7NEWS Young Achiever Awards QLD

"It was very humbling to be nominated by members of my community and the most meaningful part of this awards process is knowing that someone took the time to want to encourage your efforts. The awards were a great platform to help connect with like-minded young people and to bring awareness to some of the issues I am really passionate about.
Winning the Soroptimist Empowering Others Award was a wonderful acknowledgment of my work within the community for over a decade with a particular emphasis, in the last few years, on empowering women and girls.
It is so rewarding knowing that you have the ability to make a difference in other people’s lives and as a young people we are in a unique position as we can also envision a better world, bought about by our grassroots efforts and our radical solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing our communities. It is exciting to recognise that the young people of today are not only being seen but we are heard as well and are able to accelerate change faster than ever, thanks to the myriad of digital platforms available and our unified commitment to bringing about a positive change. I am grateful to the 7News Young Achiever Awards team for making this event possible. Momentum is certainly building thanks to the efforts of young people and it’s an exciting and defining moment in our history. We have proven to be resilient, engaged, articulate and driven to succeed and I look forward to continuing to raise my voice to bring about awareness and to advocate for change in the areas that I am passionate about, including women’s empowerment and gender equality, good youth mental and social justice."

Madison Birtchnell

2020 Soroptimist Women Empowering Others Award Winner




"Being nominated, and going on to receive the QLD Young Achiever First National Real Estate Leadership Award for 2020 is truly a privilege and honour, and will continue to inspire my efforts in moments of doubt and hardship. Having the opportunity to be recognised for what we have achieved and to connect with young people across Queensland with a purpose beyond self-interests is truly powerful. The impact of these awards reach far beyond the selection process and event. It has allowed us finalists to support each other's endeavours - growing and expanding each individual's impact further, and collaborate on shared passions to create big together through synergy. The awards are able to motivate those in the community that anything is possible - especially through showcasing diverse finalists who have faced adversity and transformed this into purpose. The 7News Young Achiever Awards are far more than awards or a moment in time, they create a cycle of growth, nurturing, support and community amongst young people and their networks."

Anja Christoffersen

2020 First National Real Estate Leadership Award Winner


"Being nominated for a Young Achiever Award was a win in itself! To go on and be awarded the Kennelly Constructions Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Achievement Award has meant so much to my family, my community and I. Celebrating this momentous achievement has brought everyone together, and generated copious amounts of discussion around the issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the community, and the ways we can work together to create change. Seeing that my efforts are making a difference to children and families drives me to continue working hard, and having others promote positive change only makes me feel more inspired and driven. Furthermore, seeing so many young people working to make a difference in the world in various areas has been beyond inspiring. I am proud to be a Young Achiever, and cannot wait to hear about all of the amazing work carried out by young people in the years to come!"

Cheyanne Conroy

2020 Kenelly Constructions Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Achievement Award Winner


" It was so incredible just to be nominated in the 7 News QLD Young Achiever Awards for the BB Print Regional Achiever Award, and being announced as a semi-finalist, then finalist was so unexpected. There were so many young people doing amazing things for their communities and it was an honour to be considered, let alone be the recipient of the award. It was such a special night, and the awards team did a fantastic job creating a wonderful night, despite it not being able to go ahead in person. Winning the BB Print Regional Achiever Award has allowed me to connect with more people in the community and continue to further the conversation around women's health in rural and regional areas."

Isabella Gosling

2020 BB Print Regional Achiever Award Winner


“Winning a 7NEWS Young Achiever Award in 2019 was the boost of confidence I needed to make even bigger moves in my own business.

Sometimes, particularly as a young person, it can feel like you're not accomplished enough, or experienced enough, to make a true difference in the world - with whatever work you're doing. Being acknowledged by the team behind the awards was an incredible feeling and reminded me that I'm in fact, the best person to do what I do.

 This year has been the biggest year in our business to date, and I'm grateful for the boost winning this award has given me.”

Tara Baker
2019 iFly Online Achievement Award Winner

"Being named the 2018 Queensland Young Achiever of the Year has created so many amazing opportunities for myself and my charity. Through the awards night I was able to meet so many other amazing young people and it was truely inspiring. It was so wonderful to see recognition being given to young people such as myself who put so much into our causes, in an effort to make a difference. The award money has helped my charity further some of our initiatives and allowed me to make many connections that have lead to funding and support for myself and my group to further our work. If it were not for the Queensland Young Achiever of the Year awards, I would not have even dreamed of pursuing some of the amazing things I have the opportunity to pursue."

Mykeala Campanini
2018 Community Volunteer Award Winner and the 2018 Young Achiever of the Year Winner


"Hi my name is Chris Tamwoy – I am the PROUD Winner of The Coffee Club Arts & Fashion Award 2018.

Winning this award has been such an amazing feeling – experiencing the awards night and being announced a winner, this moment has still kept me buzzing until this day.

There are a lot of emotions surrounding how I feel about winning this award, but most importantly, it’s been an emotional win. Mid year 2917, I sadly lost my grandfather and he was a believer in what I do and was one of my greatest supporters for my music career and everything in general. Life has been a little bit of a roller coaster trying to find life after he’s left, and adapting to this life with him being absent. On the night of winning my award, I dedicated this award to him, and thanked him along with my elders for their continuous support and belief in me.

I am humbled to bring this award back to my community and to show others that they’re capable of doing amazing things if they simply take negative things and change them into positive ones. Always remain positive in everything you do.

I am a strong believer in putting your mind to your goals, always believing in yourself first and remembering that at the end of the journey, the only person that could’ve physically got you there is YOURSELF along with the support of others.

Any Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or no indigenous Australian can do this! It starts with YOU!"

Chris Tamwoy
2018 The Coffee Club Arts & Fashion Award Winner


"Winning the 2018 Regional Achiever Awards at the Queensland Young Achievers award ceremony has been such an honour. Looking back to 2007 when I came to Australia at the aged of 12 without speaking a single word in English, it’s unbelievable. This prestigious award has opened many doors of opportunity for my organisation and for myself to expend and collaborate with more people from all over the country. It has brought a lot of media attention and exposure to E-raced and as a result more Queenslanders are behind our project. It was such a humbling experience, one that I will never forget. Winning this award brought so much joy to our community in Toowoomba and it was a great example that good things can come out of young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds. It reminded everyone that everything is possible."

Prudence Melom
2018 BB Print Regional Achiever Award Winner


"Hi everyone, my name is Chern’ee and I was the winner of the 2017 Kennelly Constructions Aboriginal Achievement Award in the Queensland Young achiever awards.
These awards bring together many inspirational and hardworking youths from all walks of life.
Do you know someone who has achieved amazing things in their community or around Australia? If so nominate them for the 2018 Queensland Young Achiever Awards."

Chern'ee Sutton
2017 Kennelly Constructions Aboriginal Achievement Award Winner


"Hey guys its Keely Johnson here. I was nominated for the LGIA Super Community Award, and I was lucky enough to win it and I didn’t think that I would have hope of winning such a prestigious award. You wouldn’t believe how amazing it is to get given that title. And I even got to win the people’s choice and that was just an extra top on the cake.
So please get in it’s an amazing award, and just to have the privilege to have the title for the year. You meet some great friend’s; I’ve met friends that I’ll be keeping for a very long time. This is Keely Johnson, make sure you get in and get those nominations done!"

Keely Johnson
2017 LGIA Super Community Volunteer Winner


"Upon hearing about the Queensland Young Achiever Awards and being encouraged to submit my details, I'll be honest and say I was a little apprehensive. With so many impressive awards organisations and categories around, I've never really thought that my efforts justified a submission. I've been so focused on 'doing' the work over the past few years (and I've been fortunate to build a great little company in that time), but I also believe that many of us rarely stop to reflect on what we've achieved. However after taking a look at it, you only need to see the Queensland Young Achiever Awards partner brands and sponsors, the quality of the nominees and finalists, the ceremony, and then the flow on effect after the announcement of the winners.

It's also great to see big brands getting behind the Queensland Young Achiever Awards, and supporting the next generation. Industry awards such as these provide the bridge that humanises brands.

Since winning the iFly online award just 10 days ago, I've been approached for speaking opportunities, and the award has provided an impressive amount of credibility. I've been amazed at the number of contacts that have surfaced to pass on congratulations (driving new conversations)."

Matt Kelly
2016 iFly Online Achievement Award Winner