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Jerusha Mather, a leading disability activist for medical students with a disability



In this week’s episode, Josh is talking to Jerusha Mather who was a Winner in the 2021 7NEWS Young Achiever Awards for Victoria.

Jerusha Mather is a PhD student at Victoria University investigating strength training and non – invasive brain stimulation. Her research was funded by the Cerebral Palsy Alliance. She is a recipient of the Bridge Create Change Award and the prestigious L’Oréal -UNESCO Women in Science mentee program. She was also an outstanding finalist in the Women’s Agenda Leadership Award (in the health category) and is a profound motivational speaker and poet who recently published her poetry collection ‘Burnt Bones and Beautiful Butterflies”. She is also a leading disability activist particularly for medical students with a disability, inclusive immigration, and accessible packaging and fashion.

The Australian Academy of Sciences acknowledged her as one of the STEM change maker. Her portrait is hung on Questacon (the National Science Centre) as one of the outstanding female role models in medicine. Her petition on change.com regarding increasing accessible packaging received over 13,000 signatures. In her spare time, she enjoys music and travelling.



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[00:00:04] Annette

Welcome to the inspirational Australians podcast, where we chat to people making a difference in their communities and in the lives of others. And here is your host for today, Josh,an

[00:00:20] Josh

Thank you Annette. Well, I am feeling pretty energized at the moment because just yesterday I was able to be part of the seven years young achiever awards, judging for Victoria to look at all of the semifinalists that we’ve had in this 2021 22 program. And whilst I wasn’t a voting member of the judging panel, I was simply helping to facilitate the judging day. It was incredibly inspirational and would love for everyone to take a moment head to Facebook, Instagram or our website, and check out the seven years young, achieve awards Australia page, and check out all the finalists. They had just so many amazing people, inspirational Australians, and speaking of that, I’m really happy to be with our guest, jerusha, for this week’s dose of inspiration. Now Trisha is a strong advocate for the rights of people with disabilities. As a young woman with cerebral palsy. She’s actively campaigned for the rights of people with disabilities to pursue courses and careers, despite barriers.  So jerusha, I could go on and on about about you, but why not just welcome you on and say hello, how are you doing today? Trisha?

[00:01:35] Speaker 3

Lovely to meet

[00:01:37] Jerusha

you and thank you for having me. And  I am Lovely,

[00:01:42] Jerusha

And lovely day in melbourne with

[00:01:45] Jerusha

that I,

[00:01:46] Jerusha

I’m really

[00:01:47] Jerusha

excited about  this and Yeah,

[00:01:51] Josh

yeah, that’s great, Jerusha. Thanks for coming on.

[00:01:55] Jerusha

I am  having a good day. Yeah.

[00:02:00] Josh

Glad to hear it. So jerusha, as I mentioned, you know, he had the young achiever awards judging to, you know, selects the finalists for the 2022 and, and the winners. Last year you were a winner in the seven year young achiever. What’s a Victoria winning the bridge? Create change award? Can you tell us what it felt like, you know before you were the winner, what it was like when you found out you were a finalist?

[00:02:28] Speaker 4


[00:02:29] Jerusha

I was

[00:02:30] Jerusha

really like, I never

[00:02:32] Jerusha

thought it would be me.  And there were many, many great

[00:02:38] Jerusha

time in my category. And  I was like, so just I couldn’t believe

[00:02:47] Jerusha

it was me because  I never imagined like you give me an award

[00:02:55] Jerusha


[00:02:55] Jerusha

that big. And so

[00:02:59] Jerusha

though it was

[00:03:01] Jerusha

best from that league, one of the most memorable and

[00:03:06] Jerusha

life changing moment in my life. And I really, really am thankful for it for you guys, or for this award and For following my in the

[00:03:29] Jerusha

community and

[00:03:32] Jerusha

for supporting me

[00:03:34] Jerusha

in my journey

[00:03:36] Jerusha

sometimes It can be easy to, you know, just being like, not fully I would say

[00:03:48] Jerusha

what you do, you know, and when you get the award,

[00:03:54] Jerusha

it really seems like a fun

[00:04:00] Jerusha

You’re contributing to

[00:04:01] Jerusha

society and it may to lack full confidence and more. I feel like

[00:04:12] Jerusha

you want to do more

[00:04:14] Jerusha

for the community and I wrote her book  because I

[00:04:21] Jerusha


[00:04:22] Jerusha

imagined weactually  when there were some good companies

[00:04:31] Jerusha

in time list and I was thinking that  some would be done again. But

[00:04:41] Jerusha

then finally, you know, it’s a big honor.

[00:04:46] Jerusha

Oh yeah. Yeah.

[00:04:50] Josh

No, that’s great. And Jerusha I found it So interesting that you said, you know, not only was it great to be acknowledged for your work and for you to feel that your work was being celebrated, but also that it inspired you to keep going. Yeah,

[00:05:07] Speaker 4

I’ve been there some  time where

[00:05:10] Jerusha

I  feel a little bit

[00:05:13] Jerusha

tired and very weak and in my little work and there’s a lot of positive things I wished. But really fellow members who are really,really  at  The weekly level and

[00:05:39] Jerusha

I’ve been getting

[00:05:41] Jerusha

some sort of lack of magnetism really we could do more

[00:05:51] Jerusha


[00:05:52] Jerusha

just so I’ve been I’ve been making

[00:05:59] Jerusha

fun of a room

[00:06:01] Jerusha

full of people

[00:06:03] Jerusha

sharing one of

[00:06:06] Jerusha

the really

[00:06:07] Jerusha

most of it well, I don’t think

[00:06:11] Jerusha


[00:06:11] Jerusha

public really saw  him

[00:06:16] Jerusha

do it and some people supported it. As some people were telling us I thought that was wonderful because I

[00:06:33] Jerusha

sometimes think I done the work and

[00:06:41] Jerusha

sometimes the  words in your head can be quite negative.

[00:06:48] Josh

And sometimes

[00:06:52] Speaker 4

you, you do need support from the community and from the friends and family to keep going. And but I think the most  important thing is  who is willing To  Try and come to this and so and

[00:07:27] Jerusha

in their work

[00:07:32] Jerusha

Getting this award was a huge honor. I know

[00:07:40] Jerusha

that you were with meso

[00:07:45] Josh

well, you mentioned getting, getting that support is really important. And you know, you also said that sometimes the voices in our heads can be quite negative. But unfortunately you haven’t always had that support. Well, you have had support from, you know, certain groups, but you’ve kind of faced a lot of opposition from some people and I can understand why the voices in, in your head would be having those negative thoughts because you know, you had been discriminated against on the basis of your disability, can you tell us, you know, can you tell us what it was that this award in particular was recognizing in you know, it’s the create change award and tell us a bit about what that, that story I guess of you facing that opposition in your studies

[00:08:36] Speaker 4

Well, I am, I am

[00:08:41] Jerusha

currently facing so many barriers Into getting into

[00:08:49] Jerusha

medical school.

[00:08:50] Jerusha

Yeah. I

[00:08:52] Jerusha

felt the value locked up in people’s minds and I think to put disability. And

[00:09:09] Jerusha

I don’t know if you’ve seen

[00:09:12] Jerusha

the TV show,

[00:09:14] Jerusha

the good doctor

[00:09:17] Josh

or the good doctor. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:09:21] Speaker 4

It’s a little bit like that a little bit with, you know, if you have to instability  it can be a little bit, you know,

[00:09:35] Jerusha

looked down upon are not fully

[00:09:41] Jerusha

you as I was here. And I, I think a few really strong  and courageous and You need to have like a community of people who

[00:10:08] Jerusha

who can support you and

[00:10:12] Jerusha

have we really willing to sell. And I’m your doing. And I think it’s been a bit of a relief and we do a lot of quality, not too much to the religious community and  this lack of help

[00:10:40] Jerusha

that you need to do before medical help.

[00:10:46] Jerusha

And that’s really how I’m going to

[00:10:52] Jerusha

a new

[00:10:53] Jerusha

one, like disability or not. So

[00:10:59] Jerusha

I don’t feel like  how am I going to do this? Like it’s so hard or something, you know,like but Then I hope

[00:11:17] Jerusha

I have a really good community of people that help believed in and supported me. And That even came

[00:11:37] Jerusha

with a lot of you

[00:11:40] Jerusha

anyway because I had who must go to those that I was

[00:11:48] Jerusha

good enough

[00:11:49] Jerusha

and I think it can be really hard for me To Really really

[00:12:04] Jerusha

get a name because

[00:12:07] Jerusha

you have your

[00:12:07] Jerusha

faith speak of the devil. Yeah.

[00:12:11] Jerusha

A lot of our Christian from the community Arealso no,

[00:12:22] Jerusha

I’m not. So the community put

[00:12:27] Jerusha

a life on the medical field and  want people who don’t

[00:12:36] Jerusha


[00:12:36] Jerusha

know you

[00:12:37] Jerusha

and your abilities  and you know it

[00:12:42] Jerusha

can be really challenging and really  hurtful. And your plans

[00:12:52] Jerusha


[00:12:52] Jerusha

bad, but I think that their

[00:12:58] Jerusha


[00:13:01] Jerusha

Can’t learn the systems of  plant

[00:13:06] Jerusha

medical calls

[00:13:09] Jerusha

for mood, disease and I’m planning to

[00:13:17] Jerusha

grow my and

[00:13:21] Jerusha

and my Mother. So hopefully I know look, think it then we can really push

[00:13:39] Jerusha

the medical school

[00:13:41] Jerusha

and family.

[00:13:46] Jerusha

I know people

[00:13:47] Jerusha

want That all and

[00:13:53] Jerusha

they’re really hoping and trying to like,navigate

[00:14:00] Jerusha

my temper and Yeah, Yes.

[00:14:06] Jerusha

Thankfully, I didn’t know that

[00:14:11] Jerusha

And really are they given me some level of influence?

[00:14:19] Josh

Yeah, for sure. Yeah, it’s

[00:14:21] Jerusha

really cool. Yeah.

[00:14:26] Josh

Well, I know you’re putting in a lot of hard work and you know, it’s quite difficult as you said, trying to get signatures and enough petitions to make a change. But yeah, I hope you know, that even though it is really difficult, that there’s a lot of people who may benefit from your hard work that you’re putting in now.

[00:14:46] Speaker 4

Yeah, exactly, and I have been  resolved and bands like

[00:14:55] Jerusha

I’ve been working on one for the

[00:15:02] Jerusha

Last years and

[00:15:07] Jerusha

I’ve been

[00:15:09] Jerusha

working on

[00:15:10] Jerusha


[00:15:10] Jerusha

one folks. I do  to make it more inclusive and to make it more like I just support because sometimes those yeah. So pain can be hard to open,

[00:15:32] Josh

so true, I can’t even, I can’t open them a lot of the time. How many times I cut myself on those tins? I think if you could make the easier to open, that’s

[00:15:43] Speaker 3

a good thing.

[00:15:45] Jerusha

Really I felt the burn and

[00:15:49] Jerusha

I didn’t like

[00:15:51] Jerusha


[00:15:52] Jerusha

though. Yeah. I, I did the Woolworths

[00:15:59] Jerusha

and Coles about this too. As I’m trying to like more Like I’m trying to push  for friends. It’s really difficult because I’m finding it less they’ve got phone and

[00:16:30] Jerusha


[00:16:32] Jerusha

and that’s something that we really need to like  them to do things and For them to really

[00:16:46] Jerusha

understand. I think

[00:16:50] Jerusha

they will have them that people or disabilities Would be in of you know?

[00:17:04] Josh

Yeah, have

[00:17:05] Speaker 4

a lot of independent look. Well it would be like it really hot luck For them. Like this didn’t will matter and leave Everyone with them.

[00:17:33] Jerusha

Well, I mean,

[00:17:37] Jerusha

I think The thing

[00:17:41] Jerusha

is is that the conventionalwisdom

[00:17:45] Jerusha

when you get like truth though, where you own You will too

[00:17:59] Jerusha

will be like

[00:18:02] Jerusha

all of them.  You must have more

[00:18:06] Jerusha

like opening Up Bank

[00:18:13] Jerusha

of England

[00:18:15] Jerusha

to be beacon to lack the

[00:18:18] Jerusha

means to be like

[00:18:21] Jerusha

the we know what the best and

[00:18:28] Jerusha

I think Are who the The best  in the middle. I realized What I mean

[00:18:47] Jerusha


[00:18:48] Jerusha

people are you  some kind of

[00:18:54] Jerusha

the your own and I think

[00:18:58] Jerusha

it would benefit them because we owe

[00:19:03] Jerusha

all those that We

[00:19:09] Jerusha

have given the will to have us help how the further it’s connected to. Yeah. I think yeah.

[00:19:24] Josh

Girish, you mentioned that know a campaign around dating for people with disability as well. Are these campaigns kind of a video or a written like you’re writing to someone or what is it? What does that look like?

[00:19:40] Speaker 4

Well, I still, I love it. Well, I think it’s really lucky because I workwith

[00:20:01] Jerusha

another consult with listeners  who will would be

[00:20:08] Jerusha

like maybe a lot. But I

[00:20:14] Jerusha

also could be like

[00:20:17] Jerusha

I have life

[00:20:18] Jerusha

support in terms of whatI’m paying or have taught  me a lot about how it seemed like  the game ambulance hit,

[00:20:37] Jerusha

a logo of one or the other than  like you know, all the motivation to do things.

[00:20:48] Jerusha

Yes. Like I was learning things that I didn’t even  say

[00:20:56] Jerusha

how or you  would really use well,because

[00:21:06] Jerusha

I think

[00:21:08] Jerusha

we need empowered cooking in high schools. The thing to cook, We’re not really taught about like changing the world or Or How we  will. But

[00:21:40] Jerusha

thunder on the mountain and

[00:21:44] Jerusha

I think that’s a really important

[00:21:47] Jerusha

subject you pick

[00:21:49] Jerusha

to win of the young people who They have to change Things. You know,

[00:22:02] Josh

so true Tricia that you know, people often say the, that young people are the future leaders, but I personally believe that young people were also the current leaders. And if we empower them, Yes, if we empower young people from an early age, as you say, in primary school, in secondary school that may seem daunting to some people. But I think that’s a really good point by you. It’s important to start young and give people that mindset of that they can create positive change.

[00:22:36] Speaker 4

Definitely. Yeah.  I,

[00:22:38] Jerusha

I remember in high school,

[00:22:42] Jerusha

I did a bit of campaigning to go, but I really want this year. Good luck. So I really wished that

[00:22:56] Jerusha

there was the code

[00:23:00] Jerusha

they were either

[00:23:03] Jerusha

acquitted in the marathonor something like that. Yeah, that’s correct. No,

[00:23:13] Josh

  1. But

[00:23:17] Speaker 4

I think of a really good sense that you

[00:23:25] Jerusha

Are the one that would like to go mylife  could change. I’m

[00:23:37] Jerusha

a very good thing  about that though  when you are young, the more deals and more

[00:23:48] Jerusha

amendments and you can do those things. Yeah.  My milk is

[00:23:56] Jerusha

low to create and could even  even better policy and even the lack Of put men  Even with this technology that could result in our future. And

[00:24:24] Jerusha

that’s what I really want

[00:24:26] Jerusha

to empower young people to do. Like

[00:24:31] Jerusha

I wouldn’t want them to think about

[00:24:35] Jerusha

problems folks. So this

[00:24:41] Jerusha

Looks like just

[00:24:43] Jerusha


[00:24:44] Jerusha

four or five weeks.  We are sort of  like, OK,

[00:24:51] Jerusha

well look or.

[00:24:55] Jerusha

I mean,life is

[00:24:58] Jerusha

so good.

[00:25:00] Jerusha

We are not to about terms  of intervention.  You know?

[00:25:08] Jerusha

No, with place you I’m thinking the world and

[00:25:16] Jerusha


[00:25:18] Jerusha

cloud trends and The and you know,

[00:25:27] Jerusha

all the big topics the  crew and young people

[00:25:34] Jerusha

come and do have a word two.

[00:25:41] Josh

Well, it’s a good Segway. Tricia because speaking of creating change and coming up with ways to solve these problems, you co-founded doctors with disabilities, Australia and wrote an abstract for the Australian doctors health conference. What was that like for you to kind of write that abstract and, you know, was that a big a big moment?

[00:26:03] Speaker 4

Yeah, I, I saw a guy

[00:26:08] Jerusha

like Nathan

[00:26:09] Jerusha

hope that I think in recent times I hope we can, I was born. You know,

[00:26:19] Jerusha

so many people

[00:26:21] Jerusha

who didn’t know the most in public,But  I’ve seen school funding so. So little

[00:26:35] Jerusha

people, so yeah,

[00:26:38] Jerusha

well a really big

[00:26:40] Jerusha

improvement Mm-hmm Although

[00:26:47] Jerusha

I’m not part how the

[00:26:49] Jerusha

old system is.

[00:26:52] Jerusha

I think I learned some key labor to be On that but I really carry today and I think to really connect him with would the doctor

[00:27:15] Jerusha

that we built

[00:27:18] Jerusha

But I felt it was a little bit like  well  because I don’t and they were all those and and not, you know,

[00:27:34] Jerusha

when both were important But I,

[00:27:41] Jerusha

I think it was a one  man win like when I

[00:27:48] Jerusha

first I was think it was really hard for me to

[00:27:55] Jerusha

you know, think on that level. I

[00:27:59] Jerusha

would never because

[00:28:02] Jerusha


[00:28:03] Jerusha

don’t Know all the stuff and they were like the medical things were pushing and you know,

[00:28:15] Jerusha

I was like, you know,

[00:28:18] Jerusha

why don’t you the whole thing?

[00:28:23] Jerusha

Yeah. I knew

[00:28:25] Jerusha

I was within bounds anyway. So I just, yeah,

[00:28:34] Jerusha

I’m being in love with one

[00:28:36] Jerusha

feeling though,and the

[00:28:40] Jerusha

doctors are really nice people and really thoughtful people and

[00:28:49] Jerusha

I really learned a lot from them.

[00:28:53] Jerusha

But I think I would have been met if there were like people like me that I could relate to at that time. And I could  find people like that because I think I found you and we can’t move this too. It’s not

[00:29:23] Jerusha

very inclusive.

[00:29:26] Jerusha

I think a lot of who gave up

[00:29:33] Josh

Yeah, I bet.

[00:29:34] Speaker 4

And then there were good times and

[00:29:41] Jerusha

They didn’t really know how to defend themselves.

[00:29:47] Jerusha


[00:29:49] Jerusha

the medical coalition bear that we

[00:29:53] Jerusha

didn’t think

[00:29:55] Jerusha

you can feel that way,

[00:29:58] Jerusha


[00:29:59] Jerusha


[00:29:59] Jerusha

the future at the moment. I think a lot of people in my head

[00:30:10] Jerusha

would have thought, Oh am I going to do this? Like

[00:30:17] Jerusha

what am I going to do? I do have a story that we I recall the most money In My

[00:30:31] Jerusha

time ever and

[00:30:36] Jerusha

many of them won’t support you. You know, Many I think it’s really difficult to fund

[00:30:53] Jerusha

people like you

[00:30:54] Jerusha

who won and people who  want a life who stand their ground. There’s real money there and what can do better and then could give them A little bit like I think that a lot a lot of time looking like a little lost.

[00:31:30] Josh

Yeah. But

[00:31:34] Speaker 4

I think we’re slowly getting somewhat in them off like foot heading luck. I think could

[00:31:49] Jerusha

I got to bolt

[00:31:51] Jerusha

on the old open.I can, you Know,  they could have done the port. Yeah. And It

[00:32:11] Josh

does send,  you know, quite difficult. I really empathize what you were saying about, you know, sometimes you couldn’t understand what the doctors were talking about because they’re talking so technically. But then you have had that barrier to receive the same medical schooling. So that’s really, you know, such a difficult situation because if you had access to that, then you would be able to talk about that technical stuff with them. So that you know, so important these conversations that you’re trying to push into the two people’s attentions. Yeah. And get access to

[00:32:50] Speaker 4

  1. It was really fun like People like me who who want to get into medical school like yeah, we’ve got a girl. I

[00:33:10] Jerusha

ought to do something else. Oh

[00:33:14] Jerusha

and who they’re got to go in and

[00:33:17] Jerusha

away from. And

[00:33:22] Jerusha

I know you

[00:33:23] Jerusha

didn’t have this to their medical school

[00:33:28] Jerusha

bus Because of the disability and the Mayo  clinic or has it been do you know even going up well I, I think

[00:33:47] Jerusha


[00:33:48] Jerusha


[00:33:48] Jerusha

you ask

[00:33:49] Jerusha

support earlier like, Oh, I live it with intellectual in the

[00:33:56] Jerusha

way of

[00:33:57] Jerusha

thinking and in there words, you know, including

[00:34:03] Jerusha

humans. And

[00:34:05] Jerusha

I think  when I was in a meeting with the medical cost, the first time I remember I felt a little with You know, I feel like

[00:34:24] Jerusha

they warned me about

[00:34:26] Jerusha

  1. Like they were like

[00:34:30] Jerusha

being nuts or you should  be

[00:34:35] Jerusha

clear to thecompany. Oh,  and then

[00:34:40] Jerusha

the doctor looked as

[00:34:43] Jerusha

though in the country like only two percent of people understood disabilities in full and that’s not a lot of who are the low with the standard in the medicaland yeah,  just willing in the

[00:35:13] Jerusha

long run. But

[00:35:16] Jerusha

hopefully I can, you know,

[00:35:20] Annette

go somewhere and

[00:35:24] Speaker 4

I, I am willing to just be

[00:35:27] Jerusha

at the moment andreally good. Well,

[00:35:36] Jerusha

I think it will be yes. I think I would well getting

[00:35:48] Jerusha

medical school

[00:35:49] Jerusha

because I liked that environment like  I lot like you look I love the men and women. So I always thought that I would be working with

[00:36:09] Jerusha

people and you know,

[00:36:11] Jerusha

because in research

[00:36:15] Jerusha

it’s going to be very

[00:36:18] Jerusha


[00:36:19] Jerusha

and we’ve been Doing famines.

[00:36:25] Jerusha

But in medicine

[00:36:28] Jerusha

there are

[00:36:28] Jerusha

many different bacow

[00:36:31] Jerusha

of men. So say this like when you eat

[00:36:36] Jerusha

all this life, but you

[00:36:41] Jerusha

knew all of

[00:36:43] Jerusha

the tricks and

[00:36:45] Jerusha

you didn’t always

[00:36:46] Jerusha

need to go

[00:36:47] Jerusha

into  surgery like

[00:36:50] Jerusha

you can do like many other hazards as people with disabilities

[00:36:59] Jerusha

would be willing to cut back.  And

[00:37:05] Jerusha

I’ve been

[00:37:07] Jerusha

cheerfully even

[00:37:09] Jerusha

conducting surgery and in a wheelchair I think quite cruel. So I think  there  are limited possibilities.  I’m glad that I’m giving you the whimsical golf. That’s A lot of people have just like A lot of people

[00:37:43] Jerusha

find the quote bigger than they were. That’s true. Yes. I’m Really telling you what people and

[00:38:01] Jerusha

Here I think I think they also

[00:38:09] Jerusha


[00:38:09] Jerusha

another cookout in code. We have a live testimony live and that’s really what You

[00:38:27] Jerusha


[00:38:30] Jerusha

And that’s the thing that I would really be talking about because I never left that like  I

[00:38:47] Jerusha


[00:38:48] Jerusha

going to the heaviest horse and picking her shrimp. I’m like

[00:38:59] Jerusha

supporting them. Which big thing to them and

[00:39:05] Jerusha

who like to support and I really enjoyed that folks. Made me happy. And yeah, I think the The medical to realize that

[00:39:27] Jerusha

they will lack the value

[00:39:31] Jerusha

of the bullet if you know include that. Yeah.

[00:39:41] Josh

I think, yeah, well, you’re right. Sometimes people look at the reasons why it’s too hard or why it won’t work instead of the value that and the potential. So yeah,

[00:39:54] Speaker 4

yes. Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

[00:40:02] Jerusha

I think

[00:40:04] Jerusha

some people do

[00:40:06] Jerusha

and that’s why you point to Helen

[00:40:11] Jerusha

people. My people view on things as we because in way we look like you build a lot of flexibility and you can work hard and

[00:40:30] Jerusha

you can

[00:40:32] Jerusha

even though that work. Oh,

[00:40:36] Jerusha

like this

[00:40:38] Jerusha

could be a lot mentally, mentally. Not worth it, not well for them.  Oh, some people the really bad  and that’s why being in the medical system, I love the question I

[00:40:58] Jerusha


[00:40:59] Jerusha

either Because they don’t have that

[00:41:04] Jerusha

balance between love and

[00:41:06] Jerusha

what I think

[00:41:10] Jerusha

it left.

[00:41:11] Jerusha

No, well, well done.  Well, what’s the hot dog? What part? Oh, we could go you help. Well well, look, you need to look up to or you need to look  up. Oh,I’m so yeah. So I am asking  those couples can

[00:41:43] Jerusha


[00:41:45] Jerusha

well not the medical system and every care, but we’re champion

[00:41:53] Josh

Tricia. I wanted to ask because from what we’ve  heard from you today, people are telling you, unfortunately they’re telling, you know, they’re asking you to not follow your dreams and your passions. And I can only imagine that must be really hard. What’s your advice for people who are, you know, he get told no, no,

[00:42:13] Speaker 4

no, no. You’re about to start a campaign, like go up to or something. And the people in The decision will like

[00:42:35] Jerusha

a lot of the continent.  A lot of

[00:42:38] Jerusha

a, of learning  A lot through our, you know,

[00:42:43] Jerusha

government departments

[00:42:46] Jerusha

get them involved, the good

[00:42:49] Jerusha

people to learn

[00:42:51] Jerusha

to like

[00:42:52] Jerusha

really invest here. You have put them to work

[00:42:59] Jerusha

or whoever it’s like, you know, Christine did this as Well. And The all really great thing that’s how you could say, yeah, you know, you help lift up the whole event

[00:43:29] Jerusha


[00:43:31] Jerusha

then will not get all this important to go to the public. What’s so important and, and it may be like, well, more things. And then what are you doing here? You are,

[00:43:58] Jerusha

you won’t

[00:43:59] Jerusha


[00:43:59] Jerusha


[00:43:59] Jerusha

and will love you,

[00:44:01] Jerusha

, but

[00:44:01] Jerusha

won’t be following the movie. Like please seven, the club. You know,

[00:44:13] Jerusha

anything you just let  me think and click

[00:44:20] Jerusha

  1. And then go go. And then we’ll get there with you

[00:44:30] Jerusha

and we

[00:44:31] Jerusha

want to

[00:44:33] Jerusha

make a complaint

[00:44:35] Jerusha

against the mortgage.  And then you you have a meeting. Well, I think the most important thing I’ve learned

[00:44:54] Jerusha

I just want

[00:44:56] Jerusha

to get

[00:44:58] Jerusha

public to like

[00:45:06] Jerusha

Give the public a

[00:45:08] Jerusha

lot about

[00:45:10] Jerusha

the money go to

[00:45:13] Jerusha

whoever you are dealingwith

[00:45:16] Jerusha

because people are a little More than one percent doing it like you know?

[00:45:30] Jerusha

Yeah. They like

[00:45:32] Jerusha

people like  listening to a lot of people and then once thebell,

[00:45:45] Jerusha

I think

[00:45:47] Jerusha

it is really important.  Got the public option and  limited in what like Don’t give up. Don’t listen to those names. That is, let the all clear from this Time It can come the flow of the public can’t even look at the drug or even like a bone. It would look minuscule and put them all down on a limb. I  feel like all you really do look like you don’t need to like, hug your time and good looks. Even though it’s all

[00:47:03] Jerusha

over in the end,

[00:47:05] Jerusha

it can be like, well,Enjoy go  on. Although I think I would have a left hook for them like parliament when I created a template and I appealed to the people who some Of them here that you could send them home and go down. You know, Oh my God, other groups

[00:47:53] Jerusha

or even

[00:47:54] Jerusha

like umI,  I think that’s how you could yeah. They don’t usually listen to one person. That’s so true. And the ones that look like

[00:48:19] Jerusha

the people on

[00:48:22] Jerusha

get divorced. And also I think the problem is

[00:48:32] Jerusha

One of the

[00:48:34] Jerusha

doctors in the world  Don’t have problems the family doctor and who declined.

[00:48:46] Jerusha


[00:48:48] Jerusha

He  had a lot of  system because He hadn’t been in the courtroom and said,

[00:49:03] Jerusha


[00:49:04] Jerusha

wanted the books because he’s funny.  He met a lot of Human  rights andbecause  then it rains,but  you couldn’t let go.

[00:49:25] Jerusha

You couldn’t

[00:49:26] Jerusha

log in. What

[00:49:29] Jerusha

would they like

[00:49:32] Jerusha

And conservative and It was all about solving the most. Oh no, no, no, no.

[00:49:50] Jerusha

But I mean, look, I think

[00:49:57] Jerusha

we can learn

[00:49:58] Jerusha

that like  we can’t let

[00:50:02] Jerusha

that happen. Again,  he was a cloud one cloud over him. Hey, just luck and good. And I think that’s

[00:50:25] Jerusha

what they know

[00:50:27] Jerusha

because we could this.

[00:50:30] Jerusha

I don’t think

[00:50:32] Jerusha

you just have a lot of frustration and anger, you know?

[00:50:37] Josh


[00:50:38] Speaker 3

we all

[00:50:41] Jerusha

rush to that point,But he followed

[00:50:51] Josh

serratia you said earlier don’t give up. Don’t listen to the naysayers. That’s what he did. Yeah.

[00:50:58] Speaker 3

That’s what

[00:51:00] Jerusha

I am and not

[00:51:02] Jerusha

believing, but

[00:51:03] Jerusha

he knows better. Yes.

[00:51:09] Josh

Well, I love that reference to patch Adams because you know, I’m a bit older than you, but I remember watching that movie growing up. So for any young people listening, I realize that reference, but it’s a movie that Made it into a movie, didn’t they? With Robin Williams?

[00:51:26] Speaker 4

Yeah. I think You know,

[00:51:34] Jerusha

controversy around the I

[00:51:39] Jerusha

love you The real

[00:51:43] Jerusha

hot  item leading to more  fully aired in the movie. So

[00:51:54] Jerusha

yeah, there wasa bit of some really, but  I didn’t know that. So the real reason it  was a good movie. It really lacked.

[00:52:06] Jerusha

And one of the best

[00:52:08] Jerusha

medical moves

[00:52:10] Jerusha

I did my last week was that

[00:52:16] Jerusha

I think I realized that as

[00:52:24] Jerusha

Well, you know all about,

[00:52:26] Jerusha

but we were, you know, it could be fun and it

[00:52:33] Jerusha

could be a lot more rewarding

[00:52:39] Jerusha

if you put the same wrench in like you and I really want to be in a box. So yeah,but I,  I really look up to that

[00:53:01] Jerusha

I becauselike I really like this person though. I never won before.

[00:53:12] Jerusha

And my personal even though I go to love

[00:53:19] Jerusha

medical field. But the thing could I,I, I,  I know the

[00:53:29] Jerusha

value of

[00:53:31] Jerusha

your level of  humor and

[00:53:40] Jerusha

fun and medicine and That’s what I always fought for in my medical career. Hmm. Likeeven with food I,  I don’t have much

[00:54:01] Jerusha

of a say no health record to bless

[00:54:07] Jerusha

house. Most of the said, but  even when I research, I went to a fun and enjoyable instrumentand  I want to think about why I do  that. And I do love, you know, Like a hot, it doesn’t have the real metal. It can be like bombs, like where people are able to embrace it. And I do love and be light skinned

[00:55:00] Jerusha

and realize, you know,

[00:55:03] Jerusha

I love to lead you. Hello. Yeah. This would be like more couches like  it’s  to relax more light and heaven

[00:55:19] Jerusha

and more

[00:55:20] Jerusha

like bonds. And this should

[00:55:23] Jerusha

look  like, you know,

[00:55:27] Jerusha


[00:55:28] Jerusha

the last ship.

[00:55:30] Josh

I agree with that so much like  if you know that you haven’t got long left then wouldn’t you want those last parts of your life to be really enjoyable again, it’s great point to Yeah.

[00:55:46] Speaker 4

Something unfortunately, given difficult, due to like the good old the environment is sometimes though it dull and that this will

[00:56:08] Jerusha

make it look like A living

[00:56:13] Jerusha

square foot that looks like well until This like no, then and to this man This is a lot more like  movie and game, you know, like, be a look more like, you know, look, I’m losing world. I know

[00:56:52] Josh

exactly what you mean  when my wife was in hospital with the to have our babies. When she was going through labor, there’s a lot of waiting, you know, couple of days the first time around. And you’re so, so true, it’s boring. There’s nothing to look at. You know, there’s not much to do. And, you know, and a bit more of a sad example, and this is what you talked about with palliative care. My pop unfortunately, passed away last year. And the hardest part to see was, you know, his health deteriorated. We knew that it wasn’t going to end. Well, but it just felt so sad that he was in that environment as you said, a dull environment. And it was more like a living environment like you suggested. I just feel like that would be a nicer experience for everyone. You know, especially when you know that it’s going to end that way anyway. Yeah, I just think you should be in charge of hospitals.  Let’s get you in there. Oh, you got great ideas. Oh,

[00:57:58] Speaker 4

thank you. I have. I’m really sorry about your plans. Huh. Yeah. I do understand Oh my, my grandmother died when I was young and I couldn’t really spend time with her because she was three like her. And I really loved this show. I loved the it’s not wealthy.And Yeah,  it would help me in the hospital environment. I think we lack

[00:58:47] Jerusha

the whole lockdown. That’s more enjoyable. Yeah,

[00:58:56] Jerusha

No, no, I’ll do that, but I wouldn’t get

[00:59:00] Jerusha

into an environment that would be more like

[00:59:04] Jerusha

more business forpeople and

[00:59:07] Jerusha

I’m their life.

[00:59:08] Jerusha

And you know, I will try and include community and the enjoyment and this family.

[00:59:23] Jerusha

And also

[00:59:25] Jerusha

I give them the support they need to be able to hook into whatever they want to do. And we call it enforcement Of

[00:59:43] Jerusha


[00:59:44] Jerusha

bonds. But you know, I was thinking about that when the doctor in London, He thought it was a wonderful idea. Like if we make the whole environment more like more like home cooking. I mean we, we have more private and more, more like, you know, like more hit and Miss the more like in giving ActionScript and pharmacy and go really when will poor people in general because I think lead to the will have  greyand

[01:00:50] Jerusha

doubt. Like you said,

[01:00:55] Jerusha

I love hearing that Well, I didn’t,

[01:00:59] Josh

I didn’t say that Tricia. You said it, I was just reflecting your words. Now you’ve got a lot of great ideas and you’ve done a lot already to kind of create positive change in your informational Australian, which is exactly why we have you on this podcast. But all we do wrap up, jerusha, I did want to ask you, what is it that inspires you?

[01:01:22] Speaker 4

Well, I mean, look at the people in the community black

[01:01:31] Jerusha


[01:01:31] Jerusha

,  then one thing, how do I really want to share with Home really wants to make things

[01:01:44] Jerusha

better for

[01:01:45] Jerusha

them and  for them in the world. And I think that while all the bill in heaven, we all sense that we have this and We’re really to Well, we really need

[01:02:11] Jerusha

to  think about  potential

[01:02:13] Jerusha

solutions to problems  and kind of think  of all  I think the people need to learn.

[01:02:27] Jerusha

We wouldn’t need to

[01:02:28] Jerusha

Helen Helen, the government of

[01:02:33] Jerusha

Helen University

[01:02:37] Jerusha

home superyacht boom to being next to and that’s really

[01:02:48] Jerusha

important because

[01:02:51] Jerusha

I think yeah. And that wasn’t really part of what really motivates me to make work and who do the work. But I’m giving them the most important thing.

[01:03:15] Jerusha

The military looks like are the people people need

[01:03:21] Jerusha

support and some of  the government doesn’t really And  we need to let them realize that we need to be able to Do much. Yeah. Oh no. And I think that what motivates me

[01:04:01] Josh

that’s brilliant. Tricia. Thank you for sharing those words. Now I’m sitting here writing some notes because you’ve got some really eloquent words and ideas. And I’ve really enjoyed this this time chatting with you and, and Learning from you and being inspired. Oh, so thank you. Tricia for taking the time to spend with us and yeah, it’s been an absolute pleasure for me.

[01:04:26] Jerusha

No, thank you.  Thank you so much for having me. It’s been wonderful, wonderful to talk to Thank you.

[01:04:42] Josh

Thank you. Of Russia.

[01:04:44] Speaker 5

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[01:05:09] Speaker 5

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[01:06:10] Annette

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