounters but also inspired to explore the island's treasures further. Nikki's dedication and passion for showcasing Tasmania's unique hospitality and offerings make her an invaluable asset to the local community and the broader tourism industry… Congratulations Nikki

Rebecca Goodman, of Moonah, started her journey at MACq01 Hotel as a casual Food & Beverage attendant. From this humble role, Rebecca’s passion & dedication for the industry ignited and rose to Bar Manager. After firsthand experiencing the impacts of 2020 on the Hospitality industry. Rebecca has created a platform for local suppliers and distillers around the state, designing the ‘Evolve Monthly Whisky Tasting Series’, promoting the best of Tasmania’s offerings and fosters community support. Her passion for Tasmanian hospitality shines through in every interaction, making Rebecca a true advocate for the state’s treasures and a standout in the industry… Congratulations Rebecca

Shanae West, of Park Grove shows exceptional leadership at Secret Buddha Café and has transformed it into a vibrant community hub, marked by a remarkable 25% increase in revenue. Her innovative strategies, including structured service scripts and personalised staff training, have enhanced customer experiences and driven business success. Shanae's commitment to sourcing local products and engaging with the community through sponsorships has further solidified the café's reputation as a destination of choice in Tasmania. Her efforts showcase exemplary leadership and innovation in the hospitality sector, contributing significantly to the café's growth and the broader community… Congratulations Shanae


St Lukes Healthier Communities Award

Lachlan Hindrum, of New Town has a genuine commitment to community health and safety and continues to make significant impacts. During his time as a dedicated volunteer with St John Ambulance Tasmania and a Communication Officer with Ambulance Tasmania, he has pioneered initiatives like Party Safe, improved ambulance response times, and mentored the next generation of healthcare leaders, ensuring a healthier and safer community for all. Through his tireless efforts, he has made the Hobart nightlife safer and enhanced ambulance response times and preventative healthcare initiatives at festivals across Tasmania. Now as the youngest leader in Ambulance Tasmania's history, Lachlan continues to foster the growth of future health leaders while leaving a meaningful positive impact on the community… Congratulations Lachlan… Congratulations Lachlan

Laura Johnson, of Somerset is a 25-year-old proud Palawa woman from Smithton, and a dedicated mental health advocate and suicide prevention activist. Through her not-for-profit  organisation THEIRS, Laura works tirelessly to promote positive mental health and well-being, bridging gaps in mental health services and advocating for better resources. Her impactful work includes community events, speaking engagements, leadership roles, and petitioning the government for change. A finalist for the 2022 Young Tasmanian of the Year, Laura's commitment to mental health awareness and suicide prevention has earned her recognition and accolades, making a profound difference in her community and beyond… Congratulations Laura

Myles Moore, of Battery point is an accomplished exercise physiologist, researcher, and educator committed to advancing global health. His research in hypertension and exercise science has garnered recognition nationally and internationally. Additionally, his clinical expertise, advocacy in exercise physiology, and engagement on local and national committees have instigated transformative shifts, shaped the trajectory of healthcare delivery to address physical and mental health challenges and improved outcomes in individuals and communities alike. Through innovative research, impactful clinical practice, and unwavering advocacy, Myles aims to cultivate healthier communities locally, nationally, and globally… Congratulations Myles

Ella Smalley, of Blackmans Bay is a final year PhD student at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research, Ella embodies resilience and dedication. Despite her battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma during her studies, she joined the Youth Cancer Action Board, advocating for improved cancer care for adolescents and young adults. Through her leadership, initiatives such as subsidised fertility preservation and advancements in mental health care have positively impacted cancer patients nationwide. Ella's unwavering commitment and achievements highlight her profound influence on enhancing healthcare outcomes for vulnerable populations, inspiring resilience in the face of adversity… Congratulations Ella


TADPAC Print Service to the Disability Sector Award

Abbie Walker, of Varsity Lakes has shown a dedication to the disability sector, starting with her involvement in the 'Young Leaders of Tasmania Program' as a peer mentor buddy during high school. She volunteered at Southern Support School (SSS), fostering meaningful connections with students and advocating for inclusivity. Transitioning to employment with YLOT, she continued supporting individuals with disabilities, demonstrating resilience in overcoming emotional challenges. Abbie's impactful contributions earned her recognition, including the Principal's Service Award and the St Joseph's Award for outreach work. Her commitment to advocating for inclusivity and diversity fosters a more equitable future for all… Congratulations Abbie

Corey Lee Barnes, of Herdsmans Cove, has made remarkable contributions to the disability sector as a regular volunteer. From supporting individuals at the Gagebrook Community Centre, to fostering inclusion at Futsal Tasmania and The Big Issue Community Soccer, Corey has shown exceptional dedication and leadership - culminating in representing his country at the Homeless World Cup. Corey shares his story to empower and uplift others, inspiring people to pursue their dreams despite obstacles and setbacks. Excelling in education, employment, and community service, Corey's achievements help to dispel persistent myths about what people with a disability can achieve and contribute.… Congratulations Corey

Nicole McKillop, of Margate has made significant contributions to the disability sector through both paid employment and volunteering roles. Overcoming challenges related to her own disability, including Joubert Syndrome and vision impairment, Nicole has demonstrated resilience and determination in advocating for equity and social justice. From working as a Residential Support Worker at Hobart City Mission to volunteering with organisations like Riding Develops Ability and Girl Guides Tasmania, Nicole's efforts aim to empower individuals with disabilities to become their own advocates and leaders. Her journey inspires others to embrace acceptance, promote inclusivity, and fight for a more equitable society… Congratulations Nicole

Solomon Smith, of New Norfolk is a committed volunteer Peer Group Facilitator at Autism Tasmania and has significantly impacted the autistic community. By creating inclusive and supportive peer meets, Solomon provides vital opportunities for social connection and support for young autistic individuals. Overcoming barriers himself, Solomon's leadership fosters a sense of community and belonging, empowering others to thrive and break down societal barriers. Through his role, Solomon has emerged as a young leader, actively working to provide opportunities for development within the Tasmanian Autistic community, enhancing the esteem and confidence of its members while building a stronger sense of community… Congratulations Solomon