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Visit the Community Marketplace

We are excited to tell you of some new innovations from Awards Australia. There’s never a dull moment for us!!

Firstly, we have created a Community Marketplace, which is a great way that our supporters can assist our winners – PLUS you can get Christmas gifts early, with a feel-good story behind them. Just head to www.awardsaustralia.com/shop and click into our Community Marketplace.

Why have we introduced a Community Marketplace?

Since the Australian banking royal commission, almost all of the banks that previously provided prizes to our winners, have ceased their sponsorship of our Awards. So….. we have had to get creative to find some funds to give our winners so they can continue their great work in the community.

The goods in the Marketplace will change all the time as we find products that we can re-sell. And some companies have even donated products to help this wonderful cause. ALL sales (not just profits) will go into a fund for winners prizes – that is Awards Australia‘s promise.

And whilst you are on the Shop page, we are very proud to announce that we are offering Memberships as another way of supporting the Awards winners, but also to have our supporters join our Tribe of like-minded people live our tag line of “Together we make a difference.”