7NEWS Young Achiever Awards QLD

360 Degrees Marketing Career Achievement Award
Alexander Bell, Toowong is committed to community impact. Alexander’s journey from chemical engineering student to founder of Milton Rum Distillery is marked by resilience and innovation. Reviving a brand lost to history, he introduced the award-winning Spiced Cane Spirit, achieving statewide distribution despite early rejections. He pioneers sustainable distillation technologies through his new venture, Whitestone Industries, securing patents and aiding distillers in Australia and Southeast Asia. Alexander collaborates with Help Enterprises, supporting marginalised workers, and invests in local community initiatives. Despite challenges like floods and economic shifts, his commitment to quality and sustainability drives both his success and positive impact on the craft distilling industry.


Anthony (Antonis) Kekkou, Holland Park showcases the power of passion, resilience, and unwavering belief in oneself. Anthony is the founder of Andonis Cafe & Bar. He defied odds, starting with $3,500 to build a cafe empire of 7 outlets by age 27. In 2021, broke a world record when he served 3,000 bacon and egg brioche rolls to the community. From childhood entrepreneurial ventures to rebranding cafes in his early 20s, Anthony's journey exemplifies the transformative power of self-belief and relentless determination. His story inspires others to pursue their dreams with conviction, emphasising the importance of trusting oneself and embracing the journey of self-discovery and growth.

Jeremy Hansen launched GlowBored PR at 16, now a leading agency across Brisbane, Sydney, Hong Kong, and London. Starting in 2012 with just a mobile and laptop, he built the agency on his couch, showcasing a strong work ethic and commitment to clients. Today, Jeremy leads a top-tier team serving local businesses, national brands, and global billion-dollar companies. In 2014, he founded The Talent Assembly to fill a market gap for hands-on creative talent management. The Talent Assembly is now one of Australia's premier digital talent agencies, representing some of the world's most influential creatives.

Natalie Durack, Upper Coomera went from launching a small dog walking service to founding Happy Hounds, — a premier pet care provider offering dog walking, pet sitting, pet taxi, pet wedding concierge, and more. With a background in science and business, Natalie's Happy Hounds now serves over 2000 pet owners with nearly 5000 pets. Her dedication to customer care, innovation, and community impact has fuelled remarkable growth, achieving a turnover exceeding seven figures. Through initiatives like supporting local shelters, environmental activism, and providing flexible employment, Natalie's influence extends beyond business success. She has enriched the lives of pets, their owners, and the broader community in Southeast Queensland.

Samantha Fien, Ooralea has revolutionised mental health research in the lifesaving community. Sam's journey in surf lifesaving spans over 25 years, marked by leadership roles and pioneering national mental health research. As Chair of the Surf LifeSaving Queensland Research Panel and as the Surf Life Saving Australia's National Wellbeing Advisor, she has created policies and fostered research initiatives that are changing the lens on mental health in the surf lifesaving and first responder community. Sam has challenged gender stereotypes, advocated for inclusivity, and brought forth valuable insights into national policies and strategic plans leaving an indelible mark, ensuring safer waters and healthier communities for generations to come.


Awards Australia Foundation Diversity and Inclusion Award
Abbie Williams, Varsity Lakes is championing mental health. Abbie founded Letters of Hope, which transforms lives through heartfelt letters, combatting mental health stigma and fostering global community connections. From a personal struggle with anxiety and depression to a worldwide movement, Abbie's initiative has sent over 3,400 letters across 65 countries. Through partnerships and workshops, she empowers volunteers, recipients, and workplaces to prioritise mental well-being. Her dedication, fuelled by the impact of each handwritten note, epitomises the power of kindness and empathy in addressing mental health challenges. Abbie aims to build a kindness ecosystem that supports individuals worldwide on their journey to healing and connection.

Emily Finn, Burpengary East, Giving 8 years of exceptional leadership, driving inclusivity at Sporting Wheelies through Moreton Bay Boccia Club. Her coaching prowess and advocacy efforts, breaks barriers for disabled athletes, promoting Boccia throughout the community. Through serving on boards, coaching on an international platform and volunteering, Emily empowers athletes to achieve their dreams. Her dedication extends beyond coaching, as she organises disability action week events that foster understanding and inclusion. Despite challenges, Emily’s unwavering commitment to Boccia and disabled sports shines through, leaving legacy of empowerment and unity within the community. She embodies values of tenacity, dedication, and compassion, inspiring all who know her. 

Joshua Mitchell, Toowoomba Josh has spent his life, since a very young child involved in advocacy and education of the community about Disability and disability rights and needs. He has been involved in international campaigns, featured in documentaries, run education classes in schools, businesses and churches, being part of a radio show and online show, run events and helped run support groups. He currently sits on a number of committees in hospitals and is part of a number of projects instigating change and awareness. He is passionate about making the community becoming supportive and accepting of everyone

Prince Lo, Dalby has led initiatives that empower Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities for the last 7 years across South East Queensland and the Darling Downs. As a migrant himself, he has been through challenges in settling in Queensland and now he is a champion of promoting social inclusion and actively supporting the multicultural communities. He facilitated over 100 initiatives, including workshops, events, case management, and individualised mentoring. He has supported over 5,000 newly arrived Queenslanders in economic participation, education, and community integration. Prince hopes to set a precedent for migrant youth and continue to contribute back to supporting the multicultural community.

Timothy Lachlan, Holmview is reshaping adaptive sports and occupational therapy. Timothy is the driving force behind WCMX and Adaptive Skate, a groundbreaking initiative that empowers individuals with disabilities, fostering independence, breaking down barriers, and fostering inclusive communities nationwide. His program reaches diverse participants, from children with disabilities gaining mobility skills to neurodivergent individuals enhancing social interactions. He is also the first openly queer WCMX rider. Despite being autistic, living with a progressive disability, and facing discouragement, including bullying and overcoming traumatic brain injuries, Timothy's resilience shines. Through skate therapy, Timothy transforms lives, inspiring confidence and resilience while challenging stereotypes and promoting inclusion.



Kennelly Constructions Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Achievement Award
Daniel Rosendale, Cairns is a dedicated advocate and mentor empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth. As co-founder of Deadly Inspiring Youth Doing Good (DIYDG), Daniel’s leadership drives community projects, fosters cultural pride, and advocates for health equity. Through initiatives like the Queensland Indigenous Youth Leadership Program (QIYLP) and roles as Queensland Young Tourism Leader, he amplifies Indigenous voices and champions youth representation. Daniel has been recognised as Cairns Regional Council's Young Person of the Year. He has also completed a Bachelor of Business Administration. His dedication embodies resilience and inspires positive change, reflecting his commitment to creating a brighter future for Indigenous communities.

Gullara Mcinnes, Mareeba exemplifies the transformative power of education and technology in community development. Gullara is a trailblazer in using drone technology to preserve cultural heritage and enhance rural education. An alumna of the Indigenous Women’s STEM Academy and CareerTrackers, she advocates for Aboriginal sciences and mentors youth. Through presentations at national conferences and keynotes, she shares her expertise, empowering communities and inspiring the next generation of STEM leaders. Despite personal loss and challenges, including the passing of her father, she remains resilient, driven by her commitment to bridge educational disparities and safeguard cultural sites using innovative drone solutions. Gullara is currently studying science-law.

Jessy Renouf, Morayfield is a dynamic youth advocate, championing First Nations justice and mental health. Proud of her Gubbi heritage, she works as an engagement support officer. With roles at organizations like the Queensland Family and Child Commission, Orygen, Queensland Indigenous Youth Leadership Program, and QUT’s Oodgeroo Unit, she amplifies voices and drives impactful change. Her achievements include delivering a TEDx talk in 2022 on her Aboriginal experience, breaking stereotypes, and empowering others. From mentoring programs to national forums, Jessy’s leadership inspires resilience and representation. Her journey reflects a commitment to community and a vision for a more inclusive future.

Mitchell Harrison-Currie, Coorparoo is empowering youth and preserves Indigenous heritage through dance. Mitchell founded Nalingurrie Projects in 2021, fostering collaboration for self-determined artistic works. In 2019, Mitchell collaborated with Yugumbeh Elder Uncle Lionel Foggarty to share the Warrajum (Rainbow Serpent) Dreaming story through dance. He revitalises cultural narratives, earning accolades like the Russell Page Graduate Award and the Order of Australia Association 2015 Queensland Secondary Schools Citizenship Award. Mitchell's journey exemplifies resilience and dedication, overcoming barriers to advance Indigenous culture in the performing arts. With a vision for community vibrancy and cultural pride, he continues to inspire the next generation of artists and leaders.

Tahlulah Tillett, Cairnes epitomises leadership and community impact. Tahlulah is a dynamic Torres Strait Islander and National Rugby League Women’s Premiership (NRLW) star. As a Cowboys ambassador and NRLW Indigenous All Star, she amplifies cultural awareness and educational opportunities for Indigenous youth. Tahlulah's dedication extends to NRL Cowboys House, where she mentors boarding students, fostering confidence and resilience. Through programs like Try for 5!, she champions school attendance and academic achievement, nurturing young minds across North Queensland. Tahlulah's accolades include the prestigious Veronica White Medal, recognising her exceptional community contributions. She continues to inspire as a role model, breaking barriers and empowering future generations.


Queensland Family and Child Commission Contribution to Community or Family Safety Award
Amelia Ayris, Greenbank is a passionate Child Safety Advocate. She became the youth ambassador for Bravehearts at 12, performing and speaking at fundraising events generating over $200,000. Amelia was the only Gen Z representative at the annual National Child Protection Forum in Darwin, where she was a keynote speaker to decision makers on ways the system can improve. Amelia gave evidence to the QLD Government Legal Affairs and Safety Committee regarding the amendment of the Family Violence Bill. She is an award winning filmmaker on youth mental health and is writing a series of books around child safety. Amelia won the 2023 Logan Young Citizen of the Year.

Aurora Iler, Coomera is pioneering change through her powerful films. Aurora created, directed, produced and starred in her short film called "Grape" to discourage teens from vaping. Her work has not only been embraced by Queensland schools but has also received global acclaim, earning recognition at prestigious film festivals in Beverly Hills and Mammoth. Aurora's work transcends borders, saving lives and promoting dialogue on vital health issues. Supported by government backing, she ensures fair compensation for her team while prioritising the film's impact over financial gain. Aurora remains steadfast, using her platform to advocate for positive change and inspire others to join the cause.

Christopher Stan of Greenbank has transformed disability services through BEST Disability Support since July 2020. He has offered group-based supports at work skill centres in Slacks Creek and Greenbank. From mentoring young talents like 'DJ Trent' to securing funding for transitioning youth, he is dedicated to empowering individuals! Through partnerships with local businesses and schools, Chris has created programs, work experience opportunities and constructed custom facilities including an onsite recording studio, barbershop, art space, and sports training hub. Chris also facilitates the BEST Basketball League which has over 100 players competing weekly in the Logan region. Under his leadership, BEST Disability Support serves 100 families and employs over 35 staff members.

You Are Not Alone (Tom Price) is helping combat youth mental health challenges. Tom Price is the driving force behind You Are Not Alone (YRNA), launched the organisation in 2021. Partnered with 35 schools and engaging 50,000 young individuals, YRNA promotes open dialogue and support networks. Tom's initiatives range from organising fun runs, addressing thousands in schools and forums, to spearheading online awareness campaigns. His dedication and advocacy led to prestigious recognitions, including the 2023 Brisbane youth citizen of the year and the 2023 QBank young hero award. Through Tom's leadership, YRNA continues to empower youth, ensuring they know they are not alone in their struggles.

Charlie Lacey, Pullenvale is an 11-year-old boy who has demonstrated extraordinary compassion and dedication to his community. From organising donations for flood-affected families and Indigenous communities to supporting women impacted by domestic violence, Charlie's voluntary efforts have touched many lives. He has been heavily involved in baking ANZAC Day biscuits and has donated over 450 blankets for the homeless in Brisbane. His work has earned him awards and inspired others to join in his mission of helping those in need. Despite facing communication challenges due to his age, Charlie's determination to bridge generational gaps exemplifies the power of youth in making a difference.


Queensland Family and Child Commission First Nations Youth Advocacy Award
Daniel Rosendale, Cairns is a tireless advocate for First Nations youth, embodying pride and resilience. Daniel is a proud Gugu Yimithirr and Kuku Yalanji man. As co-founder of Deadly Inspiring Youth Doing Good, he empowers Indigenous youth through education, leadership, and health initiatives. From his role as Co-Chair of the Roadmap for Adolescent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health to his advisory work for the Yes23 Campaign, Daniel's contributions have been instrumental in advancing the rights and well-being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Through mentorship and advocacy, Daniel continues to inspire positive change, amplifying voices and fostering cultural pride within communities.

Kaiden Ratcliff, Gayndah is a community hero whose selflessness knows no bounds. Through his dedication to teaching swimming and showcasing his artistic talents, Kaiden enriches his community with physical, emotional, and cultural well-being. As a lifeguard and swimming coach, he empowers individuals with life-saving skills, regardless of their financial means. Kaiden's First Nations Art Exhibition not only celebrates cultural heritage but also fosters understanding and appreciation within the community. His commitment to Christian service and volunteering further strengthens community bonds, leaving a legacy of unity and inspiration. Kaiden's contributions showcase the transformative power of service and cultural pride, inspiring others to follow his lead.

Kellie McDonald, Thornlands is an inspiring educator committed to fostering inclusion and support for Indigenous youth. With eight years of teaching experience, Kellie has spearheaded initiatives to create safe spaces for vulnerable students, prioritising personal connections and holistic well-being. Her advocacy efforts as Indigenous Coordinator led to the graduation of a homeless Aboriginal student facing exclusion, highlighting her dedication to individual student success. As the youngest member of the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation Board of Advice, Kellie shares her journey of resilience. Overcoming severe depression and confronting racial bias, Kellie remains steadfast in her mission to empower and uplift her community.

Seleena Blackley, is a dynamic Indigenous leader committed to nurturing the potential of First Nations youth in Mount Isa. Through her roles as a Youth Specialist and Cultural Facilitator, she champions cultural resilience and educational empowerment. Seleena's impactful work extends beyond her community, as she actively engages in truth and treaty initiatives statewide, advocating for Indigenous voices to be heard. Despite facing age-related stereotypes, Seleena's dedication and resilience shine through, inspiring positive change and bridging generational divides. With a deep-rooted passion for preserving Indigenous culture, Seleena continues to pave the way for a brighter future for her community and beyond.

Tahlulah Tillett, Cairns is a beacon of inspiration for Indigenous youth. Tahlulah is the National Rugby League (NRL) Women’s Premiership halfback for North Queensland Cowboys. Tahlulah is a proud Torres Strait Islander. Through her role as NRL Cowboys House ambassador, she mentors Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander boarding students, fostering cultural pride and academic achievement. Tahlulah's dedication extends beyond the field as she champions school attendance, rewards academic excellence, and promotes grassroots rugby league participation. Despite balancing her professional rugby career with her extensive community engagements, including recovering from injuries, Tahlulah's unwavering commitment to empowering Indigenous youth and promoting cultural understanding reflects her remarkable leadership and passion.


Soroptimist International Women Empowering Others Award
Ally Zlatar, Toowoomba is championing diversity as she breaks barriers. Ally is the visionary behind "The Starving Artist," an innovative art initiative aimed at revolutionising approaches to mental well-being, climate change, and migrant identity. Ally's commitment has reached over 100,000 lives, with notable achievements like publishing four impactful books, reaching over 500 copies globally. Her exhibitions, including "Voices Above Water," transcend borders, engaging over 900 attendees worldwide. Recognised with prestigious awards like Princess Diana's Legacy Award and the Lifelong Learning Awards, Ally's transformative work continues to inspire, empower, and amplify marginalised voices on a global scale, leaving an indelible mark on communities and individuals alike.

Ebony (Benny) Nielsen, Kingaroy is a trailblazer in motorsports, inspiring women in off-road dirt biking. Benny has been riding dirt bikes for 20 years. In 2022, she represented Australia in France at the International Six Day Enduro where she had a podium finish. As a coach, Ebony empowers novice riders, fostering inclusivity and confidence. Her partnership with FemPro Armour and involvement in female-only tours demonstrate her commitment to advancing women in the sport. Ebony's achievements not only break barriers but also promote safety and recognition for female riders. She's a shining example and ambassador, encouraging more women and girls to pursue their passion for motorsports.

Emily Martin, Collingwood Park pioneers gender equality. Emily is the CEO and Managing Director of Dundies, a female-founded business with a vision to help reduce gender pay gap and provide an opportunity to recruit older women who have left the workforce. Her initiative, the Infant at Work Program, encourages mums to return to work with an option to bring their babies to work. Another initiative, Adversity Award, supports women facing challenges like domestic violence. Emily's leadership has created a diverse workforce, with all-female team members empowered to work from home. Her commitment to women empowerment has earned Emily recognition, including the Women in Business Awards 2020.

Priya Virdee-Hero is an intersectional youth advocate and law student, empowering her community through her roles as Development Director for UN Youth Queensland, Youth Advocate at the Queensland Family & Child Commission, Youth Advisory Council Member at Headspace and Bravehearts, surf lifesaver, Parkrun Director, and Women’s Legal Service volunteer. She was the 2023 Youth Member for Southport within YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament, is currently founding the Southport Youth Advisory Council, and was selected as the 2023 Gold Coast Bulletin Young Woman of the Year. Priya is highly passionate about gender equity and diversity, uplifting and supporting other young women to succeed.


Sara Diana Faraj, Pialba is leading initiatives, empowering women across diverse platforms. Sara is the youngest Zonta President globally. As a Zonta Young Women in Public Affairs Awardee and Fraser Coast Young Citizen of the Year, she advocates for gender equity and community welfare. Sara's leadership extends to her roles as Youth Mayor and President of the Fraser Coast Young Professionals, aiming to amplify women's voices in local governance and business. Despite facing personal challenges and discrimination, Sara perseveres, driven by her family's refugee journey and cultural heritage. Through education, advocacy, and community engagement, she uplifts women locally, nationally, and internationally, embodying resilience and empowerment.


Special Event Presentations Sporting Achievement Whilst Overcoming Adversity Award
Katja Dedekind has unwavering dedication. Born with a visual impairment, Katja’s para-swimming journey is highlighted by three Paralympic bronze medals and a groundbreaking gold at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Positioned to lead the Australian Para Team into Paris 2024 and eyeing participation in her hometown at the Brisbane 2032 Paralympic Games, Katja's impact extends far beyond the pool. Her achievements are a testament to the transformative power of sports and the resilience of the human spirit. Katja champions inclusivity in sports, advocating for awareness of endometriosis and inspiring community health and well-being. She is an ambassador for Fight4Balance and Swimming Australia’s education program.

Nai'a Coyle, Eleanor exemplifies resilience and dedication in his tennis journey. At just 16, Nai’a has an impressive record of five tournament wins and seven runner-up trophies in 2022 alone, representing the Gold Coast. Despite significant adversities, including his mother's health struggles and his own severe dyslexia, ADHD and chronic asthma, he perseveres, showcasing remarkable strength. Nai'a also volunteers his time coaching young players, organises fundraisers for his tennis club, and raises funds for marine conservation efforts. He has created and sold viking swords, shields and axes at a market at school, raising $1,500 for the Sea Shepherd to help protect marine wildlife.

Natascha Tennent, Carindale defies expectations and inspires others with her unwavering spirit. Overcoming autism, Tourette’s, and the loss of her father, Natascha has risen to become Australia's top female All Abilities player. She has won gold at the Special Olympics and has represented Australia at international events like the World Games. Through her advocacy for disability golf and community engagement, Natascha is empowering individuals facing similar challenges. Her motto, "You don't know until you try," resonates deeply, urging others to pursue their dreams against all odds. Natascha has been selected to play in Portugal in 2024, the only Australian in the All-Abilities Championship.

Timothy Lachlan, Holmview is inspiring inclusion worldwide. Timothy’s initiative, WCMX and Adaptive Skate, reshapes perceptions of adaptive sports and therapy. Overcoming personal challenges such as bullying, suicide attempts and his own autism, Timothy empowers individuals with disabilities, fostering confidence, independence, and inclusion. Through skate sessions, participants gain life-changing mobility skills, breaking down physical and attitudinal barriers. Timothy's resilience and commitment to inclusivity have led to hundreds benefiting from this transformative program across Victoria, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, and Queensland. Their efforts inspire change, demonstrating that with the right support, everyone can achieve their goals and thrive in an inclusive world.


Spirit Super Connecting Communities Award
Abbie Williams, Varsity Lakes is championing mental health. Abbie founded Letters of Hope, which transforms lives through heartfelt letters, combatting mental health stigma and fostering global community connections. From a personal struggle with anxiety and depression to a worldwide movement, Abbie's initiative has sent over 3,400 letters across 65 countries. Through partnerships and workshops, she empowers volunteers, recipients, and workplaces to prioritise mental well-being. Her dedication, fuelled by the impact of each handwritten note, epitomises the power of kindness and empathy in addressing mental health challenges. Abbie aims to build a kindness ecosystem that supports individuals worldwide on their journey to healing and connection.

Ally Zlatar, Toowoomba is championing diversity and creativity. Ally’s "The Starving Artist" initiative has empowered lives globally through transformative art initiatives, publications, and exhibitions. Her advocacy for diversity and inclusion breaks barriers, fostering empathy, understanding, and societal change. Ally's publications, featuring over 40 international emerging artists, have reached 500 copies and 30 universities worldwide, reducing stigma and encouraging empathy. Through artist residencies and over 20 exhibitions, including engagements with prestigious institutions like The British Museum, she amplifies creative voices. Ally's innovative approach cultivates a global community that values and celebrates the transformative power of art. In 2021, she received the Princess Diana’s Legacy Award.

Edward Ross, Toowoomba is committed to changing the culture regarding mental health among the blue collar community. Ed is the co-founder of TradeMutt Workwear and TIACS.org, a social enterprise and a mental health telehealth counselling service, respectively. TradeMutt's bold workwear designs serve as conversation starters, raising awareness around mental health. TIACS offers free, accessible mental health support via text and calls, specifically tailored to blue-collar workers' needs. Ed's leadership has propelled TradeMutt's growth, providing funding for over 4557 clients and a market value of $809,300 in services. His profound impact is helping address critical needs in the mental health landscape.

Elijah Richardson, Bargara has a love and passion for the natural world. Hailing from the Great Barrier Reef, Elijah is an 11-year-old eco-warrior who is on a mission to protect marine life and promote environmental awareness. His efforts span beach clean-ups, presentations, and social media campaigns, earning recognition from local councils to international media outlets like ABC's 'War on Waste.' Notably, his advocacy inspired CoralWatch to establish a Youth Ambassador Program. Elijah's message resonates globally: every action counts. Through his CoralWatch and Tangaroa Blue ambassadorships, he champions tangible change, proving that age is no barrier to making a difference in our world's sustainability journey.

Kurt Jones, Kings Beach is creating lasting change for the wellbeing of both people and the planet. At just 20 years old, Kurt has spearheaded Co-Exist Australia, a non-profit that empowers youth to lead environmental conservation efforts. Through initiatives like clean-ups and tree plantings, Co-Exist has already made significant strides, engaging hundreds of young volunteers nationwide. Kurt's journey from high school dreamer to founder showcases his resilience in overcoming challenges, from securing funding to building a dedicated leadership team. Despite initial scepticism, Kurt's vision has flourished. In 2023, he launched nine collectives/teams across Australia. He will launch four more collectives in 2024.


The University of Queensland Create Change Award
Edward Ross, Toowoomba is committed to changing the culture regarding mental health among the blue collar community. Ed is the co-founder of TradeMutt Workwear and TIACS.org, a social enterprise and a mental health telehealth counselling service, respectively. TradeMutt's bold workwear designs serve as conversation starters, raising awareness around mental health. TIACS offers free, accessible mental health support via text and calls, specifically tailored to blue-collar workers' needs. Ed's leadership has propelled TradeMutt's growth, providing funding for over 4557 clients and a market value of $809,300 in services. His profound impact is helping address critical needs in the mental health landscape.

Exam Insights, Ashmore, is an educational platform tailored for senior secondary students and educators, founded by self-taught software developers Bradley Cox and Jason Zhong. Born out of their struggles in 2023, during their final year of schooling, Exam Insights addresses the challenges faced by Year 11 and 12 students and educators in accessing subject-related resources. The platform offers a comprehensive question database, insights into past exam trends, and the ability to create custom exams seamlessly, saving users hours of time. Today, Exam Insights has evolved to encompass 18 subjects, and, through word-of-mouth, has grown to over 300 schools, benefitting thousands of students and educators in Queensland.

Milly Bannister, Victoria Point is the Founder and Managing Director of ALLKND, Australia’s first digital, peer-to-peer mental health first aid training, impacting thousands of youths. ALLKND has raised over $500,000 for youth mental health and forms strategic partnerships, expanding its reach nationwide. Amelia, an ambassador for Animal Welfare League, QLD, also volunteers in regional Cairns, delivering entrepreneurial keynotes. Inspired by her own challenging and isolating experiences, she champions youth mental health, aiming to impact 1 million and 1 young Australians by 2025. With a dynamic leadership style and an impressive track record, Amelia is a beacon of hope, breaking stigma and saving lives, one Good Mate at a time.

Oliver Barr-David, Gold Coast is a trailblazer in Queensland's educational landscape. Oliver founded the Queensland Study Hub (QSH), a revolutionary academic support platform for ATAR students. Initiated during his final year at Robina State High School, the QSH quickly evolved into a dynamic online platform, engaging thousands of senior students across Queensland. Praised by Professor Tim Kastelle [Kass Tell] and endorsed by schools, the QSH mitigates exam stress and fosters collaboration. Oliver's grassroots marketing approach, overcoming resource constraints, underscores his determination. Through media releases and word of mouth, he amplifies the QSH's reach, overcoming barriers with resilience. Oliver's academic journey and leadership skills converge in his commitment to reshaping education.

Scott Millar, Brisbane is a business leader, keynote speaker, and generational consultant on a mission to help prepare our next generation for the ever changing future of work. Launching his business in early high school, Scott has spent the past 10 years working with over 100,000 young professionals and business leaders around the world to explore how technology and innovation are changing the way we live, work, and learn. As one of Australia's top 30 business leaders under 30 years of age, Queensland’s Young Small Business Leader, APAC's Inspiring Youth Leader, two-time TEDx Speaker, and LGBT advocate, Scott is passionate about inspiring others to seize opportunities in their digital world.