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The Handy Hint Guide to get your nomination from “Blah” to “Ta-da!”

So, you’ve just been nominated – now what do you do? Firstly, we want to applaud every nomination. To be nominated means someone has recognised you/your organisation and let’s just say it how it is, you’re probably awesome.

With each award category, there’ll be a few questions to answer, here’s our top tips to keep in mind when filling out your nomination.

1. Save as you go

  • The ‘save draft’ button could be your lifesaver; it is down the bottom of the page so hit the save button every 15 or so minutes. Sometimes the website can time out and we would HATE for you to lose your work.
  • It might be a good idea to save your answers in a separate document (like Microsoft Word) then just copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL + V) it in the document.

2. Action shots and other images tell your story

  • If you participate in sport show us! If your office has grown from a garage to a building, let us see! If your judges can picture what you’re talking about; you’ll stand out among the other nominees
  • It’s a two-step process – Select your Files – Then you must ‘Upload’ for them to save into the nomination. *there’s a limit of 10 files so choose carefully!

3. Prove it!

  • If you made X% in revenue, is this based on last year or competitors? What evidence do you have to support your claims?
  • Have you got articles, website links, testimonials? We want to see them!

4. Word limits are your friend!

  • It can be really tricky to compress your hard work into 400-700 characters but this limit can actually help you stop rambling on or getting distracted on a tangent! Tell us your story, be succinct and clear, but leave out what you had for lunch!
  • 200-500 words is the ideal number of words for each question.

5. Pause and reflect

  • Think of this nomination as a moment of reflection. What has the past 12 months meant to you? Where were you this time last year? Did you meet any goals that you had set previously?
  • Check back on the guidelines to ensure you aren’t missing anything.

6. This is your BRAGGING time!

  • Save modesty for another time. This nomination is a celebration of you and what you have accomplished. Do not be shy in embracing your fantastic achievements!

7. Fill out the personal info

  • Make sure you fill out as much as you can of the personal information section and that it’s correct. A wrong number or email means we might not be able to get in contact with you, so it’s imperative we’ve got all the right information. Who knows – we may have some exciting news to tell you!

8. Some things to keep in mind before you submit

  • We’re here for you, please email us or call 03 9720 2377 if you want us to have a read over your nomination before you hit submit
  • Submitting doesn’t mean you can’t go back in and edit – use your unique username and password to go back into the nomination if you’ve forgotten something! You can do this up until the nomination closing date.

That’s it! These few simple things could mean your ticket to the next round of judging. Next stop, hellooo gala dinner!