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South Australian Community Achievement Awards

SA Community Achievement Awards & a special feature from Blush and Pose Photography

An image of all the SACAA winners on stage

What a successful evening, Congratulations to all the winners and nominees in the awards. A special thanks to all of our category sponsors who make the awards possible and also to all of our dinner sponsors who make the gala dinner evening a memorable one. A special feature in the blog post are from one of our dinner sponsors, our event photographers in Adelaide who took these images. Let’s get to know the photographers behind the lens.

Q&A – Blush and Pose Photography

Tell me about blush and pose photography – who’s behind the lens and how did the business come about?


Blush and Pose Photography emerges as the collaborative vision of the talented duo, Jasmin and Caleb Corneloup. Their journey commenced in the picturesque landscapes of Tasmania, where a shared passion for capturing moments first took root. A pivotal chapter unfolded when we ventured to the UK, capturing the enchantment of weddings and events across diverse landscapes. The challenges of the Covid era prompted our move to Adelaide, South Australia, becoming a turning point for our business. During the midst of the pandemic, we seized the opportunity to rebuild and redefine our approach. Now, after being in SA for three years, we have a strong business in the wedding and event industry and we have also moved into corporate photography and video as well as real estate photography and business. We especially love working as event photographers in Adelaide.



Meet Caleb Corneloup

Speaking of favourite moments, is there a funny/crazy story you can share from one of your photography jobs?


There have been a few funny moments at our weddings. One time I slipped in the mud while holding my camera. Everything was fine and I got up and took some great shots of the couple laughing. Another time one of the groomsmens pants ripped and the mother of the groom had to stitch them up again. Very funny moments.


What should people expect from blush and pose photography? 


As dedicated event photographers, you can anticipate a seamless and enriching experience capturing the essence of your special occasion. Armed with top-notch equipment and a keen eye for detail, we navigate diverse lighting conditions and venues, ensuring each moment is documented with precision. From candid interactions to significant speeches, we focus on preserving the atmosphere and emotions that define your event. Post-event, meticulous post-processing and editing enhance the images to meet the highest standards. We bring professionalism, adaptability, and a courteous presence, ensuring a positive and unobtrusive experience throughout. Expect timely delivery of the edited photos, and count on transparent contracts and pricing, demonstrating my commitment to a smooth and exceptional collaboration. 


Do you have any tips for people nervous in front of a camera?


Feeling comfortable in front of a camera is crucial for authentic and natural photographs. Start by taking a few deep breaths to relax and centre yourself. Maintain good posture to exude confidence. Focus on positive thoughts, and remind yourself that it’s okay to be yourself. Engage with the photographer, creating a friendly and collaborative environment. Avoid overthinking and embrace the moment, allowing your genuine personality to shine through. Remember, a confident and relaxed mindset translates into compelling and authentic photographs. Generally speaking, an event photographer should be able to set you at ease and help you relax.


How can others find/contact you? 


We can be found on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and of course our website. 












Blush and Pose Photography proudly supports the SA Community Awards, viewing it as an opportunity to invest in the vibrant tapestry of our local community. By aligning our event photography brand with these awards, we express our commitment to celebrating excellence and contributing to the collective pride of South Australia. It goes beyond mere recognition; it’s about fostering a spirit of community and acknowledging those who make a significant impact. This sponsorship allows us to not only showcase our dedication to local initiatives but also connect with individuals who share our passion for making a difference. Blush and Pose Photography is honoured to play a part in uplifting and recognising the outstanding contributions within our community.

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