Western Australian Community Achievement Awards


1. Entry is free. Eligibility for entry is dependent on the award category and may be open to businesses, groups, organisations and/or individuals.

2. Nominees must be residing in regional or rural Western Australia (for a minimum of 2 years) or the nomination activity must be specific to regional or rural Western Australia.

3. All guidelines should be addressed in your online nomination. Supporting documents and photographs should be attached to your nomination if relevant.

4. All nomination information, photos and supporting material may be used by the Awards office for promotional purposes.

5. Nominees agree to media publicity and promotion associated with the Awards nomination, including any photos submitted or taken at the Awards Presentation ceremony.

6. Nominations close on Wednesday 24 July 2024

7. Nominees who are selected as Finalists should endeavour to attend the Gala Awards Presentation Dinner, held on Saturday 12 October 2024. Inability to attend does not disqualify entry.

8. Previous winners of the Community Achievement Awards are not eligible to nominate again in an Award category they have already won.

9. Nominees may only enter a maximum of two Awards categories.


  1. Complete the official nomination form.
  2. Review the general information and category guidelines.
  3. Using the category guidelines determine the most suitable category (nominees may enter more than one category, however, we require a separate application for each nomination).
  4. Your nomination should address the guidelines listed for the relevant Award category. The nomination should clearly demonstrate the achievements of the nominee. NOTE: there is a 750 word limit per question.
  5. Check all guidelines to ensure you do not miss out important points.
  6. Upload at least one headshot of the nominee, or for groups/organisations a photo showing the people involved or activity undertaken.
  7. Upload copies of relevant newspaper articles, awards, certificates, photographs, etc. They need to be recent, clear and relevant to your application. NOTE: there is a limit of 10 attachments and a 3MB size limit per attachment.
  8. Contact the Awards office on 08 9201 1155 if you have any questions or email wa@awardsaustralia.com for further information.