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Empowering Minds: David Titeu’s Journey Unveiled


In this week’s episode, Geoff chats with David Titeu, was a finalist of the National Protective Services Safety and Wellbeing in the Workplace Award and a finalist in the First National Leadership Award in the 2023 Victorian7NEWS Young Achiever Awards. He is a mental health advocate and social entrepreneur, devoted to creating solutions that promote holistic well-being. Also, a speaker, coach, and founder with a passion for empowering humans to embrace their unique voices and redefine vulnerability as a strength.


 David Titeu is the founder of Linkmate, a social enterprise devoted to proactive emotional support. David and his team implement initiatives which foster a psychologically safe environment at work. These include displaying radical candour and vulnerability for deep collaboration; learning and development initiatives co-designed with leading experts to explore intersections of mental health; and an interconnected network of peer support, breeding empathy and companionship – or “Mateship”.a tangible difference in the lives of others and strengthening the sense of community.

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00:00:08] david

Welcome to inspirational Australians, where we share stories of Australians making a difference in their communities and in the lives of others. We are inspirational Australians acknowledge the will one day and vulnerable people of the pool and nation as their traditional owners and custodians of the lands and waterways on which this podcast is produced. We pay our respect to elders, past and present, and those who are emerging and extend our respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and inspirational Australians. We are inspired by the world’s oldest living culture and pay homage to their rich storytelling history. When we share stories on our podcast,

[00:00:58] Josh

My guest today is an extraordinary speaker coach, and he is the founder of blink made. Pretty significant contribution to mental health advocacy. David tittel was awarded the National protective Services,  safety and well-being in the workplace category. In a twenty twenty three seven years young achiever Awards Typekit. It’s so wonderful to have you on the podcast today. How are you going?

[00:01:26] david

I’m grateful Firstly,  to be on this podcast and join the ranks of other amazing award winners and finalists and adjust. I always see you speaking on stage at these Awards, Jeff and you have such a warm and inviting energy, so I’m, it’s rubbing off on me. So Thank you for making this a reality.

[00:01:54] Josh

Well,  thanks so much. That’s very kind. Certainly love what I do and I love what you do to make a difference that can be no more rewarding outcome in life. So Thank you for all you do as well. It’s just such a privilege to be able to acknowledge people like yourself, who are amazing, who really inspire US to, for all of US, to continue in our life to do whatever it is we can do to make a difference. And David, you’ve achieved so much for so many. Congratulations for that. What led you down the path of founding link mine and all the work you do?

[00:02:36] david

Yeah, Firstly, just Thank you for Sharing those kind Words. It means

[00:02:39] david

a lot from you and from the whole Awards, Australia,  community. And so the seed,

[00:02:50] david

all link made was really planted after I experienced my first battle with mental health. After finishing year twelve,

[00:03:03] david

my parents broke the news to me that they were getting

[00:03:05] david

a divorce. Which shook me. It devastated me. I really didn’t feel as

[00:03:12] david

though I had the right supports in place at the time to process it

[00:03:19] david


[00:03:20] david

I’d moved in to call themselves living on campus studying performance

[00:03:25] david

at uni and I just felt so afraid of,

[00:03:32] david

of Social connection. I was incredibly anxious. I spent the better part of two years holed up in my room,

[00:03:43] david

trying to come to terms with what had happened and just craving and mourning. That

[00:03:49] david

loss. I think it meant, oh, I had

[00:03:52] david

a particularly profound impact on me because I’m an only child. I didn’t have

[00:03:59] david

siblings to turn to for solidarity and

[00:04:07] david

What I guess compounded those feelings of anxiety and stress was not getting the

[00:04:14] david

results I had hoped for at uni. So I was intending to finish five minutes and study

[00:04:21] david

medicine. And upon reflection,

[00:04:24] david

now I don’t really know if I truly wanted that, I think for a lot of our parents,

[00:04:31] david

I think for a lot of listeners out there,  the who might be able to relate to this.

[00:04:36] david

You know,

[00:04:36] david

your parents may or may not have guided you down

[00:04:42] david

a specific path when it came to your career. And I felt like I had very

[00:04:49] david

high expectations and standards set for me by my parents to become

[00:04:54] david

a doctor. I’m sure I’m not the only one and that put

[00:05:00] david

a lot of pressure on me. And when I didn’t get in and I failed. My mom my

[00:05:07] david

interview to get into medicine. That just yeah, I mean,  broke me. I feel like

[00:05:14] david

a complete and utter failure. I feel like that failure defined to me like my entire

[00:05:18] david

self-worth was wrapped up in achieving these study goals and mocks and Career targets,

[00:05:28] david

which now I look back on and I think that’s just part of learning and Learning to

[00:05:34] david

find self-worth and otherwise.

[00:05:36] Josh

But I also had already felt like you failed in terms

[00:05:40] Josh

of your parents breakup, and probably had the thoughts of what should I do?

[00:05:44] Josh

? What did I do wrong, that, you know,  precipitated this or contributed to that. You know,

[00:05:49] Josh

probably already having those negative thoughts about your own ability and statements

[00:05:57] david

such to point to absolutely like, yeah,

[00:05:59] david

it’s so easy to fall into that trap of self-doubt and spiraling and wondering,

[00:06:05] david

you know, where do I go wrong?

[00:06:08] david

Yeah. So it’s, it’s difficult and not many people know this, but you know,

[00:06:13] david

my parents wanted, or there was a discussion of getting

[00:06:19] david

a divorce when I was around aged three. But my parents decided to stay together for

[00:06:24] david

fifteen years until I finished school to, you know,

[00:06:28] david

potentially protect my mental health in some ways. And so it may not interfere with

[00:06:35] david

my studies or something like that. So I mean, one can only imagine,

[00:06:40] david

appreciate the potential tension that may have brewed over a decade and a half and you know,

[00:06:50] david

trying to keep it all together for the sake of the child. So in any case, it was a very,

[00:06:56] david

very depressing time for me. I didn’t really know where to start. I felt lost

[00:07:00] david

directionless in my career. I picked up

[00:07:03] david

a few jobs but never really found my feet in the workforce. I worked in predominantly sales and fitness pharmaceuticals,

[00:07:13] david

health Care and all throughout I was subjected to

[00:07:19] david

a lot of what some might call toxic workplace cultures who I just didn’t feel comfortable I felt abused,

[00:07:26] david

discriminated against.

[00:07:28] david

And Whilst I was processing all of this and, you know,  still struggling to find my feet in

[00:07:36] david

a career that I felt was right for me. My dad attempted

[00:07:42] david

suicide and I didn’t know about it. I didn’t know about it until

[00:07:50] david

I opened up to him about all the challenges I was facing. And that was really hard

[00:07:57] david

things for me to do because I perceived my dad to be quite

[00:08:03] david

a stalwart role model, growing up, you know,

[00:08:08] david

he would keep his emotions quite close to his chest and perhaps for fear that it might be seen as

[00:08:15] david

a weakness. So I grew up with that mentality and I grew up with the narrative that

[00:08:21] david

if you’re going through a tough time, put up,

[00:08:23] david

shut up and move on. And those Words like still ring echoing like this.  But I know that that’s not

[00:08:32] david

a healthy coping mechanism.

[00:08:38] david

But really know what to expect. So when I opened up to that,

[00:08:40] david

I thought he would just tell me to put up shut

[00:08:42] david

up and get on with it. But I didn’t

[00:08:43] david

really know who else to turn to. I had a few friends,

[00:08:47] david

but I still felt uncomfortable Sharing everything regarding the divorce, the,  the academic failures, the career failures,

[00:08:58] david

and something really special happened when I shared all this with dad, you know,

[00:09:04] david

instead of telling me to move on,

[00:09:08] david

he actually listened. He validated what I was going through and then almost as if

[00:09:15] david

he now felt he had permission and he felt comfortable to do so as well. The

[00:09:20] david

floodgates were open and he poured his heart out to me for the very first time and

[00:09:25] david

told me about all of the trauma he faced migrating to Australia,  from Romania,

[00:09:32] david

the discrimination. He faced the journey through refugee camps sleeping on park

[00:09:37] david

benches. The divorce and the emotional turmoil that he went through and the attempts to end his life. And

[00:09:50] david

it sounds confronting, and it was,  it was incredibly confronting. But I’m really grateful for it because it actually

[00:09:58] david

brought US a lot closer together. You know,  we both knew what it was like to feel

[00:10:06] david

a sense of despair To lose hope.

[00:10:14] david

And that’s really powerful. And that was

[00:10:17] david

a safer link. Because I realized in that moment that we both navigated the mental

[00:10:22] david

health Care system with challenges. We found it difficult to connect meaningfully

[00:10:28] david

with a psychologist for the counselor. You know, I’m grateful now that I have

[00:10:33] david

a psychologist who I feel comfortable opening up to who asks me,  you know,

[00:10:40] david

really thought provoking questions and empowers me. But it was really difficult.

[00:10:45] david

And for those listening, you might be on this journey right now.

[00:10:49] david

And who might be,

[00:10:51] david

you know, perhaps you or someone you know,

[00:10:53] david

is trying to access support and between costs waiting lists distance the Sony

[00:10:59] david

barracks, the people run up against. And what I learned is that it’s, yes,

[00:11:04] david

it’s so tough. I see it as

[00:11:06] david

a game of trial and error in some ways because it does take time to find who you

[00:11:12] david

truly resonate with. But this whole interaction with done showed to me that when we

[00:11:18] david

can actually find someone who shares those same feelings as US,  it creates a space of trust,

[00:11:29] david

solidarity. And for both of US,  it was living proof that we felt more comfortable opening up to one another,

[00:11:36] david

potentially even saving our lives in the process as well. So that spawned the idea

[00:11:42] david

for link back, which was really to bring together people in

[00:11:45] david

a space virtually since we’re all tech savvy humans these days.

[00:11:54] Josh

I think the numbers

[00:11:57] david

are somewhat, some of the numbers. Yeah,  that’s right. But you know,

[00:12:03] david

the Luddites out there as well. This is an approach that works even better

[00:12:10] david

in person and for everyone really, this whole notion of peer support,

[00:12:14] david

which is what dad and I did know what we were doing at the time,

[00:12:17] david

but it was the practice itself. An approach which is evidence based has a lot of support behind it,

[00:12:24] david

and really hinges on people. Sharing their own lived experiences of mental health challenges in a purposeful by listening,

[00:12:35] david

holding space for the other person. Displaying empathy and Sharing their own

[00:12:42] david

lessons learned and framing it in a way that builds hope,  I guess for the future.

[00:12:50] Josh

What doesn’t get more important when did you start?

[00:12:53] Josh

? So when did all this come about when doodling might Come to be?

[00:13:00] david

This was towards the end of twenty nineteen so covid actually was

[00:13:09] david

A blessing in some ways occurs in other Words, but certainly

[00:13:13] david

a blessing in the sense that it gave me the time to reflect

[00:13:20] david

on was it worth spending all my time in a job that didn’t fill me with

[00:13:30] david

You know,  that I wasn’t enjoying that,

[00:13:32] david

didn’t fulfill me Ultimately. And as all of this happened and the idea came to me

[00:13:38] david

and I enjoyed working on it,  it just naturally gave more way to to making it a reality,

[00:13:48] david

I suppose. And using the time in covid to chip away at it,

[00:13:54] Josh

I don’t want to move on without saying that,

[00:13:59] Josh

that discussion between you and your dad was clearly critical to both of you. And Empowering and on

[00:14:09] Josh

a stress the importance as you have of just talking to someone finding someone and

[00:14:15] Josh

you never when it could be the person least expect that will be the most willing to listen. So yeah,

[00:14:25] Josh

it’s just so important for everybody. We all have stressors,  that we might not even realize at

[00:14:33] Josh

a building and just to chat. One of the things that I love most in life is

[00:14:40] Josh

my Saturday morning tennis and which precipitates

[00:14:45] Josh

a coffee catch up with the team mates and we just chat and that to

[00:14:51] Josh

me is so powerful and important. So take time, just to share, share yourself,  share your journey,

[00:14:58] Josh

share what’s going on in your week. And it’s an opportunity for others then to also

[00:15:04] Josh

talk about what’s concerning troubling,  good as well. Talk about the good things. Because they are really important. And

[00:15:13] Josh

don’t just focus on things that are wrong,

[00:15:16] Josh

but to get that chance and have that chance for the Okay.

[00:15:19] Josh

And for you,

[00:15:20] Josh

that was Empowering has led you to link. Right?  So,

[00:15:24] Josh

and there are plenty of people out there probably think who really came to know how

[00:15:29] Josh

that journey started and what was the Key behind the success of that happening. So

[00:15:36] Josh

what were the Key aims and purposes of link man, and how did you strategize that?

[00:15:41] Josh

? You talked about getting it right. How did that all come to be and what steps did

[00:15:47] Josh

you take to ensure that was going to happen?

[00:15:50] david

Yeah, look, first thing before I ask that Jeff,  I just want to acknowledge what you said before. Firstly,

[00:15:57] david

I love the fact that you carve out time with good nights to play tennis, to have

[00:16:03] david

a coffee and then to have those conversations. I think that’s just such a wonderful way to you know,

[00:16:11] david

promote healthy conversation. I think in some ways a lot of people prefer doing an activity whether it’s going for

[00:16:21] david

a walk or kicking the footy or you know, whatever it might be, having

[00:16:27] david

a coffee and that, and brings people together. It’s sort of like

[00:16:32] david

a ritual or an activity that naturally brings people together and you know,  conversations can, can,

[00:16:40] david

can spark and meaningful conversations can spark. So I just want to Thank you for

[00:16:44] david

bringing that up because it is such an important reminder to, to,

[00:16:50] david

to use those opportunities as ways to connect deeply. Do you find that

[00:16:57] david

by having those hits of the tennis ball and having

[00:17:01] david

a coffee it is easier to to then go deeper with it with your friends and find out

[00:17:07] david

more about, you know,  I guess some of the emotions that they’re experiencing.

[00:17:12] Josh

Yeah. One hundred percent,

[00:17:13] Josh

you know, we talk about the highs and lows of how I guess in a group can be

[00:17:19] Josh

a little bit more difficult to be personal. But certainly as we grow to know each

[00:17:25] Josh

other, it does become easier to share issues and problems. And generally more on a work basis I guess,

[00:17:34] Josh

but because we all know each other’s families quite so well. But I think, you know,  in that regard,

[00:17:41] Josh

if you sense that there is an issue that’s when it’s really important to talk to

[00:17:46] Josh

that individual. On a more personal basis,  I was not sure if everything’s okay. You mentioned this and I am,

[00:17:54] Josh

I have been nothing, but I’m just, you know,

[00:17:57] Josh

I want you to know I’m here for you when you need,

[00:17:59] Josh

if you need. And that can be any situation,  work in your personal life.

[00:18:07] Josh

If you say my,

[00:18:09] Josh

my team often tongue in cheek,

[00:18:12] Josh

I think I think sometimes rib me and say you’re so embarrassing because you talk to

[00:18:18] Josh

everybody. And I do have a smile that everybody, some people might think, you know,

[00:18:24] Josh

that’s a bit weird, but you know,  I really don’t care because I’ve had people to turn around and said,

[00:18:30] Josh

you just met my day. Just that smile was really important to me right up this

[00:18:35] Josh

minute. I talked to people in the elevator,  I asked them how they’re doing. You know,

[00:18:40] Josh

what are you doing in Hobart or Sydney or what are you doing on holidays you’re

[00:18:44] Josh

working. You have a great day,  I think says whatever it is you’re going to be doing at

[00:18:51] Josh

a restaurant. It doesn’t matter when I traffic lights,

[00:18:57] Josh

but Mark checked, people that you know, going up to and people say, oh,

[00:19:03] Josh

I think I’m in. You know what if they do that’s, that’s on them,

[00:19:07] Josh

but I make someone’s day at centre and then that federal bonus

[00:19:13] david

you’re a gym,  human Jeff, we need to enable people like you, I think that’s, that’s really such

[00:19:19] david

a wonderful thing to go on. And because you never really know what someone is going

[00:19:24] david

through and that, that chance encounter that smile,

[00:19:27] david

that complement that check in and asking how the date is going. That that really

[00:19:32] david

can just turn their entire mood around and potentially life around as well. If

[00:19:38] david

they’re, if they’re really struggling. So Thank you for Sharing that.

[00:19:42] david


[00:19:42] david

you know, I think the role modelling some just amazing,  wonderful behaviours.

[00:19:49] Josh

I can only try and I think the Key David is not to not to

[00:19:52] Josh

think you need to be perfect to be outgoing or to share or just to, you know,

[00:19:58] Josh

whatever it is with people to engage because no one is supposed to stop worrying

[00:20:04] Josh

about trying to be perfect and be worrying forever because we’re never going to get

[00:20:08] Josh

there. And people just need to accept you for who you are if you want to. If

[00:20:14] Josh

a comment is not spot on or people take it wrongly,

[00:20:18] Josh

then of course you just need to open through what you meant. But it’s so important

[00:20:25] Josh

as to be there for people and engage and you never know when someone may need you

[00:20:31] Josh

in a moment. So yeah, Thank you

[00:20:35] david

absolutely agreed.

[00:20:37] Josh

So with your,  with link mate, how did you, I guess, strategized that,

[00:20:43] Josh

that was going to be impactful and appropriate and, you know,  be helpful to people.

[00:20:51] david

Great question.

[00:20:54] david

I had no experience prior to launching any adventure or business or project or sort of impact project.

[00:21:07] david

So I immediately asked myself the question,  where can I get help?

[00:21:16] david

And I think one of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned from my journey and

[00:21:23] david

certainly hinges on the entire lincolnite model is always,  always ask for help. So there are

[00:21:32] david

a number of things I did. One I reached out to every role model.

[00:21:39] david

 Every amazing,

[00:21:41] david

successful driven change maker found a leader in the field in the field of entrepreneurship in the field of mental

[00:21:52] david

health that I could find. And I asked for their help whether it was a cold. I mean,

[00:21:59] david

most of them were just cold messages on LinkedIn. I’m working with

[00:22:04] david

a number of coaching clients at the moment as well,  who have benefited from this because no,

[00:22:12] david

not. I don’t see too many people doing that and it can be really valuable when you

[00:22:16] david

position what you’re doing. And coming from a place of admiration for the other person,

[00:22:25] david

for what they’ve achieved and accomplished. And then just asking for their help.

[00:22:31] david

You know, if someone comes to you for help, how does that feel right?

[00:22:34] david

You feel needed. You feel You feel like you’re valuable.  And it’s, it’s really, it’s really helped me

[00:22:45] david

a lot. So I got to speak to some really amazing inspiring people.

[00:22:51] david


[00:22:53] david

a part of that led me to asking for more help through different competitions,

[00:23:01] david

incubators, accelerators, which really taught the fundamentals of building a business from the ground up. Because I didn’t know that,

[00:23:09] david

right. Like I could watch motivational video after motivational video on YouTube.  And I did,

[00:23:17] david

but it wasn’t really Helping me move the needle forward On,  on link my it. So I’m, I’m,

[00:23:27] david

I first applied to an innovation competition that the National Society of high

[00:23:34] david

School scholars was running. So that’s an organization in the States founded by the

[00:23:41] david

Nobel prize family. And they invited me to be

[00:23:47] david

a part of the community after I expressed an interest in studying abroad in,

[00:23:53] david

in the States. Whilst I decided not to do that in the end,

[00:23:58] david

they still extended an invite to this innovation competition. And this was around

[00:24:04] david

the same time when I think it was starting to take

[00:24:11] david

shape. And I applied and we won, we won ten thousand US dollars,  which was incredible. I mean,

[00:24:21] david

I was just in awe and incredibly tired. I was sort of pitching at like two

[00:24:27] david

AM our time. And the only Aussie out of a sea of American students.

[00:24:36] david

But you know,

[00:24:37] david

it just taught me that we have something here, you know,

[00:24:41] david

people believe in the mission and they can see the value in this,

[00:24:46] david

in this approach in this, in this, you know,

[00:24:50] david

philosophy about product and that seed money was just exactly what you know

[00:24:56] david

what we really benefited from to start spreading the word to, to, to build out

[00:25:03] david

a team. And to continue doing that, I still didn’t have all the answers,

[00:25:08] david

but I applied to other incubators, like Melbourne accelerator program,

[00:25:13] david

run operating accelerator. Again, you know, if you’re in this journey now,  he’ll listen and I want to start

[00:25:21] david

a business. Not sure where to begin. Now. Highly encourage you to reach out to

[00:25:28] david

people on LinkedIn. Like I did to coaches, to mentors, and to incubators,

[00:25:33] david

accelerators. These are wonderful initiatives. Designed to support early stage founders and the velocity program was such

[00:25:44] david

a memorable experience for me. This was still during covid. So we were for the most part,

[00:25:50] david

doing it virtually. But I got to meet other people like myself who had an idea and

[00:25:57] david

they wanted to make it real and they want to bring it to market. When you bring

[00:26:03] david

together a community of like minded You know,  really driven people like that. It’s just build so much accountability and,

[00:26:12] david

and inspiration and motivation and discipline. And I learned so much from the others. I learned so much from the,

[00:26:20] david

the mentors and the leaders that ran different sessions for US on business models and you know, customer discovery,

[00:26:30] david

product market fit and all the rest. And so that really not only helped me get

[00:26:41] david

You know, learn the fundamentals of,  of building this out and making it a commercial reality,

[00:26:45] david

but also managing to the pitch and win more funds to, to grow it. So that’s, that’s,

[00:26:58] david

that’s what I would say are just the most helpful helpful

[00:27:05] david

things that I did to just start and gain some early momentum and I would boil it

[00:27:11] david

down to asking for help more than anything else.

[00:27:16] Josh

Well,  I think that’s great advice for listeners who are looking to go on

[00:27:20] Josh

a journey of support and making a difference in whatever field,

[00:27:25] Josh

whether it be mental health or any area of Community support or even the business

[00:27:31] Josh

that you say great, great ideas and great,

[00:27:36] Josh

great great help. So that’s the beginning of the journey for me. How many

[00:27:43] Josh

people do you feel that you impacted and have impacted over the journey with their mental health?

[00:27:54] david

Thousands and Thousands. And you know what, what I would want to add as well, you know, this,

[00:28:06] david

the thing is about like when, when starting off,

[00:28:10] david

especially if you feel like you’re lacking in a specific skill set, you know,

[00:28:17] david

whether it’s sales, whether it’s marketing, software development,  whatever it might be,

[00:28:24] david

go out and find people that can complement that skillset or that you know, fill, fill that gap in your,

[00:28:34] david

in your fill that gap where you might be lacking. So I think so for me

[00:28:42] david

initially I thought, you know, I have to try and do it all myself. And I think

[00:28:46] david

a lot of people get stuck in that mentality. So I wanted to share this

[00:28:53] david

because it’s, it’s an important reminder that What you know,

[00:28:58] david

what I’ve learned is when I play to my strengths and I found others to address my

[00:29:05] david

weaknesses and let them play to their strengths. You know, we gained

[00:29:10] david

a lot of momentum and for me that was Warren,

[00:29:15] david

I’m really grateful for him. He and I worked at the same company

[00:29:22] david

in the early stages of LinkedIn. And he is a software developer by trade. So when I, you know,

[00:29:30] david

I created an app I, you know,

[00:29:35] david

I’m grateful to have met him and helped to work with him and leverage his skill

[00:29:42] david

set and talents to make it a reality. Because I wouldn’t touch codes with

[00:29:48] david

a ten foot pole. And I still probably wouldn’t so yeah,

[00:29:54] david

I wanted to share that because it can be tempting to try and be the hero. Right.

[00:30:00] david

And do it on your own. But I learned that there’s this power and in asking for help.

[00:30:08] Josh

I think sometimes we’re afraid to ask of help for help. Not only because maybe we

[00:30:13] Josh

feel that we’re not good enough or people will see weakness. But also we’re afraid

[00:30:20] Josh

to ask for help because we don’t want to burden people. And we want to put our own

[00:30:24] Josh

problems on the people, but I think you touched on it. David,

[00:30:29] Josh

there are people who are waiting and wanting to help because it empowers them,

[00:30:33] Josh

Gives them joy in knowing that they’re contributing to something or someone

[00:30:41] Josh

or both. Now you may think marriage really quite stretched across the globe, hasn’t it?  What are some of the,

[00:30:50] Josh

how far reaching is linked linked link made and what are some of the achievements

[00:30:57] Josh

or the regions that you’ve been able to obtain?  I’m proud of. Yeah.

[00:31:06] david

Wonderful question. And you know,  Firstly again, I think, you know, you brought up something really important, Geoff,  around that,

[00:31:14] david

that feeling of burdening others. And I can relate to that because I used to do,

[00:31:18] david

I used to feel like Sharing my feelings with others would be a burden.

[00:31:25] david

And frankly,

[00:31:30] david

If, if someone feels burdened,  but if someone felt burdened by my feelings,

[00:31:38] david

then I would give them this space. And I would try again with

[00:31:45] david

someone else. Ultimately, you know, we can’t always be expected to,

[00:31:51] david

to hold space for others. We all have our own challenges. But more often than not,

[00:31:56] david

I do believe that there is good in each of US and that we do want to be of service

[00:32:02] david

in some way, shape or form. So no one ever has said to me, you’re

[00:32:08] david

a burden. Something I can’t you know,

[00:32:11] david

I can’t talk to you. I think we often suffer more in our imagination

[00:32:19] david

Than in reality. That’s. That’s not a my quote, but it is

[00:32:24] david

a great quote by someone. And yet in response to your question, Geoff,

[00:32:33] david

What I,  one of the things I’m most proud of is the research that we were able to generate

[00:32:40] david

and put together that supported link mice approach. So, you know,

[00:32:45] david

one of my dearest friends Freya works as a, as a,  as a, a tutor,

[00:32:54] david

a lecturer at rmit. And she is another gem of a human,

[00:33:02] david

a passionate about mental health and teaches that to the students and

[00:33:09] david

the various intersections around gender as well. And when I came to her with the

[00:33:14] david

idea, she said, we’ve got to do some research around it as, as a you know,  passionate academic would,

[00:33:23] david

will likely say.

[00:33:24] david

And I was so grateful for that because when we did,  we got together Sort of

[00:33:32] david

a pool of students. Some were trained to provide peer

[00:33:39] david

support and others access the app for support. And we found that

[00:33:47] david

Those participants in the study felt closer to others. More confident tackling that,

[00:33:54] david

tackling their problems and more optimistic about the future as well after using

[00:34:01] david

the app. And that, that is something I’m particularly proud of because it,

[00:34:07] david

it just demonstrated the impact that we can have and solidified it,  I guess,

[00:34:14] david

through research. Beyond and above and Beyond that just being able to expand

[00:34:23] david

it to universities. So we worked with you know,

[00:34:28] david

we’ve worked with Key guilds for supporting students at the Queensland University

[00:34:33] david

of technology. Because I know what it’s like to to,  to struggle at uni. In fact,

[00:34:41] david

that was when I experienced the heaviest and darkest struggles,

[00:34:47] david

so that targeting and supporting and serving this particular segment was really

[00:34:53] david

important to me and to our team. So being able to do that is something I’m

[00:34:59] david

certainly proud of working with,  with corporates as well and running emotion resilience workshops. And I remember

[00:35:08] david

one specific One specific workshop that we ran

[00:35:14] david

on how to support colleagues in the workplace at the end of the workshop. One of

[00:35:21] david

the senior partners at the firm stood up and bravely

[00:35:28] david

shared his own struggles with mental health and how it impacted him and his family

[00:35:33] david

and his work in front of a sea of you know,

[00:35:38] david

superiors and peers and direct reports in front of the entire time in the workplace,

[00:35:47] david

I’ve never seen that ever in my life and the fact that we were able to do that and

[00:35:52] david

say, you know this, this leader role model,  really just amazing qualities of,

[00:36:01] david

of courage strength and authenticity was beautiful. And I’m really, I’m still really touched by that and proud of it.

[00:36:13] Josh

Yeah,  I think I think what that showcases also, David is that, I mean,

[00:36:19] Josh

must understand that people, if people react to something, it might be for

[00:36:25] Josh

a reason, something that we’re not aware of, you know, everybody in

[00:36:29] Josh

a workplace personally has their own associated problems. They may have

[00:36:36] Josh

something that has not gone well before them got to work and we don’t know about

[00:36:41] Josh

that. So we just need to understand that a reaction from someone is not

[00:36:46] Josh

a personal thing on US. And I think we need to look internally and

[00:36:53] Josh

be happy with what makes US happy. We were able to make others happy. So don’t take

[00:36:58] Josh

things personally from someone. Just look internally for what’s,

[00:37:04] Josh

how we feel about ourselves and then be happy with that. And if we do that,

[00:37:10] Josh

I think in part that’s kind of say, well, okay,

[00:37:13] Josh

well maybe I’m not taking it personally. It’s probably something that’s happening

[00:37:19] Josh

with them that we maybe can help in. So rather than being taken in front of

[00:37:25] Josh

insulted or thinking negatively about that person,  we could say well in another moment, how you doing is,

[00:37:35] Josh

I think is good. Just trying to subtly check on their well-being and not make

[00:37:42] Josh

it a personal thing on their well-being.

[00:37:45] Josh

That probably doesn’t make a lot of sense,  but I think, you know,

[00:37:48] Josh

we look outwardly and worry about what other people are thinking and now they’re

[00:37:54] Josh

treating US rather than inwardly matter how we feel. If we’re happy then we can

[00:37:59] Josh

treat other people well and not take things personally and react to this really.

[00:38:05] Josh

Okay. I know I didn’t do that very well, but hopefully it makes some sense.

[00:38:11] david

No,  it did. And I think this is really important because almost every single person I

[00:38:18] david

talk to has, has suffered or struggled with this. You know,

[00:38:22] david

this idea and this worry and the rumination about what does this person think of me?

[00:38:30] david

And I’ve been there as well, right?

[00:38:31] david

And it’s, I think it’s, it’s common, I believe it’s a product of our ego,

[00:38:38] david

potentially trying to protect US in some way. What I’ve learned though,

[00:38:44] david

is everyone’s having these thoughts. And it’s called the spotlight effect where,  you know, you walk into

[00:38:53] david

a room at an event and you’re worried about what everyone’s thinking of you. But more often than not,

[00:39:00] david

everyone’s thinking the exact same thing. So and think about when you think of

[00:39:06] david

someone, you know, you might only just think about them for

[00:39:10] david

a moment or two. And then you start thinking right back to, you know, you know,

[00:39:16] david

your worries, the stresses or your wins losses,

[00:39:18] david

whatever it is. And there’s this great quote, I’m not sure who said it,

[00:39:24] david

it’s what you think of me is none of my business. And I

[00:39:31] david

love it. And it’s helped me.

[00:39:35] david

It’s helped liberate me from any

[00:39:38] david

worries about what other people think along with that sort of spotlight

[00:39:45] david

effect philosophy where know we’re all we’re all thinking the same so yeah,  just focus on yourself.

[00:39:53] Josh

Well, I think you’re right, it’s none of your business,

[00:39:55] Josh

but also it doesn’t matter. As long as I’m living. Well, being me,

[00:40:02] Josh

that should be enough. And I guess to the point you might have had your work in the

[00:40:06] Josh

roof and the room and everybody’s feeling the same. You’re quite right. So if we do

[00:40:13] Josh

not think about US and we give that smile that we would normally do,

[00:40:17] Josh

then it’s probably going to ease twenty other people that say it and then they’re

[00:40:21] Josh

going to be relaxed. And so it might have

[00:40:23] Josh

a multiplying effect to is and common room rather than being put in

[00:40:30] Josh

with an old person and thinking, oh, you know,

[00:40:33] Josh

I’m worried about what everybody’s thinking and what to say. So I’m just going to

[00:40:38] Josh

look nervous and worried and compounds. The problem and the site and think that

[00:40:42] Josh

everybody else is thinking and you said, and I think that is

[00:40:45] Josh

a real valuable comment that you made. So be said I’ll be outward and if people don’t like it,

[00:40:53] Josh

it’s not my business. And it doesn’t matter because I’m just being me and that to

[00:40:58] Josh

me is enough. I’m thinking that way.

[00:41:01] david

Yeah. And just what I would add to that as well,

[00:41:04] david

Jeff is what has helped me and is what I think you do really well from what you

[00:41:09] david

said earlier is focusing on others focusing on how you can serve others. Right?

[00:41:16] david

Like when you say, are you going to the barista who serves you coffee or you know,

[00:41:21] david

you smile at a stranger as you pass them by on the street. You know, you’re,

[00:41:27] david

you’re wrapped up in making someone else’s day special. You’re focused on serving

[00:41:34] david

and that’s where your attention and your energy is,

[00:41:36] david

is going and flowing. So there’s no reason to get wrapped up in what other people

[00:41:43] david

think and your own ruminations when all you want to do is just be of service.

[00:41:50] david

So, you know, I think that’s helped me

[00:41:53] david

a lot in terms of dealing with social anxiety and having those worries and thoughts.

[00:42:00] david

And I think Alison has yet to learn a lot from your approach,  Jeff. Because I think it’s really Yeah,

[00:42:10] david

it’s really Noble.

[00:42:12] Josh

Well, I think selfishly too David, is that in return you get

[00:42:17] Josh

a great satisfaction of Helping someone. So it’s giving but it’s also taking that

[00:42:23] Josh

person does say Thank you you just made my day. Gives you the greatest joy to carry

[00:42:29] Josh

you through the day and into weeks and months and years ahead. Knowing that you

[00:42:34] Josh

impact that someone.

[00:42:35] Josh

So it’s the giving that is the taking and the getting back,

[00:42:39] Josh

the happiness and joy that you get of doing that. And and how it goes into

[00:42:46] Josh

social impact impact plays a big part in linked by doesn’t it had

[00:42:51] Josh

a social impact on mental health in entwined Mhm.

[00:42:58] david

Yeah, that’s a that’s an awesome question.

[00:43:00] david

I am,  I believe in many ways that mental health is

[00:43:07] david

a social justice issue. You know,  everyone has the right to

[00:43:18] david

To having good mental health and having access to supports which bolster and maintain good mental health. And if there

[00:43:32] david

are barriers, If there are challenges,  costs That interfere with someone’s ability to uphold their

[00:43:46] david

rights to good mental health, then I think that becomes a social justice issue and it becomes

[00:43:54] david

a social impact opportunity. So I think that’s,  that’s where the intersection is. It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s a social issue,

[00:44:08] david

I believe,  and certainly impacts everyone on the planet. Because at some point in everyone’s life,

[00:44:23] david

they will experience some concern,  some challenge that will impact their mental health that will impact the social and

[00:44:34] david

emotional health. I

[00:44:36] Josh

mean,  touched on it earlier when you talked about the work you do in the workplace,  and it’s

[00:44:43] Josh

a big part of why you won your award. Is the work that you do in the workplace?

[00:44:48] Josh

And you do. And you have collaborated with experts to implement initiatives to

[00:44:55] Josh

foster a psychologically safe environment at work. Can you tell US a little bit about that impact?

[00:45:05] david

Yeah, absolutely. So yeah, Firstly,  I want to preface this by saying that I’ve had no I’ve had

[00:45:16] david

no teaching education certification in mental health. I only have my limited experience. So in order to put together these

[00:45:28] david

programs in order to put together this research to run workshops,

[00:45:34] david

I could not have done it without you know, amazing time. You know,

[00:45:40] david

we had an advisory board of people with the requisite qualifications

[00:45:47] david

in psychology and counseling. I want to shout out the name,

[00:45:51] david

there is one of the leading one of the leaders in the mental health field right now.

[00:45:58] david

And I’m really blessed to have had him as

[00:46:00] david

a learning and development advisor to really steer the direction of these

[00:46:06] david

initiatives to make sure that they’re evidence based and up to date

[00:46:14] david

and our entire workshop facilitation. I am comprised of,  of Collier and Nicole,  Grace Adam and Liv.

[00:46:31] david

So everyone has had their own lived experience and they’ve also done work in peer support and they’ve,

[00:46:38] david

they’ve had the training and the education to create impact. So being able to

[00:46:46] david

go into the workplace and run these workshops and help colleagues, employers,

[00:46:52] david

employees alike, learn how to comfortably ask for help,  confidently support their peers and future proof. Their mental health through

[00:47:02] david

healthy conversation was, was our aim was always our intention and it,  it meant that I think it was

[00:47:14] david

a data point. So over,  so not over ninety four percent of our workshop participants felt confident or,

[00:47:26] david

or very confident reaching out for help. After attending the workshop and I think

[00:47:32] david

a big part of that is due to the fact that we really

[00:47:40] david

normalised the conversation about mental health and presented it in

[00:47:45] david

a way that made people feel like they could relate to it. Because Ultimately,

[00:47:51] david

I think one of the most powerful things that anyone can do to

[00:47:58] david

help someone else feel comfortable opening up is just to relate to what they’re

[00:48:02] david

going through. When you relate to someone,

[00:48:05] david

they feel like you get it.

[00:48:07] david

They feel less alone. They feel more deeply connected

[00:48:12] david

to you and they’re likely to open up and to liberate that burden.

[00:48:17] Josh

And so train.  You also do a lot of self-empowerment coaching for young professionals and budding founders and business owners.

[00:48:28] david

Yes, yeah, that’s right. You know,  as you know, as we’ve talked about so far, Jeff, I’ve just got,

[00:48:37] david

I’ve learned so much on this journey with length,

[00:48:39] david

but more so than I have in any degree in any job that I’ve ever been

[00:48:47] david

or that I’ve studied. So I feel, I don’t know,

[00:48:54] david

I just feel called to give back because I know that there are a lot of you know,

[00:49:01] david

young working professionals that struggle with self-confidence that struggle with those, you know,

[00:49:09] david

worries about what other people think that we talked about You know,

[00:49:14] david

may not have healthy habits in place to bolster their mental health

[00:49:21] david

because I know what it’s like to go through that and I know how damaging it can be,

[00:49:27] david

especially when you have, you know, ambitions and goals like starting

[00:49:33] david

a business like like making an impact in some way. And so what I’m doing at the

[00:49:39] david

moment is really working with these young professionals, budding founders,  even early stage entrepreneurs to help them develop mindfulness. Firstly,

[00:49:55] david

which I really value strengthen their self-discipline,  build their self-confidence in themselves, self-confidence in themselves. And,

[00:50:07] david

and get a clear step by step,  plan and direction on launching their business and understanding what,

[00:50:15] david

where to direct their energy to get you know,  the first clients and to make an impact as well,

[00:50:22] david

to change lives depending on what business they’re in.

[00:50:26] Josh

And I will ask you in a little while, how people can get in touch with you,

[00:50:31] Josh

should they want to share your story with their teams,  their workplace. But you also started transgender Wellness

[00:50:43] Josh

workshops and retreats. Can you tell US about those?

[00:50:47] david

Yes, yeah,  that’s right. So trans India is the pivot of,

[00:50:56] david

of link made based on challenges in resource thinking. We’ve

[00:51:03] david

had to try to pivot and I’m quite excited by it because what we’re

[00:51:10] david

doing is really tackling what’s constantly my,

[00:51:14] david

my partner and I as being the core challenges at work. First is a tension,  like we are living in

[00:51:23] david

a Destruction epidemic right now. Officially we have a less,  we have

[00:51:31] david

a shorter attention span than goldfish which is eight seconds

[00:51:36] Josh

you talking about me? Yeah,

[00:51:39] david

everyone. Not just

[00:51:43] david

But, but yeah, I mean it’s, it’s a real issue, right. Like, thanks to things like social media it’s,

[00:51:49] david

it’s only made our Destruction run even more rampant and in the workplace that

[00:51:55] david

leads to a huge cost you know, continuous interruptions, distractions actually,

[00:52:03] david

you know, not only leads to loss of productivity, but it leads to a loss of lo,

[00:52:09] david

in your work, now when you,  when you’re in flow and you make progress that leads to fulfillment,

[00:52:14] david

so people aren’t feeling fulfilled. Destruction is

[00:52:17] david

a big part of that. What’s more is well-being in the same way that we addressed

[00:52:23] david

well-being in the workplace through late by the challenges of stress burnout.

[00:52:31] david

Right. And they’re on the rise as well. You know,  I think working from home arrangements and trying to,

[00:52:38] david

to make them work and opting for flexible arrangements and seeing

[00:52:45] david

how not as many people are in the office like it’s just, it’s really,  it’s really being and,

[00:52:52] david

and certainly the culture as well. Right. Like the culture that we

[00:52:58] david

experienced perhaps that you experienced For those listening before covid is

[00:53:06] david

potentially quite different. Very different to what you’re experiencing now. So what we’re doing at transcend yeah, is running talks,

[00:53:16] david

workshops of retreats Designed to enhance concentration. Firstly,  to block out Destruction through some evidence based practices and protocols to

[00:53:29] david

improve well-being through a series of mindfulness techniques,

[00:53:36] david

strategies as well as peer support to bring together and unify tribes to

[00:53:43] david

be able to have the same experience that you know,  that senior partner created. But by Sharing his,

[00:53:51] david

his journey with mental health, so, so bravely. Because when teams can do that,

[00:53:57] david

when people can actually share their personal challenges and share any concerns at

[00:54:03] david

work without fear of being judged without fear of being treated differently. That

[00:54:09] david

builds a whole New level of trust, which leads to collaboration,

[00:54:14] david

which leads to fun like work should be fun. I believe in,

[00:54:18] david

in many ways since we spend so much of our time doing work,

[00:54:24] david

we want to make it fun. And I think when you have great friendships and meaningful relationships that work,

[00:54:31] david

then you can trust each other and you can depend on each other. You operate from

[00:54:36] david

a really strong foundation and that’s what we’re hoping to to achieve through transcend yeah,

[00:54:42] david

we’re running retreats at the moment and expanding into the workplace.

[00:54:47] Josh

So any size business could be involved in workshops and retreats. Are there particular

[00:54:55] Josh

locations you go to for your retreats that I set or is that flexible?

[00:55:02] david

So it is flexible. That’s a, it’s a good question. We’ve run an urban Retreat. We had our first one

[00:55:10] david

a couple of months ago here in Melbourne. We have our next one in beautiful bull

[00:55:16] david

Gola, which is in the northern beaches of New South Wales and you know,

[00:55:22] david

as we grow we’ll move to some exotic relaxing, rejuvenating locations overseas, no doubt as well. And yes,

[00:55:35] david

it’s not so open to businesses of any size that are, you know,

[00:55:40] david

willing and open to to, you know, improving the productivity,  the wellbeing and the culture.

[00:55:50] Josh

I’ll ask you again a walk away on the subject where a lot of people get

[00:55:56] Josh

a hold of you. What’s the best thing about to hold a workshop or a Retreat?

[00:56:00] Josh

Retreat. Amazing. Where would someone get hold of you most easily?

[00:56:08] david

So my email address is, is a good a good place to start. So that’s David at

[00:56:16] david

D and T dot care already.

[00:56:24] david

So Dame, TMI initials,  David Michael to tell US the personal coaching Service

[00:56:33] david

that I offer at the moment can be found at the Dante experience. Dot com that I do.

[00:56:41] david

And for those who are feeling interested or open to exploring what

[00:56:50] david

a workshop or retreats might look like for that business transfer can be accessed at transcend Beyond dot A. You

[00:57:01] Josh

Right?  Well,  hopefully you get lots of interest because it sounds amazing and really important

[00:57:07] Josh

more and more importantly, important. Just heading in a slightly different direction for

[00:57:13] Josh

a moment. Going back to the seven years young achiever Awards gala presentation

[00:57:19] Josh

dinner, which was earlier this year and hosted by Mike Moore from seven news,

[00:57:24] Josh

the weekend presenter.

[00:57:27] Josh

What was the Key takeaway for you from the event?  What inspired or what

[00:57:32] Josh

a memory you have of the event.

[00:57:37] david

The conversations with the other nominees, finalists,  winners. Those really stood out to me because

[00:57:49] david

It, Well Firstly, it made me feel less alone in my journey because this,

[00:57:56] david

this journey of going out on your own and doing your own thing can be quite

[00:58:01] david

isolating. It has been for me. So to have those conversations and to meet others who are You know,

[00:58:13] david

trying their hand at building out a project or a venture or initiative and creating impact with it was amazing,

[00:58:25] david

you know, inspired me. As I said,  it made me feel less alone. And it sort of just

[00:58:36] david

opened a lot of doors for a collaboration in the future. And I got to learn about what

[00:58:45] david

drives people and, and I think what stood out to me and it’s,

[00:58:52] david

it’s a bit of a cliche, but it’s a cliche for

[00:58:54] david

a reason. And it’s something that every single person I spoke to said,

[00:59:03] david

which was chasing your passion. Right. I think everyone has something that they’re

[00:59:09] david

really deeply interested in and in love with an activity or a hobby,

[00:59:16] david

or an interest or an idea. But for whatever reason,

[00:59:19] david

they may not choose to pursue it. That was me for

[00:59:24] david

a while. But hearing from the attendees at the gala

[00:59:31] david

event and seeing how they have pursued that passion and you know,

[00:59:36] david

come alive Whilst doing it was just very reaffirming for the path that I’m on very inspiring and energizing.

[00:59:46] Josh

You hear that?  I hear that

[00:59:48] Josh

a lot actually from people saying one of the Key things. Key takeaways is to know

[00:59:53] Josh

that you’re not alone in your journey. Any journey can be really tough. You’re trying to create something,

[01:00:02] Josh

trying to achieve really important outcomes for,

[01:00:06] Josh

for issues that are big and real. And you can feel isolated as you said,

[01:00:13] Josh

and lonely in that journey because it’s tough. But to know there are others out

[01:00:18] Josh

there, striving to achieve something special is,  is really important and Empowering. So yeah, that is something that I hear

[01:00:27] Josh

a lot that is important.

[01:00:28] Josh

And it must have been great validation for your work too,

[01:00:31] Josh

to have to be acknowledged in that way.

[01:00:35] david

Absolutely. Yeah. Look, um,  recognition was always really special for sure.

[01:00:45] david

And I think those, those conversations are valuable and thanks for, you know,

[01:00:50] david

just acknowledging that just because you were saying before you’ve been doing,

[01:00:55] david

you know, running these Awards for thirty five years. And that’s some, that’s

[01:01:01] david

a journey in and of itself. And I wonder,

[01:01:05] david

I’m wondering if you’re open to Sharing as well, like what, what sort of,

[01:01:09] david

what would you say inspired you to take the life and what’s sort of kept you going for this?

[01:01:18] david

This is like the time as well.

[01:01:21] Josh

Yeah, well that’s a good question right back at me. Well, I think initially,  I’ve always been passionate about making

[01:01:29] Josh

a difference and trying to help people. Right from

[01:01:32] Josh

a young age. I remember I was nearly twenty one. I was in Kmart in

[01:01:39] Josh

Adelaide, in our local area. Was close to Christmas. I had to buy

[01:01:44] Josh

a present know the pain. So I’m running around looking for this present,

[01:01:49] Josh

worrying about the worries of the world that are on my shoulders,

[01:01:53] Josh

which were quite small and in the scheme of things when you think back. But I was

[01:01:59] Josh

that day at the chick check out.

[01:02:03] Josh

And the bottom was quite long and you know,

[01:02:05] Josh

we all get frustrated that personal problems and having to wait ten minutes in

[01:02:09] Josh

a line and a defining moment of my life, this particular checkout person,

[01:02:16] Josh

the young girl. I don’t remember particularly how old but young looked like she had

[01:02:21] Josh

the worries of the world and this person in front of me was complaining about how

[01:02:26] Josh

long I had to wait and nothing was right. And this particular product was not good

[01:02:31] Josh

and look the, you know, the covers damage and I wanted a discount and blah, blah,

[01:02:37] Josh

blah. That’s again, first of all,  problems and this particularly young lady was looking very stressed and emotionally

[01:02:45] Josh

drained and well, when she came to me,

[01:02:52] Josh

She looked like she was ready to crack. I don’t exactly remember the conversation.

[01:02:58] Josh

I stopped and I thought, yeah, my problems has zero. So I just said to her,

[01:03:04] Josh

you had that so beautiful. You have a great smile and you know your customer service is exceptional and yeah,

[01:03:12] Josh

she helped here and said Thank you so much. I was just and you know,

[01:03:17] Josh

we just spoke from a moment of the other people were queuing,

[01:03:20] Josh

but at that moment I thought my life has to be about Helping

[01:03:27] Josh

people. And I’m at that moment decided that I was going to try to pay five

[01:03:33] Josh

compliments every day of my life. Find five people to say something Positive to nice to whatever it was.

[01:03:44] Josh

So yeah,  it’s something that I have daily from there and at nearly twenty one. As you can

[01:03:51] Josh

imagine, it was a very long time ago and I’ve tried to live by that philosophy of trying to

[01:03:58] Josh

pay five compliments every day. And I do try that every single day to,

[01:04:03] Josh

to be Positive and to help people in that way. So that took me on, on

[01:04:08] Josh

a journey thing. This particular job advertised I thought, Ah, this is it,

[01:04:18] Josh

this is going to be something that I can really contribute in

[01:04:21] Josh

a bigger way. So yeah, thirty five years later here I am still inspired to make

[01:04:28] Josh

a difference. I was in a judging process and we talked off affair

[01:04:34] Josh

a little while ago yesterday and as to

[01:04:36] Josh

a lot love getting around the country and hearing the stories of people making a difference organisations,

[01:04:42] Josh

individuals through the young achiever Awards time that I guess it helps me to keep

[01:04:48] Josh

going, knowing that there are so many good stories because you do get

[01:04:52] Josh

a little bit worn by all the negativity in the world and the

[01:04:59] Josh

small amount of people who are doing not so good things. But there are so many doing great

[01:05:06] Josh

that are being constantly reminded by that is really important.

[01:05:12] david

Just Thank you for showing my love that really means a lot especially, you know,

[01:05:17] david

hearing that what sounds like was

[01:05:19] david

a huge breakthrough in that moment when you comforted the the woman at the checkout.

[01:05:26] david

And that’s I just think such a really profound and selfless right to you

[01:05:36] david

know, to lead your life, to lift yourself and to help others,

[01:05:40] david

making that your mission every day is inspiring. I love that.

[01:05:44] Josh

But I can’t know how that impacted her at that time. But I know it impacted my side,

[01:05:52] Josh

and that’s where the selfishness comes in, you know, the giving,

[01:05:54] Josh

but also the taking. I get reward from Helping others. That makes me feel king of the mountain for

[01:06:03] Josh

a period of time. And I think that’s really critical for me. That’s the thing with

[01:06:07] Josh

making me happy makes others happy.

[01:06:10] david

Absolutely. Yeah.

[01:06:11] david

And you know,  you’re right there is a lot of negativity in the world and I think there’s

[01:06:17] david

a news New cycles can,  can propagate. A lot of that negativity,

[01:06:25] david

but the way I look at it like this achievement Awards that you’ve cultivated is basically like

[01:06:33] david

a news station that only shares goodness but only shares really, you know, Positive, uplifting, Empowering news,

[01:06:46] david

and elevating those stories. So I think, yeah,

[01:06:50] david

I think what you’re doing is really amazing. I’m glad to be a part of it.

[01:06:55] Josh

And we,  we partnered with seven and seven news and you know,

[01:06:59] Josh

they have to tell stories that people want to hear and they’re not always Positive.  But at the same time,

[01:07:06] Josh

to allow listeners don’t trust them because they are making

[01:07:09] Josh

a difference as well. They see the value of telling the good stories. And I have

[01:07:15] Josh

partnered with this they giving so a lot of air time,

[01:07:17] Josh

a lot of promotional opportunity to reach people. Because I do say that community

[01:07:24] Josh

impact is critical. So they are making the difference that we’re able to achieve through the Awards,

[01:07:33] Josh

which were extremely grateful for. And nominations actually are currently open for the seven news,

[01:07:40] Josh

young achiever Awards around the country. And why do you think it’s important to nominate someone diamond?

[01:07:52] david

It could be the thing that it could be one simple act which Gives them

[01:08:00] david

a boost of confidence to pursue their passion and completely change their life for the better for me,

[01:08:07] david

it was applying to that pitch competition which helped US secure funding.

[01:08:14] david

And that gave me the confidence to know that, you know, There is something,

[01:08:20] david

there is something here. And it’s something that’s worth pursuing. And people believe in it, especially since

[01:08:27] david

a lot of people might not believe in them in themselves by nominating someone else,

[01:08:34] david

you know, not only showing that you believe in them,

[01:08:38] david

which I think is really important. But you’re also giving them the opportunity to

[01:08:46] david

To Yeah, have, have a platform to,  to showcase the amazing work that they’re doing and to get

[01:08:57] david

a boost that they might need from the recognition to,  to build their own momentum moving forward and Ultimately

[01:09:11] david

learn that they can build their own self confidence from within

[01:09:18] david

I think that’s something that

[01:09:18] david

a lot of people struggle with and I certainly did as well when I got started,

[01:09:24] david

I think getting some accomplishments under my belt really helped me generate that

[01:09:30] david

sense of self-worth and self-confidence. So just knowing that you can always tap

[01:09:35] david

into that is important, a nomination can go a really long way as well.

[01:09:40] Josh

Yeah,  Thank you. And if anybody wants to find out how to nominate someone or more about

[01:09:46] Josh

the nomination category, head to Awards, Australia dot com. I W,

[01:09:51] Josh

I do yes. Awards Australia dot com. Look at the young achiever Awards page. And

[01:09:58] Josh

you and your stage will show you what categories are open. And if you want to know

[01:10:04] Josh

more, can also email me at jft, double F, g, F at Awards,

[01:10:10] Josh

Australia dot com. I’ll be happy to help.

[01:10:13] Josh

And if you like to know about award

[01:10:16] Josh

category sponsorship opportunities and what your business you know,  or your business would be interested, also drop me

[01:10:24] Josh

a line at Geoff at Awards Australia dot com. Now David,  what’s something we might not know about you?

[01:10:31] Josh

? It could be a fun fact. A funny fact,

[01:10:34] Josh

or something more serious. What’s something that we might that’s putting you on the spot? I know,

[01:10:40] Josh

but what’s something we might not know about David that would would be of interest to US.

[01:10:48] david

Yeah. Look,  I am I was going to keep this under wraps. But I think

[01:10:57] david

I think this is

[01:10:58] david

a really good opportunity to vocalize this vision that I have Is not what I do so you know,

[01:11:05] david

then everyone can hold me accountable. And

[01:11:10] Josh

listen carefully everyone. So

[01:11:14] david

most people know that I’m a huge fan and lover of Shrek and the you know,

[01:11:24] david

not only the very entertaining franchise and series of movies,

[01:11:31] david

but just the lovable character himself. Shrek, I think he embodies

[01:11:36] david

a lot of really Noble qualities of strength and courage, honor,

[01:11:43] david

You know,  respect and love. And for,  for one of my,

[01:11:54] david

for my thirtieth. And my vision is to organize a,  an experience at Shrek, stomp,

[01:12:05] david

Shrek swamp is currently available to rent out as an

[01:12:12] david

Airbnb in Scotland. It’s a real thing. You can look into it,  feel free to email me,

[01:12:19] david

and I can provide you with more details. But I tossed it around and as an

[01:12:26] david

idea, and I just, you know, I like

[01:12:28] david

like link my, when I tell people about it,  I was like, okay, now I’m going to make this thing

[01:12:32] david

a reality. So I’m telling you all, because I want to make this a reality. And you know,

[01:12:40] david

I’d love to see their email me with any suggestions that you have for how we can

[01:12:47] david

make it even more Shrek tastic.

[01:12:49] david

And you know, I’m looking forward to making this,  this thing happen.

[01:12:54] Josh

I got to take people on a journey to Shrek swamp. Was it?

[01:13:01] david

Yes. The swamp with Shrek live actually has the,

[01:13:06] david

the cottage laid out as it is in all the movies. You’ve said Chuck and

[01:13:12] Josh

Jeff. Yeah,  well Yes, course. That’s right. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely.

[01:13:18] david

Yeah. So, so yeah,  it’s got the same layout and it’s,

[01:13:25] david

it’s going to be fine. It’s going to be memorable. Yeah. What do you love more?  I’m not sure.

[01:13:30] Josh

That’s amazing. So Scotland is the next journey for David’s fifth,

[01:13:35] Josh

fifteenth thirtieth. Don’t make any older than you need to be thirty, so anybody interested?  Tell me friends,

[01:13:45] Josh

sounds like something to look forward to that David will give you all the detail

[01:13:49] Josh

can work together on making it bigger and bigger. Ben-Hur.

[01:13:54] david

I love that. Yeah,  Thank you.

[01:13:55] david

When they decide what

[01:13:57] Josh

sounds awesome,  what’s next for?  For David.

[01:14:04] david

Great question. What’s next?  Is continuing to Coach and mentor You know,  really driven and ambitious people who

[01:14:20] david

have their own vision they could take could be an event

[01:14:27] david

like this strike experience. It could be a business, a career,

[01:14:30] david

its impact. And so I, what is next for me is Helping them make their,  their vision

[01:14:38] david

a reality. Helping them build the belief in themselves and their mindset and their and

[01:14:48] david

a plan to make it happen. And continuing to grow,

[01:14:54] david

transcend the art to be able to create more meaningful experiences. Bring teams together, deepen connection in the workplace,

[01:15:03] david

normalize the conversation around mental health, and help people thrive,  especially during

[01:15:11] david

a time when you know it’s been difficult to do so.

[01:15:17] Josh

Do you have any other Words of wisdom for our listeners?

[01:15:23] david

Words of wisdom? What I would say?  What has served me in my journey is understanding and

[01:15:32] david

believing now that we are Ultimately just

[01:15:35] david

a product of the stories that we tell ourselves. And you know, we, we have

[01:15:42] david

a villain and we have a hero. You know, you know,

[01:15:48] david

it depends what voice you want to listen to. Do we want to listen to the interview?

[01:15:51] david

Do we want to listen to the coach that is Empowering and inspiring. Awesome. And really encouraging US to,

[01:16:01] david

to work towards our goals and to believe in ourselves for a long time. You know,

[01:16:06] david

I listened to the stories that other people told about me and, and, you know,

[01:16:13] david

they were hurtful. And I believe those stories to be true. And

[01:16:20] david

what I learned is that when you believe a story to be true,

[01:16:23] david

you start acting as though it is and that becomes your reality. So

[01:16:30] david

be very specific and conscious of what stories you tell yourselves and make them meaningful. Positive,  uplifting. Empowering and

[01:16:46] david

watch what happens. Because for me it really changed my life for the better.

[01:16:52] Josh

It was Words if anybody would like to get involved in the Shrek experience,  transcend the Camp David,

[01:17:01] Josh

talk at their workplace or whatever it may be.

[01:17:08] Josh

Please, please contact David and one of those contact details again, David.

[01:17:15] david

Yes,  Thank you Jeff. So my email address is David at the end

[01:17:22] david

T dot care spelled C.A.R.E. You can learn more about my coaching and speaking services at the Dante experience,

[01:17:38] david

dot com today. You and more about the workplace. Wellness

[01:17:45] david

offerings retreats that we’re running at transphobia at transcend yard dot A year.

[01:17:53] Josh

Fantastic. So much value so much to learn. Please contact David is awesome.  And

[01:18:01] Josh

a real superhero. David has been an absolute Pleasure to have you on the podcast.

[01:18:07] Josh

You are a true inspiration and a powerhouse,  and very worthy of people getting in the workplace or going on

[01:18:17] Josh

a Retreat and Sharing some time with David. You will be so pleased

[01:18:24] Josh

that you too. Thanks. Thanks so much for Sharing your story with US. I hope you’ve

[01:18:30] Josh

enjoyed the experience as well.

[01:18:32] david

I’ve loved Jeff and I really want to honour and

[01:18:36] david

Thank you for Sharing more about your own journey as well. This is the first time

[01:18:42] david

we’re meeting. I’m so turned to get the opportunity to learn more about what has

[01:18:47] david

inspired you to build this amazing initiative that

[01:18:54] david

lets people like mine with the support of seven news and making and spreading

[01:19:01] david

a really uplifting news. You know, that’s,  that’s really something that I’m just grateful for. Honoured to be

[01:19:08] david

a part of. And yeah, hopefully we can have a hit of tennis and a coffee soon as well.

[01:19:16] Josh

That sounds like a plan.

[01:19:17] Josh

I mean, I mean,  I can’t promise that the tennis will be of high standard,

[01:19:22] Josh

but the coffee will be great.

[01:19:25] david

I love that. I’ll meet you halfway.

[01:19:28] Josh

Sounds good.

[01:19:29] david

Thanks Jeff. I have everybody else has

[01:19:32] Josh

enjoyed listening to David’s story as much as I have. And until next week everyone,

[01:19:39] Josh

please remember bekind because together we make a difference. Thanks David. Thanks Jeff. I can’t wait and keep in

[01:19:49] Josh

touch. I

[01:19:50] david

absolutely. And

[01:19:52] Josh

let’s you know, when this is going to end,  she did mention that you wanted to, you know,

[01:20:00] Josh

to just have some control of when that went is I will do that. And so,  but you know,

[01:20:06] Josh

to stay in touch with regard to that when it’s actually ready to go live and then

[01:20:12] Josh

you can chat too about when you feel that that would be appropriate.

[01:20:17] david

I really appreciate you both. Thank you, Annette. Yeah,  Thank you Jeff. Not on

[01:20:22] Josh

the and that’s all she’s there online at the minute. All right, it’s on her. Hey her. What’s the word?

[01:20:32] david

Her zoom

[01:20:37] Josh

account. So what I saying.  Sorry. Right. Sorry, dear, but I’ll pass on and you know, thanks to her.

[01:20:44] david

Yeah,  Thank you. Yeah, Thank you for extending my gratitude and just for being such

[01:20:50] david

a wonderful host. You know, it’s it,  it can be difficult in some cases, but you seem like

[01:21:00] david

a natural and I really appreciated the questions that you asked. And also just being open to,

[01:21:05] david

to Sharing and answering my questions too. And you know,

[01:21:12] david

that may have been slightly different. So I just appreciate you doing that.

[01:21:17] Josh

I think I’ve shared more about myself in this particular chat than in all of the other one

[01:21:23] Josh

hundred and fifteen put together so far.

[01:21:28] david

Well,  that’s great. People need to hear about the man behind, you know,

[01:21:32] david

Awards Australia just as much as those who are winning the Awards. I think what

[01:21:37] david

you’re doing is really, really special. So yeah, Thank you for Sharing that. It’s a really beautiful story.

[01:21:43] Josh

Thank you. My Pleasure. Very passionate about what we’re doing because it does make

[01:21:49] Josh

a difference and talking with people like yourself inspires me and helps me to

[01:21:54] Josh

continue the journey. So as I and we are

[01:21:57] Josh

a family business and our son and it’s my wife and Josh

[01:22:04] Josh

is general manager. So he’s the future of the company he’s takes after

[01:22:11] Josh

his mum and his dad. He’s very passionate and a real people person,  so

[01:22:18] Josh

He’ll certainly into the future lead the way and hopefully continue continue the journey and continue our passion.

[01:22:28] david

I love Josh. Yeah,  I met him at the Awards,

[01:22:32] david

he helped with just coordinating the tables and all of that at the front.

[01:22:38] david


[01:22:39] david

we had a chat and he’s such a lovely,  approachable guy knows how to grow an absolutely wicked moustache,

[01:22:49] david

which I’m jealous of silently. But yeah, just just a wonderful man,

[01:22:54] david

a wonderful human to continue with his legacy of yours.

[01:22:58] Josh

Yeah, we have two boys,  Josh and REECE, both working in the business and yes, that’s a real family,

[01:23:05] Josh

but we have ten staff,  but they are very important contributors and continuous of our

[01:23:14] Josh

work. So exciting future. Hopefully we can get through these couple of years of hardship and. Yeah,

[01:23:24] Josh

I reckon Karen well into the future.

[01:23:27] david

Yeah, no,  I yeah,  lots of faith in people and they’re sending in lots of um, you know, strength and,

[01:23:36] david

and support during that time. Because yes, as I’ve said, yeah,

[01:23:39] david

it can be difficult when you’re sort of teetering on the edge and just shock it’s

[01:23:44] david

a lot so um, so I can relate and yeah,

[01:23:47] Josh

I’m desperate and it’s not,  it’s not easy change, but sometimes you have to make the right decisions,

[01:23:52] Josh

and I’m sure you have made the right decision for yourself as well as for everyone

[01:23:58] Josh

else and sounds like can you journey would be amazing.

[01:24:02] david

Yeah,  I appreciate that. Thank you Jeff. Thanks for your time as well. You know,

[01:24:06] david

I know we went over what we did counted for. So just thanks for being gracious with your time. Pleasure.

[01:24:13] Josh

You take care and keep in touch as I reach out,

[01:24:16] Josh

if you need anything, we can help certainly do our best.

[01:24:20] david

Thank you. Yes. Well,  rest of the

[01:24:23] Josh

take care

[01:24:28] david

The inspirational australian’s podcast is brought to you by Awards,  Australia. We recognise,

[01:24:34] david

celebrate and share the stories of inspirational Australians through our Awards

[01:24:39] david

programs across the country. To find out more to nominate an inspirational

[01:24:44] david

Australian in your life, or to partner with our Awards, visit Awards,  Australia dotcom. If you enjoyed today’s story,

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we’d love it if you could subscribe rate and review to make sure you don’t miss an

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[01:25:01] david

stories. stories.