Queensland Young Achiever Awards

"Upon hearing about the Queensland Young Achiever Awards and being encouraged to submit my details, I'll be honest and say I was a little apprehensive. With so many impressive awards organisations and categories around, I've never really thought that my efforts justified a submission. I've been so focused on 'doing' the work over the past few years (and I've been fortunate to build a great little company in that time), but I also believe that many of us rarely stop to reflect on what we've achieved. However after taking a look at it, you only need to see the Queensland Young Achiever Awards partner brands and sponsors, the quality of the nominees and finalists, the ceremony, and then the flow on effect after the announcement of the winners.

It's also great to see big brands getting behind the Queensland Young Achiever Awards, and supporting the next generation. Industry awards such as these provide the bridge that humanises brands.

Since winning the iFly online award just 10 days ago, I've been approached for speaking opportunities, and the award has provided an impressive amount of credibility. I've been amazed at the number of contacts that have surfaced to pass on congratulations (driving new conversations)."

Matt Kelly
2016 IFly Online Achievement Award Winner