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The Career College – Annette Hurley interview

Our Community Achievement Awards National Prize Sponsor

Hi Annette, please tell us a little bit about yourself first, and what is The Career College? How did it start?

I have an eclectic background, with over 40+ years’ experience as a professional recruiter, business owner and academic plus I have had a colourful life which enables me to relate to a wide range of people.

When I first started in recruitment, I found that many job seekers were unsure about their career their resume needed work and they lacked confidence and self-esteem. To service these needs I started offering career coaching.

 I also found that employers needed support. It has been said, “It’s lonely at the top”, so I started providing coaching and training services for business owners and executives.

The Career College is my AC (after children) business.  In my BC (before children) business I ran a recruitment agency, career coaching and training centre.

When I established The Career College my intention was to support job seekers and business owners with careers, businesses and creating more cooperative workplaces however, I found that after coaching job seekers they needed a job and employers needed the perfect staff member. Hence I recommenced offering recruitment services via The Career College’s sister company Career Development and Management Guru Recruitment.

"Expect the unexpected!  All sessions are different. Participants experience various benefits from listening to other participants shares and from the coaching and practical tools provided."
Annette Hurley
Managing Diretor and Founder of The Career College

As a national prize sponsor, how can The Career College benefit our community champions?

All community champions receive a Monday Mindset coaching session package. There are four sessions to choose from:

JOB SEEKERS Monday Mindset

YOUNG ADULTS Monday Mindset



These sessions are facilitated by me (Annette Hurley Executive, Mindset & Career Coach), participant driven, live and in the moment.  

There are numerous benefits from attending Monday Mindset sessions including taking time out from your busy life to focus, gain practical career, mindset and business skills, a new perspective clarity and action plan.

Can you explain what nominees can expect from a session?

If you were to ask participants. They most likely would say “clarity”. Once you are clear everything flows easily.

Expect the unexpected!  All sessions are different. Participants experience various benefits from listening to other participants shares and from the coaching and practical tools provided.

Some participants experience light bulb moments and major transformation during the sessions. Others take time to integrate their newfound knowledge.

There is great wisdom shared. The more open you are to listen newly and be in the moment the greater the benefits you will receive.

What would you say to potential nominees right now who are hesitant to nominate?

Don’t hesitate Nominate! There are numerous benefits both intrinsic and tangible from nominating for a community achievement award with Awards Australia. Their team are open and supportive.  The process is simple.

You, your team and more importantly the people you serve will benefit greatly from the prizes won, the recognition and exposure to your chosen cause.

Why did you want to Partner with Awards Australia (Community Achievement Awards) through The Career College?

There is a tremendous synergy between our companies. We both have a passion for service and making a difference to youth, business owners and the community.

The Awards Australia management team wanted to offer ongoing personal and professional development to their Australia wide  nominees which is our pleasure to provide via Monday Mindset online, live, group coaching sessions.

Tell us a memorable experience that happened in your business and why?

There are too many to mention here. Daily we have the honour of providing services that transform lives.

Personal and professional relationships improve, mental and physical health improves, careers are established and progressed, businesses established and improved.

Our slogan is CREATE THE LIFE YOU DREAM!  And… Dreams really do come true.

A lady come to us for a sales job. From childhood she wanted to be a poet within nine months of her first session she wrote and published her first book. She now has now published three books and helps other poets to do the same.

Another lady was living in an inner-city unit. She worked for the government part time…. Long story short…  She now lives in a rural community growing her our own veggies. She set up a free community food exchange. She also established an edible garden trail which showcases garden to the wider community.  

As you evolve so does your career / life.

Just quickly, can you answer these questions..

Your favourite quote to live by: TRUST!

Favourite ice-cream flavour: Lemon Sorbet

Something people may not know about you: I spent two years in bed. I was too weak to even get myself a glass of water.

The doctors couldn’t cure me, so I chose to cure myself.  I learnt about metaphysical mastery (the science of mind over matter) and food as medicine.  My greatest joy is sharing self-mastery with others.

Something people may not know about The Career College:

Our vision is WORLD PEACE

Peace within self, in the workplace, in our homes and community …WORLD

If everyone practiced the tools on offer, we would have world peace.

Best advice you’ve been given: Advice from my beautiful, loving and wise Mum… Just keep moving. Put one foot in front of the other. 

Annette Hurley at the 2023 Queensland Community Achievement Awards making a speech