Queensland Young Achiever Awards

2016 Finalists

The University of Queensland Create Change Award

Nicholas Marchesi & Lucas Patchett, 21 of Herston co-founded Orange Sky Laundry, a mobile laundry service for people experiencing homelessness. Nicholas and Lucas have also developed a comprehensive training program and provide ongoing support to their 300 volunteers. Orange Sky Laundry now has a fleet of seven vehicles and operates in four states. They have connected with hundreds of people experiencing homelessness and provided 70,000kgs of washing and drying to those in need

Sean Roche, 27 of McDowall created Lawfunder.org, a crowd funding platform to help community legal centres raise funds to assist with their client’s legal costs. Sean was a finalist for Lawyer’s Weekly Law Student of the Year and was named a Rising Business Star in Australian Anthill’s 30 Under 30 list. Sean’s long-term goal is to establish a low-cost online law firm delivering high quality legal advice, with a substantial pro-bono commitment

Chris Raine, 29 of Surrey Hills is the founder and CEO of Hello Sunday Morning, an online program providing support to thousands of people with alcohol addiction. In five years, his team has helped over 70,000 people and is the fastest growing program in the world for alcohol behaviour change. Chris received the 2015 Macquarie Bank Social Innovation Award, and with additional funding, hopes to further develop the model for other addictions

Nicole Gibson, 22 of Miami founded the Rogue & Rogue Foundation, a mental health charity educating young people to become masters of their own lives. The foundation has worked with 250,000 young people since its establishment. In 2014, Nicole became a National Mental Health Commissioner, the youngest Commonwealth Commissioner in history. She has won a Pride of Australia Inspiration Medal and was named one of Australia’s Westpac Financial Review’s top 100 most influential women

Access Community Services – Multicultural Youth Queensland (MyQ) Cultural Diversity Award

Exodus Lale, 10 of Stretton is a performer and proud Samoan. He was cast as Simba in Disney’s The Lion King Musical when he was just eight, making him the youngest Simba ever cast. Exodus shares his culture with fellow cast members, chaperone staff and management and hopes to show people that the Pacific Islander community should also be recognised in the arts industry. He is seen as a role model in his community and encourages others to never give up on their dreams

Terry-Ann Eason, 16 of Eagleby is a member of the Police Citizens Youth Club and a Youth Management team leader. Terry-Ann is proud of her Filipino culture and encourages young people to embrace multiculturalism. She participates in Multicultural Day at her high school and was involved in an anti-bullying rap song and film clip. Terry-Ann volunteers at community and fundraising events, at nursing homes and is a spokesperson for the Youth Club

Jye Leet,17 of Kepnock is proud of his Indigenous heritage and has taught local students about his culture through dance and the sharing of cultural artefacts. He has spoken about the importance of stopping violence against women within Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. Jye was awarded the Cultural Excellence and Currie Awards for outstanding contribution to his school. His goal is to keep theIndigenous culture alive and pass it down to further generations

Wade Sawmill Environment & Sustainability Award

Emma Dale, 21 of Chapel Hill founded the Red Panda Trust in 2014 to help increase current research programs to protect Red Pandas throughout Asia. The foundation works with communities to create sustainable and long lasting change. They also delivered substantial aid following the earthquakes. Emma was team leader and head researcher for two independent volunteer trips in Nepal and hopes to make a significant ongoing contribution to the research and protection of the Red Panda

Patrick Brabant, 12 of Elanora has launched a website identifying the issues and damage caused through the use of non-sustainable palm oil. He successfully sought his school to implement recycling bins, embrace composting and alter canteen items that contained palm oil or excessive packaging. Patrick is ambassador for the Gold Coast Council’s NaturallyGC program and was runner up for the 2015 Queensland Museum Natural Leaders Program

Max Burns, 27 of North Ward is passionate about his nutrient recycling research. He gives lectures to university, high school and permaculture design course students. Max volunteers as an area co-ordinator with Food Rescue Initiative, collecting and redistributing fresh produce to 11 different charities. He also volunteers as community garden co-ordinator for Permaculture Townsville Inc., is a member of the Townsville Community Garden committee and a student representative for the JCU Sustainability Action Group

iFly Online Achievement Award

Nicolas Jenkins, 23 of Indooroopilly runs Funetics, a company providing online training in spoken English to over 40,000 paying customers. His recent venture called Otoli, is a consulting business offering web and logo design to five clients in the first two months. Nicholas was a finalist in the G20 Global Business Challenge and won first place at the BizClassical Business Competition. He is also studying a Bachelor of Business Management whilst running his businesses

Matthew Kelly, 28 of Brisbane co-founded the Living Outrageously Podcast, and has a following of 70,000 global viewers. He wrote Outsource Your MVP, a number one ranked book, now in its fourth edition. Matthew is also founder of Just Media Design, a social media advisory agency, which has over 4.2 million people actively engaged. He has spoken at the Junior Chamber of Commerce and Young Professionals Network and has interviewed some of the biggest influencers in social media

Sarah Timmerman, 29 of West End created Beginning Boutique, now an internationally recognised online retailer with hundreds of thousands of worldwide customers. Beginning Boutique is one of Australia’s leading women’s online retailers and has a social media following of more than 1.1million people. Sarah won the 2015 Queensland Telstra Business Award, was a finalist in the 2015 EY Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards and appeared in BRW’s 2015 Fast 100 list

Holly Tattersall, 29 of Anstead has created websites, blogs and digital platforms for You Cosmetic, JobDroid and Louenhide. Holly founded, “Women in Digital”, a not for profit that supports women in their digital careers by providing mentoring, education and networking events. Women in Digital have branches in Australia, Israel and the USA. Holly also has a partnership with Bangladesh and has sponsored their Digital Innovation Award to encourage more women in Bangladesh to discover digital technology

Kennelly Constructions Aboriginal Achievement Award

Justice King, 17 of Mount Isa is the founder of “The Youth League”, a group of 12-18 year olds who voluntarily run youth events specifically to deter crime and provide young role models in their community. Justice is a passionate youth mental health advocate and is actively involved with Headspace, and RUOK? Day. She was appointed Youth Mayor of the Mt Isa Youth Council, and awarded the 2015 Young Citizen of the Year

Jyi Lawton, 25 of Newtown is a Student Ambassador and Equity Ambassador at QUT, where he mentors and provides leadership to commencing Indigenous students. Jyi also volunteers at the Australian Indigenous Mentor Experience and the Mackay Aboriginal and Islander Justice Alternative Group. Employed as a youth worker at Brisbane Detention Centre, he has voluntarily facilitated events for Break The Cycle, raising awareness about suicide. Jyi is also currently completing a Master’s of Research in Justice

Chern'ee Sutton, 19 of Calavos is a proud Kalkadoon woman who has brought her aboriginal heritage and history to Australians through her paintings. Chern’ee has donated over $90,000 of her artwork to charities, held art workshops and competitions and is a member of the National Indigenous Youth Leadership Academy. Chern’ees’ artwork has been commissioned by Tennis Australia and the National Rugby League. She has received NAIDOC and Australia Day Awards, and has also been an Australia Day Ambassador

AustralianSuper Career Kick Start Award

Annabel Pike, 24 of South Brisbane graduated nursing with honours and an Order of Malta, Excellence in Palliative Care Medal. She also received an Australian Graduate of the Year Award. Annabel has spent the last two years working as a clinical nurse educator in Cambodia, and has returned to combine further study with an academic teaching position at Australian Catholic University. Annabel has been a Catholic Education Week Ambassador and an Australia Day Ambassador

Christopher Jansen, 29 of Camp Hill is a Chartered Chemical Engineer who is pioneering the use of technology to improve safety at major hazardous facilities. He is developing a robotic device to replace human entry to inert confined spaces and for dangerous tasks such as entering a reactor to remove the catalyst. Christopher was the first Australian to win the Young Chemical Engineer in Industry Award at the 2015 IChemE Global Awards

Chris Raine, 29 of Surrey Hills is the CEO and founder of Hello Sunday Morning, an online global program delivering support to thousands of people with detrimental relationships with alcohol. The program provides the foundation for alcohol behaviour change, and so far has helped over 70,000 people. With further funding he hopes to develop his model for other addictions and mental health treatment. For his work Chris won the 2015 Macquarie Bank Social Innovation Award

Travis Farinelli, 18 of Mourilyan launched his tennis coaching business at 17 years of age. Within 12 months, his program has grown to 160 participants, and he also provides 450 children from 9 schools, access to free tennis lessons. In 2015, Travis became the regions youngest Chamber of Commerce member and his business was awarded Far North Queensland’s Club of the Year. Travis was also awarded the Queensland Regional Trade and Career Achievement Award

The Coffee Club Arts and Fashion Award

Exodus Lale, 10 of Stretton is the youngest and only Queenslander to have performed the role of Simba in Australia with Disney’s production of the Lion King. Exodus attends the Australian School of The Arts and takes piano, singing and dance lessons. He was the winner of the Performing Arts Junior Category at the 2015 Pacific Awards and was nominated for Best Performance in Live Theatre at the Young Artist awards in the USA

Allycia Staples, 20 of Flaxton is a member of the first Queensland Chapter of Our Voice, the national advocacy body for people with intellectual disability. She enjoys performing and is a member of Fitness and Dance and the Sunshine Troupe Inc. Allycia represented the Sunshine Coast in New Caledonia performing with the Access Arts Theatre Ensemble. She has also gained a place as an Artist in Residence with Accessibility Arts in Sydney

Jimmy Patch, 29 of Stafford is an illustrator and graphical facilitator, creating visual storytelling through detailed rich pictures and expansively imagined illustrations. Jimmy exhibited at the Brisbane RAW event in 2014 and won the award for best film, and best musician. He has worked with a broad range of clients such as Telstra, QBE and KPMG and has had his artwork shown at the Art After Dark exhibition in both Melbourne and Sydney

Connor O'Grady, 15 of Bridgeman Downs is an aspiring fashion designer. He is also currently designing and sewing turbans for the Wesley Hospital Choices Cancer Support Charity, and in September will travel to Cambodia to undertake local community service in a remote village. After winning Grand Champion in Fashion for three consecutive years at the Brisbane RNA, he has been asked to be the inaugural junior fashion judge for the 2016 competition

BB Print Leadership Award

Emma McIntosh, 27 of The Gap founded Y-Care South East Queensland’s first disability service. She was National Project Manager for the Endeavour Foundation, leading a working group to make the Foundation’s disability services more inclusive for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Emma has implemented disability training to over 200 YMCA educators which has led to a 20% increase in the confidence of staff working with young people with a disability

Chris Eigeland, 25 of Birkdale is a community focused entrepreneur and founder of international organisations, including Global Voices, Schoolbag, and GO1. Chris is the 2016 Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations and has begun his consultation tour estimated to reach over 10,000 young Australians. He is the youngest Australian to be appointed as an Associate to the Constitutional court of South Africa and has contributed to Constitutional rights protection at the highest level

Nicole Gibson, 22 of Miami is the founder and CEO of The Rogue and Rogue Foundation, a mental health and education charity. Nicole has provided 2,500 workshops for more than 70,000 young people across Australia. She is a National Mental Health Commissioner with the Australian Government, providing independent consultation and advice. Nicole made the Westpac’s 100 Most Influential Women list in 2014

Rowan Anderson, 25 of Theodore started his business, Queensland Building and Construction in 2011. He now employs eight qualified building tradespeople, seven building apprentices and two electrical apprentices. QBC now have projects all over Central Queensland and undertake contract work for the Queensland Government. QBC is a supporter of community events, the local rugby team and the hospital. Rowan was featured in the 2015 Triple J’s 25 under 25 of Australia’s most inspirational young Australians