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An interview with Jessica Taylor – Jess Taylor Consulting

An interview with Jessica Taylor – Jess Taylor Consulting

Hi Jess, could you please tell us a little bit about yourself and what Jess Taylor Consulting is? How did it come about?

I’ve worked within the community since I was a young girl, and I’ve seen the amazing impacts people can make on communities. This has driven my involvement in making changes within organisations and businesses seeking to make a difference. I was awarded the 2020 YAA QLD, which encouraged me to take a moment to reflect on the amazing people around me who helped me become who I am. I looked around the room at the award event and saw the amazing people who were also trying to make a difference but sometimes becoming stuck or unsure how to get there. I wanted to help them connect with networks, just like I had done. I wanted to offer them a space to workshop their barriers, goals, and dreams. I wanted to work with people on topics and within initiatives that inspired them. And so, The Impact Collective was formed (now Jess Taylor Consulting)

As a national prize sponsor, how can Jess Taylor Consulting benefit our Young Achievers?

Young people across Australia are trying so hard to make a difference. This prize enables them to connect with myself as a mentor, to assist and work alongside them to achieve their goals.


What would you say to potential nominees right now who are hesitant to nominate?
I was in disbelief when I was nominated and awarded, and imposter syndrome really hit me! I would encourage you to hit that submit button because when you’re working for a cause or a bigger picture, it’s actually not about us. It’s about the people that need us to fight for them – the people we serve.


Since winning the 2020 Queensland Young Achiever of the Year, what has happened between then and right now?

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with and establish professional relationships with a diverse range of individuals. These individuals have come from various backgrounds and professions, including colleagues, clients, partners, and vendors.

Through my work, I have been able to network with people across different industries and sectors, from healthcare and technology to education and finance. This has allowed me to gain valuable insights and perspectives on various topics and learn from the experiences and expertise of those around me.

Additionally, I have participated in professional organisations, attended conferences and events, and engaged in online networking, all of which have further expanded my network and enabled me to connect with even more individuals.

Overall, the diverse range of people that I have worked with and networked with has enriched my professional and personal life. I look forward to continuing to build meaningful connections and collaborations in the future.


Why did you want to partner with Awards Australia (Young Achiever Awards) through Jess Taylor Consulting?

I have had a strong passion for community work from a young age, and I have witnessed the incredible impact that individuals can have on their communities. This has inspired me to work with organisations and businesses that share my goal of making positive change. My recognition as the 2020 YAA QLD recipient made me reflect on the incredible people who have supported me throughout my journey. As I looked around the room during the award ceremony, I noticed other amazing individuals who were also striving to make a difference, but who may have been facing barriers or feeling stuck in their pursuits. I wanted to create a platform where I could connect these individuals with networks, provide a space for them to workshop their goals and dreams, and work with them on initiatives that align with their passions.  Partnering with Awards Australia (Young Achiever Awards) was a natural fit for The Impact Collective (Jess Taylor Consulting), as it allows us to reach a wider audience and support even more young achievers in their efforts to make a positive impact in their communities.

Just quickly, can you answer these questions..

Your ideal entrée when at a restaurant: Sourdough with balsamic vinegar and dukkah

A favourite book:
Continuous discovery habits

A quote to live by:
“Remember why you started.”





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